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Best Clip on Lamps for Reading, Makeup and Tasks in 2022

Clip-on lamps, also known as “clamp lamps”, make a great addition to any workspace or computer/ writing desk as they offer a lot of task lighting in a concentrated area. They make seeing what you are working on a lot easier, regardless of it is reading, studying, or working; and they are generally highly portable so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

In the following article, we will be going over the top 7 best clip on lamps currently on the market, as well as offer a comprehensive buying guide towards the end.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Flexible Gooseneck – Lepower Corded Clip on Lamp

For Reading over Bed – VAVOFO Rechargeable Book Lamp

For Office Work – Joly Joy Swing Arm Desk Lamp

For Monitor – Phive Super Bright Desk Lamp


Why Buy a Clip-on Lamp?

best clip on lamp reviews

#1. Provides Task Lighting

Clip-on lamps are a great way to provide a lot of task lighting for what you would need it for; this can include studying, reading, or working on a project.

One of the major benefits of using a clip-on lamp is that you can use it just about anywhere, and the amount of light that they produce is generally more concentrated, meaning you can direct it exactly where you need it to be.

#2. Offers Light When There Is No Outlet

A lot of models will also have a rechargeable battery and USB cord, meaning that you can use them wirelessly as long as they are charged; this makes them great options for reading in bed, using them outside, or just gives you the convenience of not needing to have an outlet nearby.

#3. Saves Your Space

They are also great if you don’t have a lot of space for your desk or reading areas, as they don’t take up a lot of room and provide a lot of lumens per foot.

#4. Features Versatile Functions

They offer a lot of flexibility and versatility while providing functionality in a way that would be beneficial to reducing eye strain while you are up to working. They also have more decorative models that give a sense of function while looking great in the space that they are in.

What to Look for When Buying a Clip-on Light?

Clamp lights are great at providing a lot of light in a concentrated area, making them perfect task lights for a variety of projects including reading, crafts, and work.

That said, there are certain things that you will want to look out for when you are looking to purchase a clip on lamp to get the most benefit out of your purchase.

#1. Budget

Maintaining a budget would be a good idea as relates to choosing your next clamp light, especially considering there are a lot of different options that are currently on the market.

By having a set budget in mind with both a low and high end, you will be able to choose the right lamp that fits within your budget, has the features you may be looking for and will suit your needs perfectly.

Another thing that you may want to keep in mind that goes along with budget is the type of bulb that the clamp light will utilize; LED bulbs, for instance, have a higher upfront cost but they run far less electricity and are more energy-efficient; saving you money in the long run.

#2. Features

Some lamps do have additional features that you will want to keep in mind; depending on what you are going to be using it for.

For instance, a lot of the more basic models of clamp lights will feature a gooseneck, which will allow you to pivot and angle the light in the right direction depending on where you need to have the light directed. Some of the more advanced models may feature more of a solid arm system that you can still rotate and will be more stable.

Additional features to look for that you may be interested in can include dimmer switches, mood lighting, color warmth settings, and cordless options that use rechargeable batteries.

#3. Versatility

When we talk about versatility as relates to clamping desk lights, we are referring to the amount of swivel they have, and if they can change angles depending on your needs. This is especially important if you are using them as task lights to see what you are working on in detail and if you need them to be able to change direction when needed.

Another key selling point to keep in mind is how portable the lamp will be. While you are generally going to be placing them where you work the most, at times you will want to take them with you or change where they are located.

Having a portable lamp that can do this easily will allow you to get more out of the purchase.

>> Check Vavofo Portable and Small Clip on Lights for Reading and Working

#4. Level of Brightness

Another key aspect to keep in mind when purchasing a clamp lamp is how bright they are; or how many lumens they product. Because you are generally going to be using them for task lighting to see what you are working on or studying, you will want to find one that is plenty bright to fit in with your specific needs.

