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Guide To Choosing Best Torchiere and Floor Lamps – Top 8 Reviews

Floor lamps provide consumers with a convenient means to upgrade the lighting in a given space without having to drill holes into walls or ceilings. These lights can be used to provide both functional and ambient lighting, whichever the intended application requires.

Are you looking for a floor lamp but don’t know where to start?

Floor lamps are a great way of giving light to a room and can also be used to design a vacant area. Of course, there are various kinds of floor lamps that you can choose from. It depends on how much light you want for your room, the size of the room also matters, and what design you prefer to have since it can also be used to decorate your home.


In a hurry? There are the best floor lamps we picked for you:

Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp – Adjustable Gooseneck Torchiere for Living Room

Joly Joy’s Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp – with Super Bright Light

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere – Top Rated Warm White Color Floor Lamp

Crown Mark Rain Drop Arc Floor Lamp – Nice Crystal Tree Like Lamp


Your Complete Guide To Choosing Torchiere and Floor Lamps

torchiere floor lamp to provide uplight light beam

Choosing the right floor lamp has become a challenge given the wide variety of options out there. Use the information below as a guide to the perfect floor lamp given your needs, tastes and preferences.

Light Needs

Different occasions require different lighting enviornment. Keep reading to know which light/color temperature you may need:

– Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is important in our homes and lamps that have this feature are one of the best options that you should consider.

Floor lamps that have natural lighting will help you read your favorite book even at night. It will be easier for you to study, write, embroider, or do any work at all that requires you to have a good lighting.

This kind of floor lamp will greatly assist you in every task and will not let you strain your eyes while doing your job.

– Bright Light

If you need to illuminate a really dark room, especially if you don’t have enough windows in your house, getting floor lamps that can give you a bright lighting is the best option.

When you’re reading your book, bright white lights can help you prevent your eyes from squinting.

Also, lighting up a bigger room has never been a difficulty with a torchiere lamp.


Floor lamps come in a wide variety as far as design and appearance go. When looking for the perfect floor lamp, it is important that you identify a suitable design and appearance. This is because the lamp should perfectly match the furniture and room décor of the space it is to be placed in.

One of the main influencing factors of the level of aesthetic appeal associated with a floor lamp is its design. Floor lamp designs should be assessed from top to bottom.

– Base

Starting from the base, you will notice that different floor lamps have differing bases.

Traditional floor lamps come with a larger and heavier base, while contemporary lamps, which have smaller shades, come with smaller and lighter bases. The size of the base usually affects the stability of the lamp as well.

– Neck

The next floor lamp design aspect you should assess is the neck. This is the part that runs from the base to the lamp; it also houses the wire feeding electricity to the bulbs used.

Although some lamps have a straight neck, others come with a curved one to ensure that the light is directed appropriately. Some designs even come with a neck that splits into a number of arms.

– Shade

Lastly, we have the shade. Although most lamps come with a shade, this does not mean that you cannot change it for a more fitting design as per your tastes and preferences, to match the room’s décor.


Another important consideration to keep in mind when assessing the appearance of floor lamps is the material used. Traditional floor lamps are made out of rattan and wood. These usually have a traditional and classic look.

Metallic floor lamps, on the other hand, tend to have a contemporary appeal.

Convenient Use

When choosing floor lamps you will also have to consider its convenience of use. The lamp you end up choosing should achieve the intended purpose conveniently. The fact that floor lamps can be moved around and used for different purposes makes them highly convenient for use.

Other features influencing the level of convenience of use of a floor lamp include its ability to fold into a small package to facilitate easy storage where necessary; support for remote control and elaborate pull switches among others.

If you like a lamp like this, the Kihung Remote Control dimmable led floor lamp with 120 level adjustments is great choice.


Floor lamps can be used to provide both ambient lighting and task lighting. Your intended application will determine the type of floor lamp you should choose.

To increase the functionality of your lamp, choose one that comes with an adjustable height and shade.

Furthermore, consider choosing a floor lamp that also comes with a dimmer switch so that you can be able to conveniently vary the amount of light it emits as per your needs.

