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Best Floor Lamp for Large Room – Reviews and Guide

Floor lamps add lighting solutions for any size of the room. The best floor lamp can brighten a home office, light an entire large room or boost the bedroom mood. The following are the best lamp floor for a large room.

These lamps are easy to install and can be easily moved around to fit any corner of the room. Some of them have a flexible head so you can make any space cozier as per your wish. But all the following lights are designed in a way that the quality of light they illuminate can create a desired atmosphere for the entire room.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

For Contemporary Room – Brightech Metal Floor Lamp for Large Base

With Extra Tall Pole and Flexible Arc Arm – Brightech Floor Lamp with Marble Base

With 3-Light Adjustable Lamp – Adesso Overhanging Floor Lamp


Can a Floor Lamp Light up a Large Room?

A good floor lamp should light up the entire room. Depending on the position the lamp is placed, Adesso 3-light is an excellent example of a floor lamp that lights a full room. The lamp is long and has three lampshades that perfectly illuminate the room.

Considering the design, the Amora Tiffany Torchiere is a good example, for it is designed to be versatile. Its shape makes it project light up, which sends some lights outwards to brighten the whole room. Therefore, a floor lamp can light up a large room.


What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light?

Wanna bright up a large room with a floor lamp? Lamps that uses led bulbs gives the most light!

This is because led gives a higher output of light but doesn’t produce heat compared to other types of bulbs meaning your led light will not waste energy.

The standing lights are also determined by its ability to give multiple brightness levels. This enables the user to find the most suitable amount of light. Floor lamps with few decorations also tend to provide more light than the ones that are heavily decorated.

Floor lamp should also be adjustable to enable you to direct light in different desired directions hence brightening the focused area.

When you consider the ability to adjust, the Adesso 3-light can, therefore, produce most light for large rooms because it has lampshades that can extend at a greater length.


What Is the Best Height for a Floor Lamp to Light up a Large Room?

Floor lamps should have an average of 163 cm, considering the sitting height of the person using it. If the purpose of the lamp is to light up the entire room, then it should be placed at a height slightly below the ceiling for light to spread widely.

The position where the lamp is placed in the room also matters. If placed at a corner, then the shade has to be adjusted for it to illuminate the


How Many Lumens Does a Floor Lamp Should Have?

Bulb becomes brighter, depending on the number of lumens. If the number of lumens is high, then the bulb becomes brighter. Therefore, your aim for lighting up a large room is available.

Depending on how gorgeous a customer needs the floor lamp, the number of lumens should be put into consideration.

For instance, if you need a bulb that can produce 75 watts, the best option is to go with a bulb with 1100 lumens.

In general, the number of lumens depends on the purpose you want the floor lamp to serve.


Reviews of the 6 Best Floor Lamps for Large Room

#1. Brightech Metal Floor Lamp for Contemporary Room

Brightech large chrome floor lamp
Contemporary Large Room Floor Lamp

This Brightech lamp is made of metal and drum in shape. It weighs about fifteen pounds with most of the weight at the base, making it very stable.

Versatile hence can be put at any corner of the room. Fits easily next to bed, desk, couch or table. Six foot tall to allow light to overreach the table, desk, bed or couch. A flexible head allows smooth movements towards the direction where light is most needed.

The product uses different types of bulbs such as incandescent, halogen and led. The hanging shade makes the user feel warm, cozy and comfortable when using this lamp.

  • Long-lasting led bulb, which can operate for twenty years when used generally for three hours a day.
  • A weighted base that prevents tipping and has a tap footswitch that makes it easy to turn the lamp on and off.
  • Unenclosed shade to the bottom

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#2. Lepower Mid Century Tripod Floor Lamp

Lepower Mid Century Tripod Floor Lamp for Large Room
Tripod Floor Lamp for Large Room

Lepower tripod floor lamp is a modern designed study lamp fit for study room, office, bedroom and living room. This floor lamp has a flaxen lampshade with an E26 lamp base.

The lampshade is fit to light above study tables, couches and beds. Other than being a floor reading lamp, Lepower tripod is designed in a beautiful way that it can work as part of the room’s decoration.

The item stand is extended into three frames, earning its tripod name. The three-legged design makes it very stable. Tripod is styled in a modern manner and its linen lamp shade dazzling beautiful and fits perfectly in every decor.

Lepower tripod floor lamp has one light that has 120 volts and a corded electric power source. The shade is made from high-quality materials like natural rubberwood, which is an assurance of aesthetic and durability.

  • Tripod stands to make the lampshade stable enough.
  • Tall enough to allow light to overreach table, bed, or couch.
  • A footswitch is conveniently located for easy switching on and off.
  • Durable as it is made of high-quality materials like rubberwood tripod, which can last for a more extended period.
  • Not dimmable hence its light is bright all the time when on.

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#3. Brightech Extra Tall Arc Floor Lamp with Marble Base

large arc floor lamps contemporary
Tall Large Floor Lamp with Arc Arm

The extra tall floor lamp offers a modern, stylish design for overhead lights. Its marble base slides easily under couches. It always adds beauty to your room as it complements many décor styles such as mid-century, urban, vintage and traditional.

