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Magnifying Lamps Reviewed in 2022 – Choosing Guide

At times, people who struggle to see clearly due to old age or eye diseases or injuries find it hard to perform certain activities. It gets challenging that they start opting to not work at all. This is solvable with the use of magnifying lamps. Being professional or as a hobby, these activities are still doable as one can see small details with maximum comfort.

The magnifying lamp not only does it illuminate the desired area but also brings precision and focus.

Below is comprehensive information on:

  • Magnification lamp target users
  • Benefits of using a magnifying lamp
  • How to choose
  • Best brands that make lamp with magnifier
  • Best reviewed magnifying lamps on the market

Quick Picks of the Best Magnifying Lamp

In a hurry? There are the best lamps with magnifiers to help you enlarge your detailed jobs, hobbies, and more:


What Do You Need to Know Before Purchase?

What Is a Diopter?

A diopter is among the parts of a magnifying lens and that gives a way to measure the magnifying power. Diopter is mostly like the unit of measurement whereby the notion of the focal length is determined.

A diopter gives a reference to the amount of curvature a lens will have.

Therefore, to have more curvature requires a thicker lens, a thicker magnification, thus a higher diopter number. The increase in the number of diopters means there will be an increase in magnification of the lens.

How Does Magnifying Lamp Work?

For a magnifying lamp, a diopter is a key factor to consider when a user determines which is the best lamp for them.

Before choosing any of the magnifying lamps, there is a need to know how many diopters the lens has to know the magnification levels. This information is easy to access as the formula of converting the diopters to magnification by dividing the diopter by four and adding one.

For instance, if a diopter has 5 lenses divide them by four plus 1 which is 225%. Hence meaning the magnification will b 225% larger than normal.

Depending on the needs of the user, a magnifying lamp can have a replaceable magnifying lens according to their diopters. Since you can achieve the right magnification and go on with your activities as rightfully desired.


Who Should Use Magnifying Lamps?

– People Who Have Low Vision

Best table lamp adjustable arm reviewThe magnifying lamp is widely known to be used by people with low vision, whereby they struggle with their activities on daily activities.

The low vision can be attributed to illness, aging, having damage to the eyes either temporary or permanent, eye disease, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.

– Avid Readers

Magnifying lamps mostly are used for reading. As we know, reading enables us to be informed while stimulating our brains.

To a certain degree, the symbols and letters appear to be smaller and negligible such that it gets hard to read.

Hence with the use of a magnifying lamp, reading becomes less strenuous as they become visible.

Thus these wonderful tools will enable you to continue reading even though the vision is declining.

– People Who Engage in Detailed Activities

Besides, even people with good eyesight find these tools paramount in their daily activities.

Indulging in art and graphics, sewing and crafts, surgery, sewing, inspection, etc. requires illumination and focus that is offered by the tool.

By using magnification, sewing, beading, and other crafts enable older people to preserve their fine motor skills while activities such as surgery, graphics, and needlework are high-yielding with the use of magnification.


Why Do You Need to Buy a Magnifying Lamp?

Magnifying lamps assist in simplifying a great deal of work thus enabling you to achieve your objectives.

The device is used both professionally and for hobbies, but all in all paramount to individuals.

Below is the reason you need a magnifying lamp.

  • Relief your eyes.

To those people having eye strains and visual fatigue, a magnifying lamp offers assistance and relief.

Those with old age and eye disease get to perform a variety of activities without any stress about strains.

  • Illumination and magnification.

In homes, offices, and industries that are low lit, people with low vision suffer from poor viewing. However, with magnifying lamps, it is assured of better visibility.

For instance, when sewing, inserting a thread in the eye needle can be a pain that is preventable while using a magnifying lamp due to illumination and magnification.

  • Increase in precision and productivity.

In industries like sewing, mechanic, surgery, and jewelry, this device enables them to increase productivity. This is because it assists in focusing on the target due to viewing small and fine details.

The magnifying lamp will ensure that there are fewer mistakes made and none if possible.  for the best outcome. Thus increase in productivity.

  • Preserving fine motor skills.

When old age creeps in, the vision lowers where those who practice some tasks abruptly stop.

However, with the use of magnifying lamps they can preserve the fine motor skills they still had. These can be seen in sewing, beading, and other crafty activities, hence continuing with their hobby comfortably.


How to Choose the Best Magnifying Lamps?

In the market, there are very many magnifying lamps. Therefore, it is only fair that you might be confused about which is the best device for you.

