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Best Table Lamp for Reading – Top Models for Different Space

Light is required at a high level when it is gotten to the point of reading, writing, crafting, painting and other close up tasks. A best table lamp for reading features a near light, providing you with a targeted illumination and creating a cozy and energetic atmosphere for your various work.

Table reading lights are divided into different versions for a wide variety of purposes, which always makes people confused about how to choose and how to buy the optimal one.

If you have been looking for the best bang for your buck, read on. Today’s article helps you get rid of an impulse purchase.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Glass Shade and Matte Black Finish for Modern Bedrooms Simple Designs Bedside Table Reading Lamps with 

With Dual Arms and Powered By Multi Methods – LuminoLite Mart Portable Reading Light for Bed

Superb Light with Night Mode for Eyes and Auto Timer – TaoTronixs Adjustable Bedside Reading Lamps

With LCD Screen to Display Time, Temperature, ETC. – LEDGLE Dimmable Work Light for Office Desk

With Highly Adjustable Swing Arm for Office Workers – Phive Architect Craft Light


What Are the Benefits with the Help of Table Reading Lights?

In spite of the table reading light on the market varies in style, function, appearance and technology, the best table lamps for reading share the same practical features.

1. Help You See Easier and Clearer

best table fanIt is the primary and basic function of the table reading lamps. A poor lamp will shadow your work surface or reading pages with ghosts, able to ruin your reading environment.

On the opposite, a best table reading light works for a high lumen and an awesome color light.

Under such a light, it is effortless for you to recognize the words on the books, journals as well as e-books and the line as well as data on the painting paper.

2. Allow You to Alleviate Eye Fatigue

A  table lamp stops you from struggling with eye-straining. The reason lies in the point that table lamps of high quality equip with an optimum color light for eyes, bright light without harm and superior construction for ergonomics including lamp height and light adjustment.

Except for the eye caring function, some of the reading lights also act as a piece of decoration while elevating charm to your rooms. Plus, they are regarded as beautiful and colorful scenery indoors.

It is an effective way to look at the artificial ornaments for a while when you are ready to get your eyes relaxing.

3. Bring Convenience

As reading lamps double as room luminaire and task lighting, they prevent your life from no more dimming or shadowing surroundings. No more than that, the table reading lamps are so lightweight that you can move place to place in accordance with your lighting needs.

Some of the desk reading lights have an ultralight body, so you can take them in bags, keeping the light company with you whether you are in a dark train or a nocturnal tent.


What to Look for When Choosing the Best Desk Lamp for Reading?

led night reading light


Consider where you are ready to use the lamp for. That is, whether you need a lamp able to blend itself with your bedroom furniture and living room decor.

Most of the customers are for the view that they will think about the stylish reading light when speaking to the living rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms.

Nevertheless, pay little attention to the task reading light used in home offices. Overall, if you are looking for an additional layer reading light, choose one with a good look is not a bad idea.

2.Applicable Scope

Since reading lights come with a wide array of type, size, shape and function, different people should check which type is best suitable for you at first.

  • As for children, you need a lamp with an eye-friendly light and maybe a cute, lovely appearance. Plus, a lamp with such extra functions as a clock, timer, pen container, adjustable arms and night mode performs well in your kids’ bedrooms.
  • When it talks to adults, you may need a lamp that sheds you with privacy light for bedtime reading or productive light for office tasks. As night table lamps, the auto timer is a necessity. The light will not light up all night when you are in sleeping in the course of your reading. While, as a reading task light, it must feature white bright light. So, it is certain to do no harm to your eyes when you are knitting, sewing, painting, crafting, reading and tattooing under that light.
  • To get on a clear reading light on the pages and working surfaces, the elderly as well as people who incur with bad eyes require a magnified lamp. Compared with a pair of shortsightedness glasses, a best table lamp for reading with a magnifier protect your nose from excess stress. Its adjustable arm allows you to shine the light towards a certain area where you need lights and magnify whatever you are working on.

3.Light Position

Before ready to a buying, taking over where you are about to place the light. Reading nooks? Bedrooms? Or home offices?

  • If you are looking for a table reading light for your reading nooks, take both appearance and reading light into account.
  • If you prefer to grow with a couple of pages before sleeping, try to use a reading light specialized in bedrooms. Reading table lamps for bedrooms usually designs a warm white or a warm yellow light. They cover 2 kinds. If you tend to read with casual and variable postures in bed, a portable clip on reading light is for you. If you like to read with a consistent posture, adjustable lamps are highly recommended.
  • If you get accustomed to reading at your offices or home offices, make sure your choice is flexible enough to help you obtain the ideal light angle.

