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Best Christmas Light Projector – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Christmas light projectors became popular in 2008 due to their abilities to light up the atmosphere to make the surrounding more appealing and lively. However, there are different types of light projectors for different purposes.

Still, one of the best projectors is Christmas light projectors, which are versatile and reliable, making them flexible to be used on many occasions like birthdays, weddings, and many more.

Below are reviews of the best Christmas light projector that you may choose best to suit your needs and satisfy your family, friends and decorate your home.

Reviews of the 6 Best Projector Lights for Christmas Decor

1. Best with Moving Snowflakes – Talent Star Chrismas and Landscape Projector

prime christmas light projector


  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration
  • The projection area is wide


  • Does not include a multi-color projection

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Moving snowflake is a versatile and reliable light projector that you can use for indoor and outdoor decoration to light up the party, club, stage, valentine, Christmas, and other occasions.

The talent star projector weather resistance due to its IP65 weatherproof light casing with an IP44 power adapter, which can operate between -13-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, it can withstand temperatures and other outdoor elements like heavy rain and cold winter, but you should not expose the adapter directly under a rainstorm.

Talent star projects a snowflake pattern that is adjustable up to 180 degrees lighting angle and automatically keeps them in motion without the need to use remote control; hence, making it hassle-free without complications.

The projector light is made of LED and can project a minimum distance of 5m and a maximum distance of 50 square meters.

If you want to create effects on your video to make it entertaining and extraordinary during occasions and other holiday’s talent star would be the best lighting effect to use.

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2. Best with Sensor – 1byone Xmas Light Projector with Christmas Tree and Star Pattern

1byone christmas outdoor laser light projector


  • IP65 light casing
  • Built-in ambient light sensor and automatic timer function
  • Projects friendly colors; red and green


  • It does not come with white warm light

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1byone laser green is one of the best Christmas lights with a built-in ambient light sensor and an automatic timer function that automatically turns the laser light on whenever the ambient light is fading and off when it becomes bright.

The light has projects green Christmas trees onto any surface weather interior or exterior of the room up to 180-degrees viewing angle and has a laser green light that can project and cover up to 2100sq ft.

Besides, you can set it to motion, flashing or stationary mode to create an entertaining feature during the holidays, festive seasons and many more occasions.

Mark, you do not forget that the automatic timer function turns on for 6hrs and turns off for 18hrs; therefore, it saves so much power making it economical.

Furthermore, 1byone Christmas Laser Light is designed to use indoor and outdoor with packed Spike, and Stand, ABS light casing which is IP65 rated, making it resistant against snow, rain and strong sunlight.

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3. Best with Timer – Yinuo Candle Christmas Laser Lights with 24 Settings

christmas light projector red and green


  • Comes with 8 patterns and 3 modes
  • energy efficient.
  • Can be used for multiple application


  • Lacks built-in sensor and auto-timer

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Christmas laser light has screw holes that allow you to fix it anyway fit for you to create a festival and romantic atmosphere for your loved ones, either interior or exterior of your home. You can use it for wide applications since it can be adjusted up to a 180-degree viewing angle.

What makes this light Christmas laser projector worth investing in is that it is featured with low pressure and IP65 cover casing that allows you to use it confidently under all weather conditions.

The other feature that makes it more fun and hassle-free to use this projector is that it has a remote and timer control that allows you to switch through the 8 patterns and 3 modes, change the projection speed from fast, medium, slow, and to flash.

Besides, it allows you to choose the illumination time within the range of a minimum of 2 hours between and up to a maximum of 8 hours to save on energy.

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4. Best with 10 Patterns – Minetom Waterproof Christmas Lights for Outdoor Projection

christmas projector lights for outside


  • Perfect for commercial decoration application
  • Remote controlled
  • Waterproof outer casing
  • 3 modes


  • Only red and green light patterns

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Christmas projector light is designed with comprehensive features on its outer casing so that it perfect for outdoor use since it can operate on extreme temperatures and it is waterproof resistant.

