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Top 8 Red Floor Lamps to Spice Up Your Rooms – Reviews

  • Have you got a hassle of simple space tone?
  • Do you feel like dotting your rooms with more colors?
  • Do you want to make your rooms warmer?

Since red is a symbol of vitality, enthusiasm, positivity and love, bringing more red colors into your rooms is not a bad idea. Accordingly, we always take it for granted that a red floor lamp is the first preference to enrich your room additions and family’s atmosphere.

In this article, we will review 8 good-looking floor lamps with red shades or red brightness. Hope you can pick your favorites.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Sale With RGB Changing Colors – LEONC Minimalist Floor Lamp for Corners

Gorgeous Appeal – Elegant Designs Modern Red Floor Lamp for Bedrooms

Tiffany Torchiere – Amora Red Stained Glass Floor Lamp for Kids Room


Advantages of Commonly Used Red Light 

Red light plays a significant role in modern society. For one thing, red light is one of the brightest and most striking light colors. So, red light is commonly seen at crossroads on the traffic lights.

  • For another, the most significant role it plays on in our daily life is helping us obtain fast asleep.
  • More importantly, it does a great job on the warm and soft ambiance creation.


Q&A You May Want to Know Before Buying Red Floor Lights 

It is no doubt that the floor lamp with red lamp shade offers light with a reddish glow. Since the yellowish glow is easiest on the eyes, most of the customers would like to buy a lamp with red tune rather than to make new attempts.

However, the ruddy lights are beneficial to many aspects of our life.

1. Will Red Light Hurt Eyes?

Before this point, I have to admit that the yellow and white light are the best 2 glows to protect your eyes. Then, can red light damage the eyes? What are the effects on the eyes because of the red light?

In addition to the eye-friendly yellow and white tune, clinical studies also show that red light does little harm to your night vision. And, it functions further therapy on skin inflammation, wrinkles reduction and so on.

Well, returning to the eye protection, people’s eyes are not easy to catch red lights. So, the red light can’t hurt your eyes unless you gaze at it for hours.

2. Why Is Red Light Better Used in Dark Rooms?

Bright color, like red and orange, is easiest in the dark. It is well-known that most of the photography studios are fully exposed to red lights. Why? Partially reason is that it is the red color that is not disruptive to the film.

And for another, the red light helps you to promptly adjust your visual systems and observe things clearly at such a dim environment. It means, if you put such a floor lamp in your dark living rooms, there is no need to spend time adapting to seeing the darkness.

3. Is Red Light Good for Sleep?

It is not an easy task to see things without lights. Due to our mysterious eye construction, we always take seconds to seize what you want at night, especially at dark bedrooms.

What is the solution? The best way is to light up your red floor lamp all night. But whether the red light is good for sleep? Or, will the red light affects your poor sleep quality?

According to experts, it is shown that the red color spectrum has the lowest effect on your ipRGC (commonly named by photoreceptor cells). It indicates that the red light will give little influence on your sleep even you turn your red lamp all night long. In this way, you will never afraid of falling down or hitting something when you get up at midnight.

Also, you will never disturb the engagement between your partners and Morpheus. By the way, I have to say the floor lamp with a black body but a red shade only is not a bad idea in that the black stem is perfectly melted with darkness and cause no light reflection.


Reviews of Top 8 Red Floor Lights to Make Your Rooms Warmer

With RGB Colors – LEONC Minimalist Floor Lamp for Corners

floor lamp modern
Best Contemporary Floor Lamp
  • Easy to move
  • Dimming design
  • 4 steel foot holders
  • Convenient pedal switch
  • Smart devices compatible
  • Painless assemblance and clean
  • Tower design makes it generates an illusion of tilting

Finally comes with a floor lamp with colorful light, of course, including the red light.

The lamp is designed with multiple colors. Thanks to the white fabric shade, the different light is easy to diffuse and unable to be changed from the original color.

Moreover, this lamp needs 2 bulbs to support its work. One works for the top part and the other for the bottom. You can choose to light up one of the 2 bulbs independently or both of them in the meantime.

Other than that, together with the lamp, there also comes with a remote controller. With the remoter, you can carry out your own dynamic color plans without standing up from your position. Of course, you can also adjust to the appropriate brightness levels by it. The changeable light color must make all of your friends immersing in your fun time.

This item is hard to beat, right?

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Gorgeous Appeal – Elegant Designs Modern Red Floor Lamp for Bedrooms

best chandelier with red shade
Best Bedside Red Floor Lamp
  • Bright light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful draping crystals
  • Nice look for modern and classic houses
  • Not fit for outdoor or semi-closed space due to its poor waterproof ability

Are you in need of an elegant floor lamp? Are you looking for a lamp to decorate your wedding room? This lamp is for you on account that it is capable of adding a strong romantic warmth to your houses.

The top part mainly consists of 2 parts. The chandelier and the shade. On the one hand, the sheer shade does a great job on transmitting light and it allows you to receive more brightness than fabric ones.

Otherwise, the red ribbon does modify the light to be warmer glow. When it comes to the chandelier, people who have got it speak highly of it. The draping crystals dotted with the shade looks indeed luxurious.

With the hanging crystals, when you turn the lamp on, it seems to sparkle like stars. It is a lamp perfect for creating a dreamy atmosphere for kids and romantic ambiance for couples. If you want to change the original bulbs, here gives a bulb suggestion. Plus, matching table lamps are also provided.

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Tiffany Torchiere – Amora Red Stained Glass Floor Lamp for Kids Room

red glass floor lamp
Best Smart Torchiere Lamp
  • Easy to put together
  • Overall red/orange warm tone
  • Not good for a reading lamp
  • This purchase doesn’t come with a bulb

The dragonfly on the shade is favored by a host of children. And, I believe the lamp is hard to forget once you see it.