In addition, it is wrong to direct the light at your eyes but to shine the reading light over your shoulders. For people who take up computer work, focus on the angle of light to avoid the case of glares on the monitor and reflective lights on your eyes.

4.Color Rating

One of the most difficult steps in picking up a best table lamp for reading has to be determining the color temperature of your lights. Which light temperature is best for reading? What desk lamp is the best for your eyes? The light in the spectrum of 3000-6000K all suit for reading.

However, the specific color temperature varies in different space and purpose.

  • Bedrooms need cozy light which is around 3000K.
  • Living rooms require a light degree of 3000 – 4000K for reading.
  • Home offices do attach a reading light closest to sunlight, 4100 – 6000K.


Taking a glance of lamp warranty won’t hurt you. Check the money-back refund guarantee and warranty services prior to your purchase. If there happens to failure light or defective lamp, be sure your rights can be protected.

Brightech corporation offers a total of 3-year warranty for all of his lamps and is committed to making his customers feel a full glow of satisfaction.


Some other considerations are also involved in choosing lamps that suit your requirements. For example,

  • Is it difficult for you to install the lamp?
  • Do you need expertise technique services?
  • Is the favored table light rechargeable which can support for your outdoor light performance?
  • Is your desired lamp cost-effective? Does the chosen light is within your budget?
  • Is the bulb easy on the eyes?
  • Can the table light last for long?


3 Best Recommended Reading Table Lamps for Bedroom

No one in bedrooms wants an extremely bright light which reduces people to a confusing state of mind and full of glare.

On sight of the bedroom reading lights, I am sure all of the bedtime bookworms would like to enjoy a cozy but not dim light. A good reading lighting fixture is about in the spectrum of around 3000K, allowing you to follow the plots in the books but not to run all your Sandman away.

How to pick the right one making yourself embraced with a stunning table reading light? Consider the light location first. Where do you use it? In the bed? Or on the bedroom tables? Nightstands? Combine with your realities then. Do you get used to forgetting switching out your lamps?

#1. With Glass Shade – Simple Designs Bedside Table Reading Lamps with Matte Black Finish for Modern Bedrooms

best bedside light for reading
Bedside Table Reading Lights
  • Stylish matte black finish
  • Convenient switch on the electric cord
  • Simple design suitable for most of the decors
  • Glass shade doesn’t cut down the reading light itself
  • It is available in 4 colors, black, chrome, rose gold and white
  • Bulbs are not contained in this purchase
  • Only use it at homes, offices and other places where there provide electricity and socket

This table lamp deserves a raise if you are looking for decorative bedside table reading lights. Versatile and functional as it is, you need to look no further.

Decorative: Glass shade and matte black finish body allow to elevate your bedrooms charming when it is in the off state. While you switch the lamp on through tapping the switch on the electric cable, it is even more beautiful as if you are in a picturesque and warm surrounding. You can obtain 4 color options, ranging from black and chrome to rose gold and white. Any of it is able to light up your decor.

Solid & Bulb: The whole lamp stands 18.75” tall and the base is 5.75” wide, which all insure itself against tipping over. Despite the fact that the lamp is not adjustable, it does a good job of providing reading light next to beds. Plus, it is necessary for you to shop a 40 watts medium base bulb. If you want a brighter light, buy one with a higher lumen, and vice versa.

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#2. With Multiple Power Methods – LuminoLite Mart Portable Reading Light for Bed with Dual Arms

portable reading light for bed
Best Portable Reading Light
  • Privacy light
  • Portable all-round book light in the bed
  • Double arms provide wider lighting space
  • The rechargeable battery supports to use it outdoors and indoors
  • Flexible use on illuminating music scores, books, working surfaces, etc.
  • Customize your own lighting ideas through the light options of 3 light colors and 3 brightness levels
  • The only minor quibble is that the light bulb is unable to be replaced

A worthwhile investment for portable reading light is nothing but a rechargeable battery with which you can save a large amount of expense. To your surprise, the manufacturer also provides single-arm one and solar charging light with double arms.

Flexible Usage: From its size, we can see this item is lightweight so that it will work sturdily on the books, headboards, music stands, easels, desks, nightstands and so forth. Equipped with a flat base, it also stands freely and solidly on the bedside tables. Besides, thanks to its rechargeable battery, this lamp is able to use for reading pages in the trains and reading maps during camping.

