Reviews of Top Adjustable Functional Desk & Floor Lamps in 2020

Do you love to read a book before going to sleep? Are you having a hard time making your arts and crafts due to poor lighting? Or maybe your kids want some unique lighting effects in their room? Having your own functional lamp can make a very big difference. Check reviews of the top table and floor lamps with different adjustable functions, you will have an overview of these lamps in the market.

Adjustable Desk Lamps:

Adjustable Floor Lamps:

5 Best Adjustable Lamps with Multi-Functions

Reviews of Top 3 Adjustable Desk Lamps

Today, you will find a lot of varieties for these adjustable desk lights and they come in more specific uses. These products are usually classified according to amount of light, style and decoration, size, and area of use. You can use them in your living room or bed room given that you are able to differentiate their features and uses from one another.

Take note that the basic task lighting principles are applied in various spacious of a work place or a home. An desk adjustable lamp may be different types of light bulbs used. These can be compact fluorescent, halogen, linear fluorescent, and incandescent. Those lights that are usually plugged into the walls can be swing-arm lamps, clip on lamps, desk lamps, and table lamps.

There are Top 3 models for your reference:

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp – Best Seller Adjustable Desk Lamp

Best table lamp adjustable brightness reviews Touch control with 5 color modes (temperature)

Dimmable with 7 levels of brightness to suit your activities

Energy-efficient, cost 75% less energy than incandescent lighting for the same level of brightness.

USB Charging port to charge smartphones, tablets, or an eReader

This adjustable eye-caring table lamp in modern design will naturally fit your desk / room / furniture; With adjustable rotatable arm and lamp head can light any position you need.

This lamp is perfect for an average size desk. The horizontal arm is approx. 12.5″ in length, plus the upright post also can be adjusted as well. It’s definitely one of the cheaper lamps on amazon, or even average price so it’s worth your money!

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Are you having a hard time choosing what functional lamp to get? You can always visit Amazon’s website to see some of the top picks of other homeowners. A functional adjustable lamp is a versatile type of lamp. This device can be used for all kinds of activities. You can switch it on if your kids want you to read them a bedtime story. It can also be used for reading the latest news in the daily newspaper. You can also use it if you are currently working on a nifty project. Other lamps are being used to project different light strobes in your room to create an illusion. Here is the most bestselling functional lamps currently on the market.

Brightech LightView Pro – Magnifier Adjustable Lamp for Reading and Crafting

This is one of the most lightweight lamps available on the market. It can also be easily adjusted according to you needs. This functional lamp can be attached onto your work desk because of its heavy-duty aluminum clamp. Its body is made with a 38-inch triple joint stand that has an internal cantilever swivel that lets it turn 360 degrees for a versatile adjustment.

Best table lamp adjustable arm review It is an eco-friendly lamp because it uses 56 miniature LED lights to produce its light. This energy-saving lamp can last up to 100,000 hours.

This is a great lamp to be used by people who love arts and crafts. Its 5-inch diameter lens has a 2.25x magnification capacity and 650 lumens to make you see even the smallest details in your project.

It is also a good lamp for reading. People who cannot see very small letters in books or even newspapers can use this functional lamp.

Every person has his or her own reason for getting functional lamps. Just be sure to check some factors before purchasing a specific lamp right away. Get to know all its functions and features to get the most value for your money.

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SOAIY Aurora  – Adjustable Color Changing Night Light Lamp

This functional lamp has a built-in speaker and an adjustable timer. The speaker that is installed in this lamp is compatible with your mp3 player, iPod, or iPhone. You can place this lamp in your children’s room. Lullaby songs can be played through your music-playing devices.

Best adjustable desk lamp for bedroom reviews This lamp can also be adjusted with remote control. You can use this controller to adjust the speakers’ volume, set an automatic timer for the device, change its color, adjust the brightness of the lights, and turn it on or off.

That is the beauty of it; You do not have to get out of your bed to do all these. Everything can be done using the remote control.

It is a color-changing functional lamp. It has four lighting modes/colors, which include blue, red, green, and a multi-colored mode. The light from this lamp can be projected towards your wall or the ceiling. This lamp is really great for your kids’ room.

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Why Choosing An Adjustable Desk Lamp?

Wondering what adjustable desk lamps are? This comprehensive guide will give you a clear understanding about these types of lamps and the good things they provide to homeowners and commercial business owners. If you are one of them, read on to make your purchasing decision easier, faster and less time-consuming. For sure, after reading the following tips, you’ll become confident enough to decide which specific lamp works best for your situation and environment.

What Is An Adjustable Table Lamp?

An adjustable desk lamp is also called as task lights or portable lamps. This refers to a fixture that may be placed above, directly adjacent, or near an area that requires a high-light source. This kind of lighting is widely recognized as one of the most efficient ways of providing higher levels of light on any hard-to-see objects or on various reading materials like books or magazines.

