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Best Desk Lamp with Pen Holder – Top 9 Table Organizer in 2022

The best desk lamp with pen holder is perfect for any type of work such as drawing, reading, computing, relaxing, among many more activities. However, it is recommended that you select a desk lamp with a pen holder that cannot interfere with your eyes. When the light is too bright or dim, it tends to fatigue your eyes, cause your eyes to strain and headache as well.

Therefore, this article will guide and help you to breakdown the best desk lamp with pen holder.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Pen Organizer and iPad and Book Holder – Limelights Desk Lamp

With Clock and Night Light for Students – WanjiaoneDimmable Desk Lamp

Most Cute Rabbit Design with Flexible Gooseneck – Neporal LED Wireless Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Flower-Shaped Stepless Dimming Light for Study Table – OCOOPA Rechargeable USB Table Lamp


Why Buy a Desk Lamp with Pencil Holder?

Innovation in this increasingly competitive economy is vital as products look to not only stand out but also guarantee that customers get the most value.

Because of this, some of you are in need of a desk lamp, which is functional enough to ensure they get to solely focus on the project they are undertaking.

best desk lamp with a pen holder

Some of the benefits of having a pencil holder integrated into the design of the desk lamp include:

  • The desk lamp helps you save money; it is not necessary to invest in a separate pencil holder. Subsequently, the overall cost will be lower while still guaranteeing you get to enjoy the benefits of a pencil holder.
  • Because the pencil holder is incorporated into the desk lamp’s design, you get to enjoy its unique style, which stands out from other desk lamps on the market.
  • The desk lamp with a pencil holder helps you save space as two items serving different functions are integrated into one. Subsequently, this allows you to save on space that would have otherwise be occupied by separate items.
  • Desk lamps incorporating a pencil holder provide you with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • The distinct design of desk lamps incorporating pen holders helps you ensure your workstation desk is always organized. This is especially important as it ensures you get to be very productive throughout the entire time you are working.


Reviews of the 9 Best Desk Lamps with Pen Holder

#1. Hot Sale – Limelights Desk Lamp with iPad Stand or Book Holder

adjustable desk lamp with pen holder
Multifunctional Table Lamp with Pen Holder

This product contains a base and a plastic head with management and a flip switch for off or on convenience. Moreover, it has a gooseneck chrome to enable you to have your light pointed in any direction. It comes with eight compartments organizer for supplies storage as well as a stand for easy viewing of a book or an iPad.

This lamp uses A 15 base bulb, which is medium-sized. However, a 15 CFL watt mini bulb twist is much recommended since it offers a 60 watt regular light, which is an incandescent bulb.

This product is suitable for college dorms, kids’ rooms as well as the office. Furthermore, this product comes in different colors, so it is upon you to purchase a product that will serve you best and meet your demands accordingly.

  • Very affordable.
  • It comes in fabulous colors.
  • Comes with extra iPad stand and book holder.
  • Uses CFL bulb but the package doesn’t include that.

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#2. With Clock – WanjiaoneDimmable Desk Lamp with Night Light for Students

desk lamp with pen holder for multi use
Desk Lamp with Pen Holder and Clock for Dorm

This is a multipurpose product, and it contains a clock, LCD screen, calendar, pencil holder as well as a 256 changing color base that meets your demands appropriately. It comes with a USB port with an output of 2A/5V USB charging port. This is to enable you to spend minimal time to have electricity that is ideal for mobile devices such as a power bank, Samsung, and the iPhone.

It generates a colorful light since it comes with a spectrum ring for 256 color base changing adjustments with a potential mood atmosphere during the night. In case you hold your spectrum ring down for a minimal time of 2 seconds, you will experience the cycling of colors automatically. Note that this magic model of a lamp can enable you to have a colorful night. These features are extraordinary and have made this product amazing in the market, opt for this product, and experience the awesomeness it comes with.