The projector can project up to 180-degrees viewing angles, a minimum distance of 21m and a maximum distance of 2115 sq ft.; thus, making it eligible for commercial decoration and interior home décor.

Besides, it has dynamic and attractive colors that will keep the kids engaged at night before bedtime.

The Christmas light projection is easy to install in 3 placing modes: plugin, and it works automatically. Easy to mount on wall or ceiling with screws and plastic plugs, plug into the ground with 7.8 inches anchor spike, or place on the table withstand.

Furthermore, it features a remote control that allows you to set the pattern mode, adjust the flash speed, set the timer from 2-4-6h, reset the timer, and turn it on/off.

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5. Best Rated – Tofu Laser Projector Lights for Christmas and Halloween

christmas light projector wireless


  • Energy efficient
  • The laser light is long-lasting up to 50,000hrs
  • It can withstand all outdoor elements


  • It is a bit expensive

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Tofu Christmas light is made for versatility and reliability since its cover casing is IP65 rated, and it is made of aluminum structure to withstand all the outdoor elements for durability and maximum heat dissipation.

Besides, its laser light can last up to 50,000 hrs while consuming 80% more power than the traditional lights, and it features a built-in temperature sensing system that shuts off the power if it detects overheating.

You do not need about getting up and operate it because it comes with a remote control that allows you to operate its 5 patterns light modes, 3 display modes, and 2 flashing modes, adjust it flashing and projection speed, and set working hours on 2/4/6/8 modes and 18/20/22/24 off using mode.

Furthermore, it projects red and green laser light that can highly cover a maximum distance of 3500sq. meters and a minimum distance of 49 ft.

Without clarity loss, and it has a penetrating signal that achieves 65ft barrier-free control, which helps to get rid of field operation and suitable for creating an outdoor Christmas atmosphere.

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6. Best with Double Heads – LOVECO Sparkling White Merry Christmas Laser Projector Light with Remote for Exterior

led lightshow projection christmas


  • Boasts a unique rotating function
  • Comes with a 23ft cord for outdoor use
  • Powerful remote control that functions at 10m distance


  • Does not have multiple color patterns

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ALOVECO LED Christmas Projector Light upgrades its snowflake to more white rotating snowflakes made to mimic the look of falling snow with a big snowflake.

Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t get quite cold enough for snow; you can still enjoy the beauty of a White Christmas. Besides, its double-head projectors Lights can cover more than 50% larger area meaning its coverage is 60-600ft² and distance is 16 – 23 ft.

You can conveniently use the wireless remote controller that allows you to control the projector’s functions from a 10M distance, change the rotating modes, put it on and off, and the remote control has a memory function; hence, no need to repeat settings and timer function.

Furthermore, it covers casing is waterproof IP65, will survive even the harshest of weather situations, and comes with a 7M/23ft cord that will easily reach most outside home outlets from where you set it up to make the snowflake effect more realistic in the Christmas sky atmosphere with its 9W high brightness bead.

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How to Choose the Best Christmas Light Projectors?

exterior christmas light projector

Choosing a Christmas light projector is not a walk in the park, especially if you have never owned it or your first encounter with them.

But it would help if you did not worry because this article provides you with detailed features and information on how to get the best Christmas light projector. They include:

– Auto-timer

A good Christmas projector should have an auto-timer featured with built-in memory to automatically switch on and off without the need to set the time daily manually.

This feature makes it easier for you to operate it without manually reaching or light up your homestead whenever you are not around and keep the kids entertained.

Besides, the auto-timer also helps to conserve the energy, thereby making the projector economical on power.

– The type of light

The best Christmas projector light should be an LED because it is economical on power. It is user-friendly because it has a lower heat dissipation and produces a warm light that is healthy for your eyes. It has a long lifespan of about 20,000-200,000hrs.

– The cover casing material

The cover casing material of the Christmas projector light should have properties that will allow it to withstand extreme temperatures from -30-100 degrees Fahrenheit and it should be waterproof IP65 or IP44 rated, which are capable of withstanding all the outdoor elements to make it last longer without limits and risks.

