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Top 12 Best Table Lamps for Living Room in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

You might be really in need of a lamp for your living room, but you just have absolutely no idea on how to choose the best table lamps for living room. Well, you are not alone; a lot of homeowners tend to be more confused when it comes to selecting the appropriate table lamp that matches their living room. How do I choose a table lamp for my living room?

Luckily, this article will guide you on how well you can light your living room and educate you more about things you should put into consideration when it comes to your home décor. Furthermore, it will also guide you on where to commence from when you need to choose a table lamp for your living room.


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With Elegant Silver Lamp Pole & USB Port for Side Table – Oneach Modern Table Lamp Set


What Kind of Table Lamps Are in Style for Living Room?

The kind of lamp you use in your living room can either give your living room an excellent look or make it look disgusting.

Therefore, you need to make sure your living room is lit well, and this is very vital as it will enhance the mood of your home, so, to ensure this is correctly done, you need to use a table lamp.

Table lamps are known for giving you a fantastic environment for learning as well as emitting warm lighting for all of your rooms. Table lamps are not only vital when it comes to lighting but also in decorating style. Therefore, this article has been narrowed down to educate you about several kinds of lamps that are in style.

  • Pharmacy lamp

This kind of lamp is in style as it does a perfect duty of lighting since you can either swing or bend your table lamp to any place you would like it to shed its light, but bear in mind that this depends on how well your lamp is finished. Antique brass lamp is good for a traditional space as the one with a caged shade, and a bulb that is exposed is perfect a room with an industrial style of decoration.

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brass table lamp with swing arm for living room

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  • Gourd lamp

This kind of lamp is curvy in shape, and it is common among many homeowners. The light can be emitted out through a clear or colored glass, metal as well as mercury glass. Usually has a great impression when located on your bedsides. It is appropriate for a mid-century modern style; this kind of lamp is designated in a traditional way that depicts it to be funny. Moreover, it gives an atmosphere that is casual and enables your family to spends happy moments together.

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clear glass table lamps for living room

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  • Tiffany lamp

This lamp has been named after famed Louis Comfort Tiffany; it depicts a Tiffany-style of lamp. This kind of lamp is used majorly for accent lighting; it is an appropriate antique period, for reading novels, relaxing and during a rainfall season.

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decorative table lamps for living room with bright light

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  • Candlestick lamp

These kinds of lamps are usually named as they are shaped. It makes your room look elegant since they are tall, slim, with an appearance that is tapered. This kind of lamp is excellent in either your living or dining room. Sometimes it is known as a buffet lamp, and it fits numerous styles. However, it all depends on the lamp’s ornamentation; a version of sleek chrome is great on a modern space, as for a modern farmhouse, a wooden one would do much better.

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tall desk lamps for livinf room side table

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  • Novelty

These kinds of lamps have animals shape, vehicles, and seashells; furthermore, it matches different themes, such as jungle or garden theme and also a decorating theme. It depicts children’s playroom style, and it brings a sense of capturing attention.

What Is the Appropriate Size for Your Living Room?

Most homeowners find it difficult to choose the appropriate lamp size, you might be probably asking yourself, how big, or small your lamp should be. It seems to be a simple question but very difficult at the same time.

Therefore, to avoid approximation, there are certain procedures that you should use to get the accurate size of your table lamp for your living room.

Below are guides that will enable you to choose the appropriate lamp size for your living room; these are:

The overall table as well as lamp measures that 28.5″ times 1.5 = 42.75″ with a height of 26.5″, this is an awesome pairing. This is really an ideal match. Put into consideration the lamp base width as well as the lamp base height.

Make sure that you do the appropriate measurements that will actually give you the best and accurate size that will best need your demands as a homeowner.

What Makes a Good Table Lamp for Living Room?

It is vital that you put into consideration the features that come with your desk lamas long as it lights, then most of you are good to go. Therefore, it is easy to identify a good desktop lamp, especially if you work until late at night. Thus a desk lamp is made up of the following features:

  • The Décor

When you purchase your desk lamp, it is usually for practical purposes, but you can opt to care for its visual impression too. Therefore, choose a lamp that goes hand in hand with your décor, opt for the best that suits your living room.

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traditional table lamp for vintage living room

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  • The Lighting

Lighting is very vital since different lamp desks differ in the kind of lighting. They serve various purposes such as ambient lighting, task lighting, as well as accent lighting. Therefore, it is appropriate that you determine the type of light you are likely to use more often. This will also help you to determine which type of lamp you will purchase.

