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Best Floor Lamp for Dark Room You can Buy in 2022

  • Is it obtrusive that the whole space is lit partially?
  • Are you annoying at seeing things in semi-darkness?
  • Do you worry about falling down or hitting something at nights?
  • How to deal with the very dark rooms without windows or the dim corners?

A good floor lamp, especially a torchiere, is of great significance to dark areas. It will easily illuminate your entire room and also create a warm atmosphere for your families.

Do you have trouble getting recommendations for a best floor lamp for dark room? Here, we offer 10 quick fixes to solve your urgent problem.

In a hurry? There are the best floor lamps for dark room we picked for you:

Cheap but not Sacrifice any Functions: Brightech Torchiere with Bright Ambient Light

Minimalist Design Floor Lamp with 2 Adjustable Rings for Omnidirectional Light: Brightech Floor Lamp for Dark Office

High Stability that Won’t Be Fallen, Great for Homes with Pets and Naughty Kids: Stone & Beam Tripod Floor Lamp to Light up a Small Dark Room

Traditional Style Lamp with Double-Layer Shade that Can’t Shine Dazzling Light: Brightech Mason Adjustable Stand Light for High Ceilings

3-Light Tree Style Floor Lamp with Ultra Bright Light for Large Space: Kira Home Floor Lamp for Dark Living Room

High End but Luxury Looking for Traditional/Victorian Home: Florencio Black and Gold Finish Torchiere 



How Munch Lumen is Enough for a Dark Room?

ways to get natural light into a dark roomIt is decided by what the size of your rooms is. As for a studying room about 125 square feet, the light output of 2500 Lumens is able to light up the whole space. If you want the room brighter, there are 2 special skills. One is to make use of the mirrors.

As we know, the room will look larger and brighter through mirror reflection. In addition, natural light does a great job on scattering light. So, a much better idea comes with more white decoration, including white walls, white furniture and so on.


How to Pick the Best Floor Lamp for Your Dark Rooms?

It is a hard job to select the best floor lamp among so many commodities on the market. So, we provide basic choosing factors as follows:


Whether the floor lamp is safe is always measured by the base. If the base is light-weighted, there is a higher chance to be toppled over. And, it brings a potential risk for people who have lusty pets and naughty kids. Thus, when you buy a floor lamp, it is first and vital to shop for a wide and weighted one.


Commonly, you can access to sleek and matte finish lamp made of wood, metal, etc. As for the lamp finish, what you need to consider is whether the given lamp should match your present furniture and decorative style. If you want to blend it with your furniture, it is necessary to buy one with the same style. If not, choose one with reasonable conflicts.


It is certain that a larger floor lamp is unsuitable for small rooms. It will cause glare and dazzle. Similarly, a small floor lamp has no ability to brighten a large living room. So, measure the room size roughly and choose the proper floor lamp to light up your desired places.

What is the size of your room? How high is your ceiling? As a rule of thumb, a large room with high ceilings calls for an arched floor lamp. However, it is a better choice to place a thin torchiere floor lamp for small tight rooms. According to scientific experiments, a 6 to 7 feet floor lamp is tall enough to offer muted light to your dim rooms.


Think about what role you want the lamp plays? Task light or accent light? Or both? Since the lampshade will decrease the light intensity, an  LED floor lamp on the market always equips with a bare lamp head.

As for ambiance creation, a chimney lamp does the great trick, especially white linen shade and beige burlap shades.

If you would like to achieve both functions – task and mood lighting, I advise you to buy the torchiere lamp with 2 or more side reading lights.


Which Kind of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light for Short Ceiling?

If you have a concentrated ceiling in small rooms, I recommend you to buy the torchiere lamp. Tripod type takes up some space. Plus, a shade always weakens the original light it produces.

On the contrary, the torchiere occupies almost no area and a slim body is easy to blend with other furniture. More importantly, the light it provides directs towards the ceiling. And then, the cozy atmosphere is able to disperse the whole space.

If you have a large room, tree and arched standing lamp are for you. Since tree lamp always covers a slender stem and several heads with moving necks (sometimes without swing arms), you can twist the light where you need it.


Reviews of 7 Top Pick Stand Lighting Fixtures to Brighten Dark Space

According to the suggestions of interior designers and customers report, we have selected the 7 most popular floor lamps for darkness illumination.

