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Best Touch Lamps – Top 14 Touch Sensitive Lights in 2022

Being easy to use and operate, touch lamps are beloved by most customers. However, touch lamps vary in different types, sizes and colors.

  • What are the right touch lamps for kids, elderly or people who are doing tasks?
  • What are the best touch lamps you can buy on the market?

Want to know all of that? Keep reading!


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With 360-Degree Touch Base and Dimmer – Aukey Cylinder Bedside Table Lamp

Best Touch Lamp Set with 2 USB Ports and AC Outlets – Maxvolador 3 Way Square Touch Table Lamps

Rechargeable that Saves Cost on Battery Changes – UNIFUN Cordless Night Light

Mini Size for Kids Room or Nursery – Bancoo Ambient Table Light

Cheap but High Quality, With Changing Colors for Warming Your Bedroom, With Smart Control – GKCI Portable Table Lamp


What to Consider in Buying Touch Lamps?

– Portability: A mode that is portable is regarded as the best because it can be used anywhere. Portability offers versatility options to any touch lamp.

Before purchasing, ensure that the battery of the model is rechargeable and it can easily be used anywhere for the sake of convenience.

Portability is also easy when the model you have chosen is lightweight and can be easily carried around.

– The brightness mode: The level of brightness for different touch lamps varies depending on what you want to use it for. Therefore, ensure that you have purchased a model that will fulfill your needs and meet your requirements.

– Impact on health: Best lamps should be eco-friendly. They are not supposed to harm the health of your eyes as they offer LED lights that create an environment that is fulfilling and relaxing, making it ideal for your eyes.

– Safety precautions: Most touch lamps use LEDs and thus heat production is not a concern.

However, the location that you are intending to use the touch lamp should be secure and slightly far from the bed, to minimize the chances of toppling over.

Also, you should avoid hanging cables at all costs because children may pull them and this can be hazardous. Gravitate towards models that do not have cables.

– The color mode: Touch lamps have a number of the color spectrum. You use different colors to beautify your space and make it appealing.

The best touch models ought to go for modes that are able to change colors depending on different occasions.

– Energy used: The best touch lamp is energy efficient and this will save you from increased utility bills. LED bulbs are a preferred choice for touch lamps.

– Price: The prices of different touch lamps vary in the market. Choose a model that will meet your budget.

However, keep in mind that the cost of touch lamps are dependent on the quality of the lamp. The higher the quality, the more money you will pay for the touch lamp.

– Theme of the lamp: It is important for the model that you want to be relevant to the room that you want to use it in.

For instance, if the lamp is related to the theme of your bedroom, do not put it in your living room. Matching the theme of the lamp to the room is aesthetically pleasing.

– Design: The design of your preferred touch lamp should complement your décor in your home. It should be able to blend easily with other household items that you have.

– Shape and shade: The shape and shade that the touch lamp offers will come after you are aware on the place where the model will be used. The shape and shade greatly affect the lighting. Depending on where you want to use the light, you might need small or wider light coverage.

For small coverage, go for a touch lamp with shades that open at the base. On the other hand, go for a cup-shaped shaped if you want a wider coverage.


Review of the 14 Best Touch Sensitive Lamps

Hot Sale – Aukey Cylinder Bedside Table Lamp with Dimmer

best sale touchable desk lamp
Aukey Touch Table Lamp

Aukey offers touch lamps that will add style and elegance to your bedroom, living room, or hallway. The design offered is loved by many users but it is noteworthy that the touch control becomes unresponsive some times.

The Aukey touch sensor table light measures 3.94 by 9.94 by 8.46 inches with a 360-degree touch control base that has three brightness levels, that is, soft, moderate, and bright. Also, the light has a colorful display and an auto-cycle that offers you room to choose between different colors or maintain the color that you prefer.

Generally, you will have a favorable opinion regarding this table lamp mainly because of its usefulness and functionality. The size of the light matches the description and it emits a bright glow. The glow is aesthetically pleasing for your bedroom and it offers different colors that are bright and relaxing. If you feel that the light is too bright, you can dim it to your liking. It is easy to use making it a great choice for you. You will be required to unplug the lamp for it to completely go off.

