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Best Night Lamps for Toddlers – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Night lamps play a unique role to soothe toddlers to sleep. You can use them to comfort the kids who are afraid of the dark, help parents see at night they are checking on the baby, illuminate the changing table for midnight diaper changes, etc. Some models feature sounds that lull babies to sleep and auto-off feature to turn them off automatically.

Below is a comprehensive review of some of the best night lamps for toddlers.

Reviews of the 8 Best Night Lamps for Kids

#1. Best Sale – Echo Glow Smart Table Lamp with Multiple Colors

top rated night lights for kids


  • Features a rainbow timer that changes colors indicating various activities
  • Made to glow with Alexa-compatible devices
  • It gradually lights up to a set the alarm


  • Small in size

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The Echo Glow Multicolor smart lamp is a perfect addition to any kid’s room.

This lamp is designed to be compatible with an Alexa device. This way, you can ask Alexa to set a rainbow timer that changes colors as it indicates bedtime or dinner time. Also, you can easily select the alarm, and the lamp gets brighter gradually to the alarm. Controlling the brightness and color is by mouth for the best experience.

This lamp is sure to help your kids stay on track with every activity, be it getting ready in the morning, at bedtime, and everything in between. It is conveniently customizable with vast color options. You can select from the soft to the bold glows that make your room feel right.

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#2. Best Multifunctional – LUCKKID Battery Powered Nightlight Star Projector for Kids and Babies

kids portable night light projector


  • USB connection
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • It can be powered using two power sources
  • Comes with five optional films and six lighting effects


  • Lacks a timer function

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If you are looking for a multifunctional night light for your kid’s room, then the LUCKKID Multifunctional nightlight is an excellent choice.

It works as a nightlight and a star projector making it well suited for a baby’s bedroom. This lamp also makes a great romantic night lamp for loved ones and decorative light.

This lamp is equipped with a Sky Starlight projector that projects moonlight and starlight around a room to bring the experience of the night sky into your room.

Additionally, this nightlight includes five different films, so you get different experiences such as the sea world, birthday, stars, constellations, and planet.

To enhance your experience, you can easily adjust the brightness and switch between the other color options.

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#3. Best Ease of Use – VAVA Touch Control Night Table Lamp with Self-Charging System for Kids’ Bedroom

tabletop night light for kids


  • Convenient charging base
  • 1-hour timer
  • The battery has a decent lifespan.
  • It is easy to use with the touch controls.
  • Produces eye-friendly light for kids and parents


  • Lacks starry projections

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The VAVA night lamp produces a baby-safe light given the toy-grade PC and ABS materials, and the anti-blue LED light that does not flicker to hurt your child’s eyes.

Moreover, it is easy to use thanks to the fun touch control. Touching the top for only 0.5 seconds and you enter a nightlight mode that is ideal for breastfeeding and tap the logo twice to activate a one-hour timer so you can soothe your toddler to sleep.

This product comes inclusive of a convenient charging base and a stable way to charge it. The warm and soothing light creates a comfortable and safe atmosphere for parents and children alike.

On top of that, this nightlight features a rechargeable battery that boasts of decent battery life of 6 or 200 hours in the brightest or dimmest settings, respectively.

A bottom button works to disable the touch control while boosting the brightness by up to 30% for enhanced outdoor visibility.

Furthermore, this light is well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes fitted with a silicone handle that, together with the waterproof build, makes it suitable for hiking or camping light.

The SOS mode serves to signal your kid’s location in case of an emergency.

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#4. Best Toy Soother – VTech Hippo Star Night Light Projector with Customized Music

kids night light toy


  • Battery-powered
  • Projects a colorful, starry night with a rhythmic light show
  • Music and nursery rhymes soothe babies to sleep
  • Parent-friendly timer and volume controls


  • The batteries included are for demo purposes only

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VTech soothing starlight Hippo is a perfect nightlight for a nursery. You can count on this nightlight to produce calming lights as it is designed to project a colorful and starry night on the ceiling – the rhythmic light show soothes the babies to sleep.

Moreover, it is designed to offer you seven nursery rhymes, soothing melodies, and nature sounds to choose from, so your child quickly falls asleep.

What’s more, this hippo is voice-activated and responds to the baby’s cries by playing some soothing music that soothes the baby back to sleep.

Besides that, this nightlight is cuddly and a great toy for the kids during the day. It features four color options, and the colorful light effects serve to enhance visual awareness. Your baby is sure to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Furthermore, the parent-friendly timer and volume controls allow you to choose how long and loud the sounds play.

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#5. Best with Bluetooth Speaker – LBell 3 in 1 Projector Nightlight with Remote and Timer

kids ceiling night light projector with timer


  • Remote control
  • Multiple color options
  • Features an auto timer option
  • Multifunction design nightlight projector
  • Can be used as a Bluetooth speaker or USB socket for music


  • Average looking

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LBell nightlight projector creates a beautiful starry atmosphere that stimulates children’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination. You can count on it to help your child overcome the dark and quickly fall asleep by creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Moreover, this nightlight projector makes a great bedside lamp, night lamp, and indoor decoration to create a romantic mood light.

