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Best Solar Christmas Lights – Top Energy-Saving and Efficient Lights

Christmas celebration is around the corner and you should celebrate it in style by ensuring that you have enough lighting to brighten up your day. Therefore, with the ongoing power shedding, you may have issues with power on your Christmas day and to be on the safe side you should have solar Christmas lights which are very efficient and economical because they use LED lights that are super bright.

They are affordable and with the daylight, it will have enough power to brighten your day on Christmas. It is efficient as it will last 4 to 8 hours. Check out the following article on the best solar Christmas lights.

Why Do You Need to Buy Solar Operated Christmas Lights?

best solar Christmas lights review

Economical – Solar Christmas lights use solar power energy and therefore they are more efficient to use on Christmas trees and can light up throughout the day as they use free solar power energy.

Waterproof – You can use these solar Christmas lights even on the outside as they are waterproof and therefore will perform without getting damaged even in extreme winter conditions. Hence you can use it during high snowy days or winter days.

Environmentally friendly – These solar Christmas lights do not release any toxic elements to the environment and therefore they are safe to use. They are also brighter compared with traditional lights.

Durable – Solar Christmas lights can withstand adverse weather conditions such as winter and therefore making them durable. They can light up throughout the day and gradually fade as night comes and thus very efficient and economical.

Versatile – Christmas solar lights have been well designed and arranged which makes them attractive and will cheer your Christmas day even during the coronavirus pandemic. They also come in different forms and lengths and thus you can arrange them well in your Christmas tree.

Safe and simple to set – Solar Christmas lights do not use dangerously extended cord which sometimes is unsafe for you and your family and with simple steps you can have your solar Christmas light working.


Reviews of the 10 Best Solar Powered Christmas Lights

1. Best Value – Joomer 2 Pack Solar Christmas Light for Garden Bushes and Fences

solar christmas window lights

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Are you looking for the best solar Christmas lights which you can brighten your compound, fence, or garden? Then look no further than Joomer 2 Pack Solar Christmas Light. It is multipurpose and therefore you can use it for any occasion to brighten your day.

It comes with an automatic switch and off mechanism and therefore it is always on during the day and gradually dim when nightfall. It comes with 8 different modes with can be easily interchanged in the switch mode.

With the 6 feet solar cord, it is suitable for any place. Waterproofness allows you to use it in your outdoor decoration to brighten your compound.

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2. Top Selling – Brightech Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights for Ambiance

ace hardware solar christmas lights

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Brightech is waterproof with a resistance of up to 122°F and therefore works well outdoor. The ambiance lights are effective because they can light up to 6 hours long when placed in direct sunlight. These lights come with the on/off switch and thus convenient and they are durable.

They are made of high-quality materials that can brighten your Christmas season. It can withstand snow, strong winds of up to 50MPH, and adverse winter.

This Brightech light can function anywhere as it does not require any tool to support it making it effective and efficient.

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3. Best for Rain – Vmanoo Colored Solar Christmas Lights with 8 Modes

vmanoo solar christmas lights

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Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights is the 72 feet and 200 light Christmas lights with 8 modes and perfect for any outdoor event because they are waterproof. They have been designed with automatic switch on/off which makes it efficient as it is free with no electricity cost to be incurred.

They can withstand any weather including heavy rains as they have memory cheap which does not need any resetting once you light it up. Its 72 feet with a solar panel cord of 6 feet makes it suitable for outside in any place which will brighten your Christmas day.

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4. Best for Exterior House – LUXONIC Christmas LED Projector Lights for Walls and Ceilings

solar outdoor laser christmas lights

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This projector comes with 20 slides which are perfect for any part occasion and you can easily switch the slide to your preferred need. It comes with 2 projection lenses and water waves which you can switch together or separately thus brightening up your occasion.

It comes with double light projection with remote control and timer and thus you can easily set it to project any slide which fits your occasion. It is waterproof and thus suitable for use in any outdoor event.

It also comes with Rotating Gobos which is very attractive and of great quality for any Christmas holiday. At around 40 dollars you will get yourself this high-quality and well-designed Christmas LED projector to brighten your Christmas holiday season.

