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Best Night Light for Nursery with Gentle and Soft Glow in 2022

If you were to take a moment to think about how beautiful proper lighting will make your nursery be. From the soothing ambiance to the touch of elegance, this is something that you will hardly want to overlook. But do you know which nursery night light befits you?

Over the years, choosing the best night light for nursery has been relatively daunting, and it is no exception now. Various aspects, including price, features, and brand, go into selecting the right setups.

Indeed, this could be a hassle. How about you choose from the following selection?

Merits and demerits of using a nursery night lamp

While it might seem irritating to invest in one, there are many benefits to using a nursery lamp or night light. Generally speaking, the good far outweighs the bad. Consider the following:


Newborns and infants don’t care one way or the other if there is a dim light in the room. They’ll sleep anywhere when they’re tired. It’s a baby thing and they are used to sleeping in a dark environment anyway.

best night light for nursery reviews

If breastfeeding, it can be quite helpful to see even just from a little bit of light versus stumbling over baby toys on the floor in the complete darkness. It’s easier on the mother’s eyes than bright, full light in a room.

Plus, it’s gentle enough that baby will stay drowsy, so putting him or her back to sleep will be much a much easier process than if he or she is fully awake.

A subtle light can help your baby see a parent’s outline in the darkness. This can be a huge comfort to the child versus just hearing a parent’s voice but not knowing where it’s coming from.

A parent can see well enough to check on their baby without needing a flood of bright light to see on their baby.

A dim light can be a huge asset to dealing with separation anxiety.

It can help your child find their comfort plushie or silky in the dark. (There is nothing worse than waking to a screaming toddler in the middle of a sound sleep that can’t find their security object).

Night lights can be traditional in design or more creative ones which can cast popular movie scenes and more on a toddler’s wall to help encourage them to sleep well.


Night lights run on bulbs. These need to be replaced over time through frequent use (either new bulbs or brand-new night lights as a whole. This can become a little costly depending on how many you need.

Maybe one is okay when your baby is a toddler but as they begin to potty train it can be helpful to light the way to the toilet but it will cost more if it’s a long journey through the house.

If sharing a room with a toddler, parents will have to sleep with the light on too.


Should You Use a Night Light in Nursery Room?

There has long been debate over whether or not to use a night light in a child’s nursery.

On the one hand, babies really don’t need a night light because they are already adjusted to sleeping in a dark world (like their mother’s womb). It isn’t until they are older that they begin to have fears of the dark.

Then the night light helps them sleep. It can also be of help when a parent needs to check on their child. This way, there is no need to feel for a light switch in the dark when half-awake.

A dim, low light is also helpful if a child wakes in the night from a bad dream. Turning on a bright light will only wake the child further and possibly cause parents to have to stay up later when exhausted.

In this light, it is worth buying a night light for the nursery room.


Reviews of the 10 best lamps for night nursery

#1. Best sale – Hatch Baby nightstand nursery light with soft light

Hatch Baby night light with timer for nursery


  • Moden style
  • Multi-functional
  • A perfect sound machine
  • Easy to control and personalize


  • Not rechargeable light

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One of the night lights you will effortlessly fall in love with is the Hatch Baby. With its multi-functional design, it is a product that assures you of value for money.

Ideally, it features a sound machine and the night light. What is more, you will control it using your phone without too much struggle.

This product boasts of easier customization. Whether you want to change the color, brightness, volume, or the sound of anything on this machine, your phone will be enough.

Further to this, this device is programmable. The ease of customization and control will often ensure that you do not end up disrupting the baby’s sleep.

Did you know that this night light will grow with your baby? From providing soft light to a newborn to offering the comfort of nightlife to preschoolers, this is a product that will suit your growing child.

It allows you to establish specific, healthy sleeping routines. Ideally, it allows you to set the time that a toddler should get up and when to sleep. Initiating this lifestyle will go a long way in improving their health in the long run.

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#2. Best with dimmable light – VAVA led touchable and rechargeable night light for nursery

vava led night light for nursery


  • Touch operated
  • Comfort toy-grade materials
  • Has a convenient charging base
  • Boasts RGB mode and can memorize your favorite light


  • Integrated led light bulbs

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The striking design of the VAVA lamp will effortlessly get you smitten. From its focus on safety to how impressive it looks, it will be worth your money.

Ideally, the materials used in making this product are toy-grade, and the light features a pleasant haptic. Whether the child is playing or learning, this light will be the ultimate and safest choice for them.

It will suffice to mention that this night light features the anti-blue light feature, which makes it friendly to the eyes. With this feature, there will be no reason for you to worry about the rays or reflections it produces.

This light comes with smooth touch control, which allows you to alternate between different light modes. For instance, it will be relatively straightforward to dim your lights whenever necessary. You can also tap this control to change your favorite color.