This is because they come with variety in designs, brands, and prices leaving you indecisive of what to take.

Below we look at points on how to choose the best magnifying lamps.

  • Portability.

In many instances, you might find that you require to use the lamp with different activities and areas.

Thus, choose a device that is lightweight and portable, and effortlessly mounted on any working surface.

In this case, you won’t have to suffer from not engaging in your fun activity due to the inability to carry along the magnifying lamp.

  • Lighting.

Magnifying lamps are often designed with lighting like fluorescent, halogen, or LED lights attached to them that are used for viewing. These lighting features have differences.

For example, halogen lights produce a warm glow thus reducing eye strains and improving overall clarity while fluorescent lights give broad and cool light.

Finally, LED light is preferred due to how they produce bright natural light that improves contrast and clarity. Also, they are energy-efficient saving you power bills and they last for more than 50 000 hours.

  • Diopters.

This is what determines the amount of curvature the lens will have.

An increase in diopter number will mean more curves hence more thickening translating to more magnification.

When buying, you have to determine how much magnification you need for your activity that way it will be easy to determine the diopters the device should have.

  • Adjustability.

When using a magnifying device, what matters most is the convenience of the operation.

When choosing the device, ensure that it is adjustable, that it has a flexible neck with adjustable height.

For instance, go for a lamp with a 360-degree rotatable neck to be used on any side.

Also, in need of intense light and magnification, the arm should have the ability to lower or heighten the distance.

  • Adjustable brightness levels.

The amount of brightness may differ according to different needs and times in the day.

Therefore, having the ability to use the highest and lowest brightness can enable you to achieve the desired goal and also the ability to dim. This feature will help you to be convenient to your work.


What Are the Types of Magnifying Lamps?

Best daylight magnifying floor lamp reviews

There are various types of magnifying lamps depending on your needs and budget options. Below are some of the most popular on the market.

– Magnifying Table Lamps (With Clamp)

The desk or table magnifying lamps can be used as a reading aide for elderlies in materials like books, magazines and pertinent emails.

They are also compatible with inspection, hobbies, crafts and tasks that require magnifiers such as sewing, jewelry design, embroidery, collectible coins and stamps, and other detailed works.

Most of the table lamps with clamp, they can be used for professionals and any home or hobby use. They can also aid in fine print reading or as a visual tool, especially for work or tool areas.

These lamps are easy to set and convenient to use in any condition.

– Magnifying Floor Lamps

If you have used a rolling base magnifier with light, you will find that these lamps are ideal for dental, medical, skincare, cosmetology, small parts manufacturing and other same kind applications.

Magnifying standing lamps are vital for anyone working with inspection, design or precision assembly. It is best for crochets, needlework, counted cross stitch, painting, and fine print reading.


Best Magnifying Lamps Reviewed

All way do here is saving your time to find the best function table or floor magnifying lamps.

These 5 lamps offer you the best of both worlds.

LIGHT IT  Fulcrum 20072-401 – 12 LED Wirefree and Hand Free Magnifier with Adjustable Floor Lamp

floor standing magnifying lamp review

If you’re looking for a floor standing magnifying lamp you may like this model. It offers improved vision and lots of cool light enabling you to work without eye strain.

– Ideal for reading, sewing and anything that you need to be able to see more clearly or closely.

– With a 5-inch diameter lens, it offers you twice the magnification of other lamps. It also offers another lens that gives you 6 times the magnification power.

– With 12 no glare LED lights directly positioned beneath the lens to help illuminate the view area you’ll appreciate the stability of this base. The flexible gooseneck allows you to direct the light to wherever you need it.

– The magnifier also comes with an AC adapter, however, you can also use it wire-free and use three alkaline D batteries which aren’t included in the order.

– No eyestrain means that this is perfect for those suffering from macular degeneration. Enlarged viewing with surprising clarity.

– The durable gooseneck is an ideal positionable height so that you can work on the most tedious of projects without eye strain.

Check on Amazon

Brightech LightView PRO SuperBright – Large Magnifier Floor Lamp Has 42 Embedded LEDs for Esthetician

SuperBright Magnifier Floor Lamp Reviews

Considered the brightest reading lamp available on the market? This lamp is ideal for aging eyes or anyone who is suffering from macular degeneration.

Professional quality LED lighting boasts the best magnification. No need for a bifocal insert as the entire glass magnifies. Gives renewed clarity to reading, crossword puzzles, crocheting, knitting, beadwork and more.

