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Best LED Night Lights for Safe and Long-Term Use

Night times are generally dark. Nonetheless, they have to be well lit for the sake of letting us continue with our activities deep in the night. This requires that we furnish the necessary illumination for such times. The kind of illumination to use has to be legible but not too bright.

This is only manageable by the employment of the best led night lights. The night light is a special kind of lighting gear that furnishes the illumination needed but at the same time is not too bright to interfere with your sleep.

Our peek into the best LED night lights below endeavors to help you started out in this.

LED Night Light vs Non-LED Night Lights

Obviously, the LED night light is not all that may be necessary and fruitful for you. There are the traditional non-LED night lights that may also come handy for your use.

But which of these two is the better option? We compare and contrast the two against some of the most relevant parameters:

best led night light reviews

  • Long-term Reliability

In all, the LED night lights are more reliable in the long run than their non-LED night lights counterparts. That is mainly due to its stronger and more durable makeup.

If you mainly desire longevity, you have the former hence for the taking and prioritization.

  • Radiated Heat Outputs

Apart from emitting the light output, both of these bulbs also generate some heat. However, the heat output of the LED night lights is lower than that of the non-LED night lights.

Thus, it tends to conserve the energy considerably to make your entire room also more comfortable to stay in.

  • Color Range

It is no secret that these lighting apparatus also emit some color in the course of lighting your ambiances.

Generally, though, the LED night lights are able to emit a diverse set of colors that the non-LED night lights cannot even come close to let alone match.

  • Brightness and Intensity

This refers to the overall brightness of the colors and the light output of the bulbs. In all, the LED night lights are able to generate brighter colors and light outputs than their non-LED night lights counterparts.

That stems from the ability of the bulbs to endure stronger burns overall.

  • Energy Efficiency

The ‘energy efficiency’ is the measure of the amount of energy consumed versus the one generated as an output.

For all practical purposes, the LED night lights are more energy-efficient than their non-LED night lights competitors. That makes them the better option insofar as driving down the utility expenses is concerned.

BOTTOM LINE: When all is said and done, the LED night lights are by far the better of the two. As you may see, they trounce their non-LED night lights counterparts in almost all regards.


Reviews of the 9 Best LED-Powered Night Lights

#1. Best with Motion Sensor – Mr. Beams LED Battery Powered Nightlight with Warm Light

Over and above merely illuminating your rooms, you also want to sense the motions of the occupants of the room wherein you are. This can only happen if you lay your hands on the Best with Motion Sensor – Mr. Beams LED Battery Powered Nightlight with Warm Light like this one.

plug in led hallway night lights


  • Auto shut off with the motion sensor
  • Draws its power from the batteries as well
  • Good enough for the sleep areas like the bedrooms


  • Lacks the required batteries

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  • Sleep-friendly Amber LED

At its core is the sleep-friendly amber LED lighting bulb. The role of this is to emit the light output that you need. Its rating stands at the impressive 20 lumens and is hence able to make you fall asleep with it on.

  • Motion and Light Sensors

As noted above, this set of lighting also senses the motions of the people who are in the said rooms.

With this feature, it only turns the lights on whenever some motion is detected when it is dark. That saves the utility bills and expenses on your part considerably.

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#2. Best Plugin – Hot Sale Uigos LED Wall Mount Receptacle Light for Hallways

Short on space or reside in a squeezed apartment? Your best bet lies in this Uigos LED wall plate night light. From its designation, it is clear that the pieces of equipment save greatly on space by fitting the smaller areas.

led automatic night light with dusk to dawn sensor


  • Neither too bright nor too dim and is hence great
  • Negates the need for constant bulb replacements
  • Comprises a built-in sensitive light sensor for your engagement


  • Lacks white noise

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  • Automatic Illumination

By virtue of comprising a host of automated features, the lighting apparatus is ripe for automatic illumination. In this regard, it lights up automatically only if the room is dark enough.

Hence, it cuts down greatly on the power consumption.

  • Energy-efficient

Its energy efficiency is also top-notch in the sense that it costs a paltry $0.20 per annum to operationalize.

Moreover, the bulbs themselves are long-lasting enough to prevent the need to replace them every now and then.

