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Is Warm White or Cool White Better for Bathrooms?

When trying to choose the best light for your bathroom, you might have faced a dilemma about ‘Is warm white or cool white better for bathrooms‘.

Even if the color of the lights you select matters a lot, it is essential also to consider the temperatures provided by these bulbs depending on their places of use. Besides, consideration of the nature and impact of light provides is also paramount when setting up your bathroom.

Even if the color of the bulbs/lights matter a lot, you should think that different colors serve various functions depending on where you install them. Most people consider the bathroom as the best room to relax from while in their house.

is warm white or cool white better for bathroom

What is the Difference Between Warm White and Cool White Light?

The bathroom is regarded as a room you can be alone more often, ready to prepare yourself for the night or a day ahead. This explains the importance of setting your bathroom to become an ambiance, relaxing room with perfect accessories, lighting, and furniture.

When it comes to choosing the best type of bulbs to set in your bathroom, you may be asking yourself the difference between warm white and cool lighting.

1. Warm White Lighting

Warm white lighting derives its name “warm” from its yellow tint output. This kind of lighting is commonly used in bedrooms, traditional kitchens, and living spaces since it creates a soft calming atmosphere while providing you with the required light to perform your tasks such as dressing, reading, or cooking comfortably.

The range of warm white light lies between 3,000 to 4,000 kelvins, and it is used more often in pendant ceiling lights and floor lamps. You shouldn’t be surprised after finding out that several energy-saving bulbs appear like warm white once activated.

However, these do not consume much energy (at 3000 kelvins), and they usually take long before getting a daylight white output.

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2. Cool White Lighting

Cool white lighting is made with a white output and a small blue tint, which depends on the kelvin amounts.

Cool light is commonly installed in modern kitchens and bathrooms where tasks, precise lightings such as cleaning, applying makeup, cooking, and grooming are demanded highly.

You shouldn’t install this type of light in some places of the house, such as the living spaces and bedrooms since it creates a harsh atmosphere that does not allow relaxing. Preferably, this forms direct light you may require in highlighting specific features or areas in the room.

Cool white is commonly used in plinth lighting, LED strip lighting, and spotlights, and it ranges between 4000 to 6500 kelvins.

When used in the right way, you can be in the position of adding new characters to your room composed of white LED lighting that is beautiful. However, this can be realized after installing the lights, under-cabinet strip, or bathtub sides in your bathroom and kitchen.

In many households, you will often find their bathrooms with cool white lighting since it is commonly used for various morning routines such as shaving and showering.

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How to Choose the Right Light Bulbs to Use in Your Bathroom?

Any plan for good lighting of the bathroom involves various steps such as installing ample light, which is needed for shaving, putting on makeup, or showers. In the end, the sources of light play a significant role in influencing your general mood of the room.

Therefore, before deciding whether to use warm white or cool white in your bathroom, you should first consider various factors to help you design an ambiance bathroom for yourself and your family. The following are the factors you’re advised to consider before and when installing lights in your bathroom:

warm light for bathroom

#1. Price

Prices of the bulbs, depending on your budget, you may not be in the position to purchase the bulbs that exceed the capacity of your wallet. In case of a low budget, you may be forced to opt for the lightbulbs that fit in it.

However, such kind bulbs are commonly associated with quality issues. For instance, the halogen bulbs are considered to be less expensive than the incandescent standard bulbs; however, they do not last for long.

#2. Dimmer

When choosing the best lighting of your bathroom, you should not forget to consider the amount of light the selected type of bulbs provides. The bathroom is regarded as a relaxing room in the mornings and evenings.

Therefore, the light installed inside the room should deem to create a conducive atmosphere for you to use it comfortably.

Dimming lights make the bathroom appear fascinating and ambivalent with different colors, conserve energy, and make the users feel more comfortable using the restrooms.

#3. Safety Provisions

It is vital for you to research and understand the nature of bathroom lighting, which puts users’ safety at the forefront. Much of your attention should be concentrated on using light to reduce the chances of your bathroom accidents.

It would help if you considered that water and electricity are considered “lethal companions.” The bathroom is considered their major battlefield.

Therefore, it is paramount for you always to do consultations with a certified electrician as an initial step of tackling your lighting project.



When it comes to installing lights, which is considered the last step of designing bathrooms, many people find it confusing to choose the right type of lighting between warm white and cool while installing in their restrooms.

However, it would help if you remembered that not all types of lights should be used in the bathroom.

Therefore, it is essential to consult the professionals in lighting or electricity, such as certified electricians, to advise on the type of lights to use in your bathroom, with fewer risks of accidents and those that can cause comfortability to the user.

Considering the qualities of the right light bulbs that can be used in the bathrooms, you are highly recommended to consider using cool white lighting. Cool lighting is often installed in the modern kitchens and bathrooms since it gives you deeming light, creating a beautiful nature of your restroom.