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Best Clip-on & Desktop Lamps for Artist On the Market of 2022

Are you annoyed at such disturbances in the course of your painting?

  • The lamps cast shadows on your working area.
  • The dim light impacts on your drawing.
  • Your present lamp can’t shed light on your whole workbench.

What causes all the above is that you have not chosen the right lamp.

Nevertheless, a best desk lamp for an artist is able to help you out! Then, how to choose the best one among so many multifarious brands and types? Don’t worry! We have elaborately selected the best desk lamps for you!


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp – Hot Pick with 35 Brightness Setting

Etekcity Rechargeable Desk Lamp for Artists – Affordable with Eye Care Function

OTUS Powerful Architect Art Desk Lamp – Able to Be Controlled By Gesture Due to the Infrared Motion Sensor

Phive Clip on Lamp – Super Bright Lamp with Wide Lighting for Drawing Table

Vekkia Small Rechargeable Lamp – Cheap and Convenient to Use

BYB Solid Architect Clamp Lamp – with High CRI Rating and Memory Function


What You Can Benefit from a Desk Lamp for Your Artistic Creation?

how to choose the best desk lamp for artists

The bset desk lamp for artists is a tabletop or clamp lamp that offers adequate light directly on your workbench or easel. Then, what are the specific advantages if you buy one? Here give the answers.

For one thing, a desk lamp basically helps you to get rid of rayless environment. That is to say, you will do your tasks more efficiently with the help of a desk lamp.

For another, a desk lamp does a great job highlighting your working area. With the brighter light source, you can do your own painting without any obstruction. Since it provides you with effective light when you do detailed work. For instance, the miniature painting.

In addition, a desk lamp also helps to relieve eye stress. The best art desk lamp has the features of flicker-free, no glare, no shadow. As a result, it can help you reduce eye strain.

At last, an ideal artistic desk lamp is always equipped with flexible arms and heads. The highly adjustable function serves you great light in any direction you desired.


What Is the Best Lighting for Art Work?

What is the best light for painting

There is no secret that north light gives the best luminance for your artwork. As is measured, the north light is a kind of cool white light which is about 10,000K. Thus, in order to create the best natural light for your artistic studios, you should pay more attention to the following content.

For one thing, the best brightness should be focused on. As we know, the brightness depends on Lumens. However, it does not mean that the higher Lumens the lamp is, the brighter light the lamp beams.

The higher Lumen will lead to damage on the lamp and bad environment on your artistic work. As a rule of thumb, for a medium-sized studio, 7000-8000 Lumens gives the best lighting circumstance for painting.

For another, it is well-known that artistic work requires high CRI (Color Rendering Index). According to experts, any kinds of bulb is perfect for illuminate your work surface if it has 80 CRI or higher.


How to Select the Best Desk Lamp for Your Artwork Space?

How to choose the best desk lamp for artists? Except for the essential focuses on brightness and CRI, what you also should consider? Below is a brief guide.

Desktop Lamp vs. Clip on Lamp

All of the two kinds have their own advantages. So, which kind of lamp you should buy is up to you. If you just use it as a desk light source, desktop and clamp lamp all do great jobs. If you use it on a music stand or easels, the compact clip-on lamp is suggested.

Do You Suffer Bad Eyes?

If you struggle for eyestrain, bad eyes, aging eyes or other eye diseases, a lamp with magnified function should be taken into consideration. The glass lens functions as a magnifier. Also, the LED bulbs around it give you ideal light for detailed work.

Is It Necessary To Shop a Desk Lamp with Eye Strain Reduction?

As you may spend hours in sewing, crafting, miniature painting and so on, it is better to buy an eye care reading lamp. With the help of it, you can do lasting work without damaging your visual system.

Is It Valuable To Buy a Completely Adjustable Art Lamp?

If the desk lamp can light up your whole work area, whether it is adjustable becomes insignificant. However, if your work area needs to be lit by large amounts of lights and the details need lighting specifically, adjustable arms or necks will help you a lot.

So, consider an adjustable lamp for a large workspace.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Prior to buying a desk lamp, you also should think about whether you need to use outside light sources.

– As for the outdoor users, I recommend you to buy cordless desk lamps with a rechargeable battery. In this way, you can achieve lasting light even in the evenings.

And the lightweight clip-on lamp is suggested due to its fixed and stable light source. What is more, the lamp with USB charger can help charge your phones or other devices.

– When it comes to desk lamps using at homes or studios, you should choose from its style first and operation place next. Finally goes to whether the workplace is backlit.


Top 10 Desk Lamps for Artwork – Reviews


——————————————— Best Artistic Desktop Lamps ———————————————

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp – Hot Pick with 35 Brightness Setting

daylight desk lamp for art studiio
Art Desk Lamp with Bright Daylight
  • Flicker-free LED bulb
  • Multiple adjustable joints
  • Low energy consumption and long lifespan
  • 5 color modes with 7-level brightness for each
  • Alloy and aluminum design to help heat dissipation
  • no memory functions

It enjoys a high sale volume of over 7,000. Why it is so popular? Generally speaking, selected brightness options, fully adjustability and cheap price make it well-deserved.

