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Best Lightings for Home Office – Reviews & Tips in 2022

Looking for the best ways to light up your home office can be exciting yet challenging. There are many fantastic ideas that, quite honestly, can get confusing. Whether you’re choosing a desk lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, or track lighting, you will have so much choice. You can pick a functional light, yet adds an aesthetic appeal to the room.

We will look at some of the best lightings for your home office in our article below. We will focus on the features as well as the pros and cons of each.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Highly Rated and Most Popular Among Customers Due to the Eye-Care Function – Lampat Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

With Minimalist Design for Modern Home Office – Brightech Circle Floor Lamps

Primary Light with Decorative K9 Crystal Raindrop – Saint Mossi Pendant Light


How Do You Light a Home Office?

It is crucial that you have sufficient lighting in your home office so that you take care of your eyesight. One way to ensure this is to make sure that the lighting is not too harsh or dim.

The right lighting will also make the room look livelier and, therefore, more welcoming. You can light up your home office in the following ways:


What Is the Best Lighting for a Home Office?

The best lighting for your home office should be:

  • At least 4000 Kelvin
  • LED lights that are long-lasting and energy-saving and do not flicker
  • Adjustable color temperatures for optimal lighting conditions
  • A mix of natural, indirect and direct lighting


What Kind of Lighting is Best for the Computer Desk?

Anyone who uses a computer may have probably experienced eye strain due to the glare from the computer. Focus on the following when choosing lightings for your computer desk.

  • Incorporate ambient light that gives even illumination.
  • Use task lighting or dedicated lighting to read the paper documents. it should have low glare and should be adjustable so that you can position it as you wish.
  • When using natural light, use drapes or blinds to control how much light is entering the room.
  • If you are using fluorescent lighting, ensure it does not flicker.


Reviews of the 8 Best Lighting for Home Office

#1. Hot Sale – Lampat Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp for Home Office

best sale Lampat Home Office Desk Lamp
Table Lamp for Home Office Desk

Are you looking for the perfect desk lamp but do not have much money? Do you want the functionality you will get from the top end designs without breaking the bank? You will find all these benefits with the Lampart desk lamp.

The Lampart desk lamp is an excellent option for someone who is shopping on a budget. You get four-color mode options, a touch panel, and five brightness levels. You also get four lighting options as read, relax, study, and sleep, all featuring different color modes. Controlling the brightness level with one of the five different settings aim for your targets.

Operating the lamp is easy, and you do everything from the touch-sensitive control panel. The anti-glare screen provides protection for your eyes. It is user friendly and consumes very little power. You also have the option of using the shut-off feature that allows it to Idle for 1 hour. Via the USB port, you can use it from any location because you can charge it.

  • USB port
  • Fantastic price
  • Five brightness level
  • 25 years of operation
  • 60 Minute sleep timer
  • Foam padding at the bottom
  • Four color-coded options for study, sleep, relax and read
  • It is not a cordless lamp.

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#2. Solid Construction – Joly Joy Clip-on Table Lamp with Swing Arm

best clip on desk lamp for home office
Desk Lighting with Strong Clamp for Home Office

Durability, multiple features and outstanding design are all reasons why the Joly Joy table lamp is a great buy.

The Joly Joy desk lamp comprises of a full aluminum body with zinc elements on the head and body. Adjust the brightness as you wish by using the five color settings. Your eyes will benefit from their sideways lighting, and anti-flicker, which reduces the glare. In addition to that, the memory function will allow you to save your favorite settings.

You can adjust the head up to 200 degrees and the arm up to 90° which allows you to focus the light in whatever angle you desire.

  • Dimmable
  • Touch control
  • It features a fantastic design
  • Durable material that will not rust
  • A temperature of up to 960 lumens
  • Memory function to save your preferred settings
  • Five brightness and color modes for your preference
  • The clamp can’t support the thick tables

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#3. For Modern Space – Brightech LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Contemporary floor lighting for home office
Ring Light for Home Office

Finding a lamp that is stylish, and will blend in seamlessly with your décor can be challenging. The Brightech torchiere floor lamp does all these without taking up too much space.

Brightech LED torchiere floor lamp is stylish yet affordable. It has excellent energy saving capabilities, and you enjoy up to 22,000 hours of lifespan since it does not heat up and stays cool no matter how long you use it.

You can adjust the light settings as you wish, and can easily light up a room. What you get is a pleasant glow or very bright light if you so desire. Adjust the head by rotating it to the position you want it. Dim the brightness using the easy to use dimmer settings as per your mood.

The design is slim and very modern, making it an excellent accessory to add a touch of elegance and modernity to any decor style. With a 13 lb base, it is very stable and will not easily tilt over.

  • 3000 lumens
  • Three dimmer settings
  • Energy-saving capabilities
  • Touch switch for powering on and off
  • Stylish, elegant design that will blend in well with your decor
  • Five color options allowing you to blend it into your decor seamlessly
  • One 3000K color temperature mode light

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#4. For Traditional Home Office – Brightech Floor Lamps with Overhead Lighting

Brightech overhead lighting for home office
Floor Lighting for Home Office Space

Your home office should be comfortable with sufficient lighting for those busy nights. The overhead lighting from the Brightech lightings is modern and energy-friendly.

