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Best Standing Lamps for Different Rooms – Top Rated Floor Lights in 2022

Standing lamps have existed for decades with advancements in this technology, creating even more appealing lamps with exclusive features at the satisfaction of the customers.

Some of the best standing lamps often offer a robust natural ambience to light in the whole living room and even an amber glow fantastic for the bedroom.

These lamps are also easy to install, adaptable, and flexible to fit in all environments and spaces of the room, such as tabletops, tight corners, among others.

Thus, the best standing lamp designs produce quality illuminating light, which upgrades that creates a completely new atmosphere in the surrounding accommodating environments.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Reading – TaoTronics LED Standing Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck

For Living Room – Brightech Short Modern Standing Pole Light

Tree Lamp with Bright Light and 5 Adjustable Lamp Heads – Brightech LED Spotlight

Artwork Display and Floor Lamp Combo – Brightech Maxwell LED Light with Shelf


What Is a Standing Lamp?

A standing lamp is a specially designed lamp supported by a pole or an erect figure to ensure that the light is emitted from an angle above overlooking the working space or the individual utilizing the light source.

They are always erected to stand on the floor by some form of broad, stable base support to ensure they do not topple over, fall and break while they position the light at a level higher in the room.

They often have unique features to the standard lamps such as the weighted lamp base, the tall pole, switches, LED bulbs, and at times lampshades, among others. They are often used for a variety of purposes in several different environments.


Types of Standing Lamps

Lighting within an individual’s environment is very critical to their relaxation and life satisfaction. This is because uncomfortable lighting might be strenuous and thus stressful in one way or the other. Therefore, several types of standing lamps have often been manufactured to ensure that consumers find the best suitable lamp for their lighting within the market.

There are numerous types of standing lamps, with some still being manufactured with the changing lifestyles and technological advancements. Some of the common types of standing lamps include:

  • Arc Standing Lamps

Arc Standing Light Bedside Bed or next to sofa

These are also of several varieties with a simple similar operational mechanism. They have a long arching arm which can be shifted from one location to another. S

ome of them have bulbs attached at the end of the arm with shade, while others have LED bulbs running along the arched arm. They all, however, have the arching arm attached to the weighted base.

  • Torchiere

This is a very popular type of standing lamp recognized and used by many people. It often looks like a torch with an upright erection.

The lighting is often, therefore, fixed and pointing upward at the upper end; thus, the lighting received is usually the diffused form from the ceiling or those that penetrate through the handcrafted lamp shade.

The lighting is often therefore appealing and pleasing to the users.

Wanna check out popular torchiere lamps? Check here!

  • Tree Standing Lamps

Standing Lamps with 3 heads

These are standing lamps with several branching arms from a single-pole/stand. They, therefore, often have several different lamp heads, all of which can usually be operated separately by different switches depending on the type, and the arms are also often flexible and adjustable to allow for the versatility of the user.

  • Club Lamp

These are often the precursors for many of the different lamp styles. They are similar in design to the torchiere except for the top portion, which is covered by an enveloping shade allowing for the light to radiate at a fainter intensity but fitting to the environment’s illumination and the decor.

  • Shelf Lamps

decorative standing lamp with shelf

These are standing lamps that double as shelving units in the lower areas. The top portions with the bulbs are often shaded with translucent panels, which often diffuses the light, thus producing an ambient illumination. These are also of several categories with different styles of manufacture.

  • Tripod Lamps

tripod standing lamps

These types of lamps often have a base in the form of a tripod supporting the bulb at the top. The bulbs are also always shaded to sieve the light into a more appealing intensity and color. The tripod stands may often be wood, hard plastic, or even metal.



Reviews of the 9 Best Standing Lamps

Below are some of the best standing lamps currently in the market.

#1. For Reading – TaoTronics LED Standing Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck

LED standing floor lamp for reading and other tasks
Standing Lamps for Reading

This is the best standing lamp for reading purposes. It often comes with a package of alluring features, which makes it perfect for utilization within a chosen environment.

Fully customizable illumination presents with a range of color temperatures of up to about five, and the brightness levels can also be adjusted to five levels to fit the surrounding environment or the user’s requirements.

These lamps are LED and have a lifespan of about 50 000 hours, thus minimizing the periodical lamp purchases while shinning up to about 1815 lumens of bright beams.

Besides, they come with a UL adapter that manages the voltage output, thus preventing electrical hazards altogether. They also have a broad base for stability, thus ensuring they are steady and do not topple over regularly.

  • It is an energy-saving lamp that the lamp consumes only about 12 W of power.
  • The in-built touch panel allows the fully control of lamp’s brightness by long pressing on the ON/OFF button.
  • The lamp is multifunctional that it is used as floor lamps at normal. While when disassembled, they may be used as desk lamps.
  • The power cord’s length is decent but cannot reach far areas of the room.
  • The power cord’s location is near the buttons, which makes it unsatisfying and inconvenient for some users.

