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Best Lamps for Bedroom – Different Types & Functions – Reviews & Guide in 2022

Most homeowners find it challenging and fun lighting their room, while in the real sense, it is not much of a hassle. Although the installation of light, design style, as well as other non-ending choices, can be tiresome sometimes. Obtaining the best lamps for bedroom correctly is never easy, as you might think that’s why a good number of homeowners find it tricky.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case ever again as in this article, you will be taken through 6 of the best light fixtures on the market as well as a guide on helping you make a knowledgeable decision.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With USB Port for Easy Bedside Charging – Oneach Set of 2 Table Lamps

Super Bright Light Torchiere – Brightech Sky LED Floor Standing Lamp

With Remote-Controlled 3 Levels of Dimmable Light for Master Bedroom – Vander Ceiling Light Fixture

Plug-in and Hardwired Sconces – Kira Home Wall Mount Lamps

For Reading in Bed – TaoTronics LED Eye Care Table Lamp


How to Choose the Best Bedroom Light Fixtures?

Check these factors out first will do favors to get your right fit.

  • Multiple Layers of Lighting

It is also crucial for you to note that almost every room that has an elegant design entails multiple layers of lighting.

Moreover, it is difficult for you to do away with lights that are recessed and cover up the loss of your task lighting as well as accent lighting.

Therefore, task lighting is known for granting an illumination for chosen nooks, while accent lighting enables you to highlight several features that seem to the focal points of your bedroom.

Thus, it is appropriate that you do multiple layers of lighting to give your bedroom a perfect lighting and an awesome look.

  • Play with the Ambiance

This is a unique kind of lighting that can give your bedroom new lighting is known as a dimmer.

In case you have features of a dimmer, obtain several moods of lighting with either a press of the button or a touch of the screen, but since you are in a modern world with technology at hand, you have a variety of endless options.

If you find it difficult, you can switch from tranquil meditation to reading a book.

If you find the other lighting layer helpful with the major objective of lighting, then the dimmer, as well as the illumination, will serve you with the secondary objectives of majorly accentuating the mood of your bedroom and at the same time fashioning.

  • Size

Before you even commence of the issue of lighting, you have to put the essential feature into consideration that will match the lighting choice of your bedroom, and that is the size of your room since you will have to select a table lamp that will probably emit sufficient light to each corner of your bedroom.

You might opt to position away several lights, thinking that when you have ample light, it will reflect in your whole room. However, this is never the case since the result you will achieve will be opposite while your light will be bright in a single corner while in the other one very dim.

So, the table lamp, ceiling lights, and standing lamps you opt to choose must always match the size of your bedroom as well as your surrounding décor for you to achieve a positive impact.

  • Innovative Bedsides Fixtures

In the past few years, bedside lamps have evolved in good numbers with absolutely no restrictions to your table lamps. This innovative bedside fixture grants you an opportunity of seizing to use tables; furthermore, they also give you a good time to catch up with your studies.

  • Decorating with Lighting Fixtures

The most common mistake you can make while selecting the appropriate lights for your bedroom is to position aesthetic higher than ergonomics.

Well, floor lamps look amazing in either your bathroom or bedroom.

So, does it emit sufficient light? In case it does not emit sufficient light, think of primary and secondary lighting since you will be opting for the appropriate light, so do not just base on the primary lighting fixtures.

  • Awesome Style Statement

The lighting of your bedroom must go hand in hand with your design theme as well as the color scheme. However, most homeowners have that tend to borrow Chic Hollywood Regency they can opt for a cascading chandelier. When you want to obtain a small number of themes, opt for recessed lighting combined with sleek sconces. At least try and have a brilliant style statement of doing your things.

  • A Flood Color

The color of your floor lamps, table lamps or ceiling light a minute alternation of in the shade, as well as hue, can change the look of your bedroom. In case you want to achieve calmness and serenity for either romantic nights or evenings that are passionate, opt to use warm and, at the same time, fuzzy white lights.

Furthermore, lampshades have the potential also to change your color scheme and the appeal for your modern room.

Therefore, if your bedroom has a neutral backdrop, then an alt of the lampshade can change the accent hue of your room.


What Must-have Functions Do Bedroom Reading Lamps Equip?

Warm light colors and dim light are the basic considerations you may look for.

  • Color

The colors of your light play a key role in supporting some activities. For beginners, you need to think appropriately about the kind of your bulb; note that halogen bulbs emit off a gentle white glow while CFLs usually try to diffuse much blue, and finally, LED bulbs control the gamut color temperature.

Blue and white colors are known for stimulating alertness, and this works hand in hand with directional lighting to promote focused activities; it is due to the white as well as blue lights, which maximizes alertness and minimizes melatonin production which are likely to induce sleep in your body. Therefore, they are not good for you, especially if you are trying to relax after a tiresome day.

