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Top 5 Best Lamps for Drawing – Drawing Lights Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You need the best lamp for drawing, but not every lamp that you get in the market can be best for you. You need to do the best market research to end up with the best lamp for you in that your safety should be a priority in this direction.

No worries! We have done it already for you. Have a look at some of the perfect options that you can get in the market and some informed information you should know!


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

A Wide Light Bar for Large Drawing Table – Phive Clip-on Table Lamp with Bright Light

Most Durable with Balanced Swing Arms and Metal Construction – BYB Drawing Lamp

With Full Spectrum and Tall Light – Verilux Floor Lamp with Adjustable Arm


How to Choose a Right Drawing Lamp?

  • Glare and Shadowing

Closely related to the brightness above are the glares and shadows. A good lamp ought to be able to scatter light in such a way as to minimize shadows. Then, it ought not to be too bright as it might pose some damages to the eyes. All these calls for moderation on your part.

  • Color-rendering Index (CRI)

It determines the ability of the light source to accurately reproduce the true colors of the objects impacted by it. As such, an 80-90 rating is the most desirable. We will explain what the color-rendering index is in detail next.

  • Luminosity or Brightness

The brightness of the light source also matters a great deal. Drawing tasks vary in their requirements of the levels of light brightness. As such, there is no universally accepted level of brightness.

Instead, you have to factor the exact nature of your drawing task to arrive at the most suitable one.

  • Color Temperature

Other than lighting your drawing rooms, lamps also play the secondary role of warming the same altogether. At no time is this significant as the extremely cold winter months. If planning to draw at such a time, you should factor the warmth aspect of the bulb of your choice.

  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Next comes the correlated color temperature (CCT). It is expressed in Kelvins and showcases how hot or warm a light ray is likely to appear. For best results, choose a rating or around 5,000K as this is the one that strikes a good balance between warmth and brightness.

  • Versatility

A good lamp has to be usable across many areas and under varying circumstances. For this reason, it should ideally accommodate numerous wattage options not to mention being strong enough to last a fairly long duration of time. If possible, this lamp ought also to be dimmable or change color.

  • Technology

The technology in use also counts. Lighting lamps come in varied technologies and makeups. The LED is by far the best technology to use.

LED lighting apparatus are more energy-efficient as they consume less power input but brings in higher power output. Be sure to match the right technology with the right lighting needs.

  • Size and Physical Dimensions

In your search for the right lamp, you should also factor the size and the physical dimensions of the lamps altogether. A good lamp has to be small enough to fit your space and large enough to impact your entire area of the drawing. Consider the tilts and spreads as you go about this metric.

  • Compatibility

It is one thing to acquire a light bulb. Fixing the same into the socket for it to work is a different issue altogether. In your search for the right bulb, you should also factor the compatibility of the light bulb with the sockets and lighting apparatus you have in your room.


What Are the Best Types of Lamp for Drawing?

There are three main types of lamps for drawing. These are the desk lamp, floor lamp, and the magnifying lamp, respectively. But which of these is the best for lighting? Well, this is a question we can only answer if we get to know about them and how they measure up against the main metrics of performances.

  • The table lamp, as the name implies, is placed atop a table and used to illuminate a specific range of areas. It generally produces excess heat and inclines the users to the risks of sweating.
  • Next comes the floor lamp. This one is placed on the floor and is primarily used to light up the drawing tasks that take place on the floor.
  • Lastly comes the magnifying lamp. The magnifying lamp is mainly targeted at those who have visibility issues. Unlike the first two, these lamps may be placed atop a table or on the floor.

These lamps compare in the following regards:

  • Suitability

These lamps differ with regard to the uses to which you may devote them. The table lamp is mainly useful for drawing atop the tables. You will find a floor lamp good for those drawing tasks that take place on the floors. The magnifying lamps nonetheless are installable in many locations at a time.