——————————————— Under $100———————————————

#1. Cheap to Buy – Brightech Floor Lamp for Bright Light

customers winner sky torchiere lamp
Super Bright LED Stand Lamp
  • Touch control
  • Dimming design
  • 2260Lm warm white light
  • Sturdy and weighted base
  • 7 different looking options
  • Compatible with wall outlets
    • 2-5 seconds delay when working with smart switches
    • The height is 63″ which is not eye-friendly for tall people

If you are looking for a floor lamp with bright light, I believe this one will not let you down.

As we know, the brightness of a lamp depends on the Lumens rather than Wattages. This lamp generates a light output of 2260 Lumens. Such a high degree makes it bright enough to be the only light source to light up your dark room. And, it produces 3000K warm yellow light, being neither glare nor dazzle, which is perfect for both task and mood light. Most of the buyers praised the warm glow. Saying that it is an ideal ambiance for families and also eye-friendly when they read newspapers and books.

Sleek finish and slim body give a strong sense of lines. So, it takes up little space and is capable of blending with your modern furniture excellently. The base is 10″ wide able to ensure its sturdiness. Besides, there are 7 available colors. It is rated that each color corresponds to one kind of decorative style. Come on and pick up your favorites to beautify your rooms.

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——————————————— $100- $200———————————————

#2. Special Design – Brightech Eclipse Floor Lamp with Adjustable Rings for Dark Office

Best Floor Lamp for Dark Office
Best Floor Lamp for Dark Offices
  • Total height: 79″
  • Minimalist design
  • Dimmable light (3 levels)
  • Both rings are adjustable
  • Slender body helps save space
  • Touch sensitive switch on the pole
    • Not compatible with smart homes

Affordable price, over 1000 sales volume and utility features make it reliable to buy.

Similar to the first recommendation, this lamp also provides 3000K warm light. Perfect for creating cozy atmosphere. Thanks to its tall design, the lamp is capable of diffusing the light for more space.

What makes this one special is that it has 2 adjustable rings. You can pivot the rings as you like, whether horizontal or vertical, whether tilting towards left or right. Both of the rings are equipped with LED bulbs so that they can radiate eye-protective light regardless of their shape.

All you need to do is gently touch the power button at the top of the stem. Click once for turning it on, twice and then for brightness adjustment, and final click comes to switch it off.

As you can get this slim but study lamp with 2 colors, I suggest you buy the silver one if you want the dark room brighter. And I am sure you will be pleased with this purchase.

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#3. Minimalist – Adesso White Upstanding Lamp for Dining Room

best stand lamp for corners
Best Lamp to Brighten Corner
  • Matte finish
  • Rotary switch
  • Work well with smart outlets
  • Scandinavian design suitable for any decor
  • This item not includes the bulb (requires 100 w incandescent or 20w cfl)

It comes with superb quality and design. And, reasonable price will not disappoint you!

The lampshade is lavish. 17.75″ W x 10.75″H white chimney help emits light intensity as much as possible. And, do not hesitant with the Japanese paper! It is not the fragile rice paper but more than a classy fabric. Other than that, this affordable lamp is not made of cheap material. The slim body as well as weighted base all arm with good old steel. So, you are free of its short service.

It is designed by the ideas of tulip. When it is lit up, there occurs textured straight lines on the shade surface which give perfect and decent look for your dining rooms, living rooms and guest rooms. Besides, since the lamp has clear cord management, there is no need to trouble the disordered strings.

Overall, it is a lamp living up to esthetic design and muted ambiance. Not so tall but stunning light will make you enjoyable at meals. This lamp is always within your expectations.

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#4. Most Stable – Stone & Beam Floor Lamp to Light up a Small Dark Room

best floor lamp for dark rooms
Best Bright Ambiance Lamp
  • Four-legged base
  • Comfortable ambiance
  • Compatible with a wall switch
  • Metal body supports long-lasting use.
  • Art deco fits for beside furniture or in corners
  • Linen shade provides fresh and modern addition to your space
  • 59.5” is a bit shorter for some people

Are you browsing through a robust decorative free-standing lamp for corners or your small dark rooms? This lamp from Stone & Beam is worthy of its name.

]Black finish metal base in combination with white shade blend well with your modern space. First of all, white linen shade made of fabric gives an elegant addition to your rooms. I am sure it will give abundant soft light for your entertaining activities, even though a shade cuts down much brightness.

Since the lamp has a larger shade than traditional ones. On sight of its metal four-legged base, it is definitely positive to guarantee a solid foundation. It is safer than a tripod one. Besides, the metal frame extends its endurance.

I can’t help but say this lamp is welfare for people who yearn for a neat house. Other than lamps with clutter cords, this one not allows its strings to hand down at random. Rather, its electric cord runs through one of the fundamental legs and is almost invisible. Plus, a matching table lamp is also provided to make your space more coordinating.

