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Best Night Light for Reading for Nighttime Bookworms in 2022

Most of us struggled when we were young, reading under the covers with a torch, lucky for us, the modern times have provided us with night lights that prevent suffocation and even add style to your reading sessions. Below is a list of the best night light for reading that is available.

They are adjustable in shape and brightness, but they are versatile in their usage and portable, making them easy to carry around in your travel bag, enabling you to read anywhere and anytime.

Below is a review of some of the best night lights for reading, so if you are in the market and thinking of getting one of them, this section will help you make an informed decision on the best light that will best suit your needs and preferences.

Benefits of using light for reading books at night

A book light is excellent when you are reading in low light conditions or at night. It is a simple device, but you have to learn how to use it effectively.

We are going to discuss how using light benefits you at night when you are reading.

best night light for reading reviews

#1. No eye strain

Any reader using a dim light to read can tell you that it is tiring and makes your eyes feel very dry. Trying to pick out words from books when it’s dark is very tiring and eye-straining.

That is why it is very beneficial to use a great reading light to read your book at night. It will ensure that you enjoy reading because you won’t strain your eyes.

#2. No headaches

Straining to figure out words in a page with poor lighting can make you have headaches.

That can be very unpleasant for the reader; if you have to read at night, please get good light as these types of headaches can cause you not to get sleep, giving you a big problem that you could have easily solved by just using a good reading light.

#3. Enjoyment

There is no way you can enjoy reading a book with poor lighting. Poor light makes you concentrate so much on seeing than getting into the creative world of the writer.

Headaches and sore eyes caused by poor lighting will cause you not to enjoy reading a book. Avoid such situations by getting yourself a good night light and enjoying learning.

#4. Great for cramped conditions

Chances are very high that you don’t have a personal library where you can stretch and read your favorite book; instead, you share your space.

If that is the case, then night reading lights are high for you because they are made to be flexible and able to target a specific area alone, this means that you won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

To get the most out of reading, ensure you select a light that will illuminate your pages well without adding glare of other cold sources of light. Try out different modes of view so that you can find one that best suits you.


Reviews of the 5 best lamps for night reading

#1. Best sale – Glocusent led neck reading light for bed

led neck light for reading books at night review


  • Bendable arms
  • Up to 80 hours of reading
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery life
  • 3-modes into 6-levels of adjustable light


  • Can’t be used as a table lamp

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The Glocusent LED light for bed is to light up your life. It features a multicolored setting for brightness and temperature. Its light beam is meant for a specific target area but still bright and dim enough for you while not disturbing anybody nearby.

  • Powerful built-in battery

The light has a powerful built-in battery, and when full, it can give you up to 80 hours of use. The built-in rechargeable battery is exceptional because you don’t have to incur the cost of buying batteries.

After all, there is no extra battery required. That also makes the lamp environmentally friendly. What makes it better is that it is hands-free; this means you can focus on what you are doing freely.

  • 3-modes into 6-levels of adjustable light

This reading light provides you with three color temperature modes. You have the crisp white, yellow, and warm white for different feelings, moods, and situations. When people buy lamps, they may have a particular attitude that they want to achieve, so when purchasing this lamp, you are attaining the mood you want to create.

There are also six different brightness levels in which each head has three levels, so if you want a bright or dimmer level, you just have to change the scale. There is even a precise working level that gives you natural daylight-like illumination.

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#2. Best with alarm clock – Ausfore nightstand reading light with 4 USB ports

night readin glamp with clocks and usb ports


  • Dimmable light
  • Detachable alarm base
  • On and off switch for easy use
  • 4 USB ports and 2 AC power station


  • Indoor usage alone

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This Ausfore is designed to be stable, non-flickering, and soft. This desk lamp with a rectangular shade is high on your eyes, making you enjoy reading. The design is elegant and straightforward, so it blends well with your room’s décor giving it a natural feel.

You don’t have to worry about what your office looks like because this lamp pairs well with most interiors.

  • Ease of use

With an off and on the switch, the lamp is very simple to use, because, you don’t have to get out of bed after you finish reading to go put it off at the switch; instead you just pull the on and off switch, just place it where you see fit and get an excellent illumination and style.

  • Detachable alarm base

The nightstand has three uses in one lamp; you get an alarm clock base, a power and USB charging station, and the nightstand lamp. That is great because you won’t have to spend more money buying an alarm clock or a USB charger.

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#3. Best portable – PERFECT DAY rechargeable tiny led night reading book light

rechargeable reading night lamp with rechargeable battery


  • 3 brightness modes
  • Clamp for bookmarking
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 360 adjustable gooseneck


  • No lamp shade

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The PERFECT DAY rechargeable lamp is ranked the most portable because of its small size. Its size makes it very lightweight and compact. That makes it a great light, especially for those that like camping or even traveling.