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#2. For Living Room – Brightech Modern Standing Pole Light

modern standing light
Living Room Twist Light

This is the best standing lamp for lighting up the living room. Some of the features installed enables it to provide the best illumination for the chosen space. The twisted light makes it light up multi-direction.

The lamp is safe since it is stable and very light in that when knocked over, it does not impose physical injuries or even break easily. It also does not overheat, thus minimizing the chances of burns when accidentally touched after hours of use.

The customizable illumination up to three levels allowing for the capacity to increase the light to beams of about 1400 lumens or dim the light to your liking. Versatility makes it stand and fit in many spaces such as behind a couch, top of a table, among others.

These lamps are also durable to about a lifespan of 20 years when normally operated, thus saving the customer on frequent lamp purchases.

  • The lamps are straightforward to install and operate by any individual.
  • It is energy-saving since it is an LED lamp; thus, it generates minimal heat and consuming minimum power.
  • It is an aesthetic lamp with unique and fancy design, thus appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Its brightness is equivalent to a big light bulb, which is irritating when much lower light is required.

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#3. For Bedroom – LEPOWER Mid-century Wood Tripod Standing Lamp

tripod standing lamps
Tripod Lamps for Bedroom & Living Room

This tripod lamp is the best for many environments but mostly the bedroom set. It is very aesthetic with a touch of style in its design, which makes it appealing and gorgeous in almost any room you place it in.

The standing lamp is made of high-quality material; that is, the wood is strong with natural rubber features, and the lampshade is TC linen, which is durable, enduring and at the same time aesthetic. Worry about its stability? The tripod base allows for a large surface area ensuring stability and minimal toppling when hit/struck.

It is versatile in that since it does not come with the bulb, it allows the user to select a range of bulbs they desire for a specific environment such as the bedroom.


Easy to assemble manually and operate since it has a foot switch conveniently placed on the cord for easy turning on and off.

  • It does not come with the appropriate bulb.

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#4. With Upward Light – Tiffany Style Tall Torchiere Standing Floor Lamp

Tiffany tall standing lamp
Stained Glass Standing Torchiere

This lamp is the best for softly up lighting a room or even for reading. It is very appealing to many people due to the stylish design. This employing the use of high-quality materials handcrafted for an exquisite decoration to fit any environment. It is, therefore, aesthetic comprising of several colors, sizes, and designs a client would require.

The lamp also allows the user to select their own preferred bulbs to install in the stand, thus creating convenience wherever they might have wanted to erect the lamp and the environment within. This will also determine the rate of power consumption.

  • Due to the broad and heavy base, it is very stable, minimizing accidental toppling over.
  • It is easy to install and operate since it has the switch knob at the base where it can be accessed by many.
  • The absence of the bulb may also be an inconvenience to many who will have to sacrifice their time to search for the perfect bulb to fit the lamp.

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#5. With Bright Light – Verilux LED Modern Lamp with Full Spectrum

task standing light with gooseneck
Task Standing Light with Full Spectrum

This modern and latest design has satisfied many users due to its improved and many advanced features which have improved its efficiency.

The lamp has a strain-free illumination with a full spectrum since the LED lighting is similar to daylight, making it easier on the user’s eyes, thus enabling longer utilization hours. And the even distribution of the beams of light emitted by the lamp also eliminates flickering of the light, thus minimizing eye strain.

This lamp is also versatile and can be used in any environment such as the office, study room, or work station for several purposes like studying, crafting, among others. What makes that? It is flexible color temperatures to 3 levels and light intensity of up to five levels of brightness that make it fit the requirements of the user.

  • The lamp is stable due to the wide base and easy to assemble and install.
  • It also has a gooseneck making it flexible and easy to direct and focus on one point where the light is required.
  • Complexness of operation due to the many buttons controlling its functionality.

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#6. Arc Arm – Brightech Modern Dimmable Light for Home & Office

Arc Standing Light Bedside Bed or next to sofa
Arc Standing Lamp with Closer Light

The lamp is very aesthetic and appealing to watch with several advantages upon purchase and utilization.

It is a durable standing lamp in that it has a lifetime of about 20 years LED light source, ensuring that it saves on power consumption by not producing extra heat during operation and saves money on frequent lamp purchases.

The adjustable brightness levels of 3 enable you to utilize their preferences. It also emits moderate beams of about 750 lumens. Together with the heavy base and a long tube, it is stable that enables an adequate overhang on the couch or desk, making work easier.

