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Table Lamps Under $50 – Affordable and Gorgeous Lights Reviews in 2022

The easiest way sparing the lowest cost to change your room style is to upgrade your room lighting. Table lamps are one of the factors to consider. With a wide array of styles and prices, picking up a good light is not easy.

Do you intend to give desk lights a fraction of the cost? Here we round up several best table lamps under $50, you can free to choose to spice up your space.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

The Cheapest Cylinder Table Lamp – Seaside Village Bedside Lights with Minimalist Fabric Shade

Intelligent with Touch and App Control – Hugoai RGB Table Lamp with Dimmable Light for Nursery

With Dual USB Port and Power Outlet – Lifeholder USB Table Lamp for Bedrooms and Offices

With Warm and Soft Light – Haitral Table Lamps for Living Rooms


Features of Best Table Lamp Under 50 Dollars

Table lamps consist of 2 types, clip-on lights and tabletop lightings. Faced with different prices, you can choose what you want according to your own needs.

  • The table lamps in the price range from $10 to $20 are clip on book light, most of them featuring easy-to-carry size and battery-operated power.
  • The decorative lamps (side table lamp, bedside lamp, etc.) with a single function often cost you $30 to $50.
  • Task lamps for reading, working, crafting and knitting are at the price point of around $30.
  • Clamp table lamps for offices and home offices varies from $40 to $100. If you have a higher budget, I recommend you to buy the clamp desk light since it is wobble-free and doesn’t occupy your table space.


Reviews of the 7 Top Table Lamps Under $50 to Add Mood to Your Space

#1. The Cheapest – Seaside Village Bedside Cylinder Table Lights with Minimalist Fabric Shade

bedside table lamp
Best Night Table Lamp

360 degree omnidirectional touch base allows you to control the lamp in a highly efficient way. With it standing on your nightstand, you will never need to combat with wall switches in the mornings and at nights.

The 2700K soft glow helps you feel more alert before your getting up and clear your minds as well as relax your eyes when you do bedtime reading.

Other Features:

  • Plug-in power
  • 17.52 inches tall
  • Nickel base adds style
  • 3 levels of dimmable light
  • This deal comes with a 2700K led bulb
  • Open-top cylinder shade improves the ambient mood
  • You need to insert its plug into the socket if you want it to work at any time
  • A wide and sensitive touch control base makes it easy to wake up the light at nights

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#2. Customer Winner – Focondot Small Crystal Desk Lamp for End Tables

best crystal desk lights
Pair of Table Lamps

It is a perfect addition to any room where there needs both light and decoration. Short as it is, the lamp has a versatile function. Thanks to the design of the changeable bulbs, you are able to install any of bulbs into it as you expected. Warm light bulb creates a warm and romantic atmosphere and cool light bulb provides a bright glow.

Mounting a smart light bulb promises you to control it with voice and smartphones. Also, the millions of light colors like red, green and blue are accessible. Nothing will be better when it stands on the side tables as well as end tables in the living rooms, dining tables, nightstands and hallways.

Other Features:

  • 12.5 inches tall for each
  • Compatible with smart bulbs
  • Antislip pedestal ensures a sturdy stand
  • Push button helps you away from accidental opening
  • On/off switch on the electric cord gets you an easy control
  • Crystal lampshade adds an elegant and luxurious touch to your rooms

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#3. Best for Decoration – Horisum Retro Side Table Lamp

Best side table lamp
Best Vintage Desk Lamp

This lamp is a utility art piece. If you are looking for a small and beautiful light including Chinese elements, here it is. When the light is awake, the texture on the lampshade is like a residence where the immortal lives in.

Behind of the “filled mysterious fog”, a fantastic scene may attract you. For example, a tiny boat drafting along the river. Or, you may experience the grand sight of “straight smoke”(an alerting signal indicates an emergency to fight against enemies) beyond the frontier in the Chinese ancient times.

