Best Reading Lamps for Bed in 2020 – Reviews

Have you ever seen the following moments?

  • Does your bed partner ask for an end of the glaring light in your bedtime reading?
  • Have you got tired shortly after reading with your single bedroom ceiling lamp?

In order to get rid of the situations, a recommendation for you is to put a reading lamp into use.

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Top 9 Best Reading Lamps for Bed Use

Why You Need a Lamp for Bed Reading?

Some people choose the spotlight to do their readings. However, it is a frustrating selection. Spotlight beams a relatively strong light, which will speed up the degradation of your eye diseases.

A Reading LampOn the contrary, best reading lamps for bed use focus on emitting the soft light, providing you with a more comfortable and eye protection light for reading before bedtime.

As you know, it is hard to read for hours in neither dim nor glaring light. Exposure to dark light will cause you a dry eye, and even shortsightedness in the long run. While too powerful light is harmful to eyes as well. Under the strong light, you will suffer a dizzy brain and visual sensibility decrease.

Thus, it is crucial to choose a reading lamp to better lit up your reading area.

Here comes a hot sale headboard lamp. Its convenience is beyond imagination. People who have bought it have a full compliment of the awesome reading lamp.

TRM Headboard Lamp – Perfect Reading Lamp with Convenient Power Cord

Headboard lamp for bed reading
Headboard Reading Lamp

Some of you may not place nightstands in your bedroom. If you don’t want the wall lamps or floor lamps, try on this one.

With two bendable and sturdy wire hooks, it can be used for all sized headboard and away from scratching your headboard. In this way, it is feasible to move the reading lamp in accordance with your position and then choose the most appropriate lighting area for reading.

The other practical point is that it covers a power cord. When you begin or finish your reading, there is no need to struggle out of your bed and just pull the on/off chain to turn it on/off.

At the same time, you need not worry if it is suitable for your other furniture in your bedroom. The lamp looks great in any decoration. The plicate white lampshade not only helps radiate soft light for much area but also adds gorgeous elements to your bedroom.

In principle, it is really a wise choice for you to work or read with the headboard lamp in bed.

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A Guide to Help You Choose Best Reading Lamps for Bedroom

A bedside reading lampWhat kind of bedtime reading lamp is best suited for you? Different people have different requirements for their own reading lamps. Some people prefer to use the adjustable ones so that he or she is capable of adjusting the light in company with his or her movement in the bed, while others are beloved of the fixed light source.

If you want to buy a best reading lamp, attention, please. The coming factors will help you a lot.


As for the lamp brightness, as mentioned above, you’d better choose one with soft light fitting for reading. A dimmable one is also a right choice. You can alter its optimal light for your needs.

Bulb Wattage

When it comes to reading bulb wattage, the ideal range is within 3-5 watts for LED bulbs while 11-15 watts for CFLs (compact fluorescent lights).

Lamp Placing Distance

When speaking the lamp placing distance, it depends on your own preference. (Notes: the proper distance is the lamp can shed enough light on your reading area. Meanwhile, no light shines your eyes. )

According to the above information, I give some hot rated reading lamps to you.

2 Best Bedside Reading Lamps Online

The bedside table lamp helps illuminate your reading area when you are in bed. When you decide to use that kind as your reading dependence, you need to take the followings into consideration:

  • What is the lamp height?
  • Is the brightness adjustable?
  • Whether the light is favorable for your reading?
  • When you put the reading lamp into use, what distance it should be placed?

According to the customer report, they speak highly of the following two lamps.

#1. AUKEY Touch Dimmable Lamp – Best Bedside Table Lamp for Reading & Night Lamp

Dimmable table lamp for reading in bed
Bedside Table Lamp for Reading

This lamp is one of the hot picks. It varies three levels of brightness including Soft, Moderate and Bright light.

In the bright setting, you are able to enjoy your reading time with full concentration. Under its lowest light, you can use it as a night lamp. The moderate level is good at emitting ambient light.

Since its panel is a 360-degree touch switch, what you need to do is to gently tap its control base to select the brightness regardless of any angles. What an easy operation! In addition, this lamp covers as much as 256 kinds of colors. And each kind of color beams warm light which will never hurt people’s eyes.

However, a little imperfection is that the lamp does not have the memory function. If you close it, you need to reset the light. What pleases you is that the seller provides a 45-day refund and 24-month warranty. If you think the lamp doesn’t worth, you can return it back.

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#2. LuminoLite Rechargeable Clip-on Lamp – Best Small Size Reading Lamp for Bed Use

Compact LED reading lamp in bed
High Rated Small Bedside Lamp

Compared with the Classic Black Clamp Reading Lamp, this lamp consists of one more lamp bead and adds a function of three-level brightness adjustment. As a reading lamp, it is more popular.

