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Best Floor Lamps for Different Reading Needs in 2022

A best reading floor lamp plays an essential role when you spend time on books, e-readers and magazines. Actually, it is not only a fixture to provide soft lights for your reading but also an interior decoration for your homes and a method to help you get rid of eyestrain.

On today’s market, there is a wide variety of types and styles, such as rustic tree floor lamp, contemporary tall upright light and minimalist arc standing fixture. How can you choose the right one?

Here, we have selected 13 high-class reading floor lamps to perform reviews from the most popular models online at present.



What Is the Best Floor Lamp for Reading?

What is the best reading light? How can I choose the best floor lamp for reading? In reality, a wise choice covers 4 indispensable functions: bright light, color temperature, eye-friendly and adjustability.Which light is easiest on the eyes

  • Bright light: Since reading commands a high level of brightness, if you consider less decoration, you can buy a specialized task light.
  • Color temperature: According to scientific surveys, the best scope accessible in reading is 3000-6000K. Generally speaking, the light with warm white and natural daylight is best suitable for reading.
  • Eye-friendly: Eye-caring lamp allows to cast no shadows on your books. And, flicker-free technology helps last the service of the lamp at the time of keeping your eyes healthy.
  • Adjustability: This concept consists of 2 tips on the adjustable lamps. One is the adjustable arm and the other is adjustable brightness. With the former, you can enjoy the reading light for any direction. And, with the latter, you can choose different light for various needs.

Passing Remark:

On sight of the floor lamp, you also need to consider whether it is easy to turn on/off. That is to say, you need to pay attention to where the power button is. For example, if you want to place the floor lamp behind sofa, it is troublesome when you buy one with a pedal switch.


Factors to Consider Prior to Buying A Good Floor Lamp for Avid Readers


Before you begin your deal, you need to think about an important thing—where do you intend to place the standing light? Living Room? Beside sofa or reading chair? At corner? Or at bedside? The different place has different requirements on floor lamp for reading.

  • As for sofa, it is better to choose a shorter lamp than that for the bedroom.
  • To get on small rooms, it is necessary to get one with a slim body and easy to move.
  • When speaking the reading lamp in bed, you’d better buy one with an arched or bendable neck. A night setting is also a significant point.
  • When it comes to the floor light for the living room, you need to get one with not only decent light but also good looking. A lamp with dimmable light is alright. Or, one with ambient light is much better.


What is your present decoration? Futuristic? Modern? Vintage? Traditional? Rustic? Industrial? Then, how to choose the best reading floor lamp fitting greatly with your furniture.

In essence, you will never regret if you buy lamps with the same style as your spaces do. However, how to achieve a diverse but not conflicting result? Here give suggestions.

  • Tiffany lamp imposes a luxurious impression upon vintage rooms.
  • The wooden light adds gorgeous and superb elements to traditional space.
  • The architect, pharmacy and modern floor lamps look great with most décor.
  • The metal-made floor lamp is best suitable for industrial and futuristic houses.


Quality is a primary and vital point when we buy lamps. All the people would like to buy a high-qualified lamp so as to avoid evitable trouble.

It is known that there is a wide variety of floor lamps made of various materials. The metal one and the wooden one, which one is the best? Which one is worthy to buy?

Actually, you need to choose in accordance with your room style first, and then look at whether the picked base is stable. Next, check the bulbs.


Which Color Light is Best for Reading?

What light is best for reading? In the first place, you must take eyestrain reduction into consideration. Then, except for a high level of illuminance, what light gives the best reading mood? Or, yellowish or blue tone, which one is easiest and good for the eyes?

Actually, it is considered that light with white or yellow hue is far better than cool blue ones. Plus, both warm yellow light and bright white ones do a great job on illuminating your reading nooks.


The 7 Best Reading Stand Lamps Reviews

1. Best Overall – Best Floor Lamp with Adjustable Reading Light

Best white decent reading light
Best Adjustable Reading Floor Lamp
  • 5 color available
  • High-stability base
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Multiple light modes
  • Great remember function
  • Not work with home automation
  • Does OttLite floor lamp blaze too bright light to make you a headache?
  • Can it fit for your deco absolutely?
  • The floor lamp from OttLite disappoints you, right?

Give it up and change it with this Brightech one!

This Brightech floor lamp radiates the bright light specialized in doing tasks and hobbies. Natural daylight it offers is not only eye-protective but also gives the best reading experience.

Also, owing to dimming technology, you can brighten up or dim down for choosing the best accommodated light. This is the first distinction. It is more pleasant that it designs a light remember function. As a result, you don’t have to readjust your desired light time to time since the lamp has the ability to remember your last setting.

As for the appearance, OttLite series imposes a poor visual experience. It is clumsy when putting it into your houses. It may decrease your decoration. On the contrast, it is no doubt that this floor lamp is able to match your space.