  • Auto cycle
  • Colorful display
  • Three brightness levels
  • Elegant and well designed
  • Difficult to change the bulb

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Best Rated – Maxvolador Industrial 3 Way Reading Lamp for Bedroom

Industrial style touch lamp
Industrial Touch Control Lamp with USB

It is a 3-way dimmable touch control lamp. This means that it provides 3 brightness levels, that is, high, medium, and low. You can touch anywhere on the metal base of the lamp for the light adjustment that will meet your needs. You can use the night light for sleeping or for nursing or accent lighting that is good for a warm mood. Also, you can use high brightness when you are studying or working. The lamp is very easy to operate.

It has two USB charging ports that you can use to charge your other devices, such as mobile phones and headsets. The port is big enough to be noticed and it will save you time searching for it.

It is a minimalist industry design. It is a heavy-duty tubular metal base and body with a clear glass shade.  Additionally, it comes with a vintage Edison dimmable E26 LED bulb which uses 60W, 2700K filament, and 8001m LED. You can adjust the bulb to your desired brightness that is non-flickering, glare-free, and natural.

  • 3 brightness level
  • Comes with a bulb
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Less heat output thus energy sufficient
  • The lamp is not suitable for kids’ room since the glass will hurt them onced broken

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Best Set – Maxvolador 3 Way Square Touch Table Lamps with 2 USB Ports & AC Outlets

Elegant touch control table lamp set
Touch Table Lamp Set for Bedroom

It is a 3-Way dimmable touch control design. This means that it provides three options for brightness level, that is, low, medium, and high. You can tap anywhere on the metal base of the lamp to adjust the lighting to the best setting that you want. It is the perfect choice for nightstand mood and adds a decorative accent to your room. You can easily control the lamp regardless of your age.

It comes with dual USB charging ports as well as dual AC outlets. It is very convenient that it has in-built dual USB charging ports as well as a dual AC outlets. Therefore, you will be able to charge your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, and kindles as well as other electronics simultaneously regardless if it is switched off or it is on. Therefore, you will save on time and energy.

It is a minimalist design, perfect for decorative purposes in your home. It is also elegant and sleek and comes with a grey fabric lampshade and a metal base that is black. The purpose of the grey lampshade is to soften the brightness of the lighting, making it eye-friendly.

  • AC outlets
  • 2 USB ports
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • 3 levels for adjusting brightness
  • Eye friendly because of the grey lampshade
  • The included bulb measures 2700K but you can replace it with a new

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Night Light – UNIFUN Cordless Touch Lamp with Rechargeable Battery

small touch control bedside lamp
Touch Activated Bedside Lamp

It is a stylish, comfortable, handy, affordable as well as a great choice for your bedroom. It is very easy to use and offers relaxing and soft light even though it is small. The touch sensor table lamp measures 3.5 by 3.5 by 4.7 inches and features four light levels that are adjustable. These are low, dim, middle, and high as well as a 360 degrees light panel that is eye-friendly. The 360 degrees light panel offers uniformity in your space.

With the UNIFUN battery lamp, you will be able to choose between auto cycle color combinations or choose a fixed color that matches your mood.

It is cordless making it aesthetically pleasing because wires can greatly cause cluttering in your room. Even with its small size, it will adequately light up your room. It is easy to control and provides beautiful colors. Ensure that you charge the lamp before using it to increase its functional time.

The battery is likely to last for 8 hours using minimum brightness and 4 hours when you use maximum brightness. It is compatible with your phone’s wall adapter and you can use that when you are charging it.

  • Cordless
  • It is affordable
  • Auto cycle color combination
  • The lights are soft and relaxing
  • Has four light adjustment levels
  • May be too small for some users

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Mini Size – Bancoo Small Ambient Table Light with Glass Shade for Kids

touch operated nursery lamp
Mini Touchable Lamp

It does not require any assembly and it will protect your eyes. It is unique and convenient and offers a warm glow to your room. The lamp measures 4.33 by 4.33 by 8.07 inches. You can touch anywhere on the base to either turn it on or off. It does not require any strength or fumbling for switch. It makes life easier since it is user-friendly and your kids can turn it on or off.

It is a high quality touch sensor lamp that will offer you a chance to set the brightness as you want by tapping it. The response is quick and the touch activation is longer, the response will last up to 100000 times of touching.

It offers a soothing ambiance that will not wake up your children. The lamp will serve as company to your children during the night. Apart from being an impressive design that will be a great décor for your kid’s room, it does not produce harsh lighting or noise making it a great choice. It is made of metal and glass and produces white light.