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#3. Best for Baby – GoLine LED Small Night Light Silicone with Multiple Color Lights

Have a baby in mind or under your household? This GoLine comact night light is the one to set your eyes on. It is specially designed and exclusively meant for small babies.

childrens led night lights


  • Cute design
  • Exudes many colors and other relevant patterns
  • Comprises the BPA-free washable silicone material makeup


  • Lacks a remote control capability

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  • All-night Companion

For all practical purposes, this set of lighting bulbs provides an all-night companion in the sense that it can operate and give off the light outputs for a period of 15 straight hours.

That makes good enough for continuous and unimpeded use.

  • 7-color Night Light

Unlike the ordinary set of lighting apparatus, this one is capable of yielding forth 7 lighting colors. It also goes beyond that to even allow you to alter the color outputs as per your unique expectations.

That puts you on a pedestal as regards the kinds of outcomes you potentially come up with.

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#4. Best for Nursery – Aukey LED Table Lamp with Touch Control Base for Children’s Bedside

If you have a nursery or the needs of many children to care for, your best bet lies in this Aukey LED table lamp for bedside. It is sufficiently bright enough to be able to illuminate large rooms and provide the support that a nursery needs.

Aukey led night table lamp for bedroom


  • Comes with RGB colors
  • Delivers a versatile lighting outputs
  • Makes for smoother touch control operations
  • Comes about in a spectacular modern design


  • No remote control

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  • 360° Touch Control Base

Its flagship trait is the base that possesses 360° touch control. This one is largely manufactured by the upgraded touch panel that is overall more responsive.

Moreover, it also operates smoothly on the metallic surfaces to provide the necessary support.

  • Colorful Display

Using this lamp, it is possible for you to accrue some colorful displays of the lighting outputs.

Particularly, it gives off a spectacular array red-green-blue color spectrum when lit. This array has the ability to spruce up your interior ambiances.

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#5. Best Portable – TaoTronics LED Table Lamp for Bedroom Nightstand with Memory Function

Just in case you happen to move around frequently, you want to make your life simpler by choosing to work with this TaoTronics LED bedside table lamp with touch control. It is smaller, lighter, and more compact than the many alternatives we have around.

TaoTronics led portable night light


  • Comes with easy-to-operated touch control
  • Generates eye-friendly light outputs that are great for pitch darkness
  • Possesses a memory function that saves and keeps track of your operations


  • Takes some space of your nightstands

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  • Touch Sensor Table Lamp

At the top of its most venerable features is the touch sensor capability. This sensor basically detects the motions of the interior occupants and only lights up the system in case there is some motion detected.

It hence reduces the costs of operations considerably.

  • Multifunctional Night Lights

With this piece of equipment, it is possible for you to accrue many advantages and play a host of roles.

These range from providing the necessary illumination to the comfort of the occupants of the rooms to the creation of a romantic atmosphere, among others.

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#6. Best with Super Bright Light – Novelty Place Cordless Battery Powered Night Light

Could it be that all you want is to properly illuminate your rooms? Your best bet lies in this Novelty Place cordless nightlight. It is a lighting apparatus that is able to yield forth too bright light that extensively brightens a room.

stick on led wall night light


  • Motion detection
  • Comes in a compact and comfortable design for you
  • Deactivates automatically after staying idle for 15-20 seconds to save on energy


  • Comes with no plug

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  • Sticks Anywhere

The lighting apparatus is able to stick just about anywhere. It does come about with a set of super-strong double-sided adhesive pads to serve this role.

A built-in magnet also comes along. Its role is to expedite attachment on the metallic surfaces.

  • Motion Activated

As part of its overall makeup, the item is also motion activated by reason of being able to detect motion and vary its operations appropriately.

With it your fingertips, you may be sure not to stumble in the dark as is the norm with other kinds of lighting apparatus.

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#7. Best for Bathroom – Chunace LED Night Light with Motion Activated Detection

Seeking a set of lighting apparatus strictly for your bathroom? You have no better bet than this Chunace LED light.

Its mix of parts and components is indeed optimized for the use in the bathroom where it really plays a great illumination role.

led night light with sensor for bathroom toilet bowel


  • Unlikely to imperil the health of the eyes
  • Highly versatile and able to discharge many roles
  • Its technology is advanced yet its power consumption is low


  • Limited to the bathrooms alone

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  • 16 Colors and 170° Radius

In total, the lighting apparatus is capable of generating 16 colors within a radius of 170° from the source of the light itself.

The sum total of these is exceptional illumination that also goes beyond that to make you well taken great care of.

  • 5 Brightness Levels

Over and above that, the lighting bulb also accords 5 brightness levels for your consideration and subsequent engagement.