Reviews of the 7 Best Clip on Lamps

#1. Best Sale – Lepower Clip on Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck


best sale clip on lights cheap


  • Can easily switch between lighting modes as needed
  • Easy to use and can be clipped onto a wide range of surfaces
  • A highly versatile product that can provide task lighting wherever it is needed


  • It is cord powered which means you need to use it near electricity outlet

This clip-on lamp from Lepower comes in three color options and features a gooseneck arm that makes it easy to direct the task light where needed for studying, reading, and working.

The clip and lamp itself are made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. This is easy to use and operate with a switch on the cord to switch between warm or white light, as well as dim and bright options available.

This can be operated either with the provided USB cord to plug into a computer or laptop or by using the power 5-foot power cord. This is a great product that can provide good task lighting as needed for work or study.

Check on Amazon


#2. Cheap – Vavofo Portable Clip on Book Light

small portable clip on lamp


  • Highly durable and portable
  • Best for kids or clip in on the headboard
  • Easy to clip on and charge, with indicator lights
  • You will be able to easily adjust the neck and actual light of this product


  • There is no power cord, so you will want to make sure that the battery is always charged

If you are needing a good task light at a great price, this clip-on light from Vavofo would be a great option that comes in either white or black and has 3 color temperatures and brightness levels to choose from.

There is a built-in rechargeable battery with an LED indicator so that you will be able to always have this fully charged for when you need it to work, study, or read.

This is a great product that won’t increase strain on your eyes, with a non-flickering light and multiple brightness settings for the perfect brightness for your activities.

Ideal for a wide range of surfaces, this is easy to clip on and will stay in place where you need it to, with a lightweight yet portable design. The neck is easy to adjust with a 360-degree range of motion so that you can get the perfect angle every time.

Check on Amazon


#3. Cordless – Vont Rechargeable Clip on Reading Lamp with USB Connection

2 in 1 clip on lamp with clamp base and desktop base


  • Touch sensitive control
  • Can be used as a makeup light or bedside light
  • The clamp is easy to use and attaches securely
  • A completely cordless option that has a long battery life


  • 3 levels of brightness settings

For a good cordless option, you may want to try this LED clip-on lamp; which is available in 2 color choices and features a sleek touch switch with 3 levels of light intensity available.

This is a great task light that you can use for a wide range of activities such as reading, working, studying, or just as a nice ambient light at night.

The neck of this product is fully versatile and easy to adjust, with a range of motion of 360 degrees. The wide clamp at the base of this desk light is easy to use and can tightly clamp onto a lot of different surfaces; giving you a lot of options as relates to using this product.

Although there is no power cord, there is a rechargeable battery that will last a lot longer than other similar products on the market.

Check on Amazon


#4. Perfect for Music Stand or Easel – Kootek 2 in 1 Clamp Lamp with Light Weight


clip on light for music stand and easel


  • Can be used with the provided power cable
  • You can make it stand on the desk or clip it on flat surfaces
  • Highly portable and versatile so that you can use it where needed
  • The rechargeable battery can last a long time on a single charge


  • This task light is not dimmable, and only offers two levels of light

For reading music or working on an Easel, this adjustable clip-on lamp from Kootek features 10 bright mini LEDs that will be able to provide a lot of light for the activity, work project, or hobby that you are working on.

This comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and USB cord; although you can use this when plugged in with the power cord that is provided as well.

This versatile product can clip on to a wide range of surfaces, such as computer desks, music stands, bed headboards, and much more. It is highly portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you need it and you can rest easy knowing that the rechargeable battery will last a long time.

The flexible gooseneck allows you to direct the illumination exactly where needed, giving you the perfect amount of light every time.

Check on Amazon


#5. For Home Office – Joly Joy LED Clip on Lamp with Dimmable Light


clip on led light for reading


  • A modern lamp for reading, writing and other tasks
  • Easy to use, the clamp will attach to virtually any surface
  • LED lights reduce eye strain while providing a lot of light
  • The arms are very flexible adding versatility to the functionality


  • The integrated LED bulbs are not replaceabe

Perfect for your home office or computer desk, this clip on lamp from Joly Joy features an industrial design with a long arm and wide lamp head, for plenty of concentrated light that is also wide-spread.