  • Dimmable
  • Noiseless
  • Eye-friendly
  • Fast response
  • Saves on space
  • No heat output hence energy efficient
  • Safe for the kids since there is no heat output that will injure your kids
  • It may cause flickery if you haven’t choose the right bulb

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For Night Table – Maxvolador Crystal Touch Control Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Nightstand touch sensor lamp
Crystal Touch Lamp for Bedside

It is silver in color that has USB ports and offers 3 brightness levels. You can tap anywhere on the base of the lamp to adjust the brightness. The initial tap is for low brightness, the second tap for medium brightness, the third for high brightness, and the fourth tap is to switch off the lamp.

It comes with 2 in-built USB charging ports that makes it convenient to charge devices on a daily basis. The ports are on the light base. It is a modern crystal design that has a wide application. It is made with beautiful K9 crystal sets that are in a chrome metal frame. Except for creating an atmosphere that is romantic and very comforting, it also acts as a décor and will light up your entire room.

Additionally, it comes with an LED bulb that is energy efficient. The 6W bulb offers soft white light, and it is equivalent to the 60W incandescent bulb which is flicker- and glare-free.

  • Charges fast
  • Energy efficient
  • High quality product
  • Offers 3 brightness levels
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • 2700K light only

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Cheap – GKCI Portable Table Lamp with Smart Control


bedside table lamps touch control
Bedside Lamp with Touch Dimmer

This is one of the cheapest but quality lamps that you can find in the market. It comes with a 360 degrees touch control that is very convenient when you use it. It comes with other different stunning features that outdo other brands that are in the market. Some of the brilliant features include 13 different colors which are no fuss.

It is ideal to suit your needs because the five warm white light has various lighting modes that have 256 combinations. It uses a battery and that does not have a cord running in your room, thus, it helps in avoiding clutter.

Also, it emits light that is friendly to your eyes that will suit your atmosphere when you are reading or sleeping. It has options of 13 colors that provides great illumination background to offer you relaxation.

  • Touch control that makes it easy and simple to use
  • It is portable and can be carried around the room during the night
  • 13 colorful light, which creates varying effects that will suit your mood
  • It has dimmable features that will offer you soft, eye-friendly light when you are working or sleeping
  • The built in battery will need to be charged occasionally

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For Vintage House – ORE Tiffany Decorative Table Lamp

Tiffany touch lamps
Decorative Touch Lamps

It is a unique touch lamp that is ideal for your living room. It is made using a Tiffany glass flower theme but chances are the product gets to you when already damaged. It measures 9 by 9 by 14 inches and features a glass shade as well as a 3-way touch sensor control system. It will require a 40W bulb that is not included in the purchase. It will bring vintage vibes into your room

It comes unassembled and thus you will be required to insert the glass into the shade, which makes the assembling process is very easy. It comes with clear and easy to follow instructions on how to assemble. The brightness is great and you can adjust the light to low, medium or high by touching the base. Turning the lamp off you will also be required to touch the metal base.

  • It is sturdy
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • 3 way touch control system
  • Comes with a polarized plug for additional safety
  • Replaces the touch-on lamps that were ONLY bought from Amazon
  • Does not come with a bulb

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For Tasks – AmazLit LED Clip on Lamp for Eyes

clip on touch lamps for home office
Architect Clip on Touch Lamp

It is an eye-friendly lamp that has steplees dimming as well as adjustable color temperature. The long swivel lamp offers decent brightness and different color options. It does not glare or flicker and the illumination that the lamp provides will be able to cover your desk area. The adjustable color temperature ranges from 3000K to 5500K.

The lamp has an in-built automated delay-off function. This means that you can set to 10 or 40 minutes before you sleep and it will automatically turn off. It also comes with a reading mode, that provides 4000k and 100% brightness. You will be able to enjoy your reading time.

Additionally, the metal clamp is extra-large and has a long swing arm that is flexible. The metal lamp has silicone pads and the metal clamp is versatile with three axis design.

It uses 98 LED that are energy efficient compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. It claims that it will last for 50,000 hours and is compatible with both smart plugs and wall switches.

  • Eye-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Offers reading mode
  • Supports power-off memory
  • Three axis design for the metal clamp
  • Compatible with smart plugs and wall switches
  • The led bulb can’t be replaceable

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Accent Light – Brightech Sky LED Torchiere with Bright Light

Brightech touch floor lamps
Brightech Torchiere with Touch Control

This is a great choice of touch light whose lighting has the ability to change the face of your whole house. It has 30W LED lights that are more than enough in making your room shine. A sleek body offers itself a minimal as well as a contemporary look.