It has a low marble base that makes it stable. The lamp is designed in a way that it can stand perfectly behind the sofa.

The arc is adjustable up to 44 from the pole to enjoy overhead knitting and reading. The lampshade is made of steel material, and if you wish, you can buy an on and of smart outlet which is sold separately as the feature is compatible with the lamp. Besides, the bulb is replaceable with a dimmable bulb if desired.

  • Arc floor lamp is tall enough to produce over head light over a full surface area.
  • The base can slide easily under couches hence focus the light on the desired area.
  • The item has a substantial base, which makes it wobble-free, which is safe around kids and pets.
  • The durable led bulb, which can last for twenty years and reduces energy bills as it is a power saver.
  • No batteries included allowing it to operate in areas with no electric power.

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#4. Brightech LED Standing Floor Lantern Trees

large vintage style free standing floor lamps
Large Tree Floor Lamp

LIAM is dimmable to control the brightness to your desired level, and the package includes a long-lasting led bulb, which has twenty years hour life. The product is a free-standing Asian lamp, and it fits many decors such as Chinese, Japanese, industrial, vintage and retro.

The item has three bright lights which match both uplight and downlight, therefore, bright enough to feature any of your hobbies.

It is made from a metallic material which is an assurance for its durability. The bulbs featured in the package are also long-lasting and can offer service for about twenty years if used properly.

  • Durability is assured as the product is made of metal.
  • The Liam has a weighted base to prevent it from tipping over.
  • The product is of high technology and can be operated by a smart switch.
  • The package has an energy-saving led bulb to cut the high cost of electricity.
  • The bulbs are long-lasting and can operate for twenty years without replacement.
  • LIAM is dimmable, and therefore you can switch to a desired number of bulbs to entice your moods.
  • Liam occupies a large area compared to other floor lamps.
  • The item has no batteries for it to operate in areas with no electric power.

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#5. Adesso 3-light Overhanging Floor Lamp

3-light large overhanging floor lamp
Adjustable Floor Lamp for Large Living Room

Adesso floor lamp is a perfect solution for urban décor with a natural vibe. It has three barrel-shaped overhanging lanterns. The lamp is a Maui collection, and it is compatible with compact fluorescent light bulbs and incandescent.

The materials are made up of wood, metal and cane stick with the addition of fabric rice paper that diffuses light. This 3-light floor lamp uses an electric power source and an on/off simple switch located on its pole.

It has a broad base area for support and stability that prevents it from tipping. The modern designed barrel-shaped lanterns act as a decoration in the room other than providing enough overhead mood lighting.

  • It has a broader base, which is heavy to prevent tipping over.
  • Other than on/off rotary switch, the lamp has a smart outlet compatible switch.
  • The lamp is 82 inches high, therefore, overreaches the bed, couch and study tables.
  • Different colours of bulbs can be used in different shaded hence changing the theme as per your wish.
  • The lampshades are flexible as they are made of cane sticks and, therefore, can be directed towards the desired direction.
  • The bulb is not included in the package.

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#6. Brightech Pharmacy Style LED Reading Floor Lamp

reading floor lamp for large room
Brightech Reading Floor Lamp

This pharmacy lamp is an indoor floor lamp made of tweaks and modern materials, making it fit perfectly in different decors such as industrial, traditional and urban.

The lamp uses a power-saving led bulb that can last for almost twenty years of service.

This floor lamp is adjustable and has a tap switch. The power source is plug-in electric, and it has no shade. It is dimmable, and it operates with three different brightness either 100%, 50% or 25%.

It is very bright with generous 1150 lumens that illuminate perfectly the desired position, and it fits well with reading, knitting, facial beauty since it can stay cool.

This swing arm designed floor lamp best suits estheticians, for they can work comfortably with hands next to it for a longer period.

  • The lamp is very portable as it has less weight.
  • Very easy to assemble since the package comes with a few pieces.
  • The floor lamp can fit in different corners of the room, making it fit for different decors.
  • The product is dimmable; hence you can control the brightness to your desired mood.
  • The energy saving led bulb is long-lasting and service a customer for twenty years without replacing it.
  • It only offers a downlight direction.

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What Is a Good Bright Floor Lamp?

A good floor lamp should brighten a large room and direct its light to an area where it is most needed. Floor lamps should also add decoration aspects in your room and be able to fit in different décor styles. The portability of floor lamps is also of much concern, especially if it does not light the whole room.

There are different types of floor lamps, and it is good to choose the one that best satisfies your needs rather than considering the prices.

According to the customer reports, floor lamps that use led bulbs are the brightest in the market.

The features of the Brightech pharmacy style brass lamp make it the best to produce the most brightness compared to the other lamps.

Its ability to produce 1150 lumens makes it more suitable to be used in activities that require much more brightness. The lamp is also designed in a very portable way, and light can be focused on a specific direction.

For a good floor lamp, the light intensity should be controllable so that when in need of a soft glow, you decrease the intensity. The lamp should not always be bright because some activities may need dim light.