Further, you will appreciate the non-slip base that it features. With this, it will be easier for you to travel with it.

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#3. Best with timer – Moredig musical nursery star night light projector for baby

Moredig nursery rotating night light


  • Auto off timer
  • Easy to control
  • Features 12 light songs and 8 colorful lights
  • 360 degree rotating light helps soothing your baby


  • The remote range limits within 5 meters

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That this night light is one of the most popular today is no secret. Thanks to the multiple features it has, you will find it both convenient and reliable.

Moredig comes with a baby soother, which is vital in lulling the baby to sleep. What is more, you will comfortably control it with your remote control. This soother functions in two ways, including slow rotation and sweet songs.

Did you know that this soother could help in developing the sight and sound senses of your baby?

The projections on this device are not only incredible but also eye-catching. Usually, this product allows you to project up to two different films. This way, you will be sure of unmatched entertainment for your child.

There will also be music for the child. A choice of up to 12 songs will be at your disposal.

From light music to soft entertainment, your child will not have an issue going to sleep. Besides, you will effortlessly control this music too.

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#4. Best with thermometer and hygrometer display – LittleHippo night lamp for children room

LittleHippo mini nursery night light with soft glow


  • Enhanced portability
  • Able to display humidity in the room
  • Light colors will change relevant to the room temperature


  • Really small in size

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If you are looking for enhanced peace of mind, this nursery night light will be your ultimate choice. This product is not only outstanding but also able to relieve the burden of parenthood. What is more, the light is a highlight of elegance.

It comes with three lighting modes and colors, including amber, red, and blue. Ideally, the colors will change with the temperature in the room.

While blue stands out in temperatures below 68 degrees F, amber seems suitable for temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Red is for temperatures above 72 degrees.

The impressive design behind this night light will appeal to your eyes. It comes with a room thermometer and a hygrometer, which ensure that the baby does not end up uncomfortable at some point.

There is also one detachable 4-foot USB cable at your disposal.

You will also appreciate the level of safety in the design, making it safe for the child. Most importantly, you will hardly doubt the durability of the night light in the long run.

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#5. Best with remote control – ZEFFO led battery powered night light for bedside

zeffo night table lamp


  • Remote control
  • Easier to charge, and with a lasting battery
  • Comes with timer and brightness adjustment


  • Needs to sit on a flat surface

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Nothing could match the reliability that this night light provides. The eye-friendly and elegant light provided will always make it stand out. That implies that it remains friendly to both children and adults.

Usually, you will choose the perfect light from five different diminishing functions. Typically, you will be free to adjust your light from warm white to cool white at any time. The changes will lie between 50 and 100% brightness. Whichever brightness level suits you, pick it.

The compact design featured by this product is worth appreciating. This small-sized night light is vital for those who want enhanced portability.

Did you know that it comes with a timer function? This timer allows you to set your working time, ensuring that you do not disrupt the sleep of your beloved child.

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#6. Best cordless – Lumipets portable animal soothing night lamp with changing colors

rechargeable night light for nursery


  • 9 glowing colors
  • Flawless remote control
  • Easily portable and rechargeable
  • Comes with non-toxic silicone machine


  • Unable to emit rotating lights

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If you are looking for a cordless night light for the nursery, this choice will be worth embracing.

With its cordless nature, you will find it much easier to carry around at any time. It will, however, suffice to mention that you will recharge it with a USB cord, and at your convenience.

Have you thought about how soothing its light is? These lights tend to have an excellent calming effect on children of whichever age.

This light is relatively soft, and it will be friendly to the eyes of your child. That it is non-toxic is further good news. What is more, you will readily control the light at any time.

The sleep timer in this night light is one of the best. It allows you to set the right time for the baby to sleep. This way, you will comfortably initiate the right, healthy lifestyle for the child.

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#7. Best plug in – Lohas wall night light with adjustable brightness and dusk to dawn sensor for nursery room

led nursery night light plug in


  • Dimmable light
  • Plug in wall outlets and easy to use
  • Dusk to dawn sensor will make it auto on and off


  • It is in mini size

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Here’s yet another exceptional choice you have at hand. This product boasts of adjustable brightness, giving you the convenience you so deserve.

Using a slide switch, you will be free to initiate step-less dimming from 5 to 80 lumens. This adjustment allows you to choose a level of brightness that matches your needs in the long run.

It features a light sensor that effortlessly senses the luminance in your environment. With this, it will automatically switch the device on or off, depending on the circumstances.

Its cozy lighting will get you smitten, as its glare-free illumination gives your child incredible experience at all times. With the 5000K illumination, your child will feel safe and less afraid of the dark.

