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Best Floor Lamps for Living Room – Reviews

We are so much used to overhead lights in our living rooms that we crave some change. The floor lamps are among the most popular and common choices, whereby they brighten up a dark room.

Besides, it’s used to adding a finishing touch while still creating a cozy atmosphere by strategically illuminating the room. These types of lamps can be used to simply provide ambiance in the room or used for specific purposes like reading, art, relaxing, studying, etc.

Below, we will look deeper into different kinds of floor lamps that are best used in your living rooms. Let’s jump in together.


Quick Picks of the Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

In a hurry? Have a look at the best floor lamps to decorate your living rooms:


What to Consider When Buying Floor Lamps for Living Room?

floor lamp for dark living room reviews

Choosing the ideal lamp for your living room is often very challenging as there are numerous brands on the market with each claiming to deliver exceptional performance.

Fortunately, you never again have to worry about this happening, as here are some of the essential factors you need to consider when searching for the best floor lamps for your living room.

1. What Is the Type of Light You Want?

Typically, floor lamps are either used for ambient lighting or task lighting. Thus, you first need to decide which between these two is a priority and get to make the right decision regarding which lamp you should get.

Moreover, if the lamp’s position should be near the armchair or sofa to deliver the necessary light for reading, the bottom of its shade should ideally be around the level of your eye when sitting. Thus, the lamp’s height needs to be about 60 inches.

Likewise, selecting the proper shade is vital, so if you are looking to highlight either the ceiling or wall, you should then opt for an opaque shade. Contrary, a semi-translucent shade is better if you want a softer ambient atmosphere.

2. Will the Floor Lamp Match the Design and Décor of Your Living Room?

Floor lamps usually come in a broad range of colors, as well as different materials such as marble, wood, and brass.

The shades vary from brightly tinted Ikat designs on silk to understated linens, so you have a broad scope of making sure the living room lamp matches your décor, style, and period.

Moreover, you can use the floor lamps to incorporate new elements as well as a different character to your living room. Tripod floor lamps are the best choices to add decors.

3. Do You Plan to Layer Light with Numerous Lamps?

Layering light with several lamps is considerably better in comparison to using one overhead source. Thanks to different sizes, you can make use of different combinations to create different situations and moods.

Thus, when buying a floor lamp for your living room, it would be ideal if you also bought it together with wall lights, desk lights, and table lights and get to create a personalized lighting design.

However, while doing all this, you need to factor in your budget, as you would when planning to purchase any other item.

4. How Does the Floor Lamp Fit into Your Living Room’s Scale?

Before you choose a floor lamp, you must consider your living room’s scale, particularly the ceiling height.

If your house’s design has a high ceiling, a short floor lamp will look out of place as lots of overhead space will be left, and if your living room’s ceiling is very low, a tall lamp is not ideal.

To avoid any of these scenarios, you need first to use a tape measure to get the perfect height, as this will allow you to know the base height before you get the floor lamp for your living room.


What Are the Types of Floor Lamps for You to Decorate Living Rooms?

Arc, tree, torchiere, tripod floor lamps are the primary lights to spice up your living rooms.


The arc lamps have a slender body and its arm is long and arc-shaped that extends outwards away from the body. These kinds of floor lamps come with a variety of styles and designs where it ranges from traditional, contemporary name to modern.

They are loved because of how they take very minimal space hence suitable for the minimal room while the long are provide functional task lighting and are a staple piece of the area.

Where to Use

These types of floor lamps are suited for corners of a room because of how they arc over a sofa or a table.

It mostly serves as an accent due to how decorative and unique the shape they got although their demerits are they can be knocked over more easily than normal pieces.

Thus its suitability to be placed on corners and space where they cannot be fell easily.

Tree floor lamps

The lighting which undertakes the tree shape is an accent to any room while it offers an array of branches whereby they can be targeted in different directions according to the needs of the user.

The features of these floor lamps are having a central stand just like a real tree with multiple branches where the lights are fixed in various directions.

When to Use

This kind of floor lamp is chosen mostly when you need to have ambient lighting or if you need directional lighting.

The lamp’s make is designed to be adjustable or gooseneck that allows you to point the light in the direction you wish. With one, you are enabled to adjust just one branch.

When you want to use a lamp for illumination, a large space, or for focusing at one point, this is the kind you want. It always is determined by how you want to utilize it or how you position it.


The torchieres are lamps with a tall body and a shade that faces upwards and used in providing ambiance or accent in laminating the room.

With this type of lamp, you are bound to experience more lighting as the light from the upwards shade bounces back from the wall or ceiling to the room.

They are used as the primary source of lighting due to their illumination range. They can have a variety of features like dimmers which contributes to its versatility and several shades to make the lamp perfectly match your desire.


Their disadvantage is that they can be knocked over easily hence need to find a weightier and thicker down base.


These lamps are widely known because of the three-legged base.

The unique outstanding shape offered by the lamp adds on the architectural elements to a room while providing adequate lighting.