  • 3 levels of dimmable light.
  • Able to connects phones and iPads.
  • It has beautiful and fun colors on its base.
  • Comes LCD screen which displays time and calendar.
  • Only white color light for the head light

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#3. For Kids – Zhoppy Touch Sensitive Rechargeable Table Lamp with Pencil Holder

desk lamp with pen holder for kids
Children Use Desk Lamp

This lamp is a dimmable LED and flexible desk lamp. It contains a chrome gooseneck tube for light angle as well as height adjustment. The sensitive switch control touch enables you to adjust the three preset levels of brightness; with this type of lamp, you will enjoy your studies. This product is rechargeable and portable; it can be charged by USB in-built battery, after properly charging and it is full it can serve you for 15 hours with minimum brightness.

Being an LED lamp 4, it contains an eye-care and energy-saving function. With the energy of 1/5, it generates a brightness that is equal to a traditional lamp incandescent. Note that, LED’S light minimizes eye fatigue since it does not flicker.

It is designed with a pencil holder to make it convenient for you to clean your work desk. The kid lamp is decorated compared to the shape of the traditional shape. Therefore, the design shape of a plant makes your environment lively and also attracts kids more than you would have ever imagined.

  • This product is super functional.
  • Gooseneck allows for pivoting light angles.
  • This lamp has a recommend light intensity.
  • It is powered by a rechargeable battery and it is supported by LED bulbs thus being energy-saving.
  • The pencil holder is in small size.

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#4. Cute – Neporal LED Wireless Desk Lamp with Gooseneck

cute desk lamp with pencil holder
Cordless Table Lamp for Girls

This model is adjustable hence can generate light in different directions or the direction of your choice. It has an in-built battery of 2000 mAh for easy charging to offer you 40 hours for reading with absolutely no interference. This product comes with USB for charging, which is approximately two hours. This product has a design of a container to consume very minimal space and save much more space for other purposes.

On the other hand, you can also use it as a bedside light at night. This kind of lamp cannot harm your eyes since it has a protection design. Additionally, it comes with three adjustable brightness switches from varying brightness with a dial button for switching on and off.

  • This product has a perfect size.
  • It is lightweight to move around.
  • It is small-sized appropriate for ladies.
  • Just has 3 brightness settings.

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#5. For Study Table – OCOOPA Rechargeable Dimming Light with Pen Holder and USB Connection

flower table lamp for little girls
Battery Powered Desk Lamp with Pen Organizer

This product is useful, especially during holiday OCOOPA deals, which help you save your capital, so you save more when you purchase more. It is made of a design which is elegant, a gooseneck tube that is flexible for angle as well as height adjustment.

Moreover, it comes with an in-built 1200 mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable; it can charge your computer or smartphone.

It has a design of a container pen with a base that is firm enough to enhance the interest of learning. Furthermore, this product has maximum eye protection; it comes with 24 beads of LED with no natural light and shadow, no light for dizzying, and no unnecessary flash. This means, this light is appropriate and eye-friendly when you are writing, working, or writing.

  • Adjustable gooseneck.
  • Stepless dimmable light.
  • Touch sensitive lamp switch.
  • Rechargeable battey saves you a lot of budget for dry cells.
  • Fully charging may take 2 or 3 hours.

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#6. For Craft – OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Organizer and Adjustable Height

OttLite desk lamp for tasks
Desk Lamp with Pen Holder for Office

The OttLite lamp has four levels of brightness with an activated control touch of 440 lumens maximum. It comes with a rubberized flexible neck for height adjustment from approximately 11.75 – 24.75 inches. The measurement of the organizer area is 5 by 4.25 inches, appropriate for crafting material, desk supplies, among many more.

This product is energy efficient. With natural OttLite daylight Led, this lamp has the potential of being used for 40,000 hours. Therefore, you do not need to worry about what kind of lamp you should buy since you have a number one option. Besides, there is minimal eyestrain since it enables you to see things clearly so that you can handle what you love with care and appropriately.

  • It saves energy.
  • Has 4 dimmable brightness.
  • It can reduce eyestrain and migraine.
  • Prodces natural daylight suitable for reading, studying, crafting and more.
  • It is small; hence the lighting area is weak.

