Best LED Floor Lamps – Energy Saver

Best LED Floor Lamp in 2020
best floor lamp for living room
  • Best quality
  • 3-way lighting
  • Affordable price
  • Beige burlap shades
  • Antique bronze stem and neck
  • Perfect as a large room luminaire

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Thin body and low energy consumption make it a competent helper for not only space saving but also money preserving. It is so economical and versatile that it is popular in many homes. Do you want a best led floor lamp for your special needs of lighting up a certain space, decorating your homes or any others? We have selected several functional items to serve your different purposes and made a fast list of top 13 options.

Top 13 Best LED Floor Lamps List

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Reviews of 5 Standing LED Lamps for Home

#1. Best Beauty – Kenroy Outdoor LED Floor Lamp

globe led floor lamp
Best Floor Lamp for Plants

Is there short of light when you spend a breezy summer night with your couples or families at outside gardens? When you enjoy the starry sky, you are totally devoured by the nights, are you afraid? Try to put this item beside the outdoor recliners or garden corners.

  • Dual shades
  • 4-way pole switch
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish
  • Woven look enhancing charm
  • For both outdoor and indoor usage
  • A plug in lamp

This lamp is one of the preferences for people who have a backyard and want to dress up their outdoor living area. It certainly has ways to protect bulbs from water and rains as an outdoor lamp. The shade is manufactured by 2 layers, outer made of woven rattan and inner of cream acrylic. This item adds surprisingly elegant feel coupled with the oil bronze body. It will create a romantic atmosphere and cast fancy spots at dreamy nights. You can alter 4 different ambient lights with the pole switch.

In addition to floor lamps, the seller provides matching table and chandelier types. If you prefer this style, don’t miss them!

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#2. Best Tree – Brightech LED Floor Spotlights with Adjustable Panels

led craft floor standing lamp
Best LED Craft Floor Lamp

This lamp is designed aiming to save your space without destroying your interior design. Whether you need to light up your dark corners or an entire room, it helps hit the spot!

  • 3 dimming levels
  • Super bright light
  • Foot pedal switch
  • 3 adjustable lamp heads
  • Solid design not only on material but also on construction
  • Slim body for tight space like a dorm and a small apartment
  • Bulbs can’t be substituted

It has 3 lamp heads which can be pivoted towards any directions. When you put it at the center line of your rooms and rotate one downwards and the remains for left and right respectively, your space is able to surrounded with bright light. Meanwhile, your task also gets its targeted light. Indeed, when you want a searchlight or floodlight, the dimmer switch also allows you to achieve dim but not dark light to protect from your safety. And, with its slim body, it is perfect for anywhere regardless of corners or behind sofas. Plus, I am sure it has the ability to soften your space look at the time of performing lights. Would you want to have a try?

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#3. Best Fun – SensoryMoon LED Tower Floor Lamp with Remote Control

LED tower tank lamp
Best LED Tube Night Lamp for Children

Are you looking for a night lamp for your children? For an attractive lamp with white noise, look no further than this one.

  • Fool Proof
  • Solid wall holder
  • Remoter available
  • Easy to set together
  • Soft bubbling sound
  • 16 different color options
  • You need to fill it with distilled water/treated water for yourself

There are 10 fish popping up and down in the water. You can customize your exhibition plans since there are 16 optional background light colors and 4 available motor modes ranging from flash and strobe to fade and smooth. Some people only regard it as sensory therapy tool. But its function is not limited. For one thing, it also can be a night lamp for children. Soft bubble sound and constant floating fish make it an additional device for sleeping aids. Apart from that, it is also an awesome interior art decoration for hallways and foyers, right?

It is often the case that your kids’ fish died result from your forgetting to change the water in the fish tank. The nightmare that comes with that must be a harsh crying from your lovely child. Do you want to get rid of the dilemma perpetually? Come and buy it! It is a perfect gift for calming down your furious child.

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#4. Best Cheap – Brightech Super Bright  LED Floor Lamp for Reading

super bright led floor lamp
Best Adjustable LED Floor Lamp

Some of you may choose your lamp by customer ratings and sale volumes. Sometimes, it is possible to buy a lamp that doesn’t worth the money or positive ratings. But this one absolutely comes with the best quality and the best price.