This lamp has an amazing 35 brightness options! You can choose your desired light from yellow, warm yellow, white, natural white and cool white for 7 ranks. And just slide the touchpad to finish your light setting or change light type.

Besides, when speaking its foldability, the astonishing result will catch you. Its head can be raised up to 135 degrees. While its neck is able to be swiveled at 45 degrees and pivoted 150 degrees, which makes the lighting area larger. As for its lamp head, you can rotate it with 90 degrees to choose the best lighting angle.

Not only that, with the design of the USB charging port, it is handy to charge your devices at the time of your painting.

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2. Etekcity Rechargeable Desk Lamp for Artists – with Eye Care Function

Student Desk Lamp for Children
Art Desk Lamp for Kids
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • 2 touch-sensitive switches
  • 3 brightness levels with 256 kinds of colors
  • 2 light sources (overhead light and base light)
  • USB cable and battery inside support wire/wireless usability
  • Specific switch sensor makes it difficult to turn on in the dark
  • Main switch is at the bottom of the base

Even though it is not the hot spot, we found that parties of consumers like it very much. It is rated to be the best overall due to its versatile functions and best price.

First of all, the lamp is supported by USB cable or inside battery. So, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Anywhere with a USB outlet can give it power. You can plug the cable or the adapter into the wall. Also, you can have a more convenient use. With the built-in battery, you can take it out for your drawing. A fully charge support about 2.5-6 hours cordless light.

On sight of the base, this lamp wins more customers. There are 2 touch-sensitive switches. On the center of the color circle, it is the touch switch to control the overhead light. You can drag your finger along the color circle to change the light color of the base light.

Finally goes the gooseneck. The gooseneck is made of thick plastic. You can bend it in any direction to satisfy your lighting needs, and even rotate the lamp head up or down. So, there is no shadow on your workbench.

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3. Phive Powerful Architect Art Desk Lamp – High End with Gesture Control

Architect desk lamp for art
Architect Desk Lamp with Powerful Light
  • 1200 Lumens light
  • Infrared motion sensor
  • Strong and endurable metal design
  • 3 color modes and 12 brightness levels each
  • Adjustable swing arms and rotary head providing directed light
  • A little bit expensive

It is a contemporary desk lamp which suits for any decoration. On the other hand, its metal finish and design will add modernized and eye-catching elements to your studios. And now, let’s get it in details.

Firstly, 36 kinds of lighting options are available. There are 3 light color modes and 12 kinds of stepless brightness levels for each. Then, the adjustable arms and head are able to beam the desired light for wherever you want.

Otherwise, except for the regular functions of swing arm, dimmable lights, eye caring performance, what makes the desk lamp outstanding is the infrared motion sensor. In other words, you can just wave your hands over the lamp to turn it on or off.

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————————————————— Best Clip-on Lamps for Art—————————————————

4. Phive Super Bright Desk Lamp – Highly Recommended for Drawing Table

White bright desk lamp for large workspace
Artistic Lamp with Large Bright Light
  • 4 color modes
  • 5 brightness levels
  • No noise produced
  • Durable gooseneck
  • Huge lighting space
  • Memory light setting
  • You may not adapt to its size initially

The super bright desk light is a lamp that comes almost no critical reviews. It enjoys a rating of 4.7 and is praised by its large bright coverage and high quality. I believe it will not let you down.

First, what calls attention is the wide lighting area. Compared with regular ones, this lamp brings you amazing lighting zone. Its lighting range (63 inch) is more than twice wider than that of others!

The touch-on switch allows you to set 20 light modes without distraction. And the other pleasant thing is that the lamp is able to memorize your brightness setting. In this way, you do not have to reset the light from time to time.

Of course, it definitely casts no reflection and no shadows on your work surface. Not only that, there is no noise generation so that you can work, knit or paint devotedly.

Under $70 you will experience its versatile function. Why not have a try?

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5. Vekkia Small Rechargeable Lamp for Outdoor – Affordable

Small-sized art lamp
Best Small Desk Lamp for Painters & Musicians
  • Best Budget
  • Easy to carry
  • 3-level dimmer
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Flexible to satisfy lighting needs
  • The lowest setting is not bright enough for artwork
  • The Lamp only lights up a small area

It is one of the excellent desk lamps for outdoor. It enjoys a rating of 4.7 and you can take it home only for under $15.

To start with, the lamp is well-adapted for both outdoor and indoor usability. It weighs just 2.08 ounces. With its small size, you can effortlessly and perfectly clip it on easels and music stands. And, the soft pads on the clamp will protect your paper from any damage.

However, what a pity is that it has a small-sized lamp head. In this way, it is more suitable for artists who require a small scope of light.

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6. KEDSUM Stand and Clip on Desk Lamp – for Makeup Artist

Best 2 in 1 Artwork Lamp
Best Selling Artistic Table Light
  • Eye-caring
  • Space saver
  • Completely bendable neck
  • Convenient touch-on sensor
  • 3-way usability (Clip on/Stand free/ Wall mounted)
  • It is better to make the lamp neck longer

You have 3 options to place this lamp. Basically, stand it on the desk. Then, clip it on your mirrors or dressers. Finally, hang it on the wall. Each option will not affect your light customization. You can gently click the button at the center of the base to choose brightness levels or power on/off. Additionally, at its brightest setting, the highest CRI is able to be achieved. That is to say, you can work or make up in a more efficient way.

