Best Natural Light Lamp – Top 7 Lights and Bulbs in 2021

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Natural light is very beneficial to your overall health because it provides you with Vitamin D, helps you to ward off seasonal depression, and improves your sleep pattern. Scientific research also supports the importance of sunlight and suggests that exposure to bright light from the best natural light lamp can help people who often stay indoors make up for the natural daylight that they miss.

Research has also proven that individuals who are exposed to natural light are more productive and creative. If you need to work in a room that does not support access to natural lighting or you want to work at might, artificial daylight can promote your productivity.

Reviews of the 7 Best Light Bulbs that Give off Natural Light

#1. Hot Sale – TaoTronics Full Spectrum Desk Lamp with Natural Light for Reading

led light bulbs natural daylight
TaoTronics Full Spectrum Natural Light

This lamp produces natural light that will be gentle to your eyes. Its operating voltage is 10V/1.2A. When you purchase this lamp, some of the additional accessories that you will get include a 59.05 inches power adapter and a manual guide that will help you learn to operate the lamp.

This lamp has a modern design and will offer you with flicker-free gently light that will be gentle on your eyes and offer you proper lighting in your environment. It has five color modes to ensure that it mimics the natural daylight color well.

It also has seven brightness levels, which ensures that you can adjust the lamp depending on your needs. You can adjust it to face different directions as its head can be tilted up to 135 degrees and you can swivel it up to 90 degrees. Its base can also be adjusted as it tilts up to 150 degrees and swivels up to 45 degrees. It also comes with a USB port for charging your phone.

  • It has five color modes
  • Comes with a USB port
  • It has seven brightness levels
  • The lamp can be adjusted to face different directions
  • You need to place your finger exactly where the touch-sensitive dimmer is to switch it off

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#2. Best with Clock – Philips Wake Up Light with Colored Sunrise Light

best natural sunlight lamp
Natural Sunlight Lamp with Clock

This light therapy lamp is a good bedside lamp as it will wake you up with natural lighting because of an inbuilt alarm clock. The natural lighting slowly brightens your room as your alarm goes off in the morning and dims at night when you are going to bed.

It uses a combination of natural light and sounds to wake you up naturally. Its relaxing sunrise and sunset feature has been clinically proven to help you relax. The speaker plays a selection of five different natural sounds or the FM radio, which you can tap to switch off or snooze.

Besides, it maintains clock settings and back-up alarm settings for up to eight hours in the event that you face power failure.

  • 20 brightness settings
  • Colored sunrise simulation
  • You can tap to snooze the alarm
  • Comes with 5 natural wake-up sounds and FM radio
  • Sunset simulation to make you relax while going to bed
  • Doesn’t have a USB port

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#3. Best Rated – Natural Daylight Light Box for Depression

natural daylight lamps for sad
Natural Light Bulbs for Depression

This is the best rated natural light lamp. It is super think, which reduces the amount of space it will take on your desk or table. It can be placed next to your laptop for easy visibility. It is safe to use as it utilizes UV-Free LED light and delivers natural light that can help in improving your moods. A 30-minute timer is designed to use for light therapy.

Additional features include the ability to adjust the brightness levels as you can set it to the best level for your intended purpose. You can use it for light therapy to relieve stress and manage other SAD related conditions.  What is more brilliant is that it has a memory function that ensure that you can set your light levels based on the brightness levels that you had used in the past.

  • It delivers natural light
  • It utilizes UV-free LED light
  • It can be used for light therapy
  • It comes with a 30-minute timer
  • It can help you improve your mood
  • It is super slim and can fit in small places
  • The timer is limited to 30 minutes

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#4. Best for Artists – Natural Light Floor Lamp with Full Spectrum for Home and Office

natural full spectrum light bulbs
Artist Lamps with Natural Light

This is a floor lamp that offers you bright light, which mimics natural lighting. You can easily adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light emitted by the lamp while working. It is effective for conducting activities such as painting and crafting because of its precision in reflecting the color of the objects in the same manner that natural sunlight would reflect them.

It comes with a long-lasting LED bulb that will ensure you will not have to change your bulb for a long time. Because the light produced by this lamp is almost similar to natural light, it ensures that you do not strain your eyes while working. The light produced by this LED lamp is evenly distributed and does not flicker. It is easy to turn on and off as you will only be required to use the soft touch button.

  • It reduces eyestrain
  • It is easy to turn on and off
  • It comes with a long-lasting LED bulb
  • It offers bright light that mimics natural light
  • It comes with adjustable color temperature and brightness levels
  • The color of light produced by the lamp is effective for painting and crafting
  • It does not have a timer that would be effective for light therapy

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#5. Best for Living Room – LED Floor Lamps with Natural Daylight Bulbs

floor light bulbs that mimic natural light
Natural Full Spectrum Floor Light Bulbs

This is the best lamp for living rooms. It offers you 450 lumens of brightness, which are enough to light your living room or other rooms. It has an elegant look that will align with the designs in your house.

The standing lamp offers you the opportunity to choose from 16 different lightings and 4 brightness levels. It is stable making it less likely to be knocked by kids or pets in your home.

Since it uses an LED bulb, it is energy-saving and will reduce your overall electricity bill by approximately 75%. Also, the led bulb has a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours making it an affordable option.

It does not flicker. Since it mimics natural light, it is very appropriate for tasks such as reading, painting, and other creative works. You can easily adjust the height to ensure that you easily illuminate your work or books.

