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Best Night Light for Dogs for Indoor Play and Outdoor Walk

Someone might ask whether having a night light for your dog is a good idea, or do dogs need light at night while they have better vision at night?

However, a dog’s night light is not just meant for vision, but instead, it plays crucial roles to your dog more than vision. Dogs are very lovely and companion pets, leaving them alone at home creates a strong feeling of separation to your dog, especially puppies. On the other hand, a day will come when you will have to leave your dog all alone at home. How will it feel leaving it in the dark all night?

Also, remember that separation together with darkness can bring about fear to your pup or dog, while fear can result in your dog messing up your house. These are some of the reasons why you need a night light for your dog.

This article will provide you with a review of the best night light for dogs, as well as a buyer’s guide.

Reviews of the 5 Best Night Light for Dogs

1. Best with Motion Sensor – Mr. Beams Battery Powered Stick on Night Light for Dogs

night light for dogs with motion sensor


  • Easy stick-on installation.
  • Super-bright 20 lumens LED bulbs.
  • Motion-activated sensor.
  • 9 feet of motion detection.


  • The batteries are not included.

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Mr. Beams MB723 is a versatile night light for multiple usages including for dogs and people. The motion-activated night light is battery-powered hence no need for sockets or wiring, making it easy to install.

For further ease of installation, Mr. Beams MB723 features a “stuck on” feature that allows you to stick them to any wall or surface.

This product comes as a set of 3 LED night lights that provides 20 lumens of white light with no glare to the eyes of your dog. The long-lasting LED bulbs are designed to last for up 50, 000 hours, while the battery power is capable of lasting up to 80 hours of use.

It also features an auto on/off motion sensor for power saving. The night lights can sense motion up to 9 feet to automatically switch on and switches off after 30 seconds of no motion detected.

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2. Best Sale – Cheap Vont 6 Pack LED Plug in Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

plug in night light for dogs


  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Smart illumination.
  • Perfect brightness.
  • Self intelligent adjustment.


  • No battery power option.

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Vont ‘Lyra’ Night Light provides you with a set of 6 smart night lights for perfect illumination while saving energy. The smart night lights offer the right amount of light for your dog: not too dim and not too bright, just but the perfect brightness that your dog requires.

It features a smart illumination function that automatically switches on as the daylight diminishes and intelligently adjusts the brightness throughout the night.

They are also superbly designed with a modern look and a compact size, that easily fits in limited spaces. The LED bulbs have a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours and come with a lifetime warranty for defects.

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3. Best for Decor – Ideas LED White Cloud Plug in Wall Night Light

decorative night light for dog owners


  • Corded electric and battery power options.
  • Automatic On/Off function.
  • Sensitive light sensor.
  • Soft brightness.


  • Not found yet.

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LED Night Light is another ideal night light for your dog from the Ideas brand. Get a soft brightness that is just but enough for your dog throughout the dark, neither too bright nor too dim.

The LED Night Light boasts an inbuilt auto on/off sensitive light sensor that turns on the night light automatically at dusk and automatically turns off at dawn. This gives your dog perfect illumination throughout the night.

The LED Night Light features a compact design with offset prongs hence ideal for small spaces. Also, it does not block the adjacent socket outlet, therefore, you don’t have to keep unplugging it to plug in another thing.

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4. Best with Multi Colors – MAZ-TEK Energy Efficient LED Night Light for Dogs

dog nightlight with sensor


  • Multiple changeable colors.
  • Ultra-slim design for space-saving.
  • Memory function.
  • Smart dusk to dawn sensor.


  • Need to be plugged in sockets/outlets.

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MAZ-TEK LED Night Light Lamp is a great night light lamp for your pet, bedroom, hallway, and more. This night light lamp is multiple colors changeable with more than 8 colors and also allows you to set a specific color for your dog/pet.

To set a specific color, all you need is to press the button on the right side. MAZ-TEK LED Night Light Lamp also features an automatic On/Off function, using the smart dusk to dawn sensor.

The 2 pack LED night light lamp automatically turns on at dusk or when the lights go off, giving your dog a warm gentle glow, and on the hand, it turns off at dawn or when other lights are turned on.

It also features an ultra-slim and compact design that is space-saving and does not block the second outlet when plugged in the wall socket.

Also, it has a memory function to help remember the previous color setting.

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5. Best Versatile – HEPAZ 2 Pack 2-in-1 RGB Night Light with Outlets

2 in 1 dog night light with outlets


  • Gentle illumination.
  • Glare-free lighting.
  • Smart dusk to dawn light sensor.
  • RGB multiple color options.


  • None.

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Get an RGB multi-color LED night light from the HEPAZ brand with a stylish modern design and white color. The RGB multiple colors keep rotating with more than 7 different colors, or you can choose your favorite color for your dog.

Just like other versatile night lights, the RGB plug-in LED night light features smart dusk to dawn light sensor, for automatic On/Off. The night light turns on automatically while the ambient light is less than 12lux and turns off automatically at dawn.

The RGB plug-in LED night light provides gentle illumination with just the ideal amount of brightness for navigating through the night. The gentle illumination provides gentle glare-free lighting to your dog or even your kid, hence no eye strain/problems.

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How to Choose the Best Night Light for Dogs?

best night light for dogs review

The best night light for your dog should bring safety to your dog, as well as creating a loving atmosphere for your dog. Therefore, it is crucial to know what to look for in a night light lamp for your dog.

The following are some of the things to consider when choosing the best night light for your dog.

– Pet and child-friendly

Safety is a key consideration for your dog, child, and home at large. When buying your night light, ensure that it is friendly to both your child and dog.

Generally, your child will love to play with your pet, make sure that you choose a night light that does not overheat and is gentle to the eyes. This is to ensure that the night light will be safe when in contact with your dog or child and provides gentle glare-free lighting.

– Perfect decor addition

A stylish and attractive night light can be fun, while a night light for the living room or high traffic areas requires to match your decor, for perfect decor addition.

In the market today, there are many night lights for dogs with a variety of styles, including contemporary, artistic, and more. Just take your time and find a night light that matches perfectly to your decor.

– Smart night light

Unlike the traditional night lights, the smart night lights have it for your comfort, convenience, performance, and efficiency. While choosing your night light for your dog, choose a smart night light.

Smart night lights feature auto On/Off with light sensors or motion sensors, multiple colors, energy-efficient, and long lifespan LED bulbs.



1. Do Puppies Need a Night Light?

Yes, puppies need a night light for comfort and safety.

Generally, puppies fear darkness and make them feel insecure and uncomfortable, which can result in your pup messing your house. Therefore, it is important to have a smart night light for your puppy.

Also, there are times when you will leave your puppy alone in the house and go for a night out with your friends, that feeling of separation creates fear in your puppy. Now leaving your puppy alone in the dark will just make things worse.

2. What Color Night Light Is Best for Dogs?

Generally, LED lights have become so common among many smart night lights today, therefore, you can consider LED night light to be the best for dogs.

However, not all LED lights are the best, some cheap LED lights produce a flickering light that is very fast for human eyes to see, which would affect your dog’s eyes.

Therefore, when buying your LED night light for your dog, ensure that you get high quality LED night light.

Best for Night Walk – Illumiseen LED Dog Leash Light



In conclusion, night lights are very crucial to the lives of our dogs. They bring a feeling of comfort and safety to the dogs, especially puppies. Smart night light plays a very important role in our homes when we leave our dogs alone at home for a night or two.

The above article has provided you with a review of the best night light for dogs, as well as a buyer’s guide for the same.