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9 Best Desk Lamps for Office Use to Protect Your Eyes

If you are working, especially at night, you need some proper illumination on your office table. You can choose to buy the best desk lamps for office to give you such a service.

At times, you might not wait for your employer to provide you with the best lamp. If he or she chooses to do it for you, well and good. Otherwise, you can just buy one for yourself basing on the fact that your welfare is more important than the job itself.

Have a look at some of the desk lamps that you can buy for the office needs and some tips you need during your deal!


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Sale – TaoTronics LED Table Lamp with Cool White Light

Has Wide Light Bar for Wide Office Desks – TaoTronics Table Lamp with Bright Light

With Desk Organizer to Help Your Workbench Cleaner – OMaggie Office LED Table Lamp with Dimmable Light

With Magnifier for Crafts and Aging Eyes – TOMSOO 3 in 1 Office Lamp


How to Choose a Right Table Lamp for an Office Space?

Here are the factors you need to consider most:

#1. What Is the Best Color Temperature for Office Work?

Color temperature refers to how light from an illuminated bulb appears to the human eye. For example, bulbs having a color temperature of about 2700k appear to be yellowish-white, but as the color temperature increase to about 3000K to 3500KM, the color turns loses the yellow color and becomes white. When the color temperature goes beyond 5000K, the light appears bluish-white.bulb color temperature

Although the best kind of light for an office that will guarantee maximum productivity is the natural daylight, most offices may not have access to this light; thus, the only option is to mimic natural light via artificial light. Natural daylight ranges from 5000K to 7000K. For example, at noon, the color temperature of natural light is approximately 5600K.

You must understand that the color temperature varies depending on the weather conditions and the time of the day. Thus if you want to give an impression of natural light in your office, you should use lighting sources that have a color temperature of 5000K and above. As the color temperature increases, the amount of blue light in the light spectrum also increases. Color temperatures of 5000K and above have a significant impact on alertness, the central nervous system, sleep quality, and mental activity.

Installing white light that mimics daylight can help to improve performance in your employees. This color temperature can also impact the mood, circadian system, and the biological clock. The color temperature of your office artificial lighting affects many physiological processes in the body, including heart rate variability, blood pressure, and core temperature.

#2. What Is the Best Table Lamp Height?

When shopping for the best desk lamp for your office, you may find it challenging to pick the ideal lamp due to the many options in the market. It’s ideal to have only one table lamp in your space, thus the need to take time when chopping the perfect desk lamp for your your home office and office.

The main objective is to have a lamp that will provide sufficient light and also match with the interior décor in the space. Ideally, table lamps are meant to complement the overhead lighting as well as offering task lighting.

When choosing the best table lamp, it’s vital to consider the height of the lampstand. The table lamp should be able to offer sufficient light to illuminate the keyboards, documents, and artwork in the desk. The lamp must provide enough light to enable you to work comfortably, and the base should not occupy much of the working space on your tabletop.

An ideal office desk lamp should not exceed 24”, additionally it should direct the light downwards on your working space. You can also consult attendants in stores that stock table lamps for more information about the ideal lamp for your desk.

#3. What Is the Best Watts and Lumens for Office Use?

We measure light using a unit of measurements known as a lumen. If you want to know the lumens you require for your office; you’ll need to multiply the room foot-candle requirement by the room’s square footage. For example, if your office is 200 square feet and requires 10-20 foot-candles, you’ll need 2000-4000 lumens.

When buying bulbs for your office, you should consider the lumens (how much light the lamp will provide) instead of the watts (the energy they use). The lumens indicate how bright the light bulb will be if the bulb has higher lumens; it means they are more brilliant. If the bulb has fewer lumens, it means it’ll be dimmer. Thus the next time you’ll be shopping for your office, bulbs consider the lumens.

The brightness level required for different rooms may vary widely. For example, if you want to replace a 100 watt (W) bulb in your office, look for a bulb that has about 1600 lumens. On the other hand, a 75W bulb will provide approximately 1100 lumens; a 40W bulb will produce about 450 lumens.

The above statistics sharpens the whole office lumens and watts. You need to consider the lamp lumens and watts related to the illumination space needed.

#4. Which Lamp Style Should I Choose?

When choosing a lamp style for your office, it’s essential to consider your personal preference. An ideal office lamp should match the décor in the room besides acting as a desk lamp. It’s crucial to consider balance when selecting bulbs for your office.