– Ideal for young and old alike. If you’re struggling to read your Kindle you’ll appreciate how well this helps to magnify it.

– Authentic diopter glass and a 15-inch focal range. With 42 integrated LED lights that offer a bright beam of daylight, it will last for up to 20 years.

– The flexible easy to adjust height make it an ideal choice. Set it to your comfort level and leave it or allow it to be adjusted for different people. Move it lower or higher so that you can adjust it to your own personal comfort level.

– This efficient light stays cool and saves energy at the same time using only 0 watts of power and 540 Lumens output without any distortion. It never generates any form of heat or glare of the incandescent bulb.

– Power cord extending to 6 feet long means that you can place this lamp just about anywhere you desire.

– Perfect for those with failing eyesight. With a life expectancy of approximately 20 years, you’re not going to have to replace this unit anytime soon. A twist lock adjusts the upper metal arm and keeps it in place wherever you place it.

Under $100, you’ll appreciate how handy this unit is to have and that it’s affordable.

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Professional 2-in-1 Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp – 5″ Lens, 5-Diopter, Best for Arts & Crafts & Electronics

adjustable magnifying lamp review

If you like doing arts or handcrafts need precision working with bright sight, there is a 5″ Lens magnifier lamp for you. It’s ideal for reading, needlework, tedious tasks and more.

– Readers of all ages love this as it’s perfect with the magnifying glass and it will bring the entire page into focus, even the smallest of details.

– It also doubles in as a high powered magnification tool that burns cool and efficiently at 22 watts of fluorescent daylight.

– Bathes the work area in non-glare lighting so that the project at hand can be easily seen.

– Easy, feather touch adjustment that will stay where you put it so you don’t have to worry about it once you’ve adjusted it to where you want it.

– Easy to use on-off switch and no flickering when you switch it on. A flip up dust cover keeps the lens clean and protects it from dust and debris.

– Ideal as a desk table or workbench light. Perfect for a detailed task.

– Spectrum lighting that is very similar to daylight makes this an ideal choice for anyone who is struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

– For a closer picture of a project or your task at hand, you can flip the dust cover up and get even more lighting.

– The sturdy clamp allows you to clip this wherever you need more lighting. Ideal as it has a 360-degree swivel.

Check on Amazon

Brightech LightView Pro Flex – Portable Magnifying Lamp with 2 Detachable Ends for Clamp and Table Stand

clamp on desk lamp with magnifier review

If you are looking for an esay use desk/table magnifying lamp, th best choice should be LightView Pro Flex. You’ll have many options for how you position this lamp.

It offers two “feet” that readily attach to the flex neck. You can also use the traditional clamp to attach it to your work surface. It’s ideal for nearly any work surface including a workbench, work table, close work, desktops, and tabletops.

You can use it for nightstands and a favorite reading corner or nook, clamp it to an armchair or wherever you like.

– Daylight Bright 6-Watt LED

– Energy-Saver with 1.75X Magnification

– 1 Ultra-Bright Magnifier Lamp

– This light offers plenty of lighting for tasks and close work. Perfect for aging eyes or eye conditions such as macular degeneration.

– 30 embedded LED lights help to boost this to a 3-inch diameter lens with plenty of lighting.

– The interchangeable base allows for more versatility. You can use it as a clamp on a lamp or connect it to a neck so that you can use it anywhere in the house.

– Cool white light brings everything into closer detail with a sharp focus.

– Slender arm easily pivots any direction and you can readily adjust it with no need for loosening or tightening any knobs.

– The LED lights to use only about 6 watts and it will last up to 100,000 hours. The power cord is about 58 inches in size so you can plug it in just about anywhere.

Check on Amazon

Dimmable LED Magnifier Floor Lamp – With 6-Wheel Easy-Rolling Base

Best artist magnifying lamp reviews

The Brightech company stands behind their products 100 percent. All come with a 3-year warranty. Ideal for adding light to any corner of the house. Perfect for a craft lamp it offers plenty of light for any room with no glare. It consumes minimal energy and it never gets hot.

– 3-diopter lens (3″ diameter, 4 1/2″ including casing) brings renewed clarity to reading, working crossword puzzles, knitting, crocheting, and more!

Touch dimmer on the lamp head allows you adjust the brightness level.

– A color adjuster lets you choose your preferred range: bask in warm white 3,000K or switch to daylight bright 6,000K.

– This lamp is easily moved from room to room. Six wheels on the base give your light greater mobility.

