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Best Red Night Lights to Balance Your Melatonin – Hot Pick in 2022

There is no denying that red night light will effortlessly ignite and even delight your mind. But did you know that the light you choose could make a significant difference in most cases? Here are some of the best red night lights you could consider and some informed suggestions you need to know before purchase.

Reviews of the 5 best nightlights with red light

#1. Best sale – Unifun led rechargeable red and colorful night light for nursery

rechargeable portable red table lamp with touch control


  • Rechargeable
  • Sports dimmable light
  • Easy to switch on and off
  • Comes with the best lullaby


  • Takes time to charge it when it runs out

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Are you looking for the best-selling red night light? Look no further than this option, as it has proven to be ideal for most people. Its myriad of features seems to make things even better.

Controlling this night light is relatively straightforward, thanks to its smooth touch-control.

This product comes with a touch panel, which is vital in ensuring that you switch between three different modes of light. It will also be more straightforward for you to turn your device on and off.

Further, you will effortlessly adjust the brightness of your light. Typically, you will be free to switch from low, high, medium, and dim, depending on your preferences.

While at it, you will comfortably alternate between different model types, including RGB color combinations and fixed colors.

This product is a 360-degree panel, which provides you with unmatched uniformity in light distribution.

What is more, the light tends to be much friendlier to the eyes, giving you a more fulfilling time in the long run.

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#2. Best for better sleep – Emagine plug in red night light with on-off-auto toggle

red night light for nursery


  • Enhanced versatility
  • Amber and warm glow
  • Assures you of motion detection
  • Relatively straightforward to operate


  • No brightness options

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This product comes in handy for those that need the best sleep. Thanks to the long wavelengths it provides, you will be sure of enough light for visibility and the right level of brightness to encourage sleep.

Typically, the wavelengths are not only healthy but also beneficial for your rest. It is a horseshoe light that comes with up to seven LED lights.

Did you know that it comes with a daylight sensor? This sensor ensures that the device goes off whenever the day becomes bright. Thanks to this feature, it will be much easier for you to attain the level of energy efficiency that you so need.

You can hardly overlook the longevity of this device. Usually, you will be confident of getting up to 30000 hours of lifespan. What is more, the robust construction implies that you will need not to worry about how sturdy this device is.

Since you will be enjoying energy efficiency too, there will hardly be a reason to worry about cost-effectiveness.

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#3. Best for bedroom and bathroom – Spectra479 red night ligth for clear vision

red night light for better sleep


  • Friendly to the eyes
  • Relatively affordable
  • Effortlessly encourages the production of the melatonin hormone


  • Not a rechargeable lamp

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Are you looking forward to having the best light for your bathroom and bedroom? This option is all you could ever wish for at any time.

This product assures you of up to three different lights. Usually, you will choose from red, white, and blue lights, depending on your preferences and the time of the day.

The red light comes in handy in enhancing hormone melatonin. It is through the natural production of melatonin that you will have no problem when sleeping.

While the white light is relaxing, the blue one will boost your mood.

And the blue light emits a much more alerting light beam which helps you awake fast and enjoy the early morning.

Are you worried about your safety? Well, this light is friendly to your eyes, giving you a much easier time in the long run.

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#4. Best with dim red light – Greenic led red nightlight for baby rooms

red led night light


  • Comes with a smart sensor
  • Can save energy and cut costs
  • Impressive, compact, modern design
  • Soft illumination, which is eye-friendly


  • The plastic finish could be a turn-off for some people

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The natural ambiance of this red night light is almost impossible to overstate. It will often come in handy for those who are looking forward to having the best dim red night light.

Usually, this product will come with a control panel, whose operation is relatively straightforward. The touch control means that you will effortlessly change the brightness or even the mode of light whenever necessary.

You can hardly overlook the impeccable design of this night light. It comes with a candle-shape design, whose elegance remains unmatched. This compact design ensures that there is no blockage of the second outlet on your socket.

Further, you will appreciate the sensor it features, as it accentuates auto on/off. Once the day becomes a little brighter, the device will automatically go off.

It is through this that you will be sure of enhanced energy efficiency in the long run.

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#5. Best for children’s room – Elsent plug in wall lamp with red night light

dim red night light


  • Impeccable levels of brightness
  • Much friendlier and comfortable to the eyes and the children
  • It will comfortably detect motion and daylight whenever necessary


  • Can’t work when there is a power failure

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Indeed, the comfort of your children will always top your priorities. This light is all you will need for their room, thanks to its soft illumination and incredible reliability.

The soothing glow that this light provides you with will always warm your heart. This soft illumination will often make sure that there is no compromise on your night vision.

Further, there will hardly be any discomfort under this light, whether it is an adult or a child.

That the product also comes with an incredible sensor makes it one of the most reliable. Usually, this sensor ensures that the night light automatically goes on and off at dusk and dawn. With this, you need to keep in mind that there will be no switch button.

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How to choose the best red light?

Various aspects go into the credible choosing of red night lights. From confirming the performance and reliability of this light to how functional they are, you will always want to get the best.

But how do you do this? Indeed, choosing the right red light therapy device for your night vision can be a daunting process. That, however, does not mean that it is impossible.

Take the time to consider the following variables in this light, as they will ensure that you get the best.

– What is the nature of the light?

