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Best Craft Lights for Artists, Architects & Hobbyists in 2022

When crafting, reading, or doing other activities, you need light for your efficiency in whatever that you do. Craft lamps are the best lamps that you can use for your purposes.

In a Hurry? Now are the 8 best craft lamps to use for your activities and hobbies.

Built-in Natural Daylight Helps You Get High-Value and More Accurate Light:  Ottlite Craft Floor Lamp

Compact and Easy to Move Around, With Wide Coverage Light: Ottlite Portable Folding Craft Lamp

Multifunctional, 1 Clamp for Clipping Books and 1 Magnifier to Zoom Your Tasks at Hand: Ottlite 3 in 1 Adjustable Craft Floor Lamp for Bad Eyes

Durable Architect Construction with Swing Arm and Rolling Base: Brightech Magnifying Floor Lamp

Has Detachable Poles and Base that Can Work as Floor Lamp, Table Lamp and Clip on Lamp: Brightech 3 in 1 White Craft Lights

High Rated at Light Quality, Adjustable Gooseneck: Verilux Dimmable LED Full Spectrum Craft Floor Lamp

Most Eye-Care Lamp for Any Tasks with Over 90 CRI Rating: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Battery Operated Lamp That Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors: Deeplite Cordless Mini LED Lights for Crafts


What Is the Best Light for Crafting?

Lighting is crucial for your sewing room. Despite helping you see the entire crafting room, it also determines the mood of the room. Experts say that light can be used to emphasize unique architectural designs.

To help you with this, here are lighting ideas for your crafting room:

  • Bright Light

The best light should have the brightest of the daylight. This LED power light is essential to illuminate large areas of your workspace. Most people shine with the long arm while they work and will reflect the light from the design wall to fill the entire room.

  • White Light

Ambient light, a natural favorite, should be the primary source of light in your crafting room. Ambient lighting is the primary source to illuminate your room.

The use of white light for general lighting in the room clarifies things, and it will be easier to navigate and work on your projects.

Avoid yellow or orange light bulbs, as they can add stress and fatigue to your eyes while working on your projects.

  • Task Lamps

There are several sewing light types when it comes to lighting tasks. You will need this when you do something, especially if you are quilting. Since the padding has more detailed patterns, the task lights must come on.

It will reduce visual fatigue and reveal the original forms of your material, especially the texture you are using.


Which Is Better for Crafting, Rechargeable Cordless Desk Lamp or Free-standing Floor Lamp?

Which Is Better for Crafting, rechargeable cordless desk lamp, or free-standing floor lamp? Before pointing out the best, let’s take a look at the benefits of using each one.

  • The Rechargeable Cordless Desk Lamp

The rechargeable battery desk lamp takes up little space without sacrificing its performance, not only in appearance but also in functionality. The lightweight allows you to carry them in bags.

Also, it is placed on their desks without intimidating the durable design. Do you have worries about cleaning the lamp? The base uses rubber-like materials that are easy to clean while dirty.

It is equipped with a couple of options for different light output, adjusting the color lights and the corresponding brightness levels for various tasks.

An example of this is the Deeplite lamp, a perfect natural light for jobs like knitting and painting. The elastic neck helps you remember the optimal angle of view.

  • The Free-standing Floor Lamp

The standing lamp is more accurate to say that the floor lamp is independent; it has the brightest bulbs you can have. While this means that a free-standing floor lamp will save a lot of lighting, it also means that it is not as energy efficient as others.

The free-standing floor lamp still needs to have adequate power. Again, this floor lamp is more performance style than efficiency.

Of course, if you are concerned about the use of energy, the led independent floor lamp has soft aesthetic touches that also perform functions such as cables to remove the lights.