Why? You can access to this lamp with 5 different colors. Of course, the 5-color lamp will give 5 kinds of different tastes. It suits for a wide style ranging from urban and rustic to contemporary to futuristic.

Overall, additional adjustable neck and brightness offer great benefits for reading fans.

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2. Best Price – Brightech Litespan LED Standing Pole Lamp for Reading

best cheap floor lamp
Best LED Floor Lamps for Reading
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2250 lm bright daylight
  • 2 levels of light intensity
  • Flexible neck and adjustable height
  • It is a little difficult for you yourself to direct screws at the holes. You may need another helping hand for quick and stable installment.

Are you looking for an affordable floor lamp for reading? Less than $40 you can get this energy-saving and practical lamp.

Thanks to its built-in dimmer, you can choose the 2500lm light with super bright daylight or inferior soft white light. The former is able to light up your working area without doubts.

And, the latter creates a better mode for your reading. Not only that, the flexible neck makes it convenient to adjust lamp height and shines the reading light for your desired location.

We also looked through other reviews from people who got it. Same as they do, we boast the light base as well. For one thing, the mat finish gives a comfortable hand feeling and looks high-grade when putting it beside your tables, sofas and chairs.

For another, it is well weighted. It is sure to stand upright for long. And, it is not tipped over even when pets or kids strike it out suddenly.

Not only that, the LED bulbs bring a best experience. It lasts for years and you never need to replace it! A lamp not only helps you save money but also comfort you free of replacement. What a worthwhile and sweet thing! Don’t wait anymore. Try it!

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3. Hot Sale – Brightech Stand Lamp with 3 Reading Spotlights

triple floor lamps for reading
Floor Lamp with 3 Reading Arms
  • No heat dissipation
  • 1856 lm blazing bright light
  • White and yellow light helpful to eye protection
  • 3 omnidirectional LED heads to blaze more light
  • Suitable for small rooms, especially for small studies
  • Unhandy to turn it on when there is obstruction before it at corners

Are you complaining about your present floor lamp because of its large occupation but inadequate light? Stop worrying! This one is able to get you rid of that dilemma.

First, it features a special design. 3 square heads attached the standing pole present deep impress on parties of people. It looks great at contemporary and traditional rooms. Not only that, on account of its slim design, the lamp takes up little space. Thus, you can move it to the corner when you don’t need it.

To get on the reading light, it adopts a unique technique, I believe. As reading lights work really well. Round LED light offer muted reading condition.

And, square diffusers help concentrate soft bright light and blaze them over your shoulder when reading. To your surprise, the lamp head is capable of being pivoting at any angles. It is a miracle light, right?

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4. Pharmacy Style – Jenson Adjustable Brass Reading Floor Lamp

Best adjustable pharmacy brass reading lamp
Best-rated Brass Reading Floor Lamp
  • Weighted base
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to configurate
  • Fashionable antique brass
  • Best storage design for extra cord at bottom base
  • Bulb not included

Are you hunting for a reading floor lamp that pulls a marvelous view with your vintage and modern furniture? Here goes our best-rated floor lamp with good looking, versatile function and effective reading light.

This aged brass finish lamp gives you a diverse but fantastic taste. And, the metal construction adds a luxurious element when it performing light.

Worry about the reading floor lamp is too tall or too short? I believe it is good news for avid readers. Since the lamp height is adjustable from the range of 44 inches to 54 inches. In addition, with the combination of flexible swing arm, the desired light will never run away from your reading scope.

Considering that the bulb is sold separately, there is a note for you. Any of bulb with 60 watts in max is applicable. Plus, you can choose smart ones or dimmable ones so that you can have a better control of the lamp.

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5. Magnification Function – Brightech Standing Reading Lamp for the Elderly


floor reading lamp for the elderly
Floor Reading Lamp for Visual Problems
  • Eye-caring technology
  • 1.75x & 2.25x magnification
  • Adjustable lamp arms and height
  • Convenient wheeling base to set hands free
  • Dimming light color temperature between 4000K to 6000K
  • Bulbs not replaceable

This kind of lamp is designed for people who have a visual problem or who need to do closer work. That is to say, this lamp suits for such crowds as beauticians, tattoo artists, nail technicians, electricians, dressmaker and so on.

With a 4.5” glass lens and 1.75x/2.25x magnification, it is of highly beneficial for doing a complicated and precise work. Not only that, it is convenient to move the lamp place to place with the wheeling base. In this way, the lamp is able to focus the lights wherever you need at the time of seeing small details.

Besides, unlike traditional magnifying lamp, this one has the dimming function. As we know, the best light colors for eye strain alleviation are yellowish and white. So, with its adjustable color temperature from 4000K to 6000K, your eyes will be well-protective exposure to warm white and cool white light.

Even though it doesn’t have gooseneck, the swivel arm is adjustable and can be pivoted to your required location. Also, if you have an appropriate desk base or clamp base, it is feasible to replace the rolling base. It is unbelievable that buy one lamp but obtain 3 types of usability. Don’t hesitate!