Since the light is upwards, it does a good job on creating a sweet and pleasant atmosphere for girls’ rooms. And don’t be perplexed about the installing procedure. This lamp is absolutely easy to configure.

Some of the buyers have tested that the time from taking it out of the box to good-assembled is within 10 minutes. And I prove the whole process will help you establish and strengthen the image of super hero in your daughter’s mind.

Honestly, the beauty of the lamp is beyond words. Brilliant when it is off but more brilliant when it is on. Anyway, the lamp you will be received is much more beautiful than the picture showcased. Certainly, it can be awarded more than a good purchase.

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Most Stable – Euro Style Collection Red Tripod Floor Lamp

tripod floor lamp red shade
Solid Tripod Red Floor Lamp
  • Stable design
  • Suitable for any decor
  • Material with top quality
  • Foot-stomp on/off switch
  • Not fit for task illumination

Are you tired of stereotyped interior decor? Do you want to bring a fresh floor lamp in your homes? Buy this one and have a try! And I am sure you will happy with this purchase.

It features both good-looking, solid material and reasonable price. First of all, the lamp has a clear system. The blending colors of passionate red and brilliant silver are easy to catch eyes and it elevates your décor with those assorted colors. For another, the rod legs are a kind of stainless steel while the drum shade is manufactured by superior fabric.

At the very bottom, the 3 crossed legs are 18″ wide for each other. Hence, standing upright can be guaranteed. Overall, it is reliable to shop this one for modern homes and offices.

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With 4 Height Adjustments – Giclee Glow Tall Floor Lamp with Overhead Light

Best Tall Red Floor Lamps
Best Tall Red Floor Lamp
  • Wide lighting zone
  • 4-position stem column switch
  • Fashionable and easy-matching nickel brushe
  • Too heavy to move
  • This item doesn’t include a bulb

Do you have trouble in picking the best light for tasks? This one gives ideal light for reading over chairs and sofas.

Different from the floor lamps introduced above, this lamp has a unique function of adjustable light directions. That is to say, you can stay at your original place without move and can get the light where you need it.

As the switch is located on the stem before arching, it is convenient to turn it on/off when you are sitting on the couches and recliners. Plus, the lamp features a diffuser and you can fire the light bulb separately or both.

In addition, the lamp will be put into its service when you install 2 bulbs. 100 watts bulb is fine. Since LED light bulb has advantages of long-lasting life, low energy consumption and eye strain reduction, it is highly recommended.

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Most Durable – River of Goods Metal and Woven Floor Lamp for Patio

Qualified lamp for both indoor and outdor
Best Floor Lamps for Outdoor
  • Durable attachments
  • Well-built construction
  • Indoor and outdoor available
  • Glass dome to ensure watertightness and safety
  • Poor installing instruction

Do you want to enjoy reading light and comfortable breeze at the same time? Are you searching for a lamp for patios or porches? This lamp will not let you down.

Best quality allows to light up both your indoor and outdoor space. Once you have it, annoying problems like easily wetted and corrosive will thoroughly say goodbye to your life. The basketweave shade adopts plastics of good quality and the body and base is well-constructed and stands steadily due to the metal material.

Plus, the lamp is designed with a glass dome, which is in order to protect light bulb from water and other damage. In its entirety, it is tested to stand the trial from all the natural phenomena like strong winds and heavy rains.

Otherwise, the shade design makes you away from direct light to the eyes in the course of space illumination. It means this lamp also works well on the protection of your eyes. Can’t help recommending this one!

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Cheap to Buy – MiniSun Red Floor Lamp Next to TVs

red lamp beside a couch
Best Affordable Red Lamp
  • Cozy and nice light
  • Take up little space
  • Easy cleaning fabric shade
  • Invisible on/off switch

Are you looking for a lamp that shorter than standard floor types but taller than table lamps? This one is what you want.

On the whole, the lamp is not a bulky one. It is 7″ wide or so and about 54 inches tall. Such a dimension takes up almost no space. So, it is perfectly suitable for corners and both sides of the TV stands.

As for the light, of course, you will not be disappointed. With fashionable sleek red shade, it gives a nice ruddy background light. Embraced by such a light, you can put all the troublesome things behind yourself and get a completely relaxing lying on the recliners.

Even though it has a slim body, it can stand well, even on the carpet. The base is made of ceramic, which makes it looks expensive and magnificent. I believe it will become one of your most attractive interior decorations.

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Retro Design – Ore Red and Black Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

Best Floor Lamps in Red
Best Mordern Red Floor Lamp
  • Easy to clean: fabric shade
  • Convenient switch: on/off chain
  • Solid design: metal chrome stem and base
  • Not suitable for reading
  • You need to buy another light bulb

It is no shocker that this lamp will receive a group of compliments from your guests.

I recommend it due to its special design. It has a 2-layer shade. The inner shade is in red to make the emitting light reddish. Thus, a warm mood is able to haunt your entire space. And, the outer shade is composed of irregular black circles which add aesthetic appeal of the lamp itself and your modern rooms.

Besides, the shade is made of classy fabric. So, a piece of cloth can help you solve the cleaning problem.

Worry that the good-looking lamp has a fragile quality? Free yourself! The weighted base and durable chrome material address your concern. In any case, the lamp is able to stand straightly like a pinus sylvestris.

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Final Words

Many families prefer to place a floor lamp so as to enrich additions. And, it is a happy and enjoyable thing to decorate your rooms with red floor lamps and reddish light.

If you are willing to change your existing one, just get a red floor lamp shade replacement and redecorate your houses.

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