Reviews of the 10 Best Craft Lights to Buy

#1. Ottlite Natural Daylight Craft Lamp

OTTLITE craft floor lamp
Best OttLite Craft Floor Light with Bright Natural Daylight
  • Saves energy
  • Powerful illumination
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • It is a bit expensive
  • Buy it as a package with its accessories

The lamp mostly comes in black color and it has 700 lumens that make it illuminate powerfully. The settings of the light are made in that you can adjust brightness. The lamp is also featured with a smart memory feature that enables you to remember your final brightness setting. With the light, you can accurately see every detail clearly, and they are safe for your eyes.

Ottlite craft lamp saves you energy. You can use the fire on a table or desk, but it also has a clamp that can help you attach it to the wall. The good thing with this lamp is that it provides powerful light, as stated earlier that you can work with it during the night with no worries. The fire can last for 40 000 hours, and this means it will stay longer, making you able to accomplish your long term projects.

The 5X magnifying glass that is present on the lamp makes it easier for you to see the finer details of the book you are reading or the activity you are doing.

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#2. Ottlite Portable Folding Craft Lamp

ottlite white craft lights
Best Portable Craft Lamp for Crafting Tables
  • Safe to your eyes
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Adjustable and foldable
  • It saves space because you can flip and fold it
  • It is supported by corded-electric

This type of craft lamp is portable, and you can adjust it to the height of 19.5 inches. Its base is 12.7cm, and it has been designed to help your eyes reduce strain. You can see all the details, and it has a powerful illumination that you can balance it to fit your needs.

You can fold the craft lamp hence easy to carry it. Ottlite foldable lamp has a 360 degrees swivel base that you can use it to adjust the light over the angle that you want it. The fire has also been designed to have a flip lid that makes it easy to combine with power as well as folding. It is easier to fold the lamp with the flip top and this feature makes it portable.

The low glare feature enhances the safety of your vision. Your eyes will not strain too much light form the lamp. You will also be in a position to see the finer details of your project with the light brightness from the fire.

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#3. Ottlite 3 In 1 Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip

ottlite 3 in 1 craft floor lamp
Best OttLite 3 in 1 Craft Lamp
  • Durable
  • It is powerful
  • Portable and adjustable
  • It has a high magnification area
  • It has a one to two years warranty
  • The lamp has no batteries
  • The magnifier lens is not enclosed

The craft lamp has a magnifier and a clip, as stated in the title. Its weight is 14.3 pounds hence portable.

Most of the time, the light comes in champagne color. It has been made of plastic and metal with the outer part made of a matte finish. This makes it durable. It has been connected with a corded electric wire that supplies power to the lamp.

What is the size of the magnifying glass of this lamp? This lamp has a magnifying glass lens that has a circumference of five inches and a magnification area of six inches. It makes the lamp to illuminate a vast area that can help you do your activities without any obstacles. You can easily change the direction of the light the way you want; that why it is adjustable. It is not like other lamps that have tight frames.

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#4. Brightech Standing Floor Lamp with Magnifier for Detailed Work

Best Brightecg floor lamp for craft room
Best Craft Light with Magnifier
  • Adjustable
  • Safe to the eyes
  • Has a strong base
  • Saves your energy
  • Has a high power and the light is bright enough to use
  • It is not that portable

Brightech craft lamp is among the lamps that have the widest lens measuring 4.5’’ long by 6’’. The base is pro rolling and allows you to have a broad view. Its maximum height, when extended, is 5 feet, and it has adjustable arms that hold the lens in place. The lamp has a six wheelbase with an electric cord that measures 53 inches long.

The fact that the light is LED, it saves your energy. Since it is energy-efficient, it is a suitable lamp to use in professional places and when carrying out your home activities such as hobbies. As the name of the fire suggests, Brightech craft lamp is a lamp that provides you with a bright light that illuminates your entire room.

You can use the light for sewing even during the night because the fire gives you a daytime light. When reading, you do not have to strain your eyes, because the flashlight enables you to see every detail in the book.