It can be fit into small corners of your room. It is safe for your house and it does not wobble because of the bottom plate is heavy enough. Without overheat, you do not have to worry about burn injuries when you touch it.

Additionally, it comes with 20-year life LED to save energy that will help you get modern high brightness without high wattage. The color of the light is 3000K warm white. Overall, the touch lamp will help you to save effort as well as money.

  • Sleek design
  • LED with 20-year life cycle
  • Draws only 30W making it energy efficient
  • Compatible with Alexa and other smart appliances for an automated response
  • Not compatible with switched outlets

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Standing Light – Dodocool Floor Lamp with Remote and Touch Control for Work Table

Full Spectrum lamp with remote and touch control
Contemporary Touch Lamp for Reading

It is a simple design with 2 in 1 smart remote control as well as touch control that is designed to make your life more convenient. It has a beautiful and classic shape design that adds decoration to your room in addition to being a floor reading lamp.

It offers soft light that will guarantee protection to your eyes. It ensures that it offers comfortable light that prevents damage to your eyes. It is long-lasting and saves on energy that offers 50,000 hours lifespan. Therefore, you will be able to save on utility bills.

It offers 4 optional light modes that are suited for different environments, which include cold white, natural white, warm white, and white that range from 2500K to 6000K. It is very stable and safe because of the steady base that prevents the lamp from falling. It is the perfect floor lamp for arts and crafts, reading, woodwork, sewing, and other activities that may require perfect lighting. It offers enough lighting to meet your needs.

It comes with 9W LED lamp that will also help in saving energy. The brightness offered by the LED is equal to that of 120W incandescent lamp.

  • Energy efficient
  • Safe and stable
  • Offers 4 optional lighting mode
  • Simple compact design that is very convenient
  • You can’t replace the bulb since it is integrated

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For Decoration – LC Lightcrew Standing Light for Modern Hallways and Living Rooms

dimmable touch lamp for decoration
Decorative Floor Lamp for Living Room

The modern design fits well in tight spaces such as corners and bookshelves. It is tall enough making it safe for kids. Also, it is made with ultra-light aluminum and silicone that is very stable and cannot be knocked over.

It does not emit heat or UV rays even if it is used for longer periods. It draws 33W dimmable light and it is compatible with 120V outlets. The 4000K bright white light is dimmable and you can choose the brightness that you want. Remember to dim the brightness if you feel it is glaring.

It is energy efficient and it will last you more than 12 years. It offers 50000 hours long life and it is 80% more efficient compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs. Energy efficiency means that you will not have to worry about additional utility bills. It has been around for more than 20 years means that it is proved to work well.

  • Safe and stable
  • 2 year warranty for the whole lamp
  • Modern design for your living room
  • Energy efficient since it draws 33W
  • Offers only one color

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Wall Mount – Kira Home Pair of 2 Wall Lamp for Bedside

wall lamp set of 2
Swing Arm Wall Lamp

It is a transitional style wall lamp that has an adjustable swing arm and a fabric shade of latte mocha with black finish. It can either be hardwired or you can plug it in. It comes with four 12 inch cord covers that conceals cords as well as clear plug-in wire.

It is an elegant fixture that is easy to mount or plug in. The shade of the fabric is useful in dispersing light in all directions and this makes it a great choice for lighting general areas.

  • Elegant design
  • Easy to plug in or mount
  • 3 way touch control system
  • The shade helps in even dispersal of light
  • You will have to buy the bulbs separately making it even more expensive

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For Children – Fanrui Friendship Touch Lamp for Nursery Room

touch night light for kids room
Touch and Remote Control Frienship Lamp

It is a cute pony night light that is an ideal touch lamp for kids. It offers 16 colors, 4 working modes, and it is very realistic. The given soft and uniform light will not dazzle or harm the eyes of your children. Also, it does not get hot, which means that it will not cause any burn injuries to your kids when they are playing with it. Thus, it is safe.

It can serve as a décor to your kid’s room or you can choose it as a gift for children. Connecting to USB makes it easy to use and charge. You can either use batteries or connect it to power using your mobile charger or computer laptop. It can be set to night light when the kids are sleeping as this can make them feel safe at night.