As we had said earlier, office lighting has a significant impact on the performance of the employees; thus, if you make a mistake of choosing the wrong bulbs, you’ll be working against your workers’ productivity. The bulbs should create a jovial and motivating environment in the office. Avoid designs that seem to be boring.


What Light Should I Focus on for Computer Work?

When picking lights for computer work, you should consider the major tasks, including entering data on your keyboard, watching videos, playing games, etc. Since you may be shifting from one computer task to another, it’s vital to ensure the light is balanced for all tasks. Ideal lighting for computer work should:

  • Illuminate the computer and the surroundings. It’s also essential to ensure the lamp is correctly positioned to avoid reflection onto the computer screen that may lead to irritating glare.
  • Considering an adjustable lamp that can be tilted or angled appropriately to illuminate the keyboard or paperwork you’re working on.
  • You can also consider using torchiere floor lamps that will reflect light to the ceiling if you want low-level illumination.
  • It’s vital to ensure your computer and text aren’t facing the window to avoid contrast and glare.


Reviews of the 8 Best Desk Lamps for Office Table

#1. 3 in 1 – Tomsoo Office Lamp with Magnifier for Crafts and Aging Eyes

Magnifying lamp for bad eyes and dark office
Magnifying Office Lamp for Dark Office

Here is a magnifier lamp, which gives you a good focus on your office work. The 4.4” real glass provides a clear view with a magnification of about 225%. This does not distort the view. Instead, it is friendly to the eye so that no one can say that the lighting is too much for them. Most users reported that it is more fun using this lamp in the office.

Additionally, it is made of an aluminum alloy shell of lens, which gives it an excellent dissipation of heat and also its durability. This makes this lamp a better option for you. You can just use it even when working in a relatively cold environment as it gives some warmth. Its durability lets you use it for a long time before replacement.

  • Friendly to the eye
  • 55 inches long power cord
  • It is a magnifying floor lamp
  • It is made in a three in one design
  • The strong clamp supports up to 2.1″ thickness
  • The height is adjustable which is up to 70 inches as a floor standing lamp
  • It just has 2 levels of color temperature, 3000K for warm white light and 6000K for cool white light

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#2. Industrial Style – Simple Design Black Table Lamp with Glass Shade

Antique office desk lamp with clear glass shade
Office Table Lamp without Shadow Cast

It is a table lamp that comes in a matte black finish, which makes it very beautiful to the eye hence making your office look attractive. This is one of the office lamps which is easy to use. It comes with a convenient on and off switch cord. With just a press on a button, you will be well to have your lights on or off.

The clear glass shade is where most customers have praised. This is essential in giving you the light that you need without necessarily giving you unwanted shadows. It is convenient for you. If you want to use it for a small portion, you just lower its head to provide a focus on a limited space.

  • It has a convenient on and off switch cord
  • It does not create shadows on the working space
  • You have to buy a 40W base bulb separately

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#3. Highly Rated – JUKSTG Foldable LED Desk Lamp with 4 Lighting Modes

office desk lamp with solid architect style
Easy-operated Desk Lamp for Office

Whatever you choose to do in the office, this can be a friendly table lamp to use. Controlling the lights is as well fun. The lamp comes with a touch-sensitive screen, which you can easily use to control what you are doing. You, therefore, can adjust the brightness levels and the light option easily for your different needs. It is also easy to rotate it at different angles to give you the needed illumination.

This lamp is not limited to office work alone. You can comfortably use it at home with a lot of ease. You only got to adjust the lamp to fit your reading, drawing, relaxing, or sleeping mode. Life is made fun with this lamp.

  • 60-minute auto-timer
  • 7 levels dimmable light
  • Gives an optimized lighting
  • Supports multi-angle adjustment
  • Has four different lighting modes
  • Comes with a USB charging port
  • It doesn’t contain a battery so you have to plug it into power outlet when use

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#4. Portable – CF Grow Eye Care Table Lamp with Calendar & Memory Function

led compact office desk lamp with dimmable light and LCD screen
LED Dimmable Table Lamp for Office

This lamp cares for your eye and illuminates your space more conveniently. It is a newer version of an LED desk lamp made with a non-flicking option meaning you can use it the whole night without feeling any pain in the eyes. I believe anybody would think first about the safety of the user before purchasing any lamp. This is why this lamp is highly circulating in the market.