  • Scope of Coverage

This refers to the maximum extent or area that the lamps may impact at any given time. Magnifying lamps have the widest range of impact. They are followed closely by the floor lamps and thereafter by the table lamps. Well, you want to make your choice of lamp appropriately in line with your project size.

  • Physical Dimensions

They yet again differ insofar as their physical dimensions are concerned. Magnifying glasses are the largest, followed by the floor and finally by the table lamps.

In your search for the right lamp on the basis of this metric, consider the space available at your disposal and the size of your project.

  • Heat Output

We have already hinted out that lamps also emit heat output over and above the light output only. You need sufficient heat if you happen to draw in the harsh winter months. This calls for the inspection of the lighting apparatus in stock first and foremost before making an appropriate purchase.

  • Durability

Lastly, these lamps differ markedly with regard to how long they might last. Floor lamps are the most durable followed by the table lamps. The magnifying lamps are quite expensive. You have to make your selections wisely to avoid incurring excessive losses or operational expenses.

As you may deduce from the foregoing discussions, the magnifying glass tends to perform well across the various yardsticks of measurements. It is hence in your best interest to prioritize it. Also, your own drawing tasks come in handy.

Not any lamp you pick at random will be able to perform to your expectations. This means you have to delineate your own drawing needs and opt for a lamp that meets the task as nearly as possible.


5 Best Lamps for Drawing on the Market of 2021

#1. For Large Drawing Table – Phive Clip-on Table Lamp with Bright Light

clamp on drawing lamp for large table
Best Drawing Lamp

Clip-on Table Lamp with Bright Light is the first option that we thought of recommending to you. It has a super-wide LED light bar which gives about 200% light wider is coverage. You can use it for your workbench. This lamp is specially designed for several duties. Not only does it help you in illuminating your drawing area, but also can give its lighting for other domestic purposes. The light it provides is the antiglare meaning you will not suffer any harm in your eyes.

Additionally, its neck is made in a gooseneck design which gives you a flexible height. You can bend it to direct the lighting in the right direction. Get an optimum illumination from such a drawing lamp. Additionally, its lights can be adjusted to about five different levels for multiple lighting options.

  • Super bright
  • Ultra-wide screen
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Comes with a memory function provision
  • Being dimmable, it supports multi-task since it has 5 levels of light settings and 4 color modes
  • Clamps up to 2.5 inches wide

Check on Amazon


#2. Cheap Buy – TaroTronics Desk Lamp for Drawing with Auto Timer

best desk lamp for drawing with USB
LED Drawing Table Lamp

It gives you a chance to choose between four unique lights for different work options. This makes it effective for your work, relaxation and studies. It does not limit you to draw. It is all about you to choose what can serve you better, depending on the light level that you need. It comes with a USB charging port. As you relax in your room, you can have your cell phone charging.

You can as well adjust the lamp in such a way that you get the right angle of the lighting, hence giving biased lighting that can serve you best. You can rotate its arm to 140 degrees of 180 degrees in giving you a more direct illumination.

Additionally, you can take advantage of this lamp to save your energy power bill. This is because it has an auto-off timer which automatically takes the light off after one hour. If you happen to sleep accidentally, your power will be saved.

  • USB port
  • 20 lighting options
  • 60-minute auto timer
  • It saves you power bill
  • Has a touch control and a memory function
  • Limited angle adjustments

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#3. Architect Style – BYB Drawing Lamp with Swing Arm and Clamp

BYB clip-on drawing lamp for architects with super bright light
Super Bright Desk Lamp for Drawing

This one is made of a light guide panel which is essential for preventing flicker and harmful glare. It, therefore, gives a more pleasant light that provides less fatigue to the eye. It is more favorable for a designer in their professional work station. You can use 80% less energy for your conventional bulb. Don’t think that you are going to have issues with replacing it. You can use it for 50,000 hours before you can replace it.

This lamp is made of a solid design from aluminum-alloy with a sleek brushed finish. Looking at this lamp, it is an ideal table lamp that makes it add more aesthetic value to your room. When using this lamp to draw, you don’t have to worry about the brightness in the paper since its light can be adjusted to feet to your need. It also comes with six dimming levels which you can choose depending on your mood.