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5. Best for Backyard – QINOL Solar Torch Light for Pathway/Driveway

solar powered christmas pathway lights

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QINOL Solar Lights come as a four-pack and it has the fire flickering mechanism which can light up your outdoor compound for up to 12 hours long. It acts as a solar torch that you can use all day long in all your outdoor occasions especially during this upcoming Christmas holiday season.

It is easy to install as there are no tools needed and is a multipurpose solar light as you can use it in driveways, garden, or playing field when you want fresh air in the evening.

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6. Best for Outdoor Trees – Fatpoom Solar Christmas Rope Lights with Bright Light

solar christmas rope lights

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Fatpoom Solar Lights comes with 120 lights of 8 different modes and they are bright and attractive. The solar ropes string is 40 feet which are long enough well designed to create a calm atmosphere for the celebration.

It is portable and can be used as decorative lights in bars, restaurants, homes, or in shopping malls because they are attractive. It is multicolored and therefore you can enjoy a taste of different colors as it twinkles.

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7. Best Twinkle – QUINOL 72FT Solar Operated Lights for Christmas Decor

solar mini christmas lights

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QINOL 2-Pack Christmas Lights is a high-quality 1200mah light with a built-in battery which is easily rechargeable. It can work well for up to 8 hours long making it efficient and effective.

It comes with 400 different lights and is 72 feet long which covers a longer length of your lawn or fence. During charging you should ensure that you press the ON button before you charge it.

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8. Best Starry – KeShi Waterproof Solar Star String Lights for Landscape

solar christmas string star lights

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Solar Star String Lights are the twinkle lights which are 40 feet with 100 LED lights and therefore brighter, versatile, and convenient. It comes with 8 different modes, which makes it suitable for backyard camping, window decor, etc.

Overall, you can use it for up to 12 hours after fully daylight charging.

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9. Best with Remote – Ollny Plug in LED Net Mesh Christmas Lights with Warm White Light

solar net christmas lights

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These are the net lights with connectable ends and thus you can easily connect them to trees and they are safe and eco-friendly with no gas emissions.

They are easy to connect and come with 200 LED lights which are warmer and bright. It also has a remote control and 8 different modes which you can easily interchange to the different modes.

The 4 levels of brightness make your dinner romantic or time out more intimate to have an endless talk with your partner.

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10. Best with Green Wire – Philips Waterproof Multicolor Solar Mini Strings Light for Christmas

Philips commercial solar christmas lights

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Philips is known for making durable and high-quality lights and therefore this solar mini light is of high quality. It is versatile and will brighten up your Christmas holiday.

It is 16.3″ in length and therefore it is long enough for your home during this Christmas holiday.

With the automatic timer, it can reset itself easily, and thus it will be on throughout without the need of you setting them up manually.

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How to choose the best Solar Christmas Lights?

solar powered christmas wreath lights

You should consider the following factors when buying the best solar Christmas light.

  • Function

The primary function of buying the solar Christmas lights will affect the kind of solar Christmas light you will buy for example if it is for indoor, cover Christmas tree, or outdoor function and the area to be covered.

You might consider the one that is waterproof if you are buying it exclusively for outdoor events where there are adverse weather conditions including winter, snow, and strong winds.

  • Sunlight Requirement

This is another important feature you consider because some batteries need direct solar or indirect solar to function properly. This will help with the incorrect positioning of your solar.

The seasons also dictate the kind of solar you will need because if you are in cloudy areas then you need one that is rechargeable in cloudy times.

  • White or colored

There are many solar Christmas lights with different lights and therefore you should select one that properly suits you be it multi-colored or purely white.

Your home décor also dictates the king of light to purchase because you want your home to be classy and not look like a rainbow. Colored solar Christmas provides more warmth to your house and thus is ideal for you especially during this winter season.

And the warm white light works great on lighting up your windows and spice up the atmosphere.

Best with Warm White Light – Blingstar Christmas String Lights for Windows

  • Operating time

Most of the solar lights available charge from 5 to 8 hours and function from 8 to 12 hours and therefore you should choose one that properly suits your needs.

Therefore you should consider the time you want to use your solar light and the charging time. The one that has a higher operating time is efficient because you will use it for long before it becomes dim.

