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Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

Torchiere Uplighter has been a great addition to any families as well as offices due to the invisible body and powerful warm light. Brightech is one of the reputable brands for manufacturing first-rated lamps.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere, with a super bright warm light that can illuminate an entire darkness and a modern touch that can fit right into your rooms, is in the top of the pole lamp shortlist if you go for an ambient light.

What other brilliant features does Brightech Sky LED Torchiere have? Let us access to the lamp world of Brightech Sky LED Uplighter.

customers winner sky torchiere lamp

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An Overview of Brightech Sky LED

Brightech Sky LED Specifications

  • CRI Rating: 80
  • Material: Metal
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Lumens: 2260 lux
  • Weight: 7.32 pounds
  • Adjustability: Tilt feature
  • Style: Modern & Minimalist
  • Wattage: 30 Watt super bright
  • Lamp Dimensions: 63″ x 10″ x 10″
  • Switch Style: Instant on touch control
  • Color Temperature: 3000K warm light
  • Power Source: Corded-electric plug-in model
  • Brightness Setting: 3 levels of dimmable light intensity

You can customize the exterior with one of the 7 color choices to match your furniture.

General Review of Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Standing Light

brightech sky led torchiereThis Brightech sky led floor lamp requires a bit of assembly but is very simple and can be finished within minutes. The slim and minimalist design looks great in a variety of decors, being unobtrusive to the point of near invisibility and will add an awesome ambiance to your rooms where it stays in. More importantly, it takes up almost no space, an admirable pole light not only between sectionals but also for dark corners.

This lamp, made of solid metal, weighs 9.4 pounds which indicates that even the naughty children and crazy pets won’t tip it over.

There are several holes on the surface of the lamp head using for discharging the inside heat. Generally, the LED technology along with the lamp heat dissipation design ensures that the lamp will incur with overheat, thus making it have a long lifespan. The built-in led bulb is 30 watt and can be in the state of power-saving usage for more than 17 years with 8 hours open per day. So, some amount of bulb replacement can be preserved.

Together with the functions of 3 levels of 3000K dimmable light and convenient touch switch, the Brightech LED Sky Torchiere will never disappoint you.

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Brilliant Features of Brightech Sky LED Ambient Pole Lamp

Tilt Feature

The rotatable head helps to shine light in any direction as you wish. You can pivot the lamp head at the opposite side or be straight towards the ceilings if you think the light is in your eyes.

There is a tip for Torchiere Light Application: Direct the light at ceilings or walls if you want to make your room look brighter and larger.

3000K Dimmable Ambient Light

Looking for a lamp to redecorate your reading nooks, bedrooms, offices or living rooms? This lamp is a wise idea. Apart from the modern slim touch, it specializes in producing 3000K warm light, which displays a yellowish tone near to the incandescent light and is capable of protecting eyes to the maximum extent.

No overhead lights in a windowless room? It will never be a problem any longer if you put this super bright torchiere light into use. The high output of 2260 lumens allows you, and even the elderly who suffer poor visions, to have a clear sight of objects.

This one is not well suitable for studying and hobbies lighting if you mind the minute contrast to the background light. The Brightech Litespan Slim Floor Lamp is better if you call for a lamp with full spectrum color temperatures.

Touch Switch

touch torchiere lampThe touch switch is designed to reckon with the embarrassing moment when you trudge over to the foot pedal if you have place so many sundries in front of it.

The touch button is located at the three-fifths of the sleek lamp stem from the lamp base. The place aims to keep the button within reach whether you are sitting on the sofas as well as recliners or beds as well as chairs.

The only button on the lamp stem takes the charge of on/off power as well as dimmable light selection. Gently touch for once is to turn the lamp on, and for continuation is to choose the light intensity.

Compatible with Smart Home

The single touch control may not attract you, then what about a smart control? Yes, the Brightech Sky LED Torchiere is compatible with Amazon Alexa, wall outlets and other smart home automation like Google Assistant as well as Apple HomeKit.

Upon connecting the lamp with the smart plugs, you can control the lamp by either Apps in the smart devices or voice. Don’t want to get up from the comfortable bed to turn off the lamp? Consider this torchiere lamp!

While control your lights on and off with your smart devices as well as voice might be easy, choosing the hub and Amazon Alexa is not a simple feat. We have browsed some and selected the best smart Philip hub and the best Amazon Alexa in the hope of helping you get a smarter and easier life.

Customer Reviews of Brightech Sky LED Lamp

Why It Is Great
  • Tilting lamp head
  • It stands 63 inches tall
  • 3 levels of dimmable light intensity
  • The heavy metal base ensures wobble free
  • The minimalist design makes it fit for any decor
  • Compatible with smart homes and wall switches
  • 3000K warm ambient light spices up your rooms
  • Slender body blends itself with your rooms invisibly
  • The round thin base can be concealed under the sofa when you put it next to couches or sectionals 30 watt LED with the luminous flux of 2260 lumens gives you super bright light for your offices, bedrooms and living rooms
Flaws but not Deal Breakers
  • Corded-electric style makes it use only indoors and the places where there is a wall socket. However, the smart home automation like Amazon Alexa allows you to use it wherever you want once you hook the lamp up with the smart equipment.
  • 3000K warm light is applied to create a cozy atmosphere for a certain space. It plays an ideal role to provide light for your reading, but is not suitable for studying and other detail-oriented tasks illumination.

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Final Words

As it is simple in color and shape, Brightech Sky LED Torchiere is in a position to match your furniture in your space easily, and a best decoration fit for people who are looking for a lamp that produces super bright light and takes up small footprint for your small rooms.

This lamp is at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank and never lets you down. Why not consider buying one?

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