If you are looking for a magnifying lamp that will help while doing handwork such as knitting and embroidery, you will never go wrong with this lamp!

Check on Amazon


Who Makes the High-Quality Magnifying Lamps?

When speaking to manufacturing lamps with magnifiers, it is Brightech and Luxo that win.

1. Brightech

The company is widely known for its increased positive feedback and reviews from customers on high-quality products.

Besides offering innovative and affordable lighting, their products are reputable for coming with a variety of designs and styles. These vary from retro-chick, edgy, science-fiction to traditional aesthetics.

These lights made from their products are modern LED thus ensuring that it has adjustable colors, brightness and energy-saving to take care of your pockets.

2. Luxo

It is a Norwegian manufacturer based in Oslo. The company strives to produce the best in the market, as witnessed with favorable features made of these devices.

The magnification system made of these devices is made with great light output with fewer flickers thus reducing eyestrains.

Besides, adjustable necks and height give convenience and clarity in performing all activities.

Moreover, the feedback and reviews from their products give their descriptions as durable, versatile, and sturdy.


What Are the Features of A Magnifying Lamp to Help In Precision and Illumination Needs?

adjustable and clamp on magnifying lampGood lighting is the most important factor you need to consider when you decide on buying a magnifying lamp. There are a lot of workplace locations where shadow-filled and indirect lighting conditions are optimal, a condition where marginal viewing is achieved.

Lighted magnifiers are usually used in these areas using high-quality LED, halogen or fluorescent lighting fixtures lodged inside the glass frame.

The LED lighting may give less light but tend to last longer than halogen or fluorescent bulbs. Halogen lighting gives a warmer glow and will probably heat up faster. Fluorescent lamps may bring clarity in your vision with its shine of shadowless, broad and cool light.

You will come across the term “diopter” when you are looking for suitable magnifiers for you. It is the curvature amount you will need for your magnifier lens. Higher curvature means higher diopter number, thicker lens and more magnification for you.

To calculate the magnification level of the lens you are eyeing for, find the diopter number, divide it by 4, and simply add 1. If you are browsing at a 3-diopter lens, magnification is equal to 1.75 (3/4 + 1), meaning objects magnified under a 3-diopter lens will have a 175% appearance than normal.

A  5-diopter lens will magnify 225% bigger than normal. Pro Magnify 2-in-1 lamp and SuperBright 56 LEDs both have 5-diopter for you choosing; The Fulcrum 20072-401 is the top-rated 4-diopter lamp in the market.

The focal length of your magnifying lamp is important because they are the distance from the lens to the object in focus, your vantage or focal point and will matter more if space above your work table is needed.

It is like shining your flashlight on a dark corner. Its beam is kind of its focal length. You are reducing the focal length (distance) as you move your magnifier closer to a dark wall. You cannot have lots of room and a higher magnification below your lens focal length.

High-powered magnifiers are reserved generally for close-in measurement and inspection. You can avail for a stronger magnification depending on how big a working space you need. Bear in mind the indirect relationship between magnification, lens and focal length.

When your focal length and lens get smaller, the greater your magnification will be. The Brightech LightView PRO SuperBright 42 Embedded LEDs has Focus -Large 6.5″ Lens are perfect for long focal length needs.

The magnified area’s size that will be focused under your lens is called the field of view (FOV). Going back to the flashlight example, as you move your flashlight closer to the dark wall, the spotlight or your FOV will get smaller. Thus, the smaller your FOV, the higher will be your magnification. The same indirect relationship with your lens and focal length.

Hands-free viewing is essential especially for watch and electronics repair or other needed close-in works. One of the primary benefits of using a magnifying glass is the hands-free feature, letting you use both your hands for your detailed work.



Choosing the magnifying lamp suitable for you will greatly depend on the magnification you need, your workspace and a good balance between your lens, focal length and FOV.

The ease of using both eyes while adopting the use of a magnifying lamp is one of its primary advantages just like using your own prescription glasses.

Ensure that the lens is angled right for you, having an approximate distance of eight to ten inches away from the glass. It will give you less distortion with optimal magnification in your view.

For optimal result, keep your working surface and the height of your chair in a position where you have a good posture. Avoid leaning away from your lens when you view your object.

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Professional 2-in-1 Spring-Arm...image Pro Magnify - LightView Professional 2-in-1 22W bulb - 5-Diopter Daylight Fluorescent Buy on Amazon
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