  • Safety

You might sometimes leave your desk lamp for quite a long time on, and this might not be dangerous, but when combustible items are close, it might turn out to be hazardous. This is because led desk lamps contain bulbs that are cooler, not likes to ignite anything. Therefore, if your lamp is on for a long time, it can be very dangerous.

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modern table lamp for livinf room and bedroom

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  • Brightness

Desk lamps usually vary in the amount of brightness they deliver, although this is also determined by the kind of bulb it uses. Light is very crucial since it goes with age; if you are old, you will need light twice more than someone who is in his twenties. Moreover, when you are old, your eyes seem to be sensitive; hence the desk lamp should contain a manage beam to control the amount of light.

>> Best Reading Lamps for Elder People <<

>> Best Magnifying Lamps for Bad Eyes <<

  • The Height

It is crucial that you buy the proper height table lamp. Taller lights probably cover a good percentage of your desk as compared to the minimal ones. So, in case you require a workspace that is maximum, a tall lamp is the perfect choice for you. However, in case you only use your desk to do small duties, then a short lamp will probably serve you better than you would have imagined.

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  • Budget

As you know, most rooms require table lamps. Therefore, it makes sense to come up with a perfect statement that will not interfere with your budget. Make sure you come up with a budget that is not too costly so that you do not dig so much in your pocket.

Go for lamps that are unique and are less costly, and a perfect lamp should cost you from around $30 to $100.

You can also opt to shop online, and this simply means you need to research properly; you might be lucky to end up with a pair of lamps sold at the same price, which is, of course, good.

Before you make up your mind to purchase a table lamp, you need to roughly calculate how much it is likely to cost you so as not to mess up. Talking about budget does not mean you go for something very cheap that will be destroyed within a tiny span of time.

As you know pretty well that cheap is usually expensive, opt for something that will serve you for quite a long duration.

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bronze table lamp for living room

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Which Style Matches Your Décor?

Well, when it comes to which style matches your décor, it is important for you to note that this varies from one homeowner to another. Most homeowners would probably prefer a modern décor over a traditional décor and the vice versa. In this century, most individuals prefer a modern style table lamp, and it takes a lot of time to come up with a unique style of designing your living room.

Remember the style of your living room has should actually match you no matter the budget. (Check Modern & Tiffany Table Lamps Under $100 )

Where to Place Your Table Lamp for Your Living Room?

Table lamps are known for the two major purposes, and these are basically decorative as well as functional purposes. So, when it comes to how to position your table lamp, it can be quite tricky.

  • On the side of your table in your living room, it is appropriate that the lampshade base should be lower than your eye-level when you are relaxing on your sit.
  • For the bedside table lamps, the lampshade base should be around 20″ above your mattress.
  • Furthermore, the table lamp is required to be 26″ to 28″ tall. Therefore, whether you are standing or sitting, you are not supposed to see the neck of either your lamp or your bulb.

Note that a tiny lamp is likely to get lost in your house, especially if you have a tall one with good scaled furniture; on the other hand, it is also tricky to position your large lamp on furniture that is worn out. This is because it will completely be out of balance. Thus locate large lamps at the entry of your living room, in your dining room, you can locate your table lamp on a sideboard with no sconces on the wall. It is significant that you choose a place where you are likely to draw attention.

What Color Should You Go for?

There are various options when it comes to how color is appropriate for your table lamp for your living room. Colour is an effective way of transforming your living room into something very remarkable. Therefore, there are several tips you should be able to follow to get an appropriate color for your living room.

  • Your Boldness in Colors

The lampshade color plays a key role in making you understand the mood of your room. It does not necessarily mean you have to match with your existing colors as you would do with curtains as well as carpet, so keep calm.

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red table lamp for living room

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  • The Appropriate Light

It is upon you to choose whether you need light for studying; you can opt for a translucent shade of light if not go for ambient lighting. Moreover, if your lampshade is only for a decorative purpose, then you can opt for an opaque shade, which is dark in color.

It is very vital that for you to note that color is the key aspect, at least make sure that you have a color chart in your house, which will lead you in choosing the appropriate color for your table lamp. Moreover, color shades that are likely to be transparent in color offer you ambient lighting compared to other lampshades.

Dark lampshades are only good when your lighting is not as significant as the accent lighting is. It is good that you also learn how to play with colors so as to end up with the best color of your own choice.


Having read through this article, you now have an idea of what to look for in the best table lamp for living room. Therefore, you are in a much better position to make an informed choice which is best table lamp for the living room as well as how to choose the ideal table lamp for your living room.

Furthermore, with the right knowledge, appropriate skills, and good calculation of your budget, you are good to alter the look of your living room to a choice of your own. Consequently, you will be able to choose a lamp that best portrays your style and preferences, and get to have the bragging rights both to your friends and family.