Its friendly price ensures you don’t spend a lot of money on a gift but buy your loved one a great gift that they will appreciate and use for years.

Therefore if you want a durable, energy-efficient light, then this is a perfect device for you.

  • 360 adjustable gooseneck

Its 360 degrees adjustable gooseneck ensures that you can bend it to any direction that you want. Most lamps use very little electricity, and this is one of them. That means that it is very energy efficient and also cost-effective as you pay less and get more.

  • 3 brightness modes

The lamp gives you three levels of brightness to adjust it to your preference or according to your mood and feelings. This lamp is also great because it is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

  • Versatility

Are you looking for a gift for a particular occasion, then this is the one for you, be it a wedding, valentines, holiday and even birthday, you won’t go wrong with this lamp.

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#4. Best with two lamp heads – Vekkia rechargeable clip-on night light for reading in bed

Vekkia book light for night reading with 2 lamp heads


  • Dual light heads
  • Cordless reading
  • Diffuser optical lens
  • Two brightness setting
  • 300-lumen warm light color


  • Integrated led light bulbs

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The Vekkia adjustable and rechargeable light with two heads is excellent because it can illuminate your A4 pages with ease. It provides more light than the lamps that have only one light head.

The color temperature is perfect for reading and easy on your eyes during the dark, especially for the kids because it is a warm color.

  • Two brightness settings

You also bet two settings of brightness; this means that you can adjust it according to how you feel or what your mood is on that particular day.

What is even better about this is that the light from the lamp is only directed to the place you want, which means you won’t disturb your sleeping partner next to you.

  • Portable and lightweight design

The lamp is small in size, which makes it very light and portable, for those people who love traveling and even going out for camping, this is the lamp for you as you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Excellent bookmark

The light gives you a clip that is an excellent bookmark for both thick and thin books. No one wants to come back from a reading break and find that you don’t remember what page you were reading.

That is where the bookmark comes in handy as with the marker, and such things won’t happen.

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#5. Best 2 in 1 – Vont eye protection led light with stand up and clip-on base for nighttime reading

Vont night light for reading in bed with gooseneck


  • Long battery life
  • Slick touch switch
  • 360 degrees bendable
  • Three levels of brightness
  • Non-glare and flicker design


  • The clip is not for books only table or headboard

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The Vont eye protection LED light is a very light and portable reading lamp. Have you ever wished that you could take your reading lamp wherever you go? Then this is the lamp for you.

  • Easy to transport

Its size makes it very easy to transport around. Considering that when full, it can last up to 8 hours, this makes it a great emergency car and even camping lamp.

Sometimes your car can break down in the middle of nowhere, and if you have this lamp, you will be sure to get enough light till help comes because no one loves darkness.

  • Non-glare and flicker design

The lamp is very kind to the user’s eyes because it is designed not to flicker or glare; that means you won’t strain your eyes when using it to read or have dry eyes, making it amiable eyes.

The lamp is also 360 degrees bendable, so you can direct it wherever you want without disturbing your sleeping roommate. You also get to illuminate your book or the task at hand without getting shadows from nearby objects.

  • Usability convenience

The lamp also has a touch switch that ensures you don’t have to get out of bed to switch it off after you dare done with your reading. The long battery life of the lamp is convenient and cost-friendly and great for the planet as no additional batteries are required.

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What to look for in a nighttime reading lamp?

What is the best night reading lamp for you? That is a question that is asked by most people.

Different people have different preferences and requirements for their reading lamps. You need a fire that you can adjust the light so that you can enjoy reading without difficulty.

Below are some of the common factors to consider when looking for a night time lamp for reading.

#1. Bedroom size

Always consider the size of your space before buying a bedroom reading lamp. If your room is smaller, then get a small-sized light with a little shade. That is because a large table lamp with a small size will look out of space in your small room.

But if your room is big enough, then you have very many options for choosing.

#2. Light mood

Yes, lamps create different types of moods. From the location to the nature of bulb and wall color, all this can affect your mood when reading.

If you want to relax, then choose a soft white bulb, you can see the wattage on the package to know this. Placing the lamp in a corner will give you more brightness, which ensures that you won’t strain your eyes when reading.

Best for eyes – Ausfore led table lamp with soft white light for night reading

night readin glamp with clocks and usb ports

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#3. Durability

Choosing a lamp with a long life span is excellent because you will not have to think about buying a night lamp for several years. Choose an LED light with bulbs that can give you up to thirty-five thousand hours of use.

Most LED bulbs have 100000 hours of life, but when used as a lamp, presence decreases because the amount of energy emitted is high. A good light can last you up to even more than ten years.

#4. Bulb Wattage

The bulb wattage is also significant because it ensures energy efficiency. An ideal type of range is between 3 to 5 watts for the LED bulbs, while the Compact Fluorescent lights are 11 to 15 watts.