Since it has three light modes (warm, white, mixed) with three brightness levels each, it has the ability to radiate selected lights and creates a rather better environment for eyes protection when reading in bed.

Rechargeable and battery functions satisfy you with cord or cordless needs. Once you make this clip-on lamp in fully charged, you can immerse in your reading world 70 hours or so regardless of the lamp electricity.

Because its clamp has 0.8 in max capacity and lightweight feature. You can alter to clamp the lamp on headboards, nightstands and books. In addition, it also has a flexible neck. Therefore, there is no need to move the light source from place to place to cater to your reading position.

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Hot Pick Lamp Mounted on Bedroom Wall

If you dislike the bedside ones, why not try a wall lamp? According to the consumers’ report, it is the most popular one.

Rosslyn Swing Arm Wall Lights – Marvelous Reading Lamp with Adjustable Function

A pair of swing arm wall lamp for bedroom reading
Pairs of 2 Wall Lamps for Reading

If you are eager for a pair of reading lamps for bedroom use, these two lamps satisfy your requirements.

Most customers claimed that those two perfectly match their traditional and modern decorated space. Meanwhile, they provide adequate light for their reading neither dazzling nor fuzzy.

It is well-known that most of the wall lamps cannot function as adjustable ones. Nevertheless, what makes the pairs eminent is that the two are adjustable not only on its arms but also on its light. That is to say, these two wall lamps allow you to choose both optimal reading brightness and desired reading positions. How convenient they are!

And the most gratifying thing is that the two lamps are equipped with metal cord covers, with which it protects your bedroom from cord disorder. But what a pity is that you should shop bulbs and cord covers on your own. In general, they deserve!

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Notice: Prior to installing the wall lamps, it is important for you to ensure the best mounting angles. It is demonstrated that the optimal light will direct at your shoulder and then reflect on your books.

Best Floor Lamp for Reading in Bed

Below is an obsessed floor lamp that is beloved by numbers of customers.

Brightech Floor Reading Lamp – Foldable Pole Fitting for Multi-use

Brightech floor lamp for tasks
Floor Lamp for Bedroom Reading

This is a high-rated lamp produced by Brightech. I believe the numbers of people are their enthusiasts due to its simple design and first-class service. Yes, I am one of you! This lamp surely disappoints no people.

First of all, it is essential to say the leaf design. For one thing, it looks natural with any décor. For another, it can allow the light to beam in the specific area. You just need to adjust the swiveling head and swing arm to your required reading location such as bedside, sofa side, etc.

Then, it possesses a dimmer on the top of the pole. The dimmer also works as an on-off switch. That is, when you plug the lamp well, it is convenient for you to turn on/off and select brightness (3 levels) via gently tap.

At last, Brightech team provides a 36-months warranty. So, why don’t you shop one for your bedtime reading?

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Notice: The first and crucial factor you should consider is whether the base of the floor lamp is sturdy, especially for people who have pets and children. Solid bases will help you away from the trouble of toppling over.

If you want other Brightech floor lamps, click here to have a view:

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Advantages to Choose a Right LED Reading Lamp

1. Long Lifespan to Serve Your Daily Reading Needs

LED bulbsAn LED bulb, in general, has a 50,000 to 100,000 hours of life. When it is used as a lamp, the life of the bulb decreases due to the incredible heat emission. However, an LED lamp can be dedicated to its life for at least 35,000 hours. In other words, if you put an LED reading lamp into its service, it is able to support your everyday reading at the very least of 15 years.

2. A LED Reading Lamp Helps Save Electric Charge

LED lamp for bedroom use works in a relatively low voltage. It is proven that the power consumption of the LED desk lamp is only 6% of that of other fixtures. In other words, compared with incandescent lamp and fluorescent fixture, LED lamp consumes the lowest power or energy under the same brightness. In this way, you can get instant electric charge reduction.

3. LED Reading Lamps Have Little Chance to Damage

LED lamp usually coverts electricity into direct lights. So, it can be used for a good while. Also, there is no need to look for a replacement. LED lamps can work until their life coming to an end. On the other hand, People all know that most of the damaged lamps are caused by their high heat emission. Inversely, the LED technology gives no chance to lose.

Eco-friendly LED Lamp for Bedroom Reading

how to choose a best reading lampWhy LED reading lamp is in demand? Apart from its advantages, it responses to the recent theme of environmental protection. The LED lamps include neither hazardous constituents nor harmful rays. So, the used one is able to be recyclable.

In response to those customers, a hot picker will be introduced.