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#7. With Foldable Arm – Gerintech Rechargeable Desk Lamp with Pen Holder for Dorms

foldable desk lamp for multi use
Foldable Table Lamp for Bedroom

The foldable lamp is a dimmable lamp with a ranging color temperature of 3800 – 4100 K that generates pleasing and clear light appropriate for computer work, crafting, studying, writing and reading too. It is a lamp that is rechargeable through the use of micro USB standardized power cable for charging Li-ion battery of 2200mAh.

This product contains a collapsible arm for desk placement and other duties with perfect illumination. In other cases, it might be foldable and combined with the pen tool. Note that the pen holder is ideal for lifting your smartphone using the lamp arm as well as for stationary storage.

It also has a night mode light; in case the brightness of the lamp is reduced, and it is folded, then the lamp will be altered into a maximally serviceable night light.

  • It is a quality product.
  • This lamp is fully foldable.
  • It is an ideal rechargeable lamp for study.
  • It can be used as a night light in the bedroom.
  • Color temperature it generated is between 3800K and 4100K.
  • 250 Lux.

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#8. With Small Night Light – Decorus Touch Control Computer Desk Lamp with Pen Holder and USB Port

rechargeable desk lamp for saving your table space
Wireless Desk Lamp with USB and Phone Stand

This is an LED desk lamp that is eye-friendly, equipped with a diffuser that is eye-friendly. A premium Led that generates 26 non-glare and flicker-free light, it is comfortable and safe, so it prevents eye fatigue. Its design of a ring is unique and makes a uniform and broader light. This kind of lamp is recommended for studying, working as well as long reading duration. The product comes with three levels of brightness, which is perfect for a night light atmosphere.

Moreover, this light is right for your kids because it will enable them to fall asleep perfectly well. Therefore, this light is suitable for babies’ room, living room, bedroom, office as well as a dorm. It is adjustable; hence you can position it in the style you like. Additionally, it is portable; thus you can maneuver with it around easily in the house and while camping or traveling.

  • It is worth the price.
  • It is an eye-care LED table lamp.
  • It is a durable and reliable product.
  • Rechargeable for long-lasting use.
  • This product has a remarkable performance.
  • Comes with a pen holder, phone stand and USB port.
  • The led bulb can’t be replaceable.

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#9. For Apartment – NovoLido Desk Lamp with Pen Holder and Phone Stand

led desk lamp woth pen holder
Best Desk Lamp for Workbench

Multi-function can be achieved through this lamp. It has a design of a pen holder for storage which is convenient, a design of base to act as a phone holder, USB charging output to generate energy for electronic products such as USB fans which are portable, night lights and mobile phones. Moreover, it comes with a brightness of LED to create maximum quality LED power-saving the beads lamp, protecting your eye as well as avoiding radiation.

It comes with an infinite brightness and 2 color modes, this LED desk lamp for eye protection with a charge USB port to generate two color modes ranging from 2800-3200K warm light and 6500-8500k daylight. Therefore, it is upon you to choose the brightness of your own choice as you play around with the brightness settings.

It contains a Li-on battery of large capacity and is rechargeable. Note that this battery only charges for 3 hours and works continuously for 10 hours.

  • Rechargeable.
  • It is a practical product.
  • It is a lamp for multipurpose.
  • Its flexible neck can be bent for any place.
  • This product is portable, as well as adjustable.
  • Just 2 color modes.

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Based on the above review, you will be much able to select the best desk lamp with a pen holder since the information in this article is sufficient enough to educate you and enable you to opt for the very best model of a desk lamp with a pen holder.

Therefore, choose the one that will serve you best. I hope the article will be beneficial to you.

A desk lamp with a pencil holder is, without a doubt, an investment that you will not regret due to its exceptional practicality and usefulness.

If you were still undecided on whether buying the desk lamp is wise, hesitate no more as this is a product that always guarantees your reliability and usefulness.

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