#5. Color temperature

After intense research, it is clear that the color temperature affects your reading experience. In other terms, the optimal reading light should be between 2700K and 4000K.

If you want a cooler light, get a blue tone, and if you prefer a warmer tone, then yellow is for you.

Best with 2 lamp heads – Vekkia 3000K reading book light for nights

Vekkia book light for night reading with 2 lamp heads

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#6. Light options

For the brightness of the lamp, choose a lamp with soft lighting for your reading.

Getting a night lamp with different light settings is excellent because you can increase the intensity and even dimness to your optimal light needs.

#7. Power cord

Get yourself a night lamp that when you are done reading, you won’t have to get out of bed to go switch it off. If the night lamp has an off and on the switch, it will become straightforward for you because you will just use the chain, and you are done.

As you have read, there are many things to take note of before buying a night reading lamp. With this information, you can, for sure, make an informed decision on a night lamp that can best suit your tastes and preferences.

#8. 360 degrees bendability

Choosing an adjustable light is great because you can bend it to your desired position. That means that you can focus on your targeted area without disturbing anyone sleeping near you that does not want the light.

Best with gooseneck – Vont led tabletop and clip on light for reading

Vont night light for reading in bed with gooseneck

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What are the different types of night reading lights?

Night reading lights come in various designs that define their applications. The usage of these night reading lights describes their types. Most of the time, the lights will be names according to how they are used or where they are using.

We’re going to look at some of the leading night reading lights types available in the market today. Here we go:

#1. Tabletop reading light

You may come across some models that have adjustable brightness levels. What’s more, some of the necessary features like the pen holder, an alarm will attach on theses desktop lights.

Some might be using a USB, others are designed to use a standard AC charger and while others might even be solar charged.


  • Most of them are lightweight and conveniently portable
  • The lights are quite versatile especially if they have adjustable brightness
  • Most of these lights are quite comfortable and safer to use since you’re not using the standard wall socket directly.


  • Needs to charge them regularly
  • May cost you much on battery replacement

#2. Around-the-neck night reading light

Around-the-neck reading lights are portable and lightweight night lights designed to be worn around the neck. Most of them weigh around 3-ounces and have a very flexible design to coil around the next for support.

You can place them under rechargeable night reading lights since some use powerful rechargeable battery requiring recharging when the power is all drain.


  • Cheap
  • The lights offer you a hands-free reading experience
  • The lights feature a full versatility as you can use them around the house too
  • With these lights, you’re always covered when there is a blackout or when you’re camping


  • They get shaky when you move your body

#3. Clip-on night reading lights

The clip-on night reading lights are various types starting from desk or table clip-on to book clip-on lights. They are designed to be clipped on the reading desk, tabletop, or book to provide static illumination ideal for reading.


  • Some of the light can act as a bookmark
  • Won’t disturn your partner who is sleeping
  • Most of them have a flexible gooseneck to help you direct the reading light


  • The illumination of the clip on book lightis limited to your book


What is the best light bulb for reading at night?

When you were young, you were probably warned against reading under the covers with low lights because it ruins eyesight, but that has been proven wrong. That is because there is no evidence of that.

Truth is light bulbs come in different types, and they have their uses and advantages. Below is a list of the best light bulbs for reading at night:

led night reading light

  • Incandescent

Most bulbs are incandescent, they were invented in the early days but have been modernized with time. These types of bulbs provide warm light to the small areas and are very cheap, so cost-effective to the users.

  • Fluorescent

The bulbs that are commonly found in offices are known as fluorescent lights. Nowadays, they are in different shapes and can be found even in the lamp.

Compared to incandescent lights, they are energy efficient. These types of bulbs are not only cheap but also energy-efficient, so they save on electricity.

These bulbs also give better light distribution and less heat production over others.

  • LED

Most lights are switching to LED lights for many great reasons because they come in different varieties. You can find them as computer screens, smartphones, televisions and light bulbs. They are energy-efficient of all other choices and have a very long life.

With them, you can be sure that there will be no flickering, and they give you an excellent color and can be easily directed to targeted areas.

There are different color and brightness settings for your specific needs.

Therefore, as discussed, this means that the LED bulbs are the best light bulb for reading at night, but you can also make your own decision according to your preferences.


Where should I put my night lamp when reading?

When it comes to the distance that a lamp is placed, then place it according to your preferences. Put the night light luminaires in a place where it will shed the most light on your reading area.

That is great because no light will shine on your eyes. Some people chose spotlights, but the spotlights may be too intense for others, so make sure you make an informed decision.



With all this information, you indeed have all you need to make an informed decision on the best nightlight for reading. Just know what you want first, your preferences and choices and choose the kind of lamp you want.