It also features wall outlets compatible. And, the bulb coming with is changeable. A standard dimmable E27 bulb is able to satisfy your choice of brightness and a well-done smart plug will give back you an intelligent floor lamp.

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#5. Arc Neck – Brightech Mason Adjustable Stand Light for High Ceilings

Best arched lamp for behind a couch
Best Floor Lamp for High Ceilings
  • Marble base
  • Sufficient light
  • 3 color available
  • Easy to assemble
  • Double drum shade
  • Adjustable arched neck
  • Work with smart outlets
    • Bulbs not dimmable
    • Quite unsuitable for reading

Are you looking for a floor lamp for high ceilings? This arched one from Brightech is 81 inches tall in max and has double cylindrical shade.

First of all, I must gush about the marvelous marble base. It is incredible that this lamp combines the good-looking appearance with heavy weighted base. The weighted marble base not only brings safe bottom but also imposes a great addition to most furniture like coffee tables, recliners, couches, etc.

The arched neck allows to swing 3000K warm white light over anywhere you need it. And the convenient foot pedal makes it easy to turn on. If you possess smart home devices, you can abandon the foot switch but turn on this lamp with your sweet voice.

It will not fail you for brightening living rooms with vaulted or high ceilings.

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#6. Tree Style – Kira Home 3-Way Floor Lamp for Dark Living Room

best floor lamp for living room
Best Light for Large Rooms
  • 3-way lighting
  • Solid base
  • Asian style
  • Any type of bulb is available (standard-medium base)
  • Bulbs not included
  • Invisible knob to dim the light

Do you have difficulty to light up your living room? Highly recommend for this first-rate tree floor lamp.

The most marveled point is the 3-way lighting. That is to say, you can get triple bright lights than classic ones. With a master controller, it is likely to select the light intensity you want. It seems to look like an exterior dimmer. And the arched neck assists you to brighten certain areas since it is able to be twisted into any position. What an awesome design!

Some people may mistrust its sturdiness due to the overweight top part. Don’t worry! The lamp stands so solid even on the thick carpet. With moving heads and rich lights, it is more suitable for a large room and looks nice behind sofa, at corners and between sectionals.

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——————————————— Under $300———————————————

#7. High End – Barnes and Ivy Awesome Light for Brightening Dark Corner

best lamp for dark corner
Awesome Lamp with Stunning Light
  • Exquisite technique
  • Dimming foot switch
  • Classic and regal look
  • Beautiful interior decorations
  • Bulbs are sold separately

Are you looking for a luxurious lamp for fancy rooms? This one is highly recommended!

Do you want to travel back to the traditional age? Buy it! This lamp will bring you a feeling of living in the ancient palace. The lamp is brushed by antique gold finish. And, the base and the connector between lamp and stem are curved by subtle artistic technique. I believe you will never find a crafted lamp to decorate your vintage house if you miss it.

Since this deal doesn’t contain the bulb, you can choose it according to your tastes. Whether the led, incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulb is applicable. Keep mind that the chosen bulb shouldn’t beyond its output capacity of 150 watts. Of course, it is a wise choice to choose dimmable ones. Thanks to its built-in dimmer, the upward light helps create whatever atmosphere you want with the help of foot pedal.

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FAQs of Buying a Right Floor Lamp for a Dark Room

1. What Can I Do to Solve Both Task and Overall Lighting Requirements?

On account that the torchiere lamp has the best ability to diffuse light, we often advise you to use it as general light in dark rooms.

Of course, other types also do well for mood creation. If you want to have a clear light to do tasks, we suggest you make ambient light as the primary source.

Other than that, an eye-care desk lamp is needed. Or, you can buy a multi-head lamp that shines an adequate and bright light to your both task lighting and room illumination. In this way, a torchiere lamp with reading lights like Ellery is your best choice.

2. Must I Buy a Dimmable Floor Lamp for My Dark Room?

It is up to you. If you are an avid reader or need the light to brighten your closer work, it is beneficial to buy a lamp with adjustable brightness. If you just use the lamp as room illumination, it is unnecessary. A soft lighting fixture is fine.


Final Words

Need more light in the dark space? In addition to installing mirrors to reflect the light, there is a much better method to light up a dark space. That is, direct the light at walls, which will then diffuse the ambiance at the whole room. In this way, it is a wise choice to buy a torchiere uplight lamp.

In a hurry? Make the warm glow disperse and get your room rid of darkness with Brightech torchiere.

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