Advantages Of Different Desk Adjustable Lamps

Many people choose to buy an adjustable table lamp because of the abundant benefits they offer. If you love to read, then these lights may be something that will work for you reading lovers. One of the major benefits you can enjoy from these types of lamps is that you can move them to a particular side or part where you feel comfortable. It can be on your right or left side. If not, you can put it above the material you read or anything you wish to light on.

Another benefit is that you can read nonchalantly since there will be less distraction. You do not have to waste your precious time wondering where you can put the lamp. All you have to do is to turn your book on the desired page and read comfortably and conveniently.

Lastly, these things can be used in several parts of your home or office space. You do not have to worry about mobility. These lamps can be turned into different sides and moved into places as long as it meets their features.

Apart from these advantages, you get to discover more as soon as you use them in the actual situation. You would love this product even more especially if you choose the perfect fit for your needs and standards.

Reviews of Top 2 Adjustable Floor Lamps

The hot picks adjustable floor lamp for sale should be Brightech Litespan and Crafting Lamp, check reviews below:

Brightech Full Spectrum – Best Seller Adjustable Floor Lamp for Reading

Best selling adjustable floor lamp review 6,000-Kelvin color temperature makes your reading and intricate craftwork much easier.

White light, No blue or yellow, NO flickering.

Easy to Assembles in 5 minutes.

Adjustable gooseneck lets you pivot lamp head up or down or side-to-side over a variety of hobbies or tasks or reading. Heavy base prevents lamp from tipping over no matter what position the neck is in.

Available in 5 colors, this LED reading lamp complements pastels and neutral tones as well as vivid hues and patterns.

Lightweight design makes Litespan easily portable from room to room beside a bed or next to your sofa. And this lamp can match traditional wood flooring or more contemporary, industrial spaces. The light switch stays lit as a mini-night light with a soft, unobtrusive amber glow, easy to find in the dark. More than 6000 top reviews make it the best selling floor lamp on amazon, Get one now!

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Garver Bronze Torchiere Floor Lamp – With Adjustable Reader Arm

floor lamps with adjustable reading light 72 1/2″ high x 12″ square base x adjustable reader arm extends up to 15″ from the center pole.

Takes one 150 watt bulb for the main light, one 40 watt for reading light (bulbs not included).

On/off switch at neck for the top light.

On/off switch on reading lamp head.

The floor lamp has a classic silhouette and features both a torchiere light and a side light with a flexible reader arm, which makes it perfect for a sitting or reading space where they may not be enough room for a side table with a table lamp.

This lamp is well built, heavy and bright, the sidearm is adjustable and the switch is in reach from the chair. This lamp is gorgeous! Perfect for the space that needs a ton of light. Very easy to put together and looks very expensive.

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Selecting The Perfect Floor Adjustable Lamp For Your Needs

There are several considerations that you need to make when shopping for an adjustable floor lamp. Sometimes, they vary according to the person who will be using the device. To get started, here are the general factors that may affect your choice.

The Glare

Since older eyes may require more amount of light in order to have a better sight, glare must be avoided. It is often experienced whenever bright reflections or light sources in the view field can impair vision. Do not buy a fixture with clear glass light. Light bulb reflections coming from shiny surfaces like linoleum floors must be avoided. It can be done through directing the light source position into another angle through utilizing matte surfaces. Opaque shades, curtains or blinds are highly essential in minimizing glare coming from windows.

Increased Levels of Light

Less amount of light can still reach the older eye’s retina. These light levels in any living environment that are being used by elderly people must be raised by at least 2 to 3 times than the light level which is comfortable for younger individuals. Try using torchiere lights and diffuse color finishes on ceilings, floors or walls to enhance the inter-reflected light within such a living environment.

Higher Contrast

Since contrast sensitivity has been reduced as the person ages, clear visibility of significant objects like ramps, doorways, and stair edges may be enhanced. This can be done through enhancing their contrasts with something like pain or any similar technique. Buying dark placements that contrast with white materials may help you achieve the same effect.

Well-balanced Light Level

Older visual systems cannot just adapt to all dim conditions. The light level in these transitional spaces like entrance foyers and hallways must be well-balanced with any adjacent space. It helps older people to completely adapt as they get into various spaces.

After learning these adjustable floor lamp tips, then you can also consider the following:

  • Put your adjustable floor lamp, table lamp, or desk lamp close enough to your workplace once you find the top light level on a visual task.
  • Put your task light on your left portion. Then, move it slightly into the front if you are right-handed. Put it on your right and just slightly move it forward if you are left-handed. This position helps reduce the shadows that are cast by the hand on the paper or any task surface
  • Put your adjustable lamp beside your task. This will help prevent the reflected glare coming from shiny surfaces such as glossy magazines or polished wood.
  • For bed reading, simply mount your swing-arm desk lamp on the side, or above the bed head. Or, you can move it in any direction as long as it is below your eye level.

When you are fully aware of all the factors you should consider, you will never regret buying an adjustable lamp. All you need is to follow this guide and do some comparison shopping. These tips will serve as your stepping stones, helping you save money and time as you shop around for the perfect lamp for your needs.


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