It has a unique and stylish look that is oozed by the unique and magnificent hardware.

When you buy a tripod lamp you are fit to benefit from how the base is sturdy therefore the inability to wobble, stable radiance around your room, and unique design that complements your décor fully.


They are most used in the living room and bedroom and are expected to light over the whole house despite them being a secondary source of lighting.

The drawback of having this floor lamp is that they tell a considerable amount of space as it creates a large base area. These kinds of lamps are not for a cluttered home or small room.


What Is the Best Brand Floor Lamp Used for Living Rooms?

Brightech stands at the forefront of this shift to all night and day interior décor and advances their line of lighting products with a wide range of floor lamps across a wide range of styles and tastes, from the vintage to the futuristic.

Brightech covers most the types of floor lamps on today’s market, including torchiere, arc, tripod, tower, functional reading floor lamps, etc. Of course, at an affordable price.


Which Is Better for Living Rooms: Torchiere vs Tree Lamps?

Generally, according to these types of lamps, there is no better than the other, it all depends on what you prefer.

This is because all come with a variety of designs whereby they can easily complement the décor in your living room.

Besides, just like the tree lamp whereby the branches provide ambiance and hg brightness in all directions so is the torchiere as the lights bounce back from the wall and ceiling illuminating the whole area.

When it comes to needing less illumination, a torchiere can be dimmed to a specific need while a tree lamp can be turned on a few branches or just one independently for less light.

The only notable difference is that a tree lamp can be adjusted to focus on a certain area as one may need. Otherwise, equally both lights are suitable for living rooms.


Best Floor Lamps for Living Room Reviewed

Emma Tripod – Classic Design for Contemporary or Traditional Living Rooms

Floor Lamp for Living Room Reviews

The Brightech Emma Tripod lamp represents one of the most advanced floor laps on the market today. Intended to brighten up any room in a big way the Emma Tripod Lamp incorporates some of the finest home furnishings styles in the modern world.

Its legs are an authentic wood material, of which there are three, hence being called a tripod.

Its lamp shade is a soothing shade of creamy white and comes in a wrap around cylindrical lamp shade.

This is a quiet sort of elegant understatement, a major element of traditional décor the world over, allowing anyone to have find style without being gaudy and crass.

The shade is made out of pure cloth and is a more sophisticated contrast to the wooden legs that speak of a more natural beauty.

This particular lamp goes especially well with a room filled with a nautical motif.

While these are typically studies and guest bedrooms, nearly any room with a nautical motif will get a lot out of this lamp by way of style and elegance.

Additionally, the lights are three way lights that operate on standard E26 bulbs of the base light bulb variety.

A pale grey electrical cord stretches out from the power sort of the lamp itself and is ten feet long, more than enough space to reach an electrical outlet in nearly any room.

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Madison Floor Lamp – with Built-in Two-Tier Black Table

Best Floor Lamp with Open Display Space Review

The Brightech Madison floor lamp is a major departure from the Emma.

Instead of being intended as a standing along floor lamp, the Madison is situated on a stand that doubles as a black wood end table that can hold anything from a trophy to a book to a sandwich.

The table is attached to the lamp, which seems to be a typical stylish floor lamp.

However, this being the twenty first century, new options are more than available to people and the Madison is one such option.

This device comes with a set of built-in USB ports intended to allow owners to charge any device they might need to be charged, from a tablet computer to the increasingly impressive and flexible smart phones that just get better every year.

Standing at 4.7 feet high, this lamp offers a great deal of style at a price most people can afford. It comes with a choice of two shades.

The first is a solid white cylinder that gets the job done without taking too many risks with the décor.

The second choice of shades is an Art-Deco style shade with a black and white pattern that matches the end table the lamp is attached to.

Even better, the second choice of shade takes on the style and personality of the light the lamp is diffusing, making the lamp shade really stand out amongst your other interior design elements.

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Eclipse LED Floor Lamp – Rings of Light Bring Sci-Fi Ambiance to Contemporary Spaces

Best Dimming Floor Lamp For Living Room Reviews

The Eclipse LED floor lamp takes a radical departure from the previous two.

Rather than trying to capture a style of the past, the Eclipse seeks to go for a more science fiction look, which some themed rooms really do benefit from.

Other people may simply wish to have a strange room with intentionally unusual décor. Whatever one’s reasons for wanting interior décor out of a vintage science fiction comic, the Eclipse has them all covered.

A dimmer button on the lamp allows for altering the brightness of the rings.

Select among 3 different light levels, taking the double rings from full-on brightness to softer, ambient mood lighting.

With a double ring of halos of light intended to brighten up a room with white LED lights, this lamp is always cool to the touch and is slimmed down and capable of being put in all manner of cozy and intimate locations.

The lamp has a built-in dimmer button that allows the owner to alter the exact brightness of both rings of the lamp.

It is intended to be a long last and energy-saving device using 28-watt LED lights to do the work of illumination for the lamp’s owner.