The flexible arms and lampshades are easy to swivel and position just right depending on what you are working on, and the long 40″ reach can easily light up your whole righting or working surface.

The flicker-free light is adjustable and dimmable, with color temperature choices such as warm to white to fit in your specific needs. The design of the clamp is more heavy-duty, and can easily latch onto a multitude of surfaces without needing to worry about bumping into it and knocking it over or moving the light.

The light itself is made from 98 high-efficiency and energy-saving LED’s that will last for up to 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

Check on Amazon


#6. For Crafts – Phive Architect Clip on Lamp with Swing Arm

architect clip on reading lights for bedroom


  • Easy to use and fully versatile with adjustable arms
  • Multiple lighting modes and choices for your specific needs
  • LED lights provide a lot of task light for various projects and activities


  • Pricey

For crafts and hobbies, this clamp lamp from Phive is a great option that features a dimmable light with 6 settings, and an advanced LED light that will be easy on your eyes and highly durable; lasting a long time and being eco-friendly.

The modern design of this clamp light will make a great addition to any room in your home, regardless of your current design scheme or aesthetics. In addition to the 6 levels of brightness available, there are 4 lighting modes to choose from, and you can adjust and keep your favorite settings easily.

This flexible and versatile task light is easy to adjust and will stay in place when and where you need it to; making it the perfect addition to any writing desk, reading nook, and workbench.

Check on Amazon


#7. Wide Luminance – Phive Highly Adjustable LED Clip on Work Light


clip on light for kids


  • 20 brightness options in total
  • Easy to use; the clamp secures in place very well
  • Utilizes a lot of light to help you see what you are working on
  • The LED light that is used is both energy-efficient and provides a lot of lumens


  • Not a cordless lamp

If you are looking for a clip-on lamp that has a wide light for extra luminance and brightness, this option from Phive would be worth looking into.

It features an ultra-wide 31.5 inch LED light bar, which delivers a large amount of light in a concentrated yet widespread surface area; making it a perfect task light for any project that you are currently working on.

Designed with your eyes in mind, this non-flickering light will illuminate your working area without causing strain to your eyes or making you squint to see what you are working on.

It features a durable gooseneck that brings flexibility and versatility to the light, allowing you to achieve the perfect angle depending on what your specific needs may be.

Check on Amazon

Clip on Lights vs. Desktop Lamp

Both desktop lamps and clamp-on lamps are great at providing additional needed light for reading, working, and studying. That said, there are some pros and cons of both that you will want to take into consideration when you are making a buying decision.

Listed below are the aspects of both to give you some insight and perspective as relates to the buying process and what you should consider.

#1. Clamp Lamp

Similar to desktop lamps, these clamp lamps will provide a lot of additional light, however, where they differ is in the sense that clamp lamps feature a smaller, more concentrated light.

These provide a lot of light in more of a concentrated form, and although they will illuminate the room somewhat, desktop lamps are much better suited for overall lighting in a space by providing more lumens.

Another selling point and a big benefit to having a clamp light is the portability that it offers, they can go with you wherever you need them to be, and because of their space-saving design, they can fit into tighter spaces.

#2. Desktop Lamp

Like clamp lamps, these types of lamps will provide light for your bedroom or working space.

Because of the design of most desktop lamps, they are not well-suited for tighter spaces or smaller desks; although they do offer more in the way of interior decor and aesthetics.

These will almost always come with a wide lampshade, meaning they can easily get in the way if you have a smaller workspace and you will run the risk of them falling or tipping over easier than clamp lamps.


Clamp lamps make great additions to any desk or working area, are portable, and can easily provide the amount of light that is needed to make your job easier.

All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials, and will last you a long time; some having additional features or more portable than others.


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