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How to Choose the Best Cordless Floor Lamps in 2022?

Are you tired of the cord clutter that comes with connecting lamps? Wireless floor lamps are the way to go.

Their cord-free design makes them stylish, adding an accent to your room. Though battery-powered, these floor lamps provide bright light for different functions.

You can use them in any space because they are portable and don’t need to plug into a power outlet. They’re also energy efficient since they use LED lights.

If you’re looking to buy a wireless floor lamp, you’re at the right place because, in this article, you’re going to find out the factors to look for and the best cordless floor lamps on the market.

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Great for Living Rooms – Daylight24 Adjustable Natural Daylight Floor Lamps


The 4 Best Cordless Floor Lamps Reviews

Below are reviews of the best ones:

1. Daylight24 Cordless Floor Lamp with Sturdy and Chic Brass Finish

cordless floor lamps for living room

With adjustable light from low to high, this antique brass finished floor lamp is excellent for reading or crafting. It provides that light that you need while blending in with your furniture.

The 30 LED bulbs on the light head give a cool bright light that you can dim to your preference. The neck is also adjustable, allowing you to focus the light.

Although it’s battery-operated, the lamp has the option of connecting it to an electric power source.

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2. KOZIS Cordless Floor Lamp

cordless reading floor lamp

Fitted with an inbuilt rechargeable battery of 5000mAh, this cordless floor lamp lights for more than five hours continuously at full brightness and twenty hours at medium brightness.

The lamp has three color temperatures making it multifunctional. You can use it for tasks or for creating an ambiance in a room. The light is dimmable, giving you the chance to set it at your desired brightness level.

The adjustable gooseneck can rotate 360°. Plus, it has a type C charging system for fast charging.

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3. LIGHTACCENTS Cordless Floor Lamp

battery operated outdoor floor lamps

Sleek and modern in design, this cordless floor lamp is a great addition to your living room, office, bedroom, or other space.

The built-in double batteries of 1800mAh give 24 hours of lighting. The battery is rechargeable with a USB.

You can adjust the color temperature to 2800k when you want a warm light or increase it to as high as 6000k for cool white light. The lamp gives out a non-flickering light that looks like natural light so that you don’t strain your eyes.

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4. Daylight24 Torchiere Cordless Floor Lamp

torchiere floor lamps that run on batteries

If you’re looking for natural light, this floor lamp brings daylight into your room. It illuminates your space bringing out real colors of your art, wall paint, and decor.

The 70 inches tall pole and torchiere design help focus light on the ceiling. It is then reflected, creating a relaxing ambiance.

The lamp is cordless and battery-operated, making it ideal for a room where there’s no electricity. Finished in brushed nickel and frosted glass shade, it makes a classic addition to your room.

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How to Get the Best Cordless Floor Lamps?

cordless floor lamp to buy

The following are some of the factors to look for when finding the best cordless floor lamp:

1. Battery Size and Type

Cordless floor lamps range from lamps with rechargeable batteries to changeable ones. Rechargeable batteries have a built-in battery that you recharge like a phone.

They’re convenient and cost-effective since it’s a one-time cost when purchasing a cordless lamp. However, check the battery life in terms of the number of hours you can use the light before it’s due for a recharge. Short battery life may mean you spend more time charging the lamp than using it.

A single-use battery has recurrent costs since you have to change the battery from time to time. On the bright side, they’re great for outdoor spaces.

Their advantage over the rechargeable one is that you can use them continuously since you don’t have to put them off for charging periodically.

A rechargeable battery size is measured using its charging capacity (the amount of electrical charge the battery stores). The capacity is indicated in mili amp hours -mAh.

The higher the figure, the more the power output. It can light your floor lamp for longer hours. A 2000mAh battery can light your lamp on an extremely bright light for 4 to 6 hours.

2. Control Method

Control features like touch, remote control, timer, toggle switch, or technology compatibility on a wireless floor lamp give you ease of use.

With a simple tap on a touch-controlled lamp, you can turn the lamp on or off and dim or brighten the light. The remote control helps you control the floor lamp from different positions in a room.

If you want a cordless floor lamp that can switch off or on at a set time, for example, when you fall asleep, look for a lamp with a timer.

Toggle switch floor lamps allow you to control the light by pushing a button to turn it on or off.

The best wireless floor lamp is a smart one. It gives you the convenience of operating the lamp through an app on your phone.

You don’t have to move since you can switch it on/off, dim the light or change the color temperature through an app on your phone or computer. However, it may be expensive.

3. Purpose of the floor lamp

When buying a cordless floor lamp, it’s best to consider the purpose of the floor lamp. Do you want a light for reading, tasks, or just for creating a certain mood in your spaces?

The best wireless standing lamp is a multifunctional one. You can control the light to warm for a relaxing ambiance or a cool blue light for tasks.

4. Color Temperature vs. Room

Different rooms serve different purposes; hence not every light is suitable for any room. A cozy room like the living room or bedroom where you relax and spend time with family or friends needs a warm light.

A floor lamp with an LED bulb ranging from 2000- 2700K is the best for warm light and mood.

A warm light of 3000K is best for the kitchen since it provides a balance between brightness and a social mood when taking meals from there.

For your study area or office, a cool white light will do you justice. It’s bright enough to create an environment where you can concentrate on reading or doing tasks.


How Do Cordless Lamps Work?

Cordless lamps, unlike the traditional ones, do not use wires to plug into a power source. They get their power from a rechargeable battery to light or a single-use battery that you have to change when it no longer has a charge.

You can place it in different areas inside or outside. The rechargeable one has a USB port for easy charging.



Wireless floor lamps are the way to go. They offer convenience and can light any corner or space in your room without the hustle of fixing sockets or using extension cables for power.

The above lamps are some of the best cordless floor lamps available. Try one of them and enjoy the convenience.