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#5. Brightech 3 in 1 Craft Lights with White Daylight

Best Brightech bright craft light
Best Brightech Floor Lamp for Crafting
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Safe To your eyes
  • The light is adjustable
  • Includes the clamp and the tabletop base
  • Has a single color temperature of 6000K

This is a suitable craft lamp for older people whose vision is diminished. It can be used for work and hobbies as well.

Mostly it is used by dentists during their operations. The lens is made of dioptre glass that makes it resistant to heat and scratching. When you buy the lamp, you will have to purchase the sturdy desk clamp that supports it. You can adjust the light using the touch sensing button Brightech craft lights are energy efficient.

This lamp is among the best lightning lamps that you can use for your home activities. It has a brightness that cannot be explained, considering that it has three in one bulb. The light you will get from this lamp is a perfect one for your activities like sewing with no limit of working time. You can use eat during the day, night and even during rainy seasons and when there are fog and mist.

Do you have an older person in your house? This is the perfect craft lamp that you can buy for him or her. It will not affect his or her vision.

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#6. OttLite Floor Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck

best ott light for sewing
Best Floor Lamps for Reading and Sewing
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • High power
  • Frustration-free
  • You will need to replace the bulb once it gets burnt

Ottlite Floor lamp is a high definition lamp that mainly comes in grey color. It has a flexible neck that you can adjust it, and the multiposition shade helps you to direct light in the direction you want.

It has a powerful illumination that is excellent for large work areas like a company. The lamp is safe for your eyes because you will not strain. When you purchase it, a bulb is also included, and the bulb can last up to 10, 000 hours.

The weight of this craft lamp is 1 pound, and this means that it is portable. Its portability will enable you to carry out your activities freely and at any place that you wish to.

You will not need to have a specific room where you ought to be doing your exercises. It is 43 plus inches long, and you do not need to place it on a desk while using it.

The floor lamp can also be used with older people and those who have eye problems because the light is safer to the eyes.

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#7. Verilux Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

led craft floor lamp with full spectrum
Best Craft Lamp for Beauticians, Artists & Architects
  • Adjustable
  • Eye strain free
  • Gives better illumination
  • Can adjust temperature and color
  • A bit heavy
  • Need to be handled carefully

Verilux craft floor lamp is one of the best dimmable lamps that can be sued for artwork, reading, and other activities. You can see easily with the fire, and the light from the lamp does not make you strain. You can adjust color temperature and its intensity for good crafting, reading, and painting.

Since it has an LED light, it gives better illumination. When using the lamp, you can quickly pivot it and change the direction of light. Most of the time, it comes in black color. The switching style is a slide switch.

Talking of the lamp’s watts, it has a wattage of 18 watts. This lamp can last for more than twenty years because of the way it has been created. It is made of metal and plastic, and the outer past is made of a matte finish that makes it durable. Its height is commendable as it measures 54 inches long.

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#8. TaoTronics Desk Lamp with Sturdy Metal Build

taotronics tt-dl16 led light for craft room
Best TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for Crafting
  • Durable
  • Adjustable lights
  • It is safe to the eyes
  • Lights are adjustable
  • Can be used for multiple uses
  • Light temperatures can be high

Taotronics metal LED lamp is the best desk lamp that you ought to have. It is suitable for office use and students to revise and read. It exists in five color models with six different adjustable brightness levels.

The body of the desk lamp is made of metal hence durable. It is safe for your eyes because you do not have to strain. The light guide panels help the lamp to transmit lights sideways. You can set the type of color brightness that you want. This is a stylish lamp that is made of metal, and the base is sturdy and wide enough to support the frame.

The good advantage of this lamp is that you can regulate its brightness. What a wonderful feature!? This means that the Taotronics Metal lamp can be used with elderly persons and those who have eye problems. It has multiple functions as you can use it as a desk lamp as well as a bedroom lamp. It also has a smart USB port where you can connect your phone cable and charge your phone.

