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Best Drafting Lamp for Architects & Crafters & Artists in 2022

With the advent and the boom of the computer age, a host of architects and artists have already been going ahead with their design via monitors instead of the draft paper and pencils. However, whether working with laptops or draft paper, the best drafting lamps is a must-have add-on, especially in a long time staring at the screen without light. Less light for artistic creation will cause worsening eyesight, migraines and low productivity.

To help you settle the matter of the poor state of the drafting lighting, the article runs the rule over some of the affordable lamps for drafting which still offer plenty of functions as well as quality.



What Is the Suitable Color Temperature to Light up Drafting Table?

To the exclusion of personal needs on clamp and magnifier, the light color temperature for drafting is pointed at to be the most concerned facts.

The color temperature for the light spectrum varies from 1800K to 6500K. The lower the Kelvin value, the yellowish the produced light. Conversely, the higher the color temperature, the blueish the generated light.

The conventional incandescent lamps showcase yellowish light about 1800K to 3000K, not suitable for drafting at all.

LED downlights have a wide variety of color temperatures, ranging from warm yellow light in 2700K – 3000K and cool white light in 4000K – 4500K to the natural light in 5000K and super bright light 6000K – 6500K.

Among the commonly used color light, the best lamp for lighting up the drafting table should be LEDs at least 6000K.

Natural daylight with 5000K is near to the color temperature at noon on a day though, it is inferior for providing artists as well as architects with accurate and high definition light.

Overall, 6000K light wins on the drafting tables since it is in a position to activate the human brain and make people under it more productive as well as keep active for hours.


What Are the Light Types for Architectural Drafting Tables?

For architectural use, which light type is better for craftsmen tabletop, clamp or floor lamps?

  • The tabletop lamp with swing arms or gooseneck occupies some desk space. You’d better not to use the table stand light if your desks pile up with files and drafts.
  • Table light with clamp base is of assistance to save table space while it has poor flexibility on movement. I recommend you to buy an adjustable calmp lamp if you possess a relatively small workbench.
  • If you are looking for a powerful light, the floor lamps are the wise choices.


Reviews of 7 Best Drafting Lamps

#1. Tomsoo 3 in 1 Floor Lamp with Magnifier Lens

architect swing arm desk lamp
Best Swing Arm Architect Lamp with Magnifier
  • Full spectrum light from 3000K warm white light to 6000K daylight
  • The Swing arm helps the light stay in the position wherever you like most
  • Adjustable height makes it as either drafting table lamp or architect floor light
  • The strong clamp accommodates the 2.1 inches thick attachments in maximum
  • 5 diopter magnifying glass lens for 2.25x magnification of what you are working
  • The heavy base is sturdy enough to ensure safety when you adjust the articulating arms
  • The deal comes with a clamp, allowing you to clip it on the side of drafting desks so as to save space
  • Plug-in model limits where it can be used

It is a lamp suitable for those who need close up light. 4.4″ real glass with 5 diopter will magnify whatever you are working on at hand up to 225%, making aged eyes and low vision eyes have a close up and clear sight for needlework, craft, reading and sketching.

The money for one buys a lamp with two functions. Flexibility in the use between floor standing types and table clamp lamp is the area where this magnifying lamp shines. The floor and table lamp combo help you save not only money but also space. The total height in the state of the floor kind stands 70 inches in max

Unlike the other magnifying lamp on the market, this item has a full spectrum light from 3000K warm white light to the 6000K daylight. You can enjoy the cozy and close up reading light when spending your leisure time in home offices.

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#2. Brightech LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp for Crafts

floor drafting and reading lamp for the elderly
Floor Drafting Lamp for Low Vision
  • 4.5 inches glass lens
  • The luminous flux reaches 800 lumens
  • The 3 diopter and the 5 diopter are available
  • The dust cover aims to protect the lens from scratching
  • It stands up to 55 inches, a height perfect for your drafting tables
  • Brightech is a time-honored brand who have received rave reviews
  • Hands free magnifier gets you rid of the annoying magnifying glass
  • 6 wheels rolling base promises a convenient movement for drafting light
  • The adjustable color rating from the 4000K cool light to the 6000K artists dedicated super bright white light
  • The dimmer sensor is a bit away from the on/off switch button

This lamp boasts an adjustable height ranging from 24 inches to 55 inches and the solid metal base ensures its stability as you adjust the swing arms to your favorite positions. With the movable rolling base, you needn’t worry that the lamp can’t cover your entire drafting area. Pull the lamp stem and it will go the place where you want it blaze. Plus, the rolling base can be changed to clamp if you have an idle clip.

