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A Guide on Buying the Best Torchiere Lamps

The torchiere lamp is available in different types, either be traditional designs or contemporary designs.

The first version was a candlestick introduced around the 17th century in France. This was a candle on a tall stand. Later designers introduced several other variations with more than one stand. With time, more variations made it to the market and these include a single with many candles. More candles were added because they can provide more illumination.

Below is some information you should know before buying, including what is a torchiere lamp, what factors you should consider and types you may find on the current market.

What Is a Torchiere Lamp?

what is a torchier lamp

This is a special kind of lamp, featuring a tall and thin lamp that has an inverted shape, and light beam that is always directed at the ceiling. Its name torchiere, which is a French word suggests that the lamp originates from France. The word also refers to the torche, which is (Torch) in English translation.

Today, there are different designs. While the retro designs are composed of stands and bases finished with brushed gold, antique brass, and steel patina, the modern designs are lightweight with stainless steel, platinum, and brushed aluminum materials.

Additionally, modern torchieres feature a dimmer switch that controls the different bulbs within the lamp.


How to Pick the Best Torchiere Lamps?

If you are looking for that electrical fixture that can change your house, you can think of the torchiere lamp. It is one of the most decorative electrical fittings in the market today.

This is because there are a lot of designs in the market ranging from the classic to the newest designs and looks. These models can make a bold statement in any styled room where it is installed.

– Safety

One of the issues raised against the product is the safety problem. Consider whether you want the halogen or the fluorescent model. Familiarize yourself with different models, and know how they work. Ensure that you do not get a product that causes fire-related problems.

– Weight

If you go for the older models, they are bulky, heavy and may be difficult to lift. However, if you go for the most recent models, they are light and easy to install. It might be difficult to install the older models. If they are not well fitted, it could fall off which can cause a fire outbreak.

Look for the most modern and innovative designs. They must be user friendly, and easy to install. Moreover, they must be easy to control.

– Additional features

Moreover, you have to consider other additional features available such as a reading lamp and other useful features. Besides, consider the number of bulbs it can hold at a time and the steadiness of the stand.


What Are the Different Types of Torchiere Floor Lamps?

getting the best torchiere lamp

The major kinds of torchiere lamp available in the market include

1. Fluorescent torchiere lamp

Fluorescent torchiere lamps are designed for short budget. The model can save well over thirty-five percent of energy costs monthly. This is because they do not produce much heat but they can offer better illumination. When compared to the incandescent counterpart, this can produce well over seventy percent less heat.

To power your room, most of them require just 75 watts.

This lighting system uses mercury liquid, which converts to mercury vapor when the light is on. Though it contains mercury, it is insignificant to cause any health challenges.

2. LED torchiere lamp

It is a solid-state lighting system. The way it produces light is not through a heating system but semiconductors known as the P-n junction as well as diodes. Light is generated by making electricity run in a particular direction.

The system does not rely on heat production. Because of that, the system is energy efficient. If you want to save costs through the torchiere lamp, you can choose those powered through the LED bulbs.

This one is also durable because it can last for up to one hundred thousand hours. Moreso, they don’t contain any harmful metals.

3. Halogen

This contains a small amount of halogen as you can infer from the name. It is impossible to build up to soothe in that bulb. When it glows, it looks as if there is small within another bulb.

The smaller bulbs contain the filament as well as the halogen gas, it is capable of lasting longer and that is because of the recycling process which occurs inside the inner quartz envelopes.

4. CFL

CFL bulb offers different color options, and that means there are different choices to make here.

It is easy to switch to change from LED light to the CFL. This does not require any serious modification of the fixtures already done. The lifespan of the bulb is estimated for ten thousand hours.

However, it can last less if you turn the light off every time. It contains mercury, and you must be careful in the way you throw them away.

5. Incandescent torchiere

This is another popular type and it features smaller quantities of argon gas inside it. When it grows, it produces soot and with time this coats the bulb, making it less functional. The illumination quality will decrease with time. Its lighting system is through heat generation.



1. Is it possible to light up a dark space using the torchiere lamp light?

Yes, it is possible to use it to light up a dark room this is because of the upwards glowing system. This makes it possible to brighten the room. If you have anything that creates blind spots. Choose a model with a tall stand that is able to enhance the brightness.

2. Is a 3-way torchiere lamp a good option?

This is one of the best torchiere floor lamps in the market today. The product offers three different illumination levels which include the high, medium, as well as low. It contains three ways of bulbs as well as a socket and a three-way switch.

3. What is the best torchiere floor lamp shade light in the market?

It is not easy to say which of the shapes is the best. Many people prefer those with an inverted conical shape. This is good because the greater part of the cone will face upwards. There will be sufficient light in the home, and it is better than those with downwards cones.



The torchiere lamp is one of the most favorites in the market today. It originates from France and is widely used across the globe. There are different designs in the market. You must be very careful in making a choice.

The information here will assist you in know what is a torchiere lamp, how to choose and use a torchiere lamp.