What’s more, is, this projector can be used as a USB socket or a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to relaxing music or lullabies from your phone.

It features a sound-activated flicker mode that works to change the color of projection to the music’s beat or clapping hands to create a disco effect.

This lamp is conveniently remote controlled so you can easily adjust the brightness, turn it on or off, change music songs, lighting mode, timers, and so on at the comfort of your bed or sofa.

You are offered with up to ten color options with three dynamic visual projections. Now bring the entire galaxy indoors with this nightlight projector.

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#6. Best with Motion Sensor – AUVON Rechargeable Stick on Night Lamp with Adjustable Brightness for Older Kids

battery powered night light for kids


  • It has long battery life
  • Multiple useful modes
  • Passive infrared technology
  • It is designed to detect motion and light up
  • Can be mounted anywhere where needed


  • No timer function

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AUVON Rechargeable Motion Sensor nightlight is a must-have during the night time.

It makes a friendly nighttime assistant for households with dark hallways, to help kids overcome the dark and parents when breastfeeding. This nightlight can also be useful in the bathrooms, visual hazards for stairs, among other potential obstacles.

It is fitted with a magnetic strip and double-sided adhesive pads that allow you to mount it where needed. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This nightlight employs a passive infrared technology motion sensor that works to detect movement within 20 feet and automatically turns on. It will turn off after 20 seconds of no activity.

This light is designed with five useful modes; three lighting modes and two brightness modes for better user experience. It is conveniently rechargeable with a decent battery life of up to 180 days.

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#7. Best Plug in – Projectables LED Wall Night Light Projector with Dusk to Dawn Sensor for Toddlers’ Room

kids room night lamp


  • Six images
  • Light sensor
  • Globe rotates for easy image projection
  • Projects approximately 3 feet scene
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Need to be plugged into power outlets

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You can never go wrong with the Projectables LED Nightlight.

It is designed to produce a soft green glow as it projects adventurous images of the Aquarium, solar system, safari, moon, planet earth, and coral reef on the walls, ceiling, or floor. Bring in the experience of these fantastic scenes right into your room.

Moreover, it is conveniently light-sensing, meaning it turns off at dawn and on at dusk.

Besides, this nightlight is designed with a rotatable globe so you the images are projected easily. Also, the projection covers up to 3 feet of the universe’s miraculous environments and our planet.

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#8. Best for Nusery – Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine and Animal Night Lights with Lullabies

kids animal night lights


  • Volume & dimmer control
  • Fabric-covered speakers
  • Adjustable pivot lens
  • It is fully loaded with lullabies and nature sounds to soothe babies to sleep.
  • Four mode auto-off timer to help babies fall asleep
  • Features a star and moon ceiling projection


  • Indoor use only

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Skip Hop baby sound machine is an excellent tool for encouraging a solid routine for your little ones. This highly functional owl works to soothe babies to sleep with the calming nature sounds, songs, twinkling lights, and more.

The fabric-covered speakers are ideal for home use and on the go. The auto-timer settings make it even more convenient as you can set it to turn off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

The parent-friendly volume control comes in handy, so you can control how loud the sounds are. Moreover, this sound machine features an adjustable pivot lens that projects a starry night-scape on the ceiling or wall for your children.

This nightlight is conveniently dimmable and produces a warm glow that is healthy for your child.

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How to Choose the Best Kids Nightlight?

Nightlights are very functional devices in any kid’s room. However, choosing an ideal one has proved to be a daunting task given the wide selection of nightlights available in the market.

Below is a list of factors that you can consider before making any purchase.

1. Types

– Nightlights

There are many different types of nightlights available:

The only problem is that they should be correctly placed for enhanced clarity of the images. Soft night lights are essentially a stuffed animal with the night light so the baby can cuddle it while they sleep.

Portable night lights are an excellent choice for on the go. Depending on your needs, choose the most suitable type of nightlight.

– Bulb

The type of bulb that your nightlight contains is worth considering. Some of the models have replaceable light bulbs. Other models are designed with bulbs fused into the light forcing you to replace the entire nightlight.

The type of bulb will also determine how hot the surface of the light will be. LEDs are often cool to the touch, whereas halogen bulbs and incandescent lamps can be very hot.

2. Location of power outlet

You need to check the room’s layout and locate the electrical sockets to the crib of the baby. If the power outlet is too close or too far, the light may be too bright or too dim. A portable one may be a better option.

3. Color of light

It is noteworthy that the color of light will affect how the baby sleeps. You might think that the blue color is ideal for helping soothe the baby to sleep.

On the contrary, blue light is a stimulant and boosts the attention of the baby. The best color of light is red or orange. This color stimulates the sleep hormone, and so your baby falls asleep quickly.

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4. Timer function

A timer is a handy feature that is found in a variety of models of nightlights. It saves your time and effort of manually turning the lamps on and off.