Multiple Light Options: 3 kinds of light colors (warm, cool and natural light) and 3 levels of light intensity (3000K in low brightness, 4900K in medium and 7000K in high) help you formulate private lighting design, which makes it impossible to disturb your sleepy lovers.

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#3. Superb Light for Eyes – TaoTronixs Adjustable Bedside Reading Lamps with Auto-timer

TaoTronics bright daylight desk lighting fixture
Adjustable Table Reading Lamps
  • Reliable brand
  • Eye-friendly light
  • Flexible pivot light
  • USB charging port
  • Night mode lighting
  • 60-minute auto timer
  • Metal material strengthen durability
  • Memory function away from resetting
  • 5 color modes and 6 dimming brightness levels
  • The touch control panel allows an easy operation
  • No upward light
  • Unable to change the led bulbs

This one comes from TaoTronics, a dependable and well-known lamp corporation. It is designed with robust construction and armed with durable metal on its whole body. You will never worry about its short service or sudden break.

Reading Light & Memory Function: This table lamp boasts the light in the range of 2700k – 6500K suitable for any spaces and time of reading. Apart from the multiple color lights, 6 different levels of dimming brightness also make it more and more popular. Unlike other lamps on the market, its memory function allows you not to reset the light time to time once you find your favorites.

Night Mode & Auto Timer: Are you always guilty of falling asleep without turning off your light? This best table light for reading is one of your solutions. Featuring a dedicated night mode, it provides a no interrupting light for your sleeping hormones. Plus, you can set the timer in 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals in case of your sleeping at the time of reading. With the working timer, the light won’t go on all night.

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3 Hot Pick Reading Lights for Home Office

It is a necessity for you to immerse yourself into the work in your home offices. So, the cozy light used in bedrooms is inadaptable to the office lighting. To achieve full energy and concentration during reading files at offices, it is of great significance to pick a table lamp with high lumens and appropriate white light.

It is tested that the light color rating in the degree of 4100K to 6000K is most productive rather than sleepy or glare.

Additionally, if you working for a larger workbench, consider buying a desk reading lamp with a wider lighting area or with multiple lamp heads as well as adjustable necks.

#1. Top Rated – TaoTronics LED Reading Table Lamp with Wide Lighting Zone and Timer

led desk light for offices reading
Table Lamp with LED Reading Light
  • 1-hour timer
  • Convenient touch control switch
  • Enduring metal-made construction
  • 7.87” head illuminate an area of 64cm2
  • USB charger allows charging smart phones
  • 4 lighting modes and 4 levels of light intensity
  • Swivel head and rotate body guarantee perfect angle of reading light
  • Special led distribution realize eye caring and diffusion block help soften the light
  • Indoors use only

Are you trouble in inadequate light in offices? Are you tired of catching the light for computer illumination? This is another reliable Taotronics lamp built with a strong metal body as well.

Wide Lighting Zone: Compared with classic led reading desk lamp, this one features a wider lighting space. The large 7.87” head beams a bright light on your table surfaces, leading to easy illumination on your pages, papers and computer monitors. Additionally, multiple rotary and swivel joints allow the light to follow your behavior without stiffness and help you view larger.

Eye Caring Light: Unlike the table lamp with bare or sheer lamp panel, its designers wear it with a diffusion block, making the generating light softer and causing no shadows or ghosts. Thus, eye strain reduction comes to reality.

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#2. With LCD Screen – LEDGLE Dimmable Work Light with Built-in Clock for Office Desk

desktop reading lamps table lights
Best LED Table Lamp for Home Offices
  • Instant-on light
  • Able to memorize your favorite light
  • USB charger located at the back of lamp base
  • 3 light colors and 5 modes of dimmable reading lights
  • Touch switch and adjustable body for ideal light direction
  • Built-in LCD screen displays time, calendar and thermometer
  • You can’t change the led bulb unless you are a professional electrician

Are you a scrupulous person? This lamp is especially for you if light accuracy and high work efficiency are your priorities. Powerful, versatile and reasonable price won’t let you down!

Powerful Light: 3 scopes of light color ratings are available. Warm white light is in the range of 2800K – 3200K fitting for muted bedroom reading, natural light in the range of 4000K – 4500K ideal for reading on the couch in the living rooms or study tables at reading nooks while cold white light in the range of 5000K – 5500K perfect for home office illumination. Other than that, dozens of led bulbs reach a total light output of 1500 Lumens which is bright and productive for office work.