Additionally, it is made on a big LCD screen. You can have your temperature, calendar, and time reading easily using this lamp and can as well control since it’s working efficiently just from touch. It comes with few buttons not to confuse you. Get your piece today.

  • Battery-operated
  • It cares for your eyes
  • Flexible silicon gooseneck
  • Easy-to-operate touch switch
  • It has about five dimmable lighting modes
  • The LCD screen is wide on which there displays time, calendar and temperature
  • It can’t be rechargeable

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#5. With Desk Organizer – OMaggie Office LED Table Lamp with Dimmable Light

led office table lamp with multi-functions
7 in 1 LED Desk Lamp for Office

Organizing your desk is made easy with this lamp. It is designed with dimmable light, which can be adjusted to three levels. You can study with the help of this lamp efficiently without much straining on your eyes.

I wound recommend this lamp for home use too. It gives you some colorful light depending on how you set it. You can choose up to 256 colors to experience the beautiful nights with a just swing of a finger on the spectrum.

This is a multifunctional lamp. Once you have bought it as your office lamp, you don’t need to buy other things like watches and clocks. You can entirely depend on the full LCD screen, and the pen container checks on things like date, calendar, temperature, and time. You can as well set it an alarm clock.

  • It is multifunctional
  • It cares for your eyes
  • Creates atmosphere at night
  • Gives you some colorful night
  • The only color temperature of this lamp is 6000K, perfect for task work but a little brighter for reading at bedroom

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#6. With Natural Light – Ominilight Modern Touch Lamp with Adjustable Arm

good looking led desk lamp for office tasks
Swan-like LED Desk Lamp for Office Task

Modern Touch Lamp with Adjustable Arm is another alternative that you can go for in the market, especially if you need a lamp that gives more of the natural light.

It is fashionable, making it necessary not only for your office needs but also can be used as a bedside lamp. It is made of gold in the shape of swan hence very presentable. The neck is designed in a gooseneck design, which allows you to adjust it to the level that you want it. This means that you can set it to illuminate only the area of need.

If you need to work with it for some relaxing jobs, you can make use of the three dimming levels. Its color temperature of 6,500K gives you warm experience within your home. No more struggle in using a room warmer when you have this lamp with you.

  • Cares for your eye
  • Allows for a larger illumination area
  • The gooseneck design helps in adjusting it freely
  • Its color temperature of 65000K makes it more reliable
  • Another color choices include black, grey, red and wood grain
  • It has only three dimming light level

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#7. With Bright Light – TaoTronics Table Lamp with Wide Lighting Zone

touch control office desk lamp
TaoTronics Touch Desk Lamp for Office

It is designed to swivel, rotate, adjust and bend. These provisions help you to get what you want from the lamp. You got a chance to get the perfect lighting angle without much strain.

It also gives an eye-friendly light. You can use it for a long time without feeling any discomfort in the eyes.

Additionally, you get four distribution lighting modes for your relaxation, sleep, reading, and studying. It is the best alternative for those who want some bright light needs. With the USB charging port, you can quickly charge your phone without lighting it off.

  • USB charger
  • 1-hour auto-timer
  • Friendly to the eye
  • Large illumination working area
  • You can adjust it to give a focused light
  • Made in a robust metal case for durability
  • It comes with 4 color modes and 4 brightness settings
  • It is supported by an electric cord

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#8. Modern Pick – TaoTronics LED Table Lamp with Cool Light

TaoTronics aluminum alloy led desk lamp for office with modern style
Modern Table Lamp for Office

It is made of a premium aluminum alloy construction, which makes it kept cool even after a long duration of lighting. You can have it cool regardless of the period you use. You have 18 adjustable lighting choices. This must be practically enough for all your lighting needs. The memory form automatically remembers your setting so that you don’t have to keep setting it every time you switch it on.

In design, this lamp gives an attractive design. It is slim and so looks more appealing to the eye. The base is stable and is made of brushed aluminum finish for kore aesthetic value. This makes it more attractive to you.

  • Looks more attractive
  • Wide range of lighting modes
  • Has a memory form and a USB charging port
  • 550 Lumens light may not sufficiently light up a whole dark office

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Getting the right lighting for your office will, at times, take longer than you expected. However, with time, you will know what works for you and what to get rid of. Hoping you can choose what you want after reading this page!