Brightech Litespan 2 in 1 Task Lamp – Ideal Floor & Table Lamp for Bedroom Reading

Adjustable LED floor and desk lamp for bedroom reading
2 in 1 LED Reading Lamp

This lamp comes from Brightech again. It is a best 2 in 1 task lamp for the living room/bedroom and totally flexible. You can adjust the lamp pole in the range of 20” to 56” tall at random according to your reading needs. On the other hand, it has a pliable gooseneck. If you feel there lacks light, you can adjust the neck without distracting your reading attention.

The lamp is characteristic of adjustable light color temperature. You can tap the “M” button to adjust it from 3,000K to 6,000K.

Among those, 3000K and above suit for reading environment creation. It is up to yourself. Besides, its memory function helps you never in the trouble of brightness readjustment.

Finally comes to its sturdy base. The heavy base is proven not to tip over including in both table-top and floor stand situations. With so many brilliant functions, what are you waiting for?

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3 Best Type of Lamps for Bedtime Reading

If you still have no choices, here give other 3 options.

#1. iKross LED Lamp-Bright Light for E-book Readers

A lamp clipping on Kindle
Best Lamp for E-book Readers

The lamp one will give your screen neither hot spot nor halo when you clip it on your Kindle or other smart equipment. Also, the two brightness levels provide you with desired light for your reading at night. If your devices are not backlit under poor light, shop this one to have a fantastic reading.

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#2. OCOOPA Dimming Light – Touch Control Reading Lamp for Children

Touch control lamp for kids' reading
Best Affordable Reading Lamp for kids

Are you looking for a best task lamp for your kids? The cute lamp is great for bedroom reading and studying. Its gooseneck easily bends to any height and angle. Also, the lamp contains 12 LED beads which beam no-flicker light. So, it is proven that the lamp does no harm to kids’ eyesight. On the other hand, the cup holder pot can help your children away from stationary disorder.

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#3. LuminoLite Lamp with 2 heads– Clip on Bed for Large Reading Area

dual head task lamp
Dual-head Reading Lamp Clipping on Bed

Do you get trouble in insufficient light in bedside reading? The dual heads lamp can help you out. With 12 LED beads and 2 fully adjustable necks, its light can cover your whole reading space. And, 3000K warm light color and 2 brightness setting are perfect for you. In addition, its clamp has a capacity of 1.57 inch. You can absolutely free from your hands when you clip the lamp on the bed.

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What Light Temperature Is the Best for Reading?

We did loads of research and found that the color temperature of the light dominantly affects your reading experience. Most people said they can hardly recognize the words in the books or Kindle even exposure to bright lamps. This is not because you have poor or uneven light. What causes the situation is that you have chosen the wrong color temperature.

A reading lamp with multi purposeThe warmer the light is, the yellow tone it produces. While, the cooler the light is, the blue tone it generates. Then, what is the best light temperature for reading in the bedroom?

As a rule of thumb, we need to get enough muted and soft light when reading. So, the optimal reading light is 4000K and the 2700K(common temperature of Incandescent and halogen lamp) is also great.

Which Light Is Best for Reading in Bed?

The lamp supports our daily life. Different rooms and tasks require different lights. To get on the best light for reading in the bedroom, which kind of lamps can you choose? There are four basic types.

Incandescent Lamp

It is a traditional illumination tool. The light it radiates is similar to that from candles. It is a warm and muted brightness suitable for your reading and studying in any space. Besides, it gives the best price.

Fluorescent Light

As its name indicates, the fluorescent lamp offers natural daylight. It costs less energy than the incandescent lamp and lasts a longer lifespan. What absorbs avid readers is that the fluorescent lamp has selected Kelvin (light appearance). The commonly seen light appearances are warm white(3000K), natural white(3500K), cool white(4000K) and sunlight(6500K).

LED Fixture

Functional LED Lamp for Bed Reading
Hot Sale LED Lamp

As mentioned above, LED light is able to provide you with the perfect reading light for at least 15 years. After that, it still beams lower lights which may not meet your reading demands. At that time, it is also feasible to make it as a night light. When speaking its use for reading purposes, it aims to concentrate light only on your reading area. Its light will not mess with your bed partners’ sleeping quality.

Click here to check the best sales LED lamp for recumbent reading:

>>  LuminoLite Lightweight Lamp for Eye-friendly Reading in Bed <<

Halogen-based Lamp

It is a development of an incandescent lamp. That is to say, the halogen lamp also has the advantages of adjustable brightness, easy control and best price. Additionally, it has a better light appearance, higher efficiency and longer service time. Its bright and white light creates an ideal atmosphere for your reading in the bedroom, living room and any other reading nooks.


In order to keep your eyes health, I suggest you buy a reading lamp in the bedroom. I promise it will create a great atmosphere for reading and bring you an enjoyable read.


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