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How to Find the Best Swing Arm Desk Lamp?

flexible arm desk lampStranger sights always impede the progress of your reading, working or crafting if there is not a lamp next to you. A best swing arm desk lamp is known for the nice look and practical light so that numbers of people are willing to attach it to their modern homes and offices.

As a lamp novice, you may just focus on the style and appearance of a lamp to be chosen from. Actually, lighting design is a deep acknowledge and covers a series of tips, among which you needn’t get the know-how but to know some basic tips is enough for you to pick the best and most suitable one for you. Next will come to the basics when choosing the right adjustable arm lighting fixtures.



Why You Need a Swing Arm Desk Lamp?

It seems clear that the primary ceiling light often overlooks the need for lighting up corners of your space. A complementary lighting fixture like a swivel table lamp, as localized lighting, is able to provide the targeted light that fits for your tasks at hand.

Adjustable arm light allows you to get a highlighted working surface. Plus, you can easily control the lamp height, brightness levels and light directions if you put a best swing arm desk lamp in your homes and offices.

In comparison with other desk lamps on the market today, it is such an architect lamp that comes out on top in terms of solid construction. It is made of such robust metal materials as brushed nickel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Equipped with durable joints, this kind of lamp serves for a better light as long as you wish.


What Makes an Excellent Swing Arm Table Lamp?

Balance arm desk lamps boast solid construction and are available in a wide variety of styles. Distinguished by appearance, there are 2 kinds, one with a clamp and the other with a base. Both of them share a simple as well as streamline stem and can work as task lights. If you want a desk lamp for bedrooms or a living room, try to find vintage or modern decorative swivel lights with bases.

A swing arm table lamp fundamentally features an easy-operated toggle switch, enabling you to turn on/off and set the brightness levels in a fast and facile way.

Adjustable height is an indispensable design, with which you can twist it to positions wherever you work on.

The durable material serves for long-lasting source lighting up your desks.

Flexible setting of light intensity allows you to choose different light modes in different conditions and for various purposes.


What to Look for in Buying a Swing Arm Desk Lamp?

Before buying, there are some points you should consider first:

How Tall Should a Swivel Lamp Be on a Desk?

How do you decide on what size of arm lamp you need? Loads of consumers can’t make sure what size ready to buy.

In general, whether a swing arm lamp is suitable for you depends on the eye-protective level. It is assumed that keep the bottom of the lamp shade at your eye level when you sitting on the chairs. So in the first place, measure your chairs, sofas, nightstands, tables and any attachments you want to top the light on.

  • An ideal lamp height next to bed, or on the nightstands, is 24 to 27 inches.
  • When speaking to the end tables in the living rooms, the common height range lies in 20 to 27 inches.
  • As for an office table lamp, you’d better buy one with adjustable swing arms.

If you have no idea about what size of the lamp you shall buy, give this swing arm desk a try. With a drawer, a tablet and a storage shelf, it is a decent choice next to the beds or couches.

Is Your Adjustable Swing Arm Table Lamp Easy-mounting?

You can choose the simple mounting or no installing requirement lamp to take the easy way out of configuration. There are 3 versions of swing arm lamps, some swing arm desk lamp with base, some swing arm desk lamp with metal clamp and others with both. You can check any kind of lamp easy to install.

If you are good with hands and would like to DIY your own best swing arm desk lamp, buy some necessary lamp pieces and design your own lamp.

Which Bulb Is Cheap?

It is rated that the budget is the first worry when getting on a happy purchase. In the long run, the LED desk lamp comes to the most efficient and most economical.

The energy LED lamps to consume beats that of halogen and incandescent light by a wide margin. It is really really lower.

It is calculated that the energy cost of the led version to run is only 1/5 of a halogen light. However, if you like the light that incandescent lamp, halogen fixtures, CFLs beams, just go for your own tastes.

Globe Electric is a swing arm desk lamp with a metal clamp at an affordable price and you can install the incandescent bulb, the led bulb or the halogen bulb into it as you desire.

Which Bulb Is Safe?

When you buy a swing light, it is wrong to only take appearance into account. Except for design, light color and light intensity, another considerable point is bulb safety.

I am sure that no person wants to buy a lamp that produces scorching heat in a very short while.

With respect to the problem of heat generation, LED technology gives turnkey solutions. In other words, LED bulbs seldom affect the surroundings in terms of temperature.

Which Light Is Good?

People who would like to buy a highly bright light for their task light are always confused at which light bulb is the brightest.

In fact, a swing desk lamp shall be seized on the basis of color temperature and CRI rather than light intensity only.

  • Color Temperature

The measurement obtained in Kelvin corresponds to the light tones. That is, different ranges of color temperatures take on different color lights.

It is commonly seen at present days that 2700K to 3000K produces warm white or warm yellow light, 3300K to 3500K white or yellow light, 3500K to 4100K neutral white light, 4100K to 5500K cool white light and 5500K to 6500K performs bright daylight.

Halogen swing arm desk lamp always gives a 3000K light mode while LED ones provide you with a wide array of light modes and sometimes there are dimmable light patterns in terms of one light.

A rule of thumb says warm light is a great mood for bedroom lighting and nighttime bed reading. While cool light often uses for task illumination, such as brightening architectural drawing, computer monitor and complicated weaving and so on.