  • The lamp has a solid base, which makes stabilization perfect for all environments.
  • It is effortless to assemble and operate with the only one-foot switch in the power cord.
  • The lamp does not configure with the automated power systems in a building, thus leaving the only manual operation as the means to turn it on and off.

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#7. Tree Lamp – Brightech LED Spotlight with 5 Adjustable Lamp Heads

multi heads standing lights
Hanging Standing Lights with Tree Style

This lamp is popular among many people because of its aesthetic design and multipurpose functionality. Its design suits many modern decors and their set themes because it is appealing and blends in any environment.

It is versatile in that it can fit in many areas of the room, and the many arching arms are also flexible enabling the lighting of any desired room, whether large or small with precision and quality illumination.

  • Has a wide and heavy base for stability and safety.
  • The LED bulbs save energy by utilizing very minimal power of only about 20 W.
  • The lamps are also durable since the LED bulbs can often last up to 20000 hours if used properly.
  • Some people have had issues with the assembly process, claiming it is a little complicated.

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#8. For Lounge – Brightech Multi-head Lamps Beside the Couch

Standing Lamps with 3 heads
Vintage Standing Lamps with Bright Light

These lamps are unique with three overhanging heads, which have pleased many individuals. The aesthetic nature of the lamps and their appealing design has enabled a perfect blend with decors and styles of all kinds.

The lamp provided the best illumination for several purposes, such as reading because the light intensity can often be controlled by choosing the number of lamp heads to switch on, making the environment appealing too.

The adjustable headlamps also allow for efficient overhead lighting for a large area or a precisely focused location since they can adjust their heights too.

  • The lamps are versatile and can be placed in any location or object within the surroundings as long as it is flat and stable.
  • The three lamp heads each contain energy-saving LED bulbs, which are durable to 20 years lifespan, thus conserving power and money while producing quality illumination.
  • The assembling of this lamp requires precision and a little skill application.

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#9. For Decoration – Brightech Maxwell LED Light with Shelf

decorative standing lamp with shelf
Standing Lamp with Display Layer

This is a wonderful free-standing lamp that has grown popular in contemporary society. Some of its unique features have made it the best decoration lamp.

This lamp comes in a 2-in-1 package, thus a multifunction element with a portion of it providing the quality illumination while the other portion provides a shelving space for books or even flowers. This thus makes it versatile and, therefore, can be compatible with many environments like the workplace, living rooms, and bedrooms, among others.

The lamp is also compatible with advanced technology such as the AI system like the Google Home Assistant or Alexa which, when incorporated into the lighting system, can control its operation easily by switching it on and off or controlling the light intensity.

  • The lamps are also often stable due to their massive sizes and quadrilateral bases, thus improving safety.
  • The lamp often comes with an energy-saving LED bulb consuming about 10 W of electricity and durable to last almost 20 years upon proper use.
  • It comes with several parts that are hectic to piece together into the full standing lamp.

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#1. What Is the Best Height for a Standing Lamp?

Standing lamps all come in different sizes, shapes, and heights, all suitable for the specific purpose it was manufactured. They, therefore, range between 4 to 8 feet in height. Nevertheless, the standard height is always around 5.5 feet in many cases. Despite being the average height, it is always not the best height for standing lamps.

  • For instance, when considering an uplighter like a torchiere, the height should always be above the standard, and anything shorter and below 6 feet might not produce the desired results of quality illumination.
  • Similarly, reading lamps should not be too high, as this would not give the desired results.

It is, therefore, best to choose the height according to your requirements, and if that’s not possible, the next best option is to select a height within the standard heights proximity.

#2. How to Fix a Standing Lamp?

Standing lamps, just like all other electronics, should not be fixed without background knowledge in electricity or electrical appliances. This is because this might result in catastrophic consequences.

It is therefore advisable that whenever a standing lamp is broken, you should seek help from electrical appliance experts who will be able to diagnose the problem appropriately and fix them without putting oneself in harm’s way of electrical shock. Some lamps when broken while still within the period of the warranty might be returned back to the manufactures for new unbroken standing lamps.

#3. How to Stabilize a Floor Lamp?

The primary stabilizer of a floor lamp is the weighting base, which balances with the weight of the erecting parts of the lamp. Therefore, to stabilize the lamp:

  • The base’s surface should be increased to improve its grip on the ground.
  • Also, the weight of the base could be increased optimally to minimize instability due to unbalanced weight distribution between the bottom and the top part of the lamp.
  • Finally, instability may also be a result of loose pieces of the lamp, creating weight imbalance; thus, these parts should be tightened appropriately.

Final Words

Standing lamps are currently ubiquitous in households and work areas, with many people utilizing them for different purposes. It is therefore advisable to always select the best standing lamps suitable for your accommodation and environment to minimize wastage of resources such as money and power while creating the best allure in an environment.