  • Affordable price
  • 3 years warranty
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Built in dimmer switch
  • Compatible with smart homes
  • 2 colors available (White & Black)
  • 600 Lumens & 5000K cool white color light
  • Adjustable height between 42 inches and 62 inches
  • Cool white light only
  • Not able to replace the LED bulb
  • Not dimmed when using an external dimmer

This lamp has a single 5000K white bright light. I think it is enough for your lighting needs when you craft, knit, draw or read beneath it. The gooseneck allows you to adjust the lamp head according to your position. If you feel the light is a little higher for you to look things, lower its height at the minimum level of 42″. Of course, it is feasible to stop the lamp at any height between 42″ to 62″. An extra function of the dimmer helps win a lot of love from its followers. The dimmer is a rotary dial which is located next to the lamp base with a cord. It is very convenient for you to catch the cord and rotate the dimming switch for your needed light intensity when you sitting on your sofa and recliners. Plus, it is so lightweight that even a thin and weak lady is easy to move it to beside your bed. Overall, it is worthwhile to buy it.

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#5. Best Daylight – Koncept Z Bar LED Floor Lamp

LED pole lamp
Best Slimline LED Floor Lamp

Are you looking for an awesome Z bar led floor lamp? This one manufactured with a long arm and head is easily to besiege your room with plentiful light.

  • 2 pivot joints
  • 5 years warranty
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • 360-degree rotatable head
  • Suitable for large room lighting
  • Upward and downward light available
  • Fashionable contemporary metallic finish
  • A little expensive

It has a large lighting scope. 14.9″ long arm and 16.25″ head almost cover all of the dark corners in your space. The 2 pivot joints and rotary head make it possible to direct lights at locations no matter where you want it. Moreover, its metallic finish looks nice in any modern rooms.

Plus, the manufacturers provide an amazingly long time warranty of 5 years, from which we can see the confidence to their own lamps. If you suffer the failure lamp, contact them and get a new one at any moment within that time.

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FAQs When Buying Standing LED Lights

LED floor lamps are available in a wide array of brands and colors. Prior to deciding on what kinds you are ready to buy, it is necessary for you to know about these frequently asked questions and answers.

1. How Many Lumens Does a Floor Lamp Need?

It rests with your lighting purpose. A common use floor lamp ranges from 500 Lumens to 800 Lumens. While, a task lamp will require a higher lux. If you ask for an idea for lighting an entire room, here give several plans. For one thing, you can make your floor lamp work together with other table items or recessed lights. Generally speaking, floor lamps are brighter than desk ones or wall lights. For another, you can shop a 5 light led floor lamp or a led tree floor lamp to do your trick.

Best 5 Light LED Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

LED tree floor lamp beside sofas

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2. What Wattage Is Best for Reading?

Since reading is an energetic activity, it calls for natural light without doubts. When it comes to this question of what is the best reading brightness for different people, it unsurprisingly involves issues of age and eyes health. It means people at different ages have diverse requirements for light intensity. On account that children have wholesome eyesight, it is easy for them to receive light. So, they need a bulb with 40 watts or higher. However, as for the elder, they incur visual deterioration. 40 watts bulb can’t help them recognize the words on the books and newspapers. In general, people experienced with aged eyes or bad eyes can read by around 100 watts. By the way, protecting eyes starts childhood. You’d better buy a floor lamp with stunning light for their reading. Moreover, aged eyes are able to choose lamps with a magnifier to solve your hard reading.

Best with White Light – Brightech Eye Care LED Floor Lamp

Best white decent reading light

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Best for Bad Eyes – Brightech LED Magnifier Floor Lamp with Rolling Base

what light temperature is best for reading

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3. Are LED Lights Safe for Reading?

Nothing is safer than LED lights! It is rated that halogen and fluorescent bulbs offer the best light for reading due to the eye protective yellowish light. However, with the development of LED technology, the led bulb is varied by different color lights. Whether you want red or blue light, the led technique is able to catch your goals. Getting down to the ideal and safe light for reading, the led lights does no harm to your eyes. Other than that, it is also an effective tool to help you release your eye fatigues. When you are ready to carry on a purchase, make sure your wanted item has a good quality and is proven no ghost and no flicker.

Best Bingham LED Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light

led torchiere floor lamp with reading light

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4. What Color LED Light Is Best for Kitchen?