Intended to glow brightly and warmly rather than creating a cold, dull light, the two rings of light have a combined 2000 lumens of light, brighter than some military grade flashlights.

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Modern Style – Brightech Twist LED Bright Spiral Floor Lamp for Living Room

brightech twist modern led living room floor lamp

The Brightech Twist is a modern floor lamp that makes your house looking exquisite while giving the appropriate brightness as you wish.

The floor lamps produce a high brightness of up to 950 Lumens and a warm white light of 4000K.

Also, it enables you to dim the light through the 3 way built to create the atmosphere and the mood you deserve. These will put a light in the corner where the light barely reaches while giving the light you need for several activities.

The floor lamp has a built-in footswitch dimmer to adjust light whereby tapping once turns it on, tapping twice dims to 50%, third time to 30%, and tapping the fourth times turns it off.

This stand-up light can be used in multiple rooms like the living room near the couch, in an office next to a stately desk, and bedroom. This will help you relax watching TV while reading a book and providing a light ambiance for sleeping.

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Built with Wooden Shelf – Brightech Maxwell LED Standing Floor Lamp for Living Rooms and Bedrooms

brightech maxwell led shelf floor lamp modern standing light for living rooms bedrooms

Are you looking for versatile contemporary lighting that goes in most rooms in your home, Brightech Maxwell LED standing floor lamps is your choice.

This type of lamp is compatible with smart devices like Alexa, Google, and Apple to turn on and off your computer.

It has 2 USB ports that conveniently charge your mobile phones including iPhone and Android devices and shelf features where you can charge a laptop.

With sturdy pieces, you are assured of saving space as it is a tall and narrow bedside table with an attached lamp.

The Brightech Maxwell Charger wooden end table with mood light was made with inspiration from the Japanese designs and is incorporated with three colors.

The floor lamp which has a contemporary look makes it match many décor styles including Asian, modern, mid-century western, and farmhouse due to the wooden finish.

The LED bulb works brightly as it has 900 lumens while uses less energy up to 9.5 Watts thus saving electricity bills.

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For Dark Living Room – Adesso Large and Tall Arc Tree Floor Lamp with Bright Light

tall floor lamps for living room

The Adesso floor lamp is a stylish and elegant piece with a classic and sleek design to compliment your home while creating a warm glow around your room.

The tree floor lamp is compatible with smart outlets like Alexa, Apple, and Google Assistant and CFL bulbs, thus convenient to use.

Using this lamp is so simple as it is user-friendly, lightweight, and convenient to fix, in addition to a clear cord.

It has an innovative lighting solution whereby it is controlled with a four-rotary switch on the main pole to operate as right only, left and center only, all on all and all off to use the suitable light according to your needs.

The 3 light floor lamp can be used in the living room and sections and can be a rustic substitute to typical lamp fixtures while offering multi-directional lights.

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For Traditional Living Room – Brightech Carter Mid Century Floor Lamp

brightech carter floor lamp for mid century modern living rooms

When you are looking for a bright, better-looking, and affordable lamp, the Brightech Carter Mid-Century floor lamp is your ideal choice.

The floor lamp is compatible with the smart device thus easy to turn it on or off conveniently.

The lights produced by the lamp are warm and beautiful hence comfortable to be used by family and friends to feel right at home.

The lampshades are cylindrical which is gorgeous to be kept in your home. The shade measures 19 inches in diameter 10 inches in height while sitting on a beautiful wooden walnut finish stem with a weighted and sturdy base.

It gives sufficient lighting with a calm and ambient glow while lampshade matches and coordinates your décor.

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Cheap to Buy – Brightech Montage Rustic Tall Floor Lamp for Living Room

led floor lamps for living room

The Brightech Montage lamp is the best choice for your home as it produces beautiful warm light for your indoor setting while coming with different styles.

Though the style recalls Victorian street lamps, it is updated with warm, soft textured shade and thin stem with oil rubbed finish.

It is compatible with smart devices in turning on and off while the thin pole makes it possible to turn it into a practical corner lamp.

The floor lamp stands with a height of 5 feet thus suitable to use for reading, or accent while lighting the office desk.

The shade is decorative saving from glares of overhead or exposed bulbs.

The warm white light produced brings a cozy accent to your home whereby the family and friends feel at home.

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After reading through this article, you now have an idea of the best floor lamps and why it would be a great addition to your living room.

Additionally, you have got to know about the several factors you need to consider when looking for the best floor lamps for your living room.

Consequently, you get to boast of a living room that stands out thanks to its unique design that has been enhanced by the floor lamps.

Don’t be so independent on the overhead lights while you have various options to undertake. The floor lamps not only illuminate your living room according to your desires but also provide an accent piece that compliments that the décor in your room.

Don’t be left behind when all others are migrating to floor lamps, pick your favorites and enjoy the functionality.

Using this information provided above, you can now get yourself a high-quality and appealing floor lamp leaving both everyone envious of your living room.

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