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The Best Sunlight Desk Lamps Reviews and Guides in 2022

For the human eye to behold images better and stay healthy, it has to be exposed to and bombarded with the natural sunlight from nature. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case for a number of reasons. All hope is not lost though. There are some pieces of electronics that provide suitable alternatives.

These are the sun lamps or sunlight lamps. They have the ability to mimic the natural outdoor light principally by providing every ingredient that such kind of light is ordinarily able to. Knowing more about them is definitely a wise thing to do as it helps in making the right choice and appreciate them better.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Bright Light for Mood Improvement – Theralite LED Sunlight Lamp with Touch Switch

Eye-Friendly for Different Tasks Wherever in Office/Home – Lavish Sunlight Desk Lamp


What Is Sunlight Lamps?

Sun lamps are special kinds of lighting apparatus that tend to mimic the natural light that is generated by the sun. It hence is capable of giving off pretty much the same benefits that the natural light has the ability to. This is not to mention that it may also handle therapeutics.


Advantages of Lighting Tasks with a Sunlight Lamp

sunlight desk lamps

Below are some of the salient advantages of sunlight lamps for tasks:

#1. Boosts Melatonin and Serotonin

The primary benefit of this lamp is the fact that it boosts the secretion of both melatonin and serotonin. These two regulate the reproductive cycles and facilitates the communications within the body’s nervous system respectively. In a nutshell, they aid the body is working out well.

#2. Bolsters your Sleep-wake Cycle

This lamp also bolsters the sleep-wake cycle of the body. If you have issues with sleeping or waking up in time, it is in your best interest to incorporate this lamp in your rooms. Only be sure that you use it sparingly as prolonged exposure to bright lights is potentially catastrophic.

#3. Reduces Anxiety

For a large part, this lamp is also therapeutic. In many cases, it may be used to calm anxiety and suppressing other mental illnesses. The charming rays and the soft chemicals that the lamp exudes are the ones that are chiefly responsible for the attainment of this end.

#4. Stabilizes Moods

Closely related to the above is the fact that the lamp also stabilizes moods. By ‘stabilizing moods,’ we simply mean that it maintains the moods within reasonable limits. This is mainly by reducing the fluctuations that the moods may often undergo from time to time.

#5. Combats Depression

Low levels of serotonin in the body have been identified to increased levels of depression. We have already explained that this lamp plays a vital role in insofar as the production of higher levels of serotonin is concerned. It hence goes that it indirectly aids in combating depression.


Reviews of the 4 Best Sunlight Desk Lamps

#1. For Mood Improvement – Theralite Bright Sunlight LED Lamp with Touch Switch

foldable sunlight desk lamp review
Sunlight Mood Lamp

Want a lighting appliance that is simpler to operate and engage? Use this one that is operable at the touch of a button. Not only will it simplify your operations but also spray your room with sufficient illumination. At the same time, it is also safer for your use.

  • 10,000 LUX LED Light

Its light output is the impressive 10,000 lumens. The light is also glare-free in the sense that it does not pose unnecessary harms to the eyes when beheld. You will subsequently find it pretty useful if you have to light your rooms and installations for a fairly long duration of time.

  • Height and Angle-adjustable

The lamp allows you to adjust the angle and the heights conveniently. That way, you will be able to determine the configurations that are convenient for your purpose and use. While at it, you will also be able to channel the flow of light to the precise directions and spots of your liking.

  • 4 Light Settings

Some four light settings also exist as a vital aspect of this desk lamp. These settings basically give you the freedom and the options you need to determine the flow of light appropriately. You may also determine the settings in such a way as to tackle some light-related tasks such as therapy.

  • Clinically tested for maximum efficacy
  • Boosts your moods and mental health
  • Tackles the issue of light deficiency well
  • Aids with recovery from a variety of strenuous tasks
  • Safe and effective for your own use and engagement
  • It uses for mood therapy

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#2. For Eyes – Lavish Home Sunlight Task Desk Lamp for Reading and Crafting

lavish home sunlight desk lamp review
Home Sunlight Desk Lamp for Sewing

Want a lamp to use to read and perform your crafts? None other than this will be able to provide the support you badly need. It is wholly formulated for dual roles. Over and above this, it also imbues some sense of luxury and lavishness which many of the competing lamps cannot.

  • Natural Light Output

The lamp does give off some natural light output. Its output indeed has the ability to mimic the ones that nature itself gives off. That it uses a paltry 150-watt bulb also goes a long way in enhancing its stand as a bulb that is safer for your eyes.