It is also vital for you to know that lighting that emits warmer colors never corrupt melatonin production. Warmer lights are good for reading, relaxing, watching your favorite program on TV, and also for bedroom affairs.what is the best bedroom light to buy

To promote bedroom functions, you need to do your lighting properly to fulfill all the functions. If you have correct dimmers, appropriate, and recommendable bulbs with good lighting layers, then that is an assurance of efficient lighting in your entire bedroom. Thus, it is good that you select the right features to get lighting that meets the demand of your rooms.

  • Brightness

It is not just a matter of lighting your bedroom about also putting into consideration the kind of bulb you will be using. The intensity plus the color of light your bulb emits has the potential to either negatively or positively impact your functioning when you are working. Before you even go ahead to finding which type of bulb suits you according to the level of brightness it emits.


Reviews of the 6 Best Lamps for Bedroom

Check our top lists:

#1. Oneach Set of 2 Table Lamps with USB Port for Bedroom

table lamps for bedroom
Set of 2 Bedroom Lamps

Integrated into this bedside lamp are two sets of lamps that are 5” wide and positioned 24” high. It also features shades across the top that are 11” and thanks to this unique design, it is ideal for the living room, office, study room as well as the bedroom.

Furthermore, the convenient and friendly design of this table lamp provides you and your family with a wonderful daily experience as it features a USB port that you can easily access to charge your devices.

With this lamp, you also get to add elegance and style to your home as it incorporates a modern, industrial, and minimalist design. The construction of its two sets of table lamps are built using a complex brushed steel body, which further reinforces its appealing design.

Moreover, its build quality features a robust brushed steel body that is UL listed, which guarantees that this table lamp can serve you for an extended duration.

Finally, with this table lamp, you get a two-year warranty. Therefore, in case you experience any issue, you should always feel free to contact the customer support staff, who will then provide you with the needed assistance immediately.

  • It is very practical
  • Its build quality is incredible
  • It is stylish and elegantly designed
  • It provides you with remarkable value for money
  • Assembling this table lamp is easy and straightforward
  • You need to plug it in once used

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#2. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Standing Lamp with Super Bright Light for Bedroom

contemporary lamp for bedroom
Minimalist Torchiere Floor Lamp for Bedroom

If you are looking to have extremely bright lighting that is affordable and does not have harsh fittings, look no further than the Brightech Sky LED lamp. It features a 2190 lumen, which provides adequate power to light up a very big room, and its pivots are easy to shift to any desired direction. Additionally, you can get it in a broad range of colors that perfectly match contemporary, casual, ultra-mod, or urban décor.

Thanks to its contemporary slim SKY slides, this lamp easily slides into slender corners, and its base gets to fit below many recliners, reading chairs, and sofas. Subsequently, the room gets filled with warm light inside your interior home décor while not taking up a lot of space and shining in every direction. This LED light has a lifespan of over 20 years as it does not waste energy similar to incandescent, compact fluorescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs.

This lamp integrates a robust, bulky, and remarkable design that guarantees it will not get damaged easily. Thus, you should never worry about your kids knocking it over and breaking. Furthermore, this lamp is always cool, so touching it as you reposition, it will not cause any harm to you, and this safety measure vital, especially if you have children. Lastly, you get a three-year warranty to ensure you get to enjoy using it and get the required assistance in case of any issue.

  • Using this lamp is easy
  • Lights up the whole room
  • Its design is sleek and very stylish
  • Its construction quality is impressive
  • It is simple and straightforward to assemble
  • It provides you with exceptional value for money
  • 3000K is its sole color temperature

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#3. Vander Ceiling Light Fixture with 3 Colors and Dimmable Remote Control for Master Bedroom

LED dimmable ceiling light fixture
Bedroom LED Ceiling Lights

This ceiling lamp incorporates a classy design concept with a two-layer design that makes it more stereoscopic in comparison to its other flat ceiling lights. This is because of its modern shape that has six leaf-like circle rings that make it perfect for your dining room, living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

It also comes in three color temperatures, that is, 6000K cold white, 4000K neutral white, and 3000K warm white, as well as a dimmable remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness levels. Its functional dimmable range is between 10% to 100%, and it is flush mount lighting that has LED chips saves 80% more energy in comparison to halogen lamps. Moreover, with this lamp, you get a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, high brightens, and low-power usage.

You also get eye protection with this LED ceiling light as it produces the most natural lighting. Therefore, with it, you get reduced transmittance of lighting, thereby safeguarding your eyes and that of your children from extreme brightness. Lastly, you get a one-year warranty as well as a reliable customer service team that is always available to help you out in case you have any inquiries.