These levels are definitely sufficiently large enough to allow for wholesome impacts and extremely comfortable undertakings.

They also see to it that your ambiances are well lit.

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#8. Best with Auto on/off Switch – Emotionlite Warm White LED Night Light with 360 Degree Rotation

If you are the kind of a person who operates a squeezed timeline, you need a night light that is packed with loads of automated features. This Emotionlite night light could be the one to set your eyes on owing to its suitability for such.

led plugin night light


  • Useful for many applications all the while of engagement
  • Acts independently of your controls and direct involvement
  • Manages safer illumination for a prolonged duration of time


  • Not battery powered

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  • 360° Swiveling Head

Coming in first is the 360° swiveling head. This one alters its directions to the desired area and angle of use as need be.

In doing so, it allows you to channel the light output as need be and without any excessive hindrances of whichever kinds.

  • 50,000-hour Lifespan

When all is said and done, the lighting apparatus is capable of managing a whopping 50,000 hours of operations throughout its lifetime.

With this stature comes the added benefits of peace of mind while in use. That also takes all the stress and strains from your minds in the course of engagements.

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#9. Best with Red Light – Emagine A LED Plug-in Night Light with Smart Sensor for Sweat Sleep

Red is synonymous with romance. Want to express romance to your partner? This Emagine A LED Plug-in Night Light to choose to work with. It is able to deliver the red light and hence showcase the romance you badly want to display.

led night light with on off switch


  • Comes with dusk to dawn sensor
  • Red light helps produce melatonin
  • Compact enough to allow for smoother installation and plugin


  • Slightly limited in scope

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  • Long-wavelength Red LED Source

As hinted earlier, the set of light bulbs is capable of emitting a long wavelength of red lights thanks to the LED source to that effect. Apart from expressing romance, the light output also enhances sleep chiefly by encouraging the production of melatonin.

  • 7 Built-in LEDs

Its entire packaging comes in the form of a set of seven built-in LED lighting bulbs and apparatus. Together, these imbue light output that is way brighter than your standard red LED night light. They are generally more visible but at the same time quite comfortable.

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How to Choose the Best LED Nightlight?

Finding the best LED night light is a procedure or an undertaking you can never tackle recklessly. The consequences of making a bad choice are too grave to even contemplate let alone bear.

We now delineate and explain the factors you need to consider to be able to arrive at the most suitable choice:

#1. Switch

These best LED night lights are equipped with switches that basically serve the role of activating and deactivating the same. Three kinds of switches exist for your use.

The switches operate on diverse kinds of approaches and technologies. Each of them has its distinct advantages and modes of use.

We explain them hereunder:

– Motion Sensor

The motions sensors, as the name implies, are able to detect the motions of the people or occupants within the said rooms.

Then, it activates and deactivates the system in line with the kinds of movements so detected.

In doing so, these switches save on time by minimizing energy loss.

Best with Motion Sensor – Mr. Beams Stick on Night Light with Warm Glow

plug in led hallway night lights

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– Touch on/off

Then comes the touch on/off switches. They are operable by a simple press of a button that goes a long way in wither activating or deactivating the systems.

Thanks to the touch button controls, these switches are also able to expedite the use and engagement thereof.

Best with Touch Control – TaoTronics LED Table Lamp with Portable Handle

TaoTronics led portable night light

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– Automatic Dusk to Dawn Switch

As its name suggests, the automatic dusk-to-dawn switch will operate independently of your own controls and engagements.

Instead, it lights on at dawn and off at dusk without you having to engage its controls at all. The end result is an outcome that is freer and less inclined to waste your time.

Best Cheap – Unigos Plug in Dusk to Dawn Sensor LED Night Lamps

led automatic night light with dusk to dawn sensor

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#2. Where to Use?

You next have to factor where exactly you intend to make use of the lighting. That is because the lighting apparats are optimized for use in diverse areas and places.

Picking any at random is not recommended at all as that may only serve to inconvenience you considerably.

Below are some of the common areas of their use:

– Bathroom

For a lighting bulb to be used well in a bathroom setting, it has to be waterproof and less inclined to sustain damages.

That can only happen if it bears a shield or a wrapping that is able to protect it from the water damages and direct exposure to the excess interior elements.

– Hallway

The hallways are larger and more spacious. They similarly require bulbs that are brighter and have a wider sphere of influence.

These bulbs have of necessity to be able to channel the directions of light to the desired area of use. If possible, they have also to be remotely controllable.