Every cook wants a perfect light for his own kitchen illumination. So, what is the most appropriate light color? Soft yellow, cool white or daylight? I believe it is the 4100K bright white light. With warm yellow light, it is possible to do a wrong blending of cuisines. On the contrary, since cool light is able to activate your brain cells, it has the ability to set up surroundings to help you create new dishes. By the way, it is warm yellow light that suits for bedrooms and living rooms while natural daylight does fit for studies and garages.

Best with Gooseneck – Trond 2 in 1 Kitchen Floor LED Lighting

black led floor lamp

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5. Which Is Brighter Soft White or Daylight?

The conventional color temperature for light covers 3 types. Soft white is shown by 2700-3000K light, cool light by 3500-4100K and daylight by 5000-6500K. Some of the customers put forward: Which is the best light color among the above three? The higher the light color temperature, the more bluish light generated. Nevertheless, the lower the light kelvins, the more yellowish light produced.

As for the question of which kind of light color temperature is the brightest, I need to say it is decided by the Lumens. And, which is better, warm white or cool white? It depends on the light needs that your room requires. If you want a lightful house, cool white light will make your home cleaner while if you want a cozy atmosphere, warm white light is better.

Best Super Bright LED Floor Lamp with Auto Timer

daylight led lamp

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6. What Is 40 Watt LED Equivalent to?

The amount of light can’t be measured directly by watts. Watt is used for expressing what the electric power a bulb consumes while lumens, or what we say lux, is used to express what is the light intensity a bulb produced. Generally, each type of bulbs has its own standard. Per watt is able to be described as 12 lux incandescent, 17 lux halogen, 50-60 lux CFLs or 100-120 lux LEDs.

Plus, 40 watt equivalent takes the means of the light which equals to the intensity a 40w incandescent bulb generated. It is calculated that a 40 watt led light bulb goes to about 6 watts of electric power and about 500 Lumens.

7. Can You Use a 60w Bulb in a 100w Socket?

The 100w socket indicates its maximum electric power capacity is 100 watts, which also means your socket unable to bear the incandescent bulbs over 100 watts. Exceeding this value may cause the overheating of the lighting fixtures. Although it may not be damaged immediately, burning out follows sooner or later. So, a socket labeled not to exceed 100w support the regular work of 100w or lower incandescent bulbs. (The methods of how to convert different types of bulb watts is listed above.)

8. Can I Use a 60 Watt LED in a 40 Watt Lamp?

60 watt led bulb is equal to the power of about 8 watts. If your luminaire says it accepts 60 watts, the equal bulbs which less than 50 watts of power are available and work well for your rooms. It is not safe if you apply a bulb in the socket over the value. Even though classy led bulbs will not release heat beyond the danger limit or lead to much lost, installing an unmatched bulb is still a disappointing thing. Thus, consider its power capacity before changing led bulbs for your beloved floor lamp.

9. Do You Need a Special Dimmer for LED Lights?

I am always asked, “Are dimmable led lights worth it”. Dimmer is an extra. If you would like to get a dimmable lamp for unexpected needs, you can do it. Then, what should you do? First, check whether your lamp is compatible with a dimming switch. Or, whether the lamp has a built-in dimmer. If yes, find a dimmable bulb to replace the old one. If not, try to redesign the circuitry and then install the led compatible dimmer. (Redesign is risky which will fail lamp warranty. If you are not an experienced electrician, I wish you wouldn’t try.) Overall, highly recommend buying a dimmable led floor lamp.

Best LED Uplighter Floor Lamp with Dimmer for Offices

led torchiere floor lamp with dimmer

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10. Do LED Lights Lose Brightness Over Time?

As a matter of fact, LED bulbs have the longest longevity than such bulbs as incandescent and fluorescent ones. Different from the sudden fail of halogen bulbs, LED light performs its duty in a steady way. Even though LED light has a long lifespan of 20-25 years, it has to go through its “young stage”. As a matter of fact, the light it shines 10-15 years later is less bright than before. But normal use for illumination is also accessible. With the bloom of led technology, it is inevitable that poorly designed led floor lamps appear on the market. Refuse the inferior ones since they pose both flicker and explosion hazards.

Hot Sale Kira Home Modern Curved LED Floor Lamp

best floor lamp for living room

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Final Words

Nowadays, large numbers of floor lamps are compatible with LED bulbs on today’s market. If you want to replace your obsolete incandescent or CFL bulbs, you can choose the best led bulbs for floor lamps. There leaves a special note that pay attention to the capacity of the bulb screw holder and its socket in order to avoid damage.


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