  • Usage

You need to consider the durability also as it affects how the solar Christmas light will operate. Multi-application solar Christmas lights are efficient because you can use them in more than one place and thus saving you extra costs of buying more.

  • Type of light bulb

There are different types of bulbs in the market and therefore choosing the right one will not only brighten your home but it makes your Christmas season lively.

Many have the LED bulbs which save on energy and you can use them for longer without the need to replace them easily and you can use solar for longer. They are not very light but they are efficient and economical as it consumes less energy.

  • Installation

You should select the solar Christmas lights that are easy to install with no tools required, which will not only make your work easier but it will save you more time which you can use to set up more lighting in your indoors and outdoors.


What are the Types of Solar Powered Christmas Lights?

1. Solar Powered Net Christmas Lights

These are lights which are net in shape with connectable ends and thus you can easily connect them to trees. They are durable, economical, and efficient, and ideal for outdoor occasions such as weddings or romantic dinner.

2. Solar Christmas String Lights

These string lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. They are thick and durable and have been well constructed from attractive copper wires.

With different modes and cheap price, string Christmas lights are popular got for decorating trees, fences, bushes, windows and more.

3. Solar Powered Stake Christmas lights for Pathway

These are lights which are used in areas such as driveways and therefore they are waterproof and durable as they are mostly used in the outdoors. They are safe and eco-friendly as they do not release any gases into the environment.

4. Solar Christmas Tree Lights

These are lights that are specifically used for the Christmas tree and therefore should be long enough to fit up to the top of the Christmas tree with multicolor which are attractive and can cheer up your holiday season.

Most of them have strings or ropes to help you wrap it for your desired position.

5. Solar Christmas Icicle Lights for Outdoor House

This kind of light looks like a curtain that comes with several branches of light strips and most household designers tend to make it as a roof decor.

6. Solar Christmas Candle Lights

These lights which you can use to decorate your windows and make them attractive. They come in LED bulbs and therefore they are warmer and they are safe for use in your home.

They are suitable especially during your romantic evening as it provides you a good environment to reflect and bond with your family.

7. Solar Powered Laser Christmas Lights

These lights would project some images like Santa, Snowman, snowflake on your exterior wall. If you want to enhance the Christmas atmosphere, try to buy 1 or 2 for your house.



1. What Is the Price Range of Solar Christmas Lights?

The range of solar Christmas lights is from 20 dollars to 200 dollars and therefore you can select any that best fits you and is within your budget. The high ends have higher modifications with longer working time and thus efficient for use during the Christmas season.

These come in different sizes and different kinds of bulbs and if you want the best then you should consider one that is reasonably priced, warm, has enough lights to brighten your home, good quality LED build, and easy to install.

2. Do Solar Christmas Lights Really Work?

Yes, solar Christmas lights work because they use an LED bulb which is warmer, brighter, and durable. They are powered by the free sun and therefore you will not incur any utility cost when using these solar Christmas lights.

You do not need the dangerous extension cord for your lawn because solar Christmas lights come when it is fitted with a small solar panel with a rechargeable battery.

3. Where Do I Put the Solar Panel to Power the Lights?

You can put the solar power directly facing the sun so that it can charge well and able to function well.

Indirect sunlight can also function well but it will fewer hours to function as the battery will not be fully charged. It charges for 5 to 6 hours and when fully charged it can function for 8 to 12 hours long.

4. Can Solar Christmas Lights Withstand Wind?

Yes, solar-powered Christmas lights can withstand strong winds of up to 50MPH and therefore making it durable and efficient to be used in outdoor events where there is a strong wind.

Therefore you can use it in the bush and enjoy your time without worrying about it falling. Most solar Christmas lights are weatherproof and therefore they can be widely used in any place.

5. How to Charge Solar Christmas Lights Without Sun?

You can charge the solar panel artificially by using incandescent bulbs to charge the solar. To get the best out of this, you can place the solar panel close to the bulb so that it can charge faster and efficiently and thus you can have sufficient power to light up your home.



Want to celebrate your Christmas holiday season? Have a look at these best solar Christmas lights which are affordable, durable, and flexible, and no utility cost.

They are easy to install and can power your home for long hours. Besides, they are eco-friendly as there are no harmful gases released to the atmosphere and therefore safe and conducive.