– Nursery

Nurseries are where the young ones spend much of their time. For a set of light to be great and awesome for use in an area, it has to be bright but not too bright.

Also, it has to be capable of generating awesome colors as children generally love and admire colors.

#3. For Kids or Adults?

  • Who exactly do you have in mind?
  • Do you have the adults or the kids?

If you have the kids in mind, the best LED night light you subsequently pick for the job has to be colorful, smaller, and compact.

On the flip side, the brighter and multi-directional set of light may be useful for the adults.

Best for Kids – Palawell LED 3D Night Light for Bedroom

#4. Portability

Are you constantly on the move? If you are, the lighting bulbs for your use have to be portable enough to transport from one place to another with absolute ease.

That can only happen if the dimensions concerned are also smaller and more compact in nature.

Best Design – Segoal Night Moon Lamp with Remote Control

#5. Power Source

Needless to say, these lighting bulbs derive their power from various sources. The sources from which they derive their power similarly have a bearing on the kinds of outputs you might obtain from them. There are two main kinds of sources, which we explain hereunder:

– Plugin

The plugin, as the name suggests, is a source that is small and compact. In this sense, all you have to do is plug the socket in an outlet and let the night light operate and generate the light output. This kind of light is mainly suited for the squeezed condominiums and apartments.

– Battery Powered

You may have already guessed from the designation that the battery lights derive their power exclusively from the batteries. That makes them good enough for use while on the go. The batteries are also reliable in the sense that they guarantee the power outputs in areas that are cut off from the national grid.

#6. Size

Like with any other piece of electronic equipment, these best LED night lights are also available in many sizes and shapes.

The exact choice you make largely depends on the size of the rooms you want to impact as well as the shape and the configurations thereof. That is the only guarantee of exceptional outcomes.

Best for Small Apartment – SnapPower Wall Plate Outlet Covers with LED Night Light

#7. Light Color

It is also necessary that you factor the colors of the lights that the bulbs emit. A great bulb has to be able to emit the colors of the light that are truly desirable for your cause.

If possible, it has to similarly be capable of a diverse array of light colors. Below are some of the common colors:

– White

White is mainly symbolic of peace. It is hence a great color to pick and subsequently utilize for the nighttime job if you want to convey some peace.

Also, it possesses a cool and neutral tone that sees it blend well with many of the common settings and environments you have in mind.

– Green

Green is for the mother earth. In case you have earth or environmental theme to celebrate or convey you will find the color pretty suitable for your cause.

For a large part, the green color is also useful and appropriately suited for the outdoor areas and a host of celebratory settings.

– Blue

Blue is a color that is full of coolness and tranquility. You will hence find it better placed for the similarly cool settings and ambiances.

We caution though against using it in areas that are prone to the risks of mosquitoes as it really attracts and encourages the growth of these vermin.

– Red

Red is a symbol of love, in many cases. For this reason, the red night light is a lighting apparatus that is mainly recommended for those who wish to celebrate their loved ones.

Some occasions like Valentine’s holidays find extensive use of this color scheme. Being warm, it is also good enough for celebrating major feats.

Best with Charging Colors – Aukey Touch Operated Night Table Lamp

Aukey led night table lamp for bedroom

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LED Nightlight with Cool Light vs. Warm Light – Which Should I Choose?

There is no straight answer to this question. However, there are some key metrics and parameters that inform the suitability of either the best LED night light. These are:

led night light

#1. Purpose or Occasion

What exactly do you want the lighting apparatus to do for you? Is it to convey love, warmth, and celebrations? On the flip side, could it be that you want to communicate a somber mood and tone? The former demands warm lights whereas the latter can easily do with the cool lights.

#2. Utility Expenses

How much are you willing to part with to settle your utility expenses? A warmer best LED night light is generally more expensive to maintain as they consume too high amounts of electrical power or energy.

Their cooler lights counterparts are however cheaper due to their small-scale consumption of utility energy.

#3. Ambient Temperatures

The level of temperatures that exist outside the area of the use of these lights also has a significant role to play here.

In case you reside in areas that are hot and humid, it may not be sensible using the warmer lights as you will only make things worse for you.

Choose the warm lights for the cold winters.



From the foregoing reviews and buying guide, it is crystal clear that the best LED night light is a subject that is somewhat long and complicated.

As a way forward, we ask you to examine it in its finest details before taking the first bold step to that effect. When are you planning to purchase one for yourself?