LCD Screen: Built-in LCD screen covers time, calendar and temperature, helping you have a clear schedule and control an accurate indoor temperature. Also, you can set an alarm for better time arrangement.

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#3. Highly Adjustable for Office Workers – Phive Architect Craft Reading Light with Swing Arm

Clip on Lamp with Swing Arm
Dimmable Task Lamp with Clamp
  • Dimming lights
  • Hard aluminum stem
  • Modern architect style
  • 2.36” in max open capacity
  • Highly adjustable swing arm
  • Streamline simple design makes it look nice in any decor
  • Cord-electric lamp make it only indoor use
  • You can adjust the light either vertically or horizontally

Are you looking for a office reading lamp which beams light closest to the natural daylight? This lamp is what you want.

Durability: It is no doubt that the Phive clip on task lamp does well on longevity. It is built in tough aluminum, a kind of high-quality material component. Tilting and stiffness never take place in terms of usage. Also, the qualified led bulbs can last for 50000 hours or so, decreasing the cost of bulbs and trouble of changing fixtures.

Adjustability: Since loads of manufacturers pay much attention to the endurance of the lamp online, they may ignore their function as well as adjustability. However, this item is different from the others. Both lamp height and brightness are adjustable. Each arm measures 16.3 inches and can be moved in accordance with your positions. The strong clamp allows an opening up to 2.36 inches attaching on your tables. Plus, its 5000K reading lights keep you sharp and alarm so as to improve your work efficiency. With the aid of the dimming switch, you can deal with your own lights after observing the surrounding layer lighting designs.

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2 Best Bookworm Light for Reading Nooks

As the primary ceiling light can’t provide you with a close light for reading, why not pick up a table light for your beloved reading nooks? An ideal atmosphere for reading is quiet, comfortable and relaxing to be created within the light temperature scope of 2700K to 4000K.

For the light in reading nooks, it doesn’t always have a classic but plain look. Some of the excellent lamps enable your space to add not only intelligent light but also attractive charming.

#1. Portable with Adjustable Gooseneck – Lepower Cordless Small Studying & Reading Light

best led desk lamp for studying
Best Desk Lamp for Eyes
  • Taking up little space
  • Soft and flicker-free light generation
  • The lightweight build makes it easy to carry
  • 3 color modes and 5 dimmable brightness levels
  • The touch control panel makes it convenient to manipulate
  • Flexible neck ideal for light shining different orientations
  • LED technology helps preserve energy and prolong the lifespan
  • Classic and simple design makes it little distracting aesthetically
  • No battery contained makes it apply only indoors

With a practical light for reading, writing and studying tasks, it never returns you a shame.

Easy operation: The light is actuated once you slightly touch the control panel. The gooseneck works great, allowing you to bend easily and make it staying at your desired position. It is no problem to curve it up and over your tasks or screens. Being made of silicone, it will never trouble you to over bend it or break it. Besides, its unobtrusive body makes it need little space.

Awesome Light Modes: It is examined that the 3 degrees of light color perform incandescent yellow light, blueish white light and neutral white light respectively, which works nicely for different tasks at different time. Plus, the variable light modes in combination with dimming design make it flawless for any applications.

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#2. With Soft and Decorative Light – Fugetek Lamps for End Tables Beside Couches

best portable reading light for tables
Best Beautiful Table Top Reading Lamp
  • Easy to configure
  • LED lights benefit you will user-friendly and eye-friendly
  • 8 watts led balls gives a muted light instead of a harsh or dim light
  • Stylish design allows it to soften the room look and add a pop of color to your reading nooks
  • Plastic-made trunk and branches
  • The lamp has a toggle switch attached to the power cord

Do you want to buy an artistic reading lamp that furnish your room both bright light and gorgeous look? If you are wondering what to put in your reading nooks to add charm, give this art piece a try.

Soft Light: This item supports 3000K warm light. Do you think it just give you ambient glow. I have to say you are wrong. It is far brighter than your expected. Since the adjustable 8 led globes are pure white, the reading light you can get is not yellowish but tends to a daylight hue, under which  you can be lost in relaxing and enjoyable reading.

Innovative: This light is made of a durable plastic and well construction. The tree shape is the perfect addition for the end table beside your sofas. Anyway, it will spice up no matter where you put it in, even in a corner. But really, instead of buying task light that gives you harsh light at nights, it is better to buy one which will double the function of reading lighting and room decoration.

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Final Words

The basic knowledge mentioned above is enough to help you decide on the best reading table light options. If you still have no idea about the purchase, why not look at these recommendations?

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