If you are looking for a floor lamp to be used for reading, consider purchasing one that has an easy-to-bend neck or arm.

You should also fit a higher wattage bulb on the lamp. Darker shades on the other hand are best used on lamps meant to produce ambient lighting.


When looking to purchase floor lamps, it is important that you consider your needs, or the requirements of the intended purpose.

If you want to use the floor lamp in a living room, or large space requiring a lot of light, consider choosing torchiere style lamps. These lamps direct the light upwards, illuminating a larger space.

On the other hand, if you want a floor lamp to be used in a bedroom, or any other area where you might also use it as a task light, for reading, consider purchasing a lamp that comes with adjustable arms so that you can direct the light appropriately.

It is also worth noting that some floor lights come attached to convenient storage furniture including shelves and drawers. These are great for use in rooms where there is limited storage space available.


Other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect floor lamps include the height and pricing. The height of the lamp you choose should perfectly match the height of the room it is to be used in.

Although cost is often one of the chief considerations in any purchase, it is important that you remember to focus on the value of the lamp you end up buying. Remember that you only get what you pay for.


Review of Top 7 Torchiere and Floor Lamps for Different Settings

The right floor lamp can give you the best lighting for your living room, bedroom, or even for your office. If you research online for floor lamps, you’ll see that each one has different features that you can use.

Knowing these features and each lamp’s differences can help you evaluate which one to buy for your lighting needs. Here are three kinds of floor lamps that you should buy and their benefits.

Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp – Adjustable Gooseneck Torchiere for Living Room

best natural light floor lamp reviews

This lamp has an adjustable gooseneck arm so you can move it and focus the light while you’re doing your task.

27-watt Full Spectrum white bright sunlight torchiere for living room, bedroom or office
– Adjustable Gooseneck Arm can twist and tilt to your satisfaction
– Lamp is 63″ tall, cable is 6ft.

With its 6400 Kelvin rating for color, you’ll get a light that is as bright as the afternoon sunshine.

But don’t panic yet because even with a bright lighting capacity, it has a 27-watt energy saving bulb that can last you up to 8000 hours.

This lamp is the perfect lamp for people who often work late at night and needs good lighting to get the job done.

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Joly Joy’s Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp – with Super Bright Light

energy saving torchiere lamp with bright light

This is, without a doubt, one of the best floor lamps for your living room, and this is evidenced by its flexible and elegant design, with its cage light cover design ensuring a 360-degree omnidirectional beam angle as well as excellent light transmission.

– 3-light tree lamp with super bright light.
– Industrial style and minimalist design.
– Evergy-saving, safe and long-lasting LED bulb.

Its three lamp heads are adjustable either downwards and upwards by 180 degrees, and this makes the entire light body very flexible, allowing you to point to where you want it exactly.

It also features an LED bulb that can last for 20,000 hours, with three 6 watts standing lights that produce a total of 18 wats. Therefore, you never have to worry about replacing this bulb as it significantly durable compared to incandescent or halogen lamps, hence not only saving you money but also energy.

This lamp also provides you with a diverse atmosphere that is designed to match your various lighting requirements, thereby creating a comfortable and warm feeling in your home’s living room.

It is also color adjustable, and you can vary the brightness level between 20% to 100% depending on your lighting needs.

This lamp also features dual operation modes, which is a convenient step-on switch as well as a remote control. Thus, you can easily make use of the on/off pedal switch using which you can tap using your foot the light easily.

Additionally, this floor lamp features a robust design as well as a weighted base that provides it with the much-needed firmness. Because of this, you will never have concerns about your kids and pets easily overturning it and destroying it.

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Brightech SKY LED Torchiere – Top Rated Warm White Color Floor Lamp

Best Rated torchiere floor lamp reviews

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is a torchiere lamp that doesn’t just look fancy but also will give you a lot of features to give your home the best lighting.

Since this lamp has an LED technology, it boasts a lifespan of more than 20 years and it will never heat. It’s also very easy to use as you can dim it with just a tap.