  • Long lifespan
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy-to-operate touch control
  • It can memorize your last setting
  • Comes with one and a half year warranty
  • Swing arms are built to easily pivot light head
  • It is designed with 4 lighting modes and 6 dimmable levels
  • Control panel is on the lamp head

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#4. With Gesture Control – OTUS Tall Task Lamp for Drawing Table

drawing table lamp with tall height and gesture control
Drawing Light with Gesture & Touch Control

If you are looking for something that is of standard, you should be thinking of purchasing this given drawing lamp. You don’t have to touch it to switch it on or off. Just by the waving of your hand around it, it automatically gets on and off. With this lamp, you will be able to control your lighting fully. It gives a range of 12 dimmable brightness levels which you can set to provide you with the desired mood.

Additionally, the arm is made in a swing design well attached to the swivel head. This helps you to adjust the light in the direction that you need it to serve. Don’t worry about the health of your eye. You will still be able to experience safety to your eye even if you choose to use the bright level of light. You are very safe.

  • Long lifespan
  • Made of solid metal
  • It protects your eyes
  • Comes with 3 modes
  • 12 levels of touch dimmer
  • Its arm and head are adjustable
  • Relatively expensive

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#5. With Full Spectrum Light – Verilux Floor Lamp for Drawing & Craftsmen

drawing floor lamp with natural daylight
Standing Drawing Lamp with Natural Light

Last in our review is this marvelous flicker-free lighting lamp for your drawing. It is designed to give a natural spectrum LED lighting which looks like natural daylight. You don’t strain when using this lighting. It ensures that your eyes are comfortable. Even if you want to spend the whole night doing your artwork, there is no straining in your eyes. It is fitted with the Optix lens, which reduces the light glare to make you comfortable.

Like most drawing lamps in the market, this lamp also comes with adjustable color temperature. It is upon you to choose what can serve you best. If you are drawing, you can make use of a light option that is easier for your eye. You might not change the bulb over time since the bulb is very much durable. The gooseneck also helps you in creating the right focus on your work.

  • Longer lifespan
  • Friendly to the eye
  • Its neck is adjustable
  • 5 brightness levels and 3 light color temperature
  • Limited light adjustment range

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How Much CRI Should I Choose for My Drawing Work?

how much CRI do you needFor a start, the term CRI stands for ‘color rendering index’. This is basically a scale from 0 to 100 that delineates the accuracy of a light source in reproducing true color when weighed against some chosen scale or natural light source.

There is a direct correlation between this rating and the suitability of the light for the purposes of drawing. Generally speaking, a rating of 80-90 is the most desirable. Lighting sources that bear this rating are known to be great at reproducing the true natural colors of objects.

Then again you have to consider the nature and scope of the task you are desirous of undertaking.


How to Light up Drawing Table?

  • Select the right lamp for the job. Start off by selecting the right lamp for the job. The table lamp is obviously the most suitable lamp for the job. It has to possess the right levels of brightness and warmth as you need also.
  • Direct the lamp appropriately onto the surface. Direct the lamp in such a way as it channels the rays of light to the entire length and breadth of the table. Then again, you should also focus much of the light output on the exact task.
  • Switch on the lights. Finish off by switching on the lights. This is not really hard. Simply locate the switches and flip them on. You are now good to go!


Can I Use a Drafting Lamp for Drawing?

WHY NOT? The drafting lamps have all the trappings needful for drawing and other allied applications. They also reduce the possibilities of eye strains that may arise with prolonged use. Moreover, they also last longer to allow for equally prolonged use and applications.

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BYB Metal LED...image Best Architect Style - BYB Drawing Lamp with Swing Arm and Clamp Buy on Amazon
OTUS Desk Lamp...image Best with Gesture Control - Tall Task Lamp for Drawing Table Buy on Amazon
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