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#9. Deeplite Cordless Battery Operated LED Lights with Eye Care Lights

battery operated mini led lights for crafts
Best Rechargeable Battery Operated LED Light for Crafts
  • High power
  • Adjustable and portable
  • As a low battery memory indicator
  • The battery needs to be recharged

Deeplite LED desk lamp is the best battery operated crafts that use rechargeable. It has a battery indicator memory that signals you when the battery goes low. The battery control helps you to adjust the light of the lamp, and it has a high quality LED that enhances its power.

The lamp does not harm your eyes, and it is perfect for writing and reading. Deeplite lamp is light in weight hence portable, and you can rotate it up to 360 degrees. The lamp has an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable and lasts longer before the charge is depleted.

A fantastic feature of this elegant lamp is that it has a super bright light that is eye-friendly. The brightness can allow you to see finer details of whatever the activity you are doing. The intensity of the lamp is because of the perfect bulbs that it comes with. It has LED superb batteries that are energy-efficient, and they provide natural light.

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#10. LuminoLite Mini Compact Clip-on LED Lights

clip on craft light
Mini LED Lights for Crafts with 2 Lamp Heads
  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Long-lasting
  • It is a multi-purpose light
  • Two lamp heads double the illumination area than the regular ones
  • Cells need to be charged after some time

The Lamborghini of book lights is an excellent lamp that you can use for reading correctly. It is adjustable and long-lasting. It has more light options, which make you change it to the type of light that you want.

It uses batteries that are replaceable and long-lasting. The lamp is portable and durable. With the Lamborghini book of lights can be put on the music stand, putting it on the desk edge, or you can hang it on the wall. This means that you can customize the light and make it illuminate the direction you desire.

The battery of the light is rechargeable, and you can enjoy various light options. You can choose the type of light color that makes you feel comfortable and more relaxed. This is a perfect lamp for reading your favorite storybooks and other articles.

It has a USB cable that is long enough to enable you to charge your phone from a relatively far distance. When you purchase it, you get equipped with its accessories, including a pack bag.

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What Light Bulb Is Most Like Natural Light?

Every household uses light bulbs. When a person is looking for light bulbs that resemble natural light, some types are better than others.

The full spectrum light blubs were made to give off light that follows the visible parts of the visible light from the rays of the sun. This will help reproduce the light that is more natural-looking.

In addition to providing this light, the bulbs can make infrared and ultraviolent lights as part of the full spectrum from the sun.

While no light blub can exactly mimic the light from the sun it is important to look at the rating of the bulbs. The Color Rendering Index also known as the CRI will rate the ability of the bulb in regards to mimicking natural light. There is a rating from 0 to 100. The rating of 100 is light from the sun.

When looking for a bulb to product close to natural light it should have a rating of 90 to reproduce light that is close to sunlight. This will allow a person to have close to natural light in their homes.


Tips for Lighting up Craft Rooms

There are many home design ideas to keep in mind when allocating a space reserved exclusively for practicing crafts. Think about these points when designing your craft room.

First, is the craft room large enough for your needs? Do you have enough space to work comfortably more enough space for your tools and supplies?

  • Lighting is an important consideration, especially if you have a craft room on the ground floor. Halogen lighting that simulates natural light is easy for your eyes and makes crafting more enjoyable.
  • One of the most useful things your craft room can enjoy is the large windows through which natural light flows. That is a luxury that is maybe impossible for all artisans since many people who work from the basement. With small or non-existent windows, you can do what you want in your room.
  • Many artisans have a blog and share craft photos. In case you want to take amazing pictures of your commercial projects, a source of natural light is essential.
  • Never forget the counters. If you are lucky enough to have a large workspace, adding a countertop can be an excellent addition to your craftwork area. Install your countertops at the required height.
  • You should work without bending your back. The right lamp height prevents sprains and back pain.



As we can see, the large number of different configurations, attitudes, and aesthetic options will prevent the simple floor lamp from being the best floor lamp worldwide.

Instead, the best idea is to know where you need a light and what will come on. If you need a floor lamp for general lighting, you are probably not looking for the same product that suits reading in bed.

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