  • USB connect
  • 4 working modes
  • 16 different colors
  • Either uses batteries or power
  • It requires an adaptor to plug the USB charger into an outlet but it does not come with one

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How Do You Wire a 3 Way Touch Lamp?

Wiring a touch lamp comes with diagrams. Here are general steps you can use when wiring a 3-way touch lamp:

Step 1: Attach the black wire from the plug to the black wire of the sensor. You can cap it by twisting the cap on.

Step 2: There is a white wire that comes from the lamp, and another white wire from the electrical cord with a plug. Twist the two white wires together and twist them onto the red wire that is in the touch module. Cap these by twisting the cap on.

Step 3: Attach the white wire from the module to the black wire from the lamp and cap it.

Step 4: Attach the yellow wire to the metal body of your touch lamp.

Step 5: Confirm from the wiring diagram to make sure you have done it well. Test the lamp if you are sure that the wiring is done right.


Can You Turn a Regular Lamp into a Touch Lamp?

You can turn a regular lamp into a touch lamp. Use the following steps:

  • Remove the finial to release the lampshade.
  • Expose the bottom of the base. You can either peel the bottom off the base or remove the screws, and this is dependent on the manufacturers.
  • Grab the cord inside the base closest to the plug end of the cord. Shorten the length of the cord.
  • The lamp cord has two wires, one is ribbed and the other is smooth, that are connected with a thin rubberized membrane or cloth insulation. Cut the lamp cord halfway where it enters the base and where it feeds up to the body of the model.
  • Remove half inch of the rubberized membrane at both ends and pull the wires apart to separate the 3” cord.
  • Wrap tape on the ribbed wire cord to help you keep track of the neutral wire.
  • Carefully, remove lock nut from the threaded nipple.
  • Examine the lamp touch control. Normally has three wires, white, red, yellow, and black.
  • Thread the lamp wires from the nipple through the ring terminal that is attached to the yellow touch-control wire. You will then replace the locknut and tighten it and secure the ring terminal and the yellow wire.
  • Match the white wire from the touch control unit to the two ribbed lamp cord wires that you wrapped using a tape. Connect the three wires with the yellow wire.
  • Connect the rest of the lamp cord wire that leads to the plug with the black wire from the control unit. Use an orange connector to connect them.
  • Match the lamp cord wire with the rest of the touch control wire. Use another orange connector to connect them.
  • Replace the bottom of the lamp and enclose the touch control.


Tips for the Touch Lamp Maintenance

For models that have a cable, ensure that you have unplugged it from power outlets

Always use a clean and dry cloth when wiping dust. You should never use cold water to clean a hot lamp as this increases the chances of breaking

All broken bulbs should be replaced with the right types

Do not overcharge the rechargeable batteries as this will increase their efficiency as well as their shelf life. Once they are full, unplug from the power outlet and use the stored power

Keep the lights away from pets and children



#1. Do Touch Lamps Need Special Bulbs? What Kind of Bulb Does a Touch Lamp Use?

Touch lamps can be turned on or off by touching the base of the lamp. It does not require any special bulb. Use an incandescent light bulb to check the operation of the lamp after plugging it back in. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) or Light-emitting Diode (LED) only works in touch lamps that are labeled dimmable.

3 way touch lamp

#2. Are Touch Sensitive Lamps Safe?

Touch-sensitive lamps are perfectly safe. They use very low current and the likelihood of causing injuries is very low. However, be careful with touch lamps that have cables since children can pull them and that is dangerous.

#3. Do Touch Lamps Use Electricity When Off?

Touch lamps are energy efficient and use little electricity when plugged in and when turned off. However, if your touch lamp has an LCD panel or clock, it will still consume electricity when it is turned off. If it has a standby or sleep power mode, it means that it is not completely turned off, and they consume energy if not turned off.

#4. How Do I Fix My Touch Lamp?

Replace the touch control unit in the base of your touch lamp if it does not light or fails to turn off. Unplug your lamp and remove the bottom of the base of your lamp for exposure of the touch control button. If the problem is the bulb, you can replace the bulb with a new one.



Back to our question again, “What is the best touch lamps?” As you may well have noted, there is no direct answer to that question. It all depends on the exact purpose you have in mind. Read the explanations thoroughly to be able to know the kind of warmth that may be needful for your course.