  • Simple On/Off Switch

A simple on/off switch does exist to make your own enjoyment and experience of the bulb awesome. Being simple to operate, the bulb is also good enough for those who have never attempted to make use of such items before. It also cuts down the hassles you will ordinarily have to go through while in use.

  • Multidirectional Light Channeling

You also have the freedom to channel the direction of light to the specific area you are interested in at any given time. The multidirectional lighting capability of this lamp will let you do just that. On the strength of this, you will get to enjoy the unconstrained lighting of your areas.

  • Greatly mimics the natural lighting
  • Brings some lavishness to your homes
  • Excellent dimensions and detail packaging
  • Boosts the secretion of serotonin in the body
  • Guarantees maximum satisfaction all the while of use
  • Impacts a smaller area or portion of the room

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#3. With Full Spectrum – GHodec Dimmable LED Table Lamp with Versatile Settings

natural sunlight desk lamp reviews
Dimmable Sunlight Desk Lamp with Full Spectrum

Varying environments and circumstances of use require equally varying levels of light output. Only a lamp that is dimmable may achieve this end for you. We invite you to attempt your luck on this one. Being dimmable, it is quite convenient to make god use of also.

  • Versatile Clip-on Lamp

In a nutshell, the lamp is highly versatile. That basically means that it has the ability to serve many purposes. Among these are reading, growing the house plants, and facilitating the handling of many crafts and small trades. Its clip-on aids with security and fastening.

  • 6,000K LED Lights

It does have the ability to generate a whopping 6,000 Kelvin of LED lighting output. This is definitely sufficient to provide the necessary illumination of entire rooms with ease. If all you want is to enhance the growth of your plants, this one will yet again come in handy.

  • Flicker-free Lamp

Unlike many of the powerful lamps of its stature, this one does not emit any flicker at all. As such, the light output it yields is safer to the eyes and less likely to inflict any strains. What’s more? It also facilitates the reading and other activities that require detailed views.

  • Full-spectrum LED grow light
  • Provides three timing options
  • Impacts the illumination area comprehensively
  • Clamps on your desktop for maximum security
  • Adjustable at an angle of 360° for maximum views
  • It mainly works as a growing lamp for indoor plants

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#4. For SAD – Heimvision Bright Sunlight Lamps for Light Therapy

USB Sunlight Desk Lamp
Sunlight Table Lamp with Memory Function and Timer

Have some eyesight issues which you would want to be sorted out? This lamp will do the trick for you! It is wholly designed, intended and engineered for the purpose of light therapy. It does give off light output that matches that of the sunlight in terms of the quality mix.

  • Personalized Settings

A range of personalized settings exists as the premier parts and components of the desk lamp. They are the ones you engage to set the various metrics and parameters of the lighting equipment to your desired specifications. Being many and comprehensive, they cover every aspect of your needs.

  • Countdown Timer

Next comes the countdown timer. This is the one that times the equipment and displays the ongoing progress of the lighting. It is built into the system and automatic in the same breath. That it works round the clock and in all the four seasons is definitely a plus.

  • Memory Function

Also existing abundantly on the lamp is the memory function. This one stores the prompts and the inputs you have used for quite some time. It thereafter retrieves them and deploys them for use independently of your own controls and operations. Thus, it saves a great deal of time on your part.

  • Filters out the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Greatly interconnected for smooth and easier use
  • Strong enough for the excessively harsh winter months
  • Gives off a whopping 10,000 lumens of full-spectrum light
  • Weighs a paltry 1.5 pounds and is hence convenient to carry along
  • Only for the expert and therapeutic users

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#1. How Many Lumens for a Sunlight Lighting Fixture?

It all depends on the size of the area you are intent on lighting up. For areas that measure 250m square feet, you require roughly 5,000 lumens; for landscaping, 50-300 lumens will do; for paths, 100-200 lumens, and so on. Be sure to check the ratings of the lamp you have in mind before setting out.

#2. What Kelvin Is Sunlight Lightings?

That is around 5,000 degrees kelvin. The high Kelvin rating is largely brought about by the fact that the lamps do mimic the ordinary sunlight to a large extent. This high rating is accompanied by a color rendering index of approximately 100.

#3. Is Sun Lamp Better for Windowless Office?

YES! As we have stated repeatedly, this lamp has the ability to mimic the real outdoor sunlight. Thus, it works to bring the selfsame advantages that the natural sunlight potentially brings along but within a windowless office. In fact, you can never rely on your ordinary lamps but them.

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We bring our review and look into the best sunlight desk lamp to an end there. Since we have exhausted everything you need to know about these lamps, we challenge you now to get hold of one and deploy it to your own use. How soon should we expect you to take the first step?