The design of this night light is out of this world. Its compact nature allows you to save as much space as possible. Besides, it assures you of a lifespan of up to 30000 working hours.

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#8. Best with rotating light – Aurora nursery night lamp with Bluetooth and 7 light modes

night light projector with rotating light for nursery


  • Multiple light modes
  • 4 levels of timer design
  • Built-in 6 soothing sounds
  • Able to connect to your phone through the Bluetooth Speaker


  • 7 modes are all in the form of the aurora light

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Are you looking for a night that provides you with up to different aurora light modes? Here is the ultimate choice. These different lighting modes come in handy in improving how colorful your room can be. The elegance that comes with this is unrivaled.

The brightness levels of these 7 lighting modes remain adjustable. Its dimmest light will often assure your child of enough comfort while ensuring that your sleep does not get compromised.

Further, it features up to six soothing sounds, thanks to its built-in noise sound machine. Whether you need white noise, summer night, ocean wave, or brook sounds, this machine will be right there for you.

There is also a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which allows you to play any music at your convenience.

One thing that makes this night light stand out is the presence of up to 4 timers. These timers ensure that there is a flawless operation of the night light. They also come in handy when establishing a consistent, healthy lifestyle for the child.

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#9. Best with audio monitor – Hatch Baby nursery nightlight with red light and clock base

Hatch Baby night light with timer for nursery


  • A sound machine
  • White noise for baby sleep
  • Comes with changing colors
  • 2-way audio monitor and a digital clock at the base


  • Pricey

Check Best Price on

The wealth of features on this machine will always guarantee you value for money. From its impressive design to its robust construction, this is a product you will hardly want to overlook.

It comes with a sound machine, which provides the ultimate entertainment your baby needs. The night light prides itself on a myriad of library selections, including snooze-inducing sounds, white noise, and lullabies.

Further, you will comfortably listen and talk to your kid from a different room, thanks to the two-way audio monitor feature. Things become much better for you, as you will be sure of enhanced privacy in your conversations.

The night light is not only reassuring but also gentle. That this light is friendly to the eyes of your child is no secret.

Did you know that it comes with an LED clock? This clock will play a significant role, especially if you want your kid to understand the concept of time.

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#10. Best for decoration – Wanxing led moon, cloud and star night lamp with soft light

decorative nursery nightlight


  • For decoration
  • Illuminate soft glow
  • Cordless battery powered


  • A little hassle to turn it on in the full dark

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This option has come out as one of the best among battery-powered night lights. Ideally, it is cordless and will need 2 AA batteries, which will still last for a long time.

It boasts of up to three distinct LED lights, which are relatively friendly and soft to the eyes. This soft brightness ensures that your night wall remains decorated at all times. This decoration will make it ideal for a girl’s bedroom.

The impressive design featured is worth lauding. It comes with an automatic on and off switch, which is conveniently placed at the back. It is cordless, compact, and relatively portable.

It will suffice to mention how versatile this product has proven to be. You will be free to use it at home or even outdoors.

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What is the best night light for a nursery room?

nursery night lamps

#1. Connection with phones

The best night light for a nursery is very much a personal choice.

For those that have smartphones, there are combination models that are night lights and sound machines that can be controlled and programmed through smartphone applications.

These will not only help babies and toddlers to go back to sleep in the middle of the night but it will help grow with your baby too.

As their taste in what comforts them changes, you’ll have more options to change sounds from ambiance to music or shut off the music and just use the light at night. The choice is yours.

For parents that don’t own a smartphone, the same idea can be found in nursery lamps. These are dimly lit lamps that are designed for breastfeeding. They can be stationed securely over a baby’s crib or nearby on a table.

#2. Safety

It allows you to see well enough in the room to function properly and safely for everything from diaper changes to feeding sessions. The LED lights are safe for sensitive newborn eyes and allow them to see well enough without waking fully so he or she will more easily return to sleep.

This will help safeguard a parent’s sleep too, since there won’t be a need to try a variety of activities to put baby back to sleep for the night.

#3. Type and vital functions

Toddlers can be a little picky about what they want for a night light.

If you use a standard wall plug-in night light, your child may want to try one that shows their favorite movie characters or one that projects an image onto the wall.

Since your child, at that point, doesn’t need night time diaper changes it can be easier to have just one or two night lights (maybe a small table lamp and a plug-in near his or her bed).

During the toddler years, it can be a trial and error process of determining what will add the best light and offer the most comfort and security to your child.

For babies, a nursery lamp is a really good choice for a place near the baby’s crib.

These are different than traditional light lights that plug into the wall near baby’s crib.

However, if you do select a night lamp, be sure to choose one that emits either red or amber light. These have longer wavelengths and neither one has been shown to have negative effects on sleep and melatonin production.