  • It has an elegant look
  • It offers you 16 different lighting options
  • It comes with four different brightness levels
  • It has adjustable colors and brightness with four different color temperatures
  • It does not have a USB port that you can use to charge your devices

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#6. Best Natural Light Bulbs – Full Spectrum A19 LED Light Bulb

light bulbs closest to natural light
Natural Light Bulbs for Home

This is a full spectrum light-bulb that offers you LED bright light, which mimics the natural light produced by the sun. It is a unique technology that has been created without the use of harmful UV rays. It offers you a high CRI of 96, which ensures that the color produced by this bulb will mimic the natural light.

What is the best part is that it will assist you in managing depressive symptoms and reduce your likelihood of suffering from seasonal depression.

To ensure that you get the best out of this bulb you can use it in your workspace, office, hallway, living room, or bedroom. It can be dimmed. This is an essential feature especially if you will be using the bulb in your bedroom.

  • It is dimmable
  • It is a cheap option for most customers who may only wish to change the bulb in their lamps
  • It does not have additional accessories or features such as a USB port of timer that could attract more customers might not fit in the bulb holders of some of the lamps that customers have

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#7. Best Tube Bulb – LED Fluorescent B Replacement

natural light bulbs for office
8 Ft Natural Light Tube Bulbs

This LED tube light bulb offers you the same services as a natural light lamp. It is eight foot and offers you 65W of power. It has been made using aluminum.

5000K light it offers, which is closer to the light produced by the sun. The natural-like light produced by this bulb ensures that you will be able to enjoy natural light without the need of leaving the comfort of your home or office.

  • It is dimmable
  • It is easy to install
  • Offers you 5000k light
  • If offers you natural-like light
  • It is not as flexible to use as table and floor lamps

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#1. What Is a Natural Light Lamp?

A natural light lamp is a lamp that closely resembles the light from the sun. Lamps that offer light, which closely resembles natural light can be considered a natural light source.

These lamps offer lighting within the same Kelvin light ranges as the sun. The color rendering index (CRI) is a way of describing the effects of a light source on the appearance of an object compared to a reference source of the same temperature.

The higher the CRI of a lamp with color temperature similar to those of the sun, the closer the lamp is to resembling natural light.

light bulbs closest to natural light

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#2. What Light Bulb Is Closest to Natural Sunlight?

Light bulbs that are closer to natural resemble the reflection of sunlight on objects. Halogen light bulbs will offer you the closest resemblance to the sunlight. They produce white light, which makes the color of objects in your surroundings appear clearly and almost similar to natural sunlight.

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#3. What Kelvin Is Natural Light?

best light bulbs for natural lightSunlight has a Kelvin temperature of around 5,000 degrees kelvin in its purest form. As it comes into contact with the earth’s atmosphere and is reflected and refracted by the water in the earth’s major water bodies like oceans and lakes the color and the temperature of the sun changes throughout the day.

Sunlight is also reflected and refracted by dust particles on the ground and in the air, which alter its color. These reflection causes the temperature of the earth to change and may range between 5000 to 6000 Kelvin depending on the amount of clouds in the sky, which can also block the sunlight and the time of day.

#4. Do SAD Light Boxes Really Work?

The effectiveness of SAD light boxes depends on the cause of your depression or low energy levels.

While these boxes may not be effective in completely curing non-seasonal depression or other conditions, they can help you feel better about your life and yourself, which would eventually help you manage your depressive symptoms or other conditions like sleep disorders, and dementia.

#5. How Many Lumens Do I Need for a SAD Light?

SAD lamps should mimic the natural light to ensure that they are effective in helping you manage depressive symptoms or other conditions.

An effective SAD light should have lumens ranging between 5,000 and 10,000, which is similar to the brightness of the sun in the afternoon. The most effective SAD light lamps offer 10,000 lumens.

natural daylight lamps for sad

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#6. How Often Should You Do Light Therapy?

Light therapy is an effective way of treating seasonal affective disorders such as depressive symptoms that occurs during a specific time of the year, which is usually during the winter season.

It is recommended to start using your light therapy for fifteen minutes during your initial sessions. You can build up your time to thirty minutes slowly to ensure that you benefit from the light therapy.

It should be done at least three times per week. You should place the lamp at a distance of about 20 inches from your face.

#7. What Kind of Lamp Gives the Most Light?

Lamps that have an LED lighting color of 6000K will give you the most bright light. These lighting will have an ultra-bright light with a blue hue. It will also provide you with a futuristic glow. Such lighting, acting as the flood lights, should be used as street light or in an industrial area.

For personal use, the best lamp that will offer you the maximum light should be 4000K as this is similar to sunlight light.

natural full spectrum light bulbs

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#8. How Many Lumens is a 6000K LED?

A 6000K LED lamp will give you approximately 3200 lumens and will emit roughly 10% fewer lumens than a 4000K bulb.


Natural light offers you numerous benefits. The degree of the benefits you will reap from your natural light lamp will depend on the type of lamp you get, its effectiveness in producing natural light, and the amount of time you dedicate to using your lamp for light therapy.

Natural light is also associated with reducing eyestrain, ensures better illumination of your environment, and promotes productivity.

You should invest in natural light lamps to ensure that you can easily see the things in your surroundings and promote your creativity and productivity. Ensure you select your lamp based on your needs and the amount of space you have.