This torchiere floor lamp basks in SKY’s warm white color, as the lamp itself stays cool. LED never overheats. SKY Torchiere provides super bright indirect lighting as it reduces your energy bill.

– Dimmable Super Bright 30-Watt LED
– Warm White Color
– Omni-Directional Head

This lamp can be used to light up a large room like your office, bed room, or living room with no help from a ceiling light.

It has a warm white lighting color which is good for your eyes. Another bonus for this lamp is its rotating top and slender design.

The rotating head feature will help you adjust it so you’ll have enough light in the areas that you want. This LED lamp will give you good lighting without too much heat that can make your room uncomfortable.

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Crown Mark Rain Drop Arc Floor Lamp – Nice Crystal Tree Like Lamp

Best Rain Drop Arc Floor Lamp Review

– 91″height lamp
– Durable construction, the acrylic crystals surprisingly look like real glass and don’t look cheapy.
– Stylish and practical furniture design, the lamp is beautiful.

It’s like a tree with crystals at the end of the branch–the “branches” bend, so the presentation can be individualized-it arrives with arms together, so they actually require bending

The lamp has dimming feature, it can put out a lot of light when on high, and a nice yellow glow on low. It gives off plenty of light when turned all the way up and lovely glow when low.

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Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp – Convenient Storage Lamp

Best Shelf Floor Lamp Reviews

– Modern mood lighting for your living room and bedroom
– Shade diffused light source with open-box shelves
– Works well with LED or 60-watt CFL for a warm, serene feeling with no excess heat.
– 63-inch tall floor lamp in an authentic wood open-box frame has 3 flat-surface 10 ¼ -inch wide shelves. Each shelf measures approximately 15 inches long.

This is a beautiful simple design and inexpensive. A 60 watt incandescent will barely light a room except as a mood light. It’s really more of a mood light, so might be tucked away near a chair, anyway – the shelves are sturdy enough for a mug of coffee, a book, etc.

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Brightech LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp – Best Selling on the Market

Best selling floor lamps for reading reviews

– Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Light
– 12 Watts
– Height: 48″; Tall at a 90-degree position, 61″heigh

Available in 5 colors dimming, this LED reading lamp complements pastels and neutral tones as well as vivid hues and patterns; pairs equally well with traditional wood flooring or more contemporary, industrial spaces.

Lightweight design makes Litespan easily portable from room to roombeside a bed or next to your sofa.

The cord is 6 feet. Also, the instructions do not address the “dimmable” feature at all. It is invoked by continuously pressing the on/off switch.

Easy to find in the dark, the light switch stays lit as a mini-night light with a soft, unobtrusive amber glow.

The flexible “goose-neck” section is very stiff, which is good for holding a position, but is actually so stiff that it can be difficult or impossible to position the lamp head exactly where you want it.

Adjustable gooseneck lets you pivot lamp head up or down or side-to-side over a variety of hobbies or tasks from beading and crocheting to jigsaw puzzles.

Heavy base prevents lamp from tipping over no matter what position the neck is in. This lamp is highly recommend to buy.

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Revel Akira Arc Floor Lamp – Top Rated Lamp Can Control Separately

best floor lamps for living room

A high quality lamp will last for long term and rise your home decor, here is the best valued lamp for you:

– The floor lamp is UL listed for your safety
– 80″ Arc Floor Lamp features 3 different sized woven beige burlap drum shades
– Standing floor lamp features a 4-way switch on the pole for optimal dimming capabilities
– 6′ cord that enables the lamp to connect to a distant wall outlet

It has 3 settings for the bulbs for all the 3 lamp shades, you can have one, two or all three lights turned on together or separately!

Convenient to split the arms so that you can enough to read comfortably for two person reading together. Great floor lamp, fits perfectly in our family room over the curved sofa.

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Choosing the best floor lamps for your lighting need is easy. With these best torchiere lamps, you’ll have an idea which one is the best for your room.

Their features are energy efficient and very convenient so you’ll have no problem with working even at night. Stop reading or working in a room with bad lighting because your eyes will suffer eventually, choose the right floor lamp now to make every task easier.

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