Other Features:

  • 14.96 inches tall
  • Metal holder and base provide sturdiness
  • This purchase doesn’t include the bulb and you need to buy a separate bulb
  • On/off toggle switch is located on the electric cord
  • Glass shade in combination with the texture add a mysterious feeling when the lamp is on

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#4. Best Intelligent – Hugoai Touch Table Lamp with Dimmable Light for Nursery

touch on desk light
Best Touch Table Lamps

Do you want your life and your rooms full of different colors? The light intensity of this lamp changes with continuous dimming levels through touching its top and you can stop the brightness unless you find the best light for your purpose.

Also, smartphone app control compatibility brings 3 commonly used modes, task focused light, relaxing light and ambient light, satisfying you with a quick lighting needs. It doesn’t require a hub so that the amount of the expense can be saved.

Other Features:

  • Portable and handy
  • WiFi network compatibility
  • Infinite dimmable white light
  • The color rating is between 2000K to 4000K
  • RGB design makes the lamp showcase 16 million of colors
  • Able to hook up with Amazon Alexa, making voice control easily attainable

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#5. With Dual USB Port and Power Outlet – Lifeholder USB Table Lamp for Bedrooms and Offices

Best light for home offices
Best Bedroom Table Lamps

Do you always fight about wall outlets or sockets with your bed partners or colleagues? Pick it up and watch other people’s combat. This lamp provides triple charging outlets on the top of the base.

Two USB charging ports permit you to charge your phone and iPad at the same time while an AC power outlet sets aside a place for your laptop charging. What makes it eminent is that the charging function still works, even though the lamp is in the off state.

Other Features:

  • 15.4 inches tall
  • 3000K glare-free light
  • 2-year warranty protects your benefits
  • The press switch aims to avoid turning on the lights by mistake
  • Fabric shade together with a black iron base adds a classic touch
  • Dual on/off switches, one is on the electric cord and the other is on the lamp base
  • This deal comes with an E26 warm white LED bulb, and you can get it replaced if you have other requirements

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#6. With Warm and Soft Light – Haitral Table Lamps for Living Rooms

best light for dining rooms
Best Table Lamps for Living Rooms

Do you have been looking for vase-like table lamps for softening your rooms? Are you the people who chase for symmetric aesthetics? The set of 2 is simple but perfect lighting fixtures standing on both sides of TV stands, beds, couches, workbenches.

Other Features:

  • Its height is 16.2 inches
  • The heavy base made of metal materials ensures sturdiness
  • The main power switch is on the cord near the lamp base, which is easy to catch
  • Pay special attention that the lamp holds a bulb not exceeding 60 wattages (equivalent to incandescent)
  • The set of 2 is designed by user-friendly concept, doubling the functions of giving off a warm tone and acting as decorative pieces

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#7. Best for Outdoor – ANERIMST Waterproof Tabletop Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker

Best Battery Operated Desk Lamp
Best Smart Table Lamp

There is an awkward moment that your party is insipid and joining people have no interest to do anything. How to solve it? This light is good at adjusting the atmosphere thanks to its design of Bluetooth speaker. 360 degrees stereo sound surrounds all of you so as to ease the conversation when the light music starts.

While, when it is time to enjoy recreation and dance, the metal music from all directions comes to catch happiness. Overall, all of the participants will have a jolly time with this tabletop lamp.

To enhance the pleasure from the music or expand the sound range, you can connect 2 lamps with the same phone at a time. 3600mAh rechargeable battery helps you save a lot of money from battery replacement. No more hesitance!

Other Features:

  • 96 LEDs
  • 6.42 inches tall
  • 12-month warranty
  • A fully charged battery holds up to 18 hours
  • Compatible with phones, iPads and computers
  • Wireless control can be realized within 20 meters
  • Waterproof makes it possible to use for outdoors and in the shower
  • “Flame” flickers according to the beat, making the light ideal for party, camping and bonfire

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Final Words

As table lamps do well in layering lighting in a space, they are not just for adding a soft touch that fits for your rooms, but also creating a personal task light.

With a pen holder, Wanjiaone led table lamp is more suitable for students or drawers who have many pencils and go for a tidy table.

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