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7. Daylight Company LLC Adjustable Daylight Lamp – with 2 Heads

Art Studio Lighting Fixtures
Best Light for Close Work
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to install
  • 4-level dimmer
  • 2 heads for lighting up larger space
  • Perfect bright white light for close work
  • The LED bulbs cannot be replaced

This is a lamp favored by minimalist due to simple design and wide lighting zone.

Both the clamp size and the whole size perfectly match your easels. Safe and sturdy as it is, you will never get trouble in falling or tilt. And, 2 lamp heads can illuminate your whole easel and give no dark point. You can alter light from 4 brightness levels. Of course, the shadows will not be created because of its slim body. I believe it is an ideal desk lamp whether clipping on easels or workbenches.

Furthermore, apart from the clip-on design, you can also get it with desktop and floor type.

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#8. BYB Solid Architect Clamp Lamp – with Memory Function and High CRI

Best Rated Artistic Clamp Lamp
Best Clamp Lamp with Bright Light
  • Memory Function
  • Flexible arms and joints
  • 4 color modes (3000-6000K)
  • Eye stress prevention technology
  • 6 dimming levels sharing by each mode
  • You need to tighten the friction screws manually caused by a long-time pivot.

I am really excited about its silver appearance and aluminum-alloy material. The former adds a futuristic element to work space while the latter brings endurance. Other fantastic functions you can get are as follows.

Through extended working, what you are probably experiencing is eye stress. However, you will free from that with one in your art studio. It features 24 brightness options without flicker or glare. Each light is bright enough for lighting your arts. Also, with flexible arms and several metal joints, you can get the desired light without moving the lamp place to place.

By the way, the sellers launch a matched desk lamp base. You can buy one if you prefer to use the lamp in double ways.

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9. Phive Bright Light Drafting Lamp – with Stepless Dimmer for Indoor Use

Art Light for Crafts
Best Clip-on Lamp for Artist
  • 2 switch-on methods
  • Long lifespan LED bulbs
  • 2.36 inches opening size
  • Eye protection technology
  • Sturdy and flexible adjustment
  • 2 available colors (Black/Silver)
  • The lamp head can only swivel forward or horizontally
  • You need to reset the light for the next use.

This is a cool desk lamp for home, office and studios. And, people who have bought it speak highly of its great light.

There are 2 available ways to turn on/off the lamp. One is by touching the switch on the top of the lamp head while the other is tapping the on/off switch on the electric cord (main switch). And, during its work, you can free from the flimsy holder.

Since the strong clamp and flexible swing arms are able to hold up frequent adjustment of the light. That is to say, you can get free light for clarifying your arts.

In addition, it suits the majority of tables. The clamp can support up to 2.36 inches of the desk. And, what I have to mention it is that its large-sized head (13.6 in*345mm) brings a lager lighting zone than regular ones. If you require large brightness, do not miss it!

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——————————————— Best Magnified Desk Lamp for Artists ———————————————

10. Brightech LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp – for Precise Art

Magnification Lamp for Arts
Best Desk Lamp with Magnifier
    • Sturdy body
    • Easy to operate
    • Adjustable height
    • Available 1.75x and 2.25x glass lens
  • The LED bulbs are not dimmable

The lamp is a best choice for bad eyes and aging eyes.

Now, you can cast off your goggles and make your nose bridge far away burdens! With a 5” glass lens, it provides you 1.75 times bigger for the details. Also, if you require more magnification, there also provides a desk lamp with 5 diopters.

It is convenient to get closer light from height adjustment. Totally, the lamp is 42 inches tall. And with 3 rugged metal joints, the lamp allows you to shine the light on your desired orientation.

What I have to mention is that there is only one light color – White. As the lamp helps illuminate your work space, it also permits to protect your eyes.

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What Is the Best Desk Lamp for Artist?

As mentioned, in addition to illuminating your work surface, a best desk lamp for artists also does a favor to protect your eyes. If you still have no idea after looking through so many reviews, Phive clip on lamp is suggested by comprehensive consideration.

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OTUS Desk Lamp...image High End - Powerful Architect Art Desk Lamp - with Infrared Motion Sensor Buy on Amazon
PHIVE LED Task...image High Recommended - Super Bright Desk Lamp – for Drawing Table Buy on Amazon
Vekkia Amber Rechargeable...image Best Cheap – Small Rechargeable Lamp – for Outdoor Buy on Amazon
KEDSUM 7W Dimmable...image Best Value - Stand and Clip on Desk Lamp – for Makeup Artist Buy on Amazon
Daylight Company Duolamp...image Best Light – Adjustable Daylight Lamp – with 2 Heads Buy on Amazon
BYB Metal LED...image Best with High CRI – Solid Architect Clamp Lamp - with Memory Function Buy on Amazon
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