Red and amber light don’t interact with melatonin receptors. Think of red and amber light like a virtual darkness that you can see but your baby can’t.

Character nightlights are a fun way to comfort your child as opposed to the traditional, standard lightbulb.

These usually run on batteries and don’t cost very much. Many are made with plastic and bright colors to introduce toddlers to color memorization.

Some play simple children’s songs that most children love. Others play white noise or a few ambient sounds. Just watch out for sharp edges though.

Sometimes the molds leave unfriendly rough-cut sides with pointy tips instead of rounded ones that baby can slide their fingers across and get hurt.

Best of the best – Hatch Baby led night light and a white noise soother 

Hatch Baby nursery night light with clock base and audio monitor

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What to Look for in a Nursery Night Light?

There are a couple of things you want to look for in a nursery light.

#1. Light should be soft

The first being to search for something that isn’t too harsh on the eyes. Soft lighting is far more gentle and reduces the contrast between light and dark. This discourages over-stimulation and offers baby’s eyes time for rest.

Soft lighting won’t use halogen bulbs. Avoid those at all costs. Bright lights like halogen bulbs create anxiety in babies and young toddlers. Select night lights that offer shaded or diffused light.

Best with soft glow – ZEFFO led tabletop lamp for nursery room

zeffo night table lamp

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#2. Well-built and attractive

Also, consider a toddler’s natural curiosity and desire to tinker with new objects. If you select a nursery light, be sure it’s a well-built model.

You don’t want your baby reaching through the rails of their crib and/or toddler bed playing with a night light while you are asleep.

The glass bulb could be hot and burn little fingers or the glass could break and leave your baby with cuts and shards of glass pieces in his or her bed.

Consideration of light appearance is also paramount when it comes to the light for nursery.

If your baby is interested in animals, try to put a monkey night light in his room.

Best cute – Vtech monkey night light for soothing your infant

#3. Lumens

When looking at the light bulbs for a nursery light, avoid 1100 to 1600 Lumens as this would be for normal lighting.

For a 60W incandescent light bulb expect it to be around 800 Lumens.

#4. Lamp type

Avoid ceiling fans with bell-shaped lights. They look lovely in a baby’s nursery but being directly under them can be too much light and hurt your baby’s eyes.

Choose a location to place the bed where the child will not be under direct overhead lighting. If you aren’t sure how baby will be affected by the light source, try testing it out from your child’s view to see what you can see.

#5. Consider dimmable light

You may wish to install a dimmer in the room. The gentle overhead light will illuminate the entire room instead of just part of it. It will also help increase safety for you and your baby.

Dimmers are terribly expensive to install but some re-wiring may need to be done to accommodate the update.

Best with dimmable light – VAVA led desk light with multiple light adjustments

vava led night light for nursery

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#1. When Should I Put a Night Light in a Nursery Room?

The question of when to put a nursery light into a child’s bedroom is a personal one.

This could be something that is instigated from the time the baby is first brought home from the hospital in order to promote security for night feedings and to help mom and dad see for diaper changes.

A night light could be postponed until the baby is toddler age and developing bad dreams from a wild imagination. At that point, the baby would need some sort of reassurance nothing scary is lurking beneath their bed or in their closet.

#2. Which color night light is best for nursery?

night color lamp for baby

Arguably the most common child’s night light is a soft yellow light.

However, there is a new push for red lighting by sleep experts claiming red light therapy is the way to go to obtain the best sleep at night.

Blue, white, or green light sources, even dimly lit can be detrimental to sleep because they emit blue light waves.

Blue light is a stimulant that boosts attention and reaction times and interrupt the production of melatonin.

Red light is a higher wavelength and actually increases melatonin production.

Try a couple of different colors at a time to see what your child responds to better. One week or two try soft red light.

If the child doesn’t like it, try the yellow light and so on and so forth. You will find what works best for you and whatever works best for you is generally whatever your baby will go with too. They adapt to their environment.

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#3. How Dark Should My Baby’s Room Be at Night?

It can be difficult to know how much light you need in your child’s room. Too much dim lighting can actually be too much depending on the size of the room itself.

Try to illuminate three points in a child’s room.

This could be a small table lamp, overhead fixture, and a small plug-in night light. If that is too much you can always just use one or two small lights.

Your baby will adapt his or her vision to the dim lighting just as you will. Based on personal preference, you will find what works best as the parent for yourself as well as your child.

Plus, once your baby is asleep, you can always sneak in and turn off one or two lights to gradually transition your baby to sleeping more comfortably in the dark.



Having a nightlight can be a huge asset for any parent. It promotes safety by allowing the parent to see their child or children for diaper changes or to comfort after awaking from a bad dream.

Pick up one of the best-reviewed night lights for your nursery room.