  • It comes in different light modes
  • It incorporates a very fashionable look
  • The installation of this lamp is very straightforward
  • It produces adequate light to shine across the whole room
  • Provides you with a variety of options using the remote control
  • It provides a 12-month warranty

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#4. Kira Home Wall Mount Lamps for Bedroom with Swing Arm

wall mount ceiling lamps for bedroom
Wall Bedroom Lamp with Swing Arm

This wall lamp has a black finish as well as an adjustable swing arm and an opaque beige paper directing light downwards or upwards. You can have it either plugged in or hardwired, and it comes together with four 12-inch cord covers that hide the clear plug-in wire and cords. Additionally, it is a smart plug compatible, meaning you can adjust this 3-way bulb to produce different levels of brightness.

It is designed to be used in UL listed dry location, with this possible because it either makes use of a 150W traditional incandescent medium base bulb or LED CFL, but the bulb is usually sold separately. You can use this equipment to light up any desired room, for instance, the hallway, living room, bedroom, study, or office.

Finally, with this lamp, you get a product that boasts of incredible quality, as well as a customer support team that is always ready to listen to any of your concerns. Therefore, with this innovative and attractive lighting, you can be sure not to experience any issue with this lamp.

  • This wall lamp is very functional
  • It provides you with excellent value for money
  • Installing this lamp is easy and straightforward
  • You need to order the cord organizer if you install it on the higher position

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#5. TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal Desk Lamp for Reading in Bedside

LED Lamp for Reading in Bed
Reading Lamp with Night Light

This lamp features a flexible and durable metal body, as well as a multi-angle adjustable arm and head. With it, you get more light and more color options, and this is possible as it comes in six brightness levels to a maximum of 1200 Lux as well as five color modes. Moreover, it comes with a light guide panel that spreads its light sideways, thus ensuring your eyes never experience any strain due to the glare-free illumination.

Integrated into the design of this lamp are numerous functions such as a 60-minute timer, a 5V/2A smart USB port, night light, memory function, office desk lamp, as well as a bedroom desk lamp. To set your preferred light, all you need to do is to press one button, and consequently, the desired brightness or color settings will be activated.

Likewise, you can save your favorite brightness and temperature settings using the advanced memory feature, thereby making it a lot easier to make use of this lamp. Typically, the color temperature of this lamp is 2700k to 6500K.

You also get a lot of versatility with this lamp as it incorporates a rotatable base, head, and neck, and thanks to this, you can easily adjust it to get the desired lighting from any desired position.

  • The construction quality is remarkable
  • The battery life of this lamp is exceptional
  • Using this lamp is easy and straightforward
  • Its design is modern, minimalistic and stylish
  • It produces a lot of brightness to light up the entire room
  • The led bulbs can’t be replaced

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#6. Vekkia LuminoLite Rechargeable Clamp on Book Light for Reading in Bed

clip on book light for bedroom
Bedroom Clamp on Lamp

This lamp incorporates a quick click to change its brightness level and color temperature, with its three modes allowing you to change the level of brightness. With its eye-care soft diffused light, the light produced is perfect for you and your spouse to sleep without any struggles as well as reading before you doze off.

Additionally, it features a rechargeable in-built 1000MAH Li-ion battery that can last 60 hours without needing to get charged. You also get three power modes depending on your preference, as well as a 5V phone charger, power banks, and USB ports.

Its build is lightweight, weighing in at 2.15 oz. making it ideal for the car, house, airplane, or hotel as you can easily move around with it to any desired destination. Likewise, because it easily attaches to books, you do not need to adjust it every once in a while repeatedly.

  • Its performance is impressive
  • Making use of this lamp is straightforward
  • It produces low light levels hence easy on your eyes
  • It is made of plastic

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What Is the Best Height of the Bedside Lamp?

The bedside lamps usually vary from one another, depending on what function you will be doing in your room. If you are using it for either reading or writing, you require a lamp that is a tall lamp to emit sufficient light for you to view properly.

When you are sitting on your bed, it is appropriate that your lampshade is positioned between your eye level as well as the shoulder height.

Therefore, the appropriate bedside height also depends on the height of your bedside to the mattress level.

Note that the bedside table should be equivalent to the mattress level, and the appropriate height is 60 to 69 cm.

What Is the Best Bulb for the Bedroom?

The best bulb for your bedroom is considered to be warm white or soft white bulbs which are 2700 kelvins, it is useful for both living rooms and bedrooms, this is simply because it has a potential to generate traditional warmth as well as a cozy feel.

Therefore, do not go for cool white which has 4100 kelvins and is appropriate for bathrooms, garages as well as bathrooms.



Based on the above information, you at least have a clear understanding of the best light fixtures and all it entails. It is, therefore, easier for you to choose the best light bulb that best suits your demands and does proper work at your home. Consequently, you will get to enjoy having the perfect bulb for your bedroom.