  • CRI Rating

Moreover, there also involves a concept of CRI. What is it? CRI is an overt description of whether a lamp delivers clear light. CRI of 80 tells apart the high quality lamps and interior ones. Generally speaking, a lamp has a lower light intensity when it has a higher CRI.

However, lamps with a CRI under 60 is obsolete and out of circulation since it just helps your eyes catch ambiguous objects. At present, the high quality LED lights has a CRI value of 80 while superior incandescent, fluorescent as well as halogen lamps possess a value of 100.

What makes metal architect swing arm led desk lamps stand out is their longevity. It is amazing a led bulb outlasts incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulb for at least 20 years!

How to Choose Style or Color?

Best swing arm desk lamps involve in different styles, colors, materials and finishes. Here are some decorating tips for you.

  • To get on a matching decor, it is wise to buy a best swing arm desk lamp with a contemporary or a vintage style for your modern space.
  • When speaking to a Scandinavian style room, try a white swing arm desk lamp.
  • If you want to make your space brighter and bigger, a white long arm desk lamp is for you. (Principle: The white color reflects the light most.)
  • Focus on the thing that DO NOT choose a lamp just in the light of its outside look.
  • If your offices are wood-made, why not put a brass swing arm table lamp into use?
  • As for a room fulfilling with rubbed bronze or/and sleek brushed nickel objects, it is possible for you to adore your space with other finished lamps.
  • Want to create futuristic taste? No problem! Black swing arm desk lamp with simple streamline shape is a necessity.
  • Attempt to produce a more romantic mood? What about a red lamp? Charming and attractive light will be emitted across the red shade.

If you are looking for a brass vintage lamp to add a luxurious touch, this SUNLLIPE LED eye caring table lamp will not let you down.


Best Swing Arm Desk Lamp on the Market

Editor’s Choice – OTUS LED Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp Operated by Gesture

Architect desk lamp for art

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Built with a Table – Leick Swing Arm Bedside Table Lamps with Solid Hardwood Construction

balance arm desk lamp

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2 in 1 – Torchstar Functional Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Base and Clamp

swing arm desk lamp with base

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Budget Buy – Globe Electric Black Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Metal Clamp for Different Bulb Requirements

metal architect swing arm led desk lamp

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Long-Lasting Use – Tomons Lightweight Adjustable Arm Lamp with Wood Frame


vintage swing arm desk lamp

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For Modern Space – Boston Harbor Desktop Swing Arm Drafting Lamp

swivel arm table lamps

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With 3-Way Light- Ledu Incandescent Long Arm Table Lamp with High Adjustment Abilities

adjustable swing arm desk lamp

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What Is the Suitable Swing Arm Desk Lamps for Different Users?

As mentioned above, a suitable light for you is more than a lamp with a reasonable color temperature. How much light on your eyes is also a consideration.

How much light do you really need? The users’ age is a crucial link when choosing the right lamp. It is proven that the elderly need much more light than the young. People who are over 60 may need a light with an output of at least 10 watts when the 5 watts light is abundant for the young.

Identically, as bad eyes are less sensitive to light intensity, you may get more beam of light. Apart from an LED light, incandescent light is not a bad option since it is runner-up in the list of eye-protective light and energy saving.

In addition, if you intend to create privacy light, do not buy these swing arm lamps anymore but try to look for a small and compact spot light like headlamp or clip on book light.

Anyhow, a lamp with adjustable height and dimming switch never fails.


What Is the Correct Position of Your Adjustable Arm Lighting Fixtures?

How do you put a desk lamp on? Consider eye protection first. Keep your eyes at the same level as the terminal lamp shade.

Plus, do not beam the light straightly on the area you are working on. Or, the annoying ghost will cover your targeted area. Also, sometimes light spots will be shed on your screens.

What side should desk lamp be on? As for a task light, apply your lamp on the left side of your tables regardless of clamping or topping it on the desks if you are a right-hander. A left-hander follows the opposite.

What is the correct position of your lights when using an eye strain relief lamp? It is up to your tastes and your purposes.

  • If you use a large desk in your home offices, put the adjustable arm desk lamp on the middle-front side of your table. If you don’t have extra space for a tabletop lamp, replace it with a swing arm desk lamp clamp base. Anyway, ensure the light able to cover the entire work on your desk.
  • If you, unfortunately, experience bad eyes or aged eyes, remember to close the magnified light to the details.
  • When talking to the bedside lamp, you can choose either task light or decorative light. But notice that make the light shine over your shoulders while you are reading on your bed.
  • You can put a swing table light on TV stands as well so as to soften the look of a TV corner and improve the visual experience.
  • If you possess a swivel table lamp with glass shade, try to avoid the dazzling light reflected from the glass. Similarly, if you get a glass table, it is vital for you to look for the right lighting angle. Generally speaking, you will suffer no glare or spots within visions when tilting the lamp head at 30 degrees.


Final Words

The most common requirements on the selection of the best swing arm desk lamp are the points mentioned above (lamp height, bulb alternation, light position, style, etc.).

If you have other personal needs and our suggestions can’t help you reach your lamp goals, take a look of distinctive lamp choices. Come and pick your right lights.

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