You get a touch of a modern classic with the Brightech Montage floor lamp. It is unobtrusive and can fit almost anywhere in the room. It will work exceptionally well for the home office. It has stability due to a weighted base and pedal switches that you can use to put the lamp on and off.

The decorative shades will protect you from glare. The LED bulbs are energy-friendly and will not heat up. Most importantly, you do not have to replace the bulb for at least 20 years.

  • 800 lumens
  • Fits into small spaces
  • Energy-saving capabilities
  • 3000k white light LED technology
  • Minimalist yet durable construction
  • Compatible with Google and Alexa
  • Foot pedal operation for maximum convenience
  • The coming bulb isn’t dimmable

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#5. With Fabric Shade – Xinbei Lighting Semi Flush Ceiling Light for Home Office

semi flush mount led home office ceiling light
Home Office Ceiling Light Fixtures

Do you want to introduce a touch of elegance to your room inexpensively? If yes, the Xinbei lighting will transform your room from drab to conversation-worthy instantaneously.

Xinbei semi-flush mount ceiling light will bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom or living room. It looks very attractive in the foyer or any of the living areas.

The construction comprises a durable steel frame assuring you of long term usage. It also has a frosted glass diffuser and white fabric shade. You get ambient light that will give the room a relaxing feeling.

You need three medium base bulbs, but you have to purchase them separately as they do not come as part of the package. You have the option of LED bulbs, CFL or incandescent bulbs. If you want the dimmable light feature, ensure you get the dimmable switch as well.

  • Durable material
  • Elegant, modern design that will look good in any room
  • You have to buy the bulbs separately

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#6. SM Saint Mossi Crystal Flush Mount Chandelier Lighting

home office chandelier lighting
Crystal Chandelier Lighting for Home Office

Palatial homes feature chandelier lights as a must-have décor theme. You don’t have to live in one of the enormous houses to bring the same elegance to yours. The SM Saint Mossi chandelier lighting is an inexpensive option for transforming your home.

The K9 chandelier crystal raindrop lighting from Saint Mossi screams elegance and opulence. The design aspect is its strongest selling point. The collection of light and crystal do blend seamlessly to come up with a conversation piece. It comprises of crystal raindrops and bright stainless steel.

The chandelier is massive, so make sure you do the installation properly to avoid any accident due to it coming down. Despite its elegance and evident attention to detail, it comes in at a very friendly price point.

  • Weight 21.1 pounds
  • Stainless steel and Crystal material
  • Uses LED bulbs, which are energy efficient
  • It features high-quality material used in the construction
  • Outstanding design that will bring a touch of elegance to the room
  • An extra hand to help with installation would be an excellent idea

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#7. Westinghouse Home Office Pendant Lighting

home office pendant lighting
Pendant Lighting for Decoration

Pendants don’t only belong to fashion items. Bring your love for the vintage with the stylish Westinghouse pendant lighting.

If you have a flair for rustic vintage designs, then the Westinghouse is a must-have accessory. The design features six rings and three lights and would look great on the entryway or in the dining room.

You have the option of oil rubbed bronze finish, brushed nickel, or washed copper, depending on what you like. The installation process can be a bit time consuming and challenging, so set aside sufficient time for it.

  • 60-inch cord
  • 36-inch chain
  • Adjustable length
  • 5.8 pounds in weight
  • Features an elegant rustic design
  • You can install it on sloping ceilings
  • Assembly and installation can be difficult
  • Bulbs do not come as part of the package

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#8. Globe Electric Adjustable S-shape Tack Lighting for Home Office

home office track lighting
Track Lighting for Home Office

Tracking lights are fantastic because of the flexibility they give the user. The adjustable Globe Electric features a contemporary design that will blend in well while providing excellent functionality.

If you lean towards more contemporary design styles, the Globe electric adjustable lighting will fit right in. It has a matte finish and six independent heads. You can, therefore, adjust each depending on where you want to focus the light.

You have the option of using the dimmer function, but you need a compatible switch, which you will need to purchase separately. It will work even on sloping ceilings.

  • Dimming capabilities
  • Six independent heads
  • Contemporary attractive design
  • Bulbs come as part of the package
  • You get relevant hardware for the installation
  • Independent heads which allow you to focus the light as you wish
  • You have to purchase the dimmer switch separately

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How Can I Improve My Home Office Lighting?

Proper lighting is critical because it makes you more productive, and it can help boost your moods and energy levels. Overhead lights are the typical lights you will find in most homes. They do provide sufficient illumination because they are overhead.

For some people, they may not be adequate, especially if you take into consideration the positioning of the desk. Adding a dedicated light will help you focus the brightness right where you want it. Combine it with corrective or ambient light, and you’ll have less strain on your eyes.


What Are the Best Home Office Light Designs?

Choosing the right designs is critical when choosing your lighting. Take due note of the following.

  • Lampshades are excellent for focusing light.
  • Upward shining lights bounce lights off the ceiling and walls.
  • Adjustable lights allow you to focus the light exactly where you want it.
  • Decorative lights that establish element while providing functionality at the same time.



We have looked at the best lighting for a home office above. Everyone has individual preferences. However, whatever you opt for should give you sufficient light so that you do not strain your eyes, especially when reading.

Those with different color settings are ideal because you can adjust them accordingly. Also, look for those with energy-saving capabilities. You avoid having to spend a lot of money on your power bills. Use our tips above when shopping for the best lighting for your home office.