Besides, these features are the key factors to consider if you are seeking an outdoor Christmas light projectors.

– The purpose of the projector

As mentioned above, you should consider checking on the specification of cover casing material; however, you should not forget that its purpose should go in hand.

Therefore, if you plan to use the light projector for indoor use, it is good to consider the one with multi-patterns, colored, rotate 360-degrees, and provide from 0-180 degrees viewing angle keep the kids engaged and entertained during the festive season.

If you seek outdoor or commercial use, you should pick the one with a high projection power to a maximum of 3000 sq meter distance to light up the homestead, decorate the party, add effects to the video, and light up the stage.

– Light sensor

Christmas light projector with light sensors is always easy to use because they automatically turn on and light up the room whenever the ambient light starts to feed, thereby keeping the room lively and immediately turning off it senses the ambient light is improving/ becomes bright to save on energy.

Furthermore, light projectors with inbuilt light sensors are always hassle-free to operate; hence, they last longer because their buttons do not always manually operate, hence reducing their wearing.


Christmas Light vs. Christmas Light Projector

motion projector christmas lights

– Christmas Lights

Christmas light is a string cable-like with LED globes mostly featured with multiple colors visible in time momentum. The cable has an inbuilt memory and auto-timer that allows the bulb to glow in selected different blinking modes.

They come in different varieties of shapes and styles. Besides, for the Christmas lights to be visible, it must be intertwined with the structures carefully to make it more appealing.

Still, the process is tedious compared to using Christmas light projectors to decorate your home’s interior and exterior.

– Christmas Projection Laser Light

Contrarily, the Christmas light projectors are better than Christmas light when it comes to lighting up the house exterior since it has dense features that make it kaleidoscopic fun.

For instance, they use laser LED lights that are capable of projecting the light beyond 30ft either indoor or outdoor, then they can project a viewing angle up to 180-degrees while 360-degree motion.

Therefore, it is recommended for stage and club lighting and many occasions such as a wedding, birthday and many more. Furthermore, they have added advantage in its feature that automatically turns on/off depending on the brightness’s ambient light.



1. How Many Christmas Light Projectors Do I Need?

You only need one for each side of the house if you want to light up the whole house, but the purpose of why you need it might play another role of inquiring either one or more.

However, you should note the square footage the projection covers to determine how many square feet you want to cover with the light on your home exterior.

Secondly, it is essential to note that laser units display wider when you put the laser unit.

2. What Distance Should I Install My Christmas Light Projector for Lighting up Exterior House?

No thump rule suggests the distance you should install because it depends entirely on your creativity and imagination.

Still, it is advisable to install the Christmas light projector at a distance of about 23 to 38 feet, but you can also add the second one if you want to get a special effect.

But depending on your home’s size, you can experiment with the light until you get the best lighting effect you desire.

3. How to Secure Christmas Light Projector?

Most of the Christmas light projectors are waterproof, but that does not guarantee that they are secured in place, therefore; if you want to secure it safely, you may consider the following while installing it:

  • Find the perfect spot with minimal interference or obstruction to protect against outdoor elements.
  • Drill a hole in the middle or end section of the projector to create a medium through which the screws will get attached to the spot you want to install.
  • Confirm the drilled holes on the projector, and the spot you want to secure the projector is proportional to the size of the screws, and it is not broken.
  • Tighten the screws through the projector and the spot until it goes beyond the spot and tightens/secures it with a bolt to make it firm.
  • After you are done, confirm that everything is in order, then it is ready for use.

4. Can I Install a Christmas Light Projector on top of My Roof?

Yes. Most of the projectors are ground-based, but since they come with adjustable sections underneath the casing and with stakes to insert, you can play around with it until you get the right angle to shine across a particular part of the house.

Still, you should not project in the sky to avoid disrupting the air traffic.



The Christmas light projector is the best accessory during the festive season to light the stage, wedding, birthday parties, and even when you want to elope with your girlfriend for a weekend, you can use it to grab that chance you have been waiting for in the past few weeks.