It works to automatically turn the nightlight off at a specified amount of time. This gives time for your baby to fall asleep and also save on electricity bills.

Best with Timer – LBell Ceiling Star Night Light Projector for Bedroom

kids ceiling night light projector with timer

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5. Size of room

If your child’s room is relatively smaller, you are advised to go for the nightlights with multiple brightness settings, as it is easy for a little room to become too bright.

  • Another thing is, if you lack a tabletop space or a shelf, a portable model is a better option thanks to its flexibility.
  • For the larger rooms, small plug-in devices are not recommended.

6. Brightness

Ideally, a night light should function in night mode and emit a soft glow that gently illuminates the room. Therefore, the brightness of the nightlight is a crucial factor to consider when looking for a nightlight for the bedroom.

When it is too bright, it can lead to restless, broken sleep. It should be bright enough to allow the parents to safely tend to their children at night without distracting their rest. A dimmable function can also be handy in this case.

Best with Adjustable Brightness – Echo Glow Portable Tabletop Night Light for Smart Home

top rated night lights for kids

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7. Extra features

Some nightlights come with extra features that make them more functional. For example, a thermometer is handy to determine the room’s temperature, white noise machines, and music boxes to play soothing music for the babies and light bulbs that change color.

There are also integrated handles to carry them around easily, light, and motion sensors to automatically turn them on and off, among others. Purchase one that meets all your needs.


What Kind of Night Light Do Toddlers Use?

#1. Tabletop lamp

Desktop lamps are designed to rest on any flat surface near the bed freely. Some of the models are standalone lights, while some mimic the tabletop lamps with a stand, lampshade, and a pull cord.

Best Compact – VAVA Desktop Lamp for Kids’ Bedside

#2. Torch

Torches usually are portable and run off of battery power. They can be placed anywhere in the room. However, most are not designed to sleep in the bed with the child. They come in handy when encouraging independent potty trips to the bathroom.

Best Cheap – Outlite Portable Night Light Torch for Indoor and Outdoor Use

#3. Toy night light

These are nearly soft and cuddly toys, dolls, or stuffed animals with soft night light in them. They are usually portable, and children can cuddle with them as they sleep. These are mostly suitable for infants and newborns.

Best Toy Nightlight – VTech Soother and Projector with Soft Light

#4. Moon lamp

Moon lamps are moon-shaped and on a stand. Some acts just as nightlights while some project some images on the walls or ceilings. Moon lamps produce soft glows that are eye-friendly and soothe toddlers to sleep.

Best with Colorful Light – BrightWorld 3D Moon Night Lamp with Remote



1. Is Baby Night Light and Kids’ Night Light Same?

The night lights are the same. They may only differ in the extra features.

Some baby nightlights may come inclusive of numerous lullabies, songs, and nature sounds that lull the baby to sleep while a kid’s night light may not necessarily have these features. Also, most of the projection night lights are well suited for kids to stimulate creativity and imagination.

Baby’s nightlights are essential for the nightly visits – many of the families with young babies use nightlights more for them than the infants. They help them to see when changing diapers or breastfeeding. As long as the overhead light is off and the nightlight is not too bright, they are fine.

2. Does Night Light Help Toddlers to Sleep?

Nightlights do help toddlers sleep better. For one, some come with integrated lullabies and nature sounds that soothe the babies to sleep. The lighting is also a soft red glow that stimulates the sleep hormone.

For children who are afraid of the dark and have frequent nightmares, nightlights provide comfort and relaxation so they can sleep easily. They feel secure and safe in their environment, thus promoting better sleep for all.

3. At What Age, Should I Start Allowing My Child to Use a Night Light?

This will depend on the toddler’s age and why you think that they need a night light.

Night lights are usually a comfort source for children who are scared of monsters or afraid of the dark. However, toddlers do not generally experience this type of nighttime anxiety until about two or three years.

If your toddler is any younger than this, they will most likely not understand the concept of fear yet. In this case, it is better if they slept in a dark room.

Some of the parents just use nightlights out of habit. If that is the case, you need a nightlight that does not illuminate the room too much but provides sufficient comfort.

4. What Price Range Should I Expect to Pay for a Child’s Night Light?

The price-points of nightlights vary by model and brand. Most of the nightlights are, however, available for $30 or even less. While most nightlights are relatively inexpensive, the optimal price-point will come down to your budget.

5. What Is the Best Night Light Color for My Children to Sleep with?

The best color for a night light for sleep stimulation is the red light. Babies find this color soothing as it is familiar. Coincidentally, they are also the colors of the twilight of the sunset.



Nightlights are a perfect addition to any baby’s room or nursery. These are beneficial for the baby’s sleep and the parent during middle-of-the-night diaper changes and breastfeeding.

What’s more, the toddlers’ night lamps come in a wide range of designs and perform different purposes. You can easily find one that meets your needs. Do not hesitate to get one for your child, but you need to monitor any changes in their sleep to ensure they are suitable for them.