Typically, now would be the best time to focus on how soft the illumination tends to be. In most cases, softer light will achieve better results for anyone.

Thanks to this softness, most people will find it more comfortable to sleep. It is in this regard that you will need to pay attention to the intensity of the light you get.

The best red lights will offer between 20 and 100mW/cm2.

– Energy efficiency

Undoubtedly, people are now focusing on how to cut down their energy bills, and you are no exception. It will always be vital for you to focus on something that consumes a relatively low amount of energy.

It is through this that you will not end up with significant changes in your energy bills in the long run. A device that adopts led technology will be a better choice for you.

Best LED – Spectra479 Plug in Red Night Light for Night Vision Protection

red night light for better sleep

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– Check the type of device

It will suffice to mention how many different types of red therapy devices are at your disposal.

Most often, you will need to choose from the plug-in, projection, and soft night table lights, depending on your preferences and the comfort level you want to attain.

– Check the design

How compact is your design? Is it portable? There is no denying that a relatively more compact design needs to top your priorities, as this is the only way to achieve enhanced portability.

While at it, ensure that you focus on a design that is relatively lightweight too. A device that measures about 8 or 9 ounces will come in handy for you.

– Ease of operation

You will barely want a device that gives you a hard time. Most often, it will be best for you to consider something whose operation needs no extra skill.

For instance, devices that come with touch-controls will often be much easier for you to handle, as all you will need to do is to touch whichever function you need.

Automatic options will even be much more convenient for you.

Best with Auto Switch – Emagine A Red Night Lamp for Bedroom

red night light for nursery

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– Price

Nothing will be as crucial in your decision-making as the price of your chosen night light. Such will be the right time for you to understand how much value for money you get from the device.

Unless it gives you the utmost satisfaction, this device will hardly be the ultimate choice for you. It will also be vital to focus on things that the items that you will comfortably afford.

Machines that cost less than $20 will be much more affordable to you in the long run.


Red light vs. Green light vs. Orange light for night sleeping

There is no denying that red, green, and orange lights will always be much better than white light for night vision. But what is the difference between each of them?

Here is a highlight you will not want to overlook.

– Red light

Red light has proven to be one of the best lights for those who want to enhance melatonin production. It is for this reason that they will work best for night vision.

As long as you want to have a restful night, this will be your ultimate choice. As if that is not enough, you will be sure of enhanced softness on your eyes.

This light tends to be more calming and relaxing, giving you a much easier time in the long run. Thanks to the longer wavelength red lights have, this light will improve the production of energy in your body too.

– Green light

In contrast, green light tends to be more penetrative. You will also rely on it for enhanced details.

For that reason, it will be suitable for those who want distance vision at night. That means that it will be ideal for you if you are outdoors, whether hunting or camping.

That is because it tends to improve vision and not sleep.

– Orange light

Orange-hued light has proven to work as well as the red one. If you are looking for an alternative to red, this color will be the best for you.

This light comes in handy in keeping your eyes relaxed at all times. It will also be suitable for you at night since it tends to differentiate night from day.

Further, it might enhance the production of a little melatonin, encouraging you to have a restful night.


Benefits of sleeping with red led lights

Indeed, various benefits come with sleeping with the red light on. However, unless you are conversant with these merits, making a logical conclusion will be a great hassle for you.

It is in this light that we consider some of the advantages that come with having these red lights on when sleeping.

best red night light reviews

#1. Improved melatonin production

There is no denying that the production of the melatonin hormone will be vital in improving your sleep. What you might not know is that these red lights play a significant role in enhancing this production.

It is for this reason that you will be more confident in getting better rest at night. Typically, melatonin will be the one to regulate your wakefulness.

#2. Change of the atmosphere

Did you know that your surrounding could affect how restful you are in the long run? A more relaxed, tranquil environment will be vital in ensuring that you sleep much better.

Remarkably, that is what you get from this red light. It will suffice to mention that red light ensures that your room gains a more satisfactory and calming atmosphere.

#3. Are you afraid of the dark?

There is no denying that most people tend to be relatively afraid of the dark. For that reason, sleeping with lights on will be one of the best moves to consider.

If you or your child can hardly sleep in such environments, it will be essential to consider giving them the comfort of these red lights.

Feel free to wean them off these lights when they become of age.



childrens red night light

#1. Is red night light good?

There is no denying that red light plays a significant role in improving sleep.

Thanks to how much it enhances the production of melatonin, this light will suit both adults and babies.

Further to this, studies show that the red light will often be vital in suppressing depression-like symptoms, ensuring that you get as much comfortable as you can.

#2. What does a red night light mean at night?

It will suffice to highlight how red light will be a delight to your body at night.

Besides highlighting power, aggression, and fear, this light assures you of various health benefits on your body. Its role is to improve the level of melatonin production in your body.

#3. Does red light affect melatonin?

There is no one-dimensional answer to this. That is because many things touch on the production and the level of melatonin in the body.

However, what stands out is that this light will ensure that there is an enhanced production of melatonin.

Its presence, therefore, is vital for anyone who wants to enjoy improved sleep in the long run.

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In conclusion, you will fall in love with the benefits that come with having the red light on at night. From encouraging the production of melatonin to ensuring that you feel comfortable and relaxed, this light is all that you can ever need.

With the insights above, making the right choice will no longer be an issue for you. Go for this light today.