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#3. Brightech Clip on Drafting Table Light with Magnifying Glass

best swing arm lamp
Best Desk Lamp with Magnifier
  • Affordable price
  • Black and white items are attainable
  • The clamp opens 2.5 inches on the table side in max
  • It helps you magnify details up to about 225% than their original size
  • The magnifying lamp blazes close up light for cross stitch, painting, drawing and quilting
  • 9 watt integrated LED light beads with an output of 650 lumens as well as 6000K superb light for artists
  • 4.5 inches lens in diameter is made of first-class diopter glass that has a strong resistance against scratch, wrap and heat dissipation
  • 6000K light only. You can enjoy the drafting bright light merely

It is the cheapest drafting lamp in today’s shortlist of the magnifying light. The strong clamp is designed to clip on the drafting lamp with the thick limitation within 2.5 inches and aim to rebel against the scratch on the drafting tables. The metal swing arm provides 6000K stunning light with adjustable direction so that you can free to direct the light wherever you want it most. It is a perfect fit for narrow studio. On buying a clamp lamp, your desire to save table space and room space both comes true.

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#4. CO-Z Vintage Table Lamp with Powerful Adjustability

drafting table lamp
Best Vintage Drafting Lamp with High Flexibility
  • 800 lumens
  • Toggle switch
  • 70 inches plug-in electric cord
  • This lamp also comes with a 10 watt led bulb
  • The ultra-heavy metal base ensures its sturdiness
  • A transitional style in-between the industrial and the vintage
  • 5.9 inches base in diameter takes up a small footprint on your tables
  • Adjustable lamp head in 90 degrees and lamp body in 180 degrees
  • You can choose the lamp look between the antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze
  • Modifiable height from 17.7 inches to 23.7 inches make it also a decent desk lamp for bedroom nightstand
  • It provides light without dimmable options

Numbers of architects tend to put a wooden drafting table into their working space where there may fulfill with traditional furniture or contemporary décor. This lamp with antique brass has an awesome adaptability to the room style. There is no strange wherever this vintage drafting table lamp sits.

I believe the adjustable functions will please every crafter. You may be in a mess when you get a lamp without adjustability and need to move the lamp again and again to make the light follow your drafting pencil. This on is for you. A bulb will come with the purchase and it is feasible to replace it as you desire if you don’t like its brightness.

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#5. OTUS Architect LED Drafting Table Lamp Operated by Gesture

Can the desk lamps give the best light for easels
Best Draftsman Desk Lamp
  • 63 inches power cord
  • 12 levels of dimmable light
  • A high output of 1200 lumens
  • Metal construction with swing arm
  • Easy and convenient operation through gesture
  • LED light has a significant influence on eye protection
  • It is so powerful that the lamp is able to shine lights for a wider desk area than normal ones
  • 3 color temperatures of 3000K warm yellowish light, 4500K cool white light and 6000K productive light for architects
  • The full spectrum of color temperature may be useless for drafting only

It is well acknowledged that LED lamp is the best for people who spend over time on tasks. The best led lights are loaded with the features of about 50,000 hours service life, no ghost as well as glare free on the papers and monitors, and most importantly, eyestrain solutions and high efficiency.

You will reap the benefits of immense brightness versatility. There are 36 lighting options you can get from the lamp. The light varies in 12 levels of brightness and 3 color modes. Your favorite light will get back every time you turn it on. Besides, infrared sensor promises you a more convenient handsfree control of the lamp. And adjustable arms and swivel lamp head direct the light wherever you need it.

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#6. Phive Adjustable Clamp Table Lamps with Wide Lighting Area

where can I buy the best artistic desk lamp
Best LED Drafting Lamp
  • 20 watt powerful light
  • It uses aluminum alloy
  • It stands 37 inches tall in total
  • Touch switch in the front of the lamp head
  • This lamp can memorize your favorite brightness and color modes
  • 4 color modes from yellow to white with 5 levels of light intensity for each
  • 31.5 inches ultra wide LED penal is able to cover a working area up to 70.9 inches
  • The lamp doesn’t have a gooseneck but the lamp head extends out within some distance to provide light for the normal drafting tasks

This lamp around $70 wins from its 2 features, one is the lamp head overhanging distance and the other is the super wide illumination coverage. Unlike the traditional table lamps on the latest market, this one can’t bend itself to cater to your lighting needs but the lamp head is designed with several distances forward so as to stand an optimal spot to blaze the drafting working area. On the other hand, for architects, you may require a wide beam of bright light. This lamp is competent to do the trick. Its lighting range is up to 70.9 inches, 3 times wider than the regular lamps.

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If you would like to decorate your offices with more black colors, here it is.

#7. BYB Metal Drafting Lamp Swing Arm with Architect Style

desk lamp silver
Best Drafting Lamp with Swing Arm
  • Touchable buttons
  • Metal construction
  • It adopts the exclusive eye caring technology
  • Memory functions to remember your last setting
  • 4 color modes allow you to get the fast scene light
  • 6 brightness levels satisfy your different lighting needs
  • The swing arm makes this lamp beam light adjustable only up and down

BYB is one of the pioneers of the architect lamps and devoted to studying architect construction for years. Metal-made swing arms are a kind of tightly articulated arms and ensure durability. What is worth mention is that BYB specializes in heat dissipation technique, so you won’t get a hot lamp which will fire your drawing paper after overtime use.

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Final Words

With time, there is no strict requirement on the methods of architectural drawings but the task lamp is where artists are fastidious. It is tested that the 6000K light is the most productive for those craftsmen. Today’s article has selected drafting lamps with either 6000K single light or full spectrum, so you can free yourself to buy.