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6. With Adjustable Arc Neck – Imigy Floor Lamp for Reading in Bed

Floor Lamp for Bedtime Reading
Floor Lamp for Reading in Bed
  • 25 lighting options
  • Convenient auto timer
  • Touch & remote control
  • Flexible lamp head & neck
  • Easy to bend towards any direction
  • Bulbs cannot be replaced

Do you know reading in bed has a serious requirement on light brightness? Are you tired of getting up from your bed or sofa only to turn off the light after finishing your bedtime reading? Don’t worry that anymore if you got this lamp.

This is a perfect reading floor lamp for bedroom and living room. First of all, it has 25 lighting options—5 brightness levels and 5 color temperature settings. When you are doing different tasks, there must be a right light fitting for your special needs. You can choose your desired light from warm yellow one to cool white one with 5 dimming levels.

Then, as for the flexible neck and multi-angle head, they allow giving that ideal light for any area you needed. The hard stem is 39 inches tall. It may be very short for most people.

But the amazing thing comes with the neck. It can be straightened up to 32 inches tall. That is to say, the total height of this lamp reaches 71 inches. When you are reading in bed, you can choose to bend it down or straighten it up.

By the way, some of the customers have measured that it is possible to bend the lamp at 90 degrees. Of course, it stands extreme steadily.

Additionally, the reason that I strongly recommend it for your bedroom use is that the lamp is able to be controlled by a remote device.

In this way, when you are ready to have a rest, it is unnecessary to leave the bed but adjust the brightness and switch it off directly through the controller. It is also achievable to set time to make itself on/off.

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7. For Narrow Space – Brightech Awesome Reading Lamp with Table for Living Room

modern floor lamp with best storage
Reading Floor Lamp with Table
  • Swivel arm
  • Replaceable bulb
  • USB & Wireless charging
  • Work well with smart homes
  • Fitting nicely with most decor
  • Coming bulbs can’t be dimmed
  • It is obtrusive that white wireless denotation is on the table surface

This is a smart lamp that comes with multiple functions of good storage, 2 convenient charging outlets, pivot arm and eye-caring reading light.

At first, as for its reading light, the bulb is not dimmable. However, if you want dimming lights, replace it! Pay attention to buy the E26 size of dimmable bulbs. Of course, if you want a voice-controlled lamp, it is okay. All you need to do is buy a smart plug and plug it in.

Next, have a clear setting to connect the lamp. And then, you will get a handsfree lamp. By the way, the swivel arm makes it feasible to radiate the reading light according to your intention.

Some of the customers have complained about the marked wireless denotation. In fact, you can modify the table surface with thin things you like, such as a piece of table cloth.

And, the wireless charging still works well even though it doesn’t touch your phones fairly. Not only that, in front of the table, there is another USB charging port, you can get free charging with any of the methods.

In addition, as picture shows, you can store your displays, books, CDs and other small objects on the 2-setting shelves. And the table size looks nice when it places beside your sofa and bed. Under $100 and you can’t beat it for the money.

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What Types of Floor Lamps are the Best for Reading?

Reading floor lamp is commonly seen in homes and offices. If not consider the décor, do you know what is the best type for shining reading light? Below are the most efficient kinds.

  • Classic: Task lights are the most popular ones. With adjustable neck and brightness, it functions as reading, studying and working lamp perfectly.
  • Arching: Overhead light offers a clearer sight for lighting up the books, magazines, newspapers, etc. It is suitable for using behind or beside a couch and a reading chair.
  • Tree: With multiple heads, you can enjoy double, triple and even more times of reading light. I believe there is no doubt to miss any illumination space. Not only that, it also allows meeting the needs of 2 people reading at the same time.

In principle, when reading something, the downward lights work much better than upward ones such as a torchiere floor lamp.


What Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light for Reading?

Tall lamps give the most light! But how do you choose a tall lamp? After reviewing so many functional lamps, the result focuses on 2 points: lampshade and power source.

First of all, a right lampshade brings an unexpected bonus. There are various shapes and colors on the market. So, which kind of lampshade is able to give the most light?

In general, it is rated that the white lampshade has the finest transmissivity of the light than any others. It reflects the light almost without deduction. Besides, some of the customers hold the view that the metal-made lamp head is able to radiate the light back to most space.

When speaking power source, it is no doubt that LED lamp merits the reward of the winner. As is known, it is characteristic by energy saving, durable service and environmental protection.

Expect that, LED technology allows directing the light on a certain area without diffusion. Hence, when you use LED floor lamps for reading, your room partner will not suffer light disturbance.


Final Words

It is well-known that reading calls for strict light needs. When you are ready to enjoy your reading, be sure that your lamp provides a soft and warm yellow light or bright white daylight.

We have reviewed 10 reading floor lamps. Any of it outperforms the average level. Hope you can get your right deal.

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