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Best Clip on Reading Light to Bring Convenience & Eye Health in 2022

Each avid reader is up against the eye problems at the time of his reading. Most of you may spend a large amount of time and money to solve it but in vain sometimes. An improper light you used is the crux of that matter.

Clip on reading light takes the representative of the reading lamps at modern days. With adjustable body, nice look, solid construction and versatile functions, this kind are very prevalent. But little knowledge about choosing method limits your decision.

Before making your purchase, read this article and know more about what factors you need to consider and what features a best clip on reading light has. Also, in order to help you get a quick choice, we break down several top options at each demand aspect.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Durable Metal Construction for Bunk Bed – Lepower LED Clip on Reading Light

Cute Dog Thin LED Bookmark and  Light for Kids – Gifts for Readers & Writers Compact Reading Light

Battery Operated Clip on Lamp with 2 Level of Brightness – Glorious-Lite Reading Light for Bed Headboard

For E-Book Readers – Briignite Compact Clip on Reading Light for Kindle

Cordless and Handy Clip on Lamp with Affordable Price – Energizer Book Lights for Private Reading


What Is the Best Clip on Book Reading Light?

There is no single answer to the question “What is the best clip on reading light”. The reason why we call a lamp a good light is because it is able to satisfy a particular point of our needs.

Statistics show that a popular reading clip lamp is characteristic of the following points:

  • Dimmable lights allow us to choose ideal light intensity in accordance with different purposes.
  • Multiple color temperature meets our requirements on both ambient creation and task illumination.
  • Flicker-free and no shadow help improve your reading atmosphere and reduce the rate of eye problems.
  • Adjustable neck and arm assist you to bend light towards any position without a move from your place.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Clip on Reading Light?

portable clip on desk lamp for tasks

If you’d like to get more acknowledge about how to choose a best clip on reading light and achieve a happier purchase, please read this part carefully. There are several factors to be considered.

1. Eye Health

The first thing you need to turn over in your mind is whether the lamps ready to buy are eye-friendly. As a reading light, the most important feature it must have lies in its eye protection.

Since reading is a lasting activity, the light for this task should be no glare, no ghost and no noise. It is admitted that soft white or warm light is the best option for reading. If you have other different reading habits, follow yourself.

2. Durability

I believe no one wants to bring a piece of junk back home. The first-class clip on lamp bears the favor of lifetime span, stunning reading light provision, and certainly good look.

The clip on reading light in today’s market is mainly composed of two kinds of material, metal and plastic. It is a misunderstanding that a metal lamp is better than the plastic one. Both of the two kinds are accomplished in their fields.

A metal clamp lamp is usually used to clip on the desks and bed headboards due to its relatively large size. At present, this kind, named architect lamps, is made of aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and other durable metals.

And then apply them a sleek or matte coat so as to beautify the lamp. Generally speaking, it seems to last longer than the plastic type.

A plastic clip on light is known for lightweight body suitable as a book light. They are manufactured into different kinds of shapes and painted into a variety of colors.

Some of them are in the shape of a slim body able to be a bookmark. And you can get them at a lower price. But due to a small-sized construction, the plastic lights have lower power and wattage.

3. Light Intensity

The numbers of the clip on reading lamps in the market are designed with brightness adjustment. In this way, the clamp light you have bought can be widely used in any spaces, whether at the balcony in the daytime or on the bed at night.
Before looking for a lamp, be sure about your lighting purpose.

  • If you are ready to use it in a large room, the extra tall lamp is for you.
  • If you would like to light up your small study, you need a lamp with higher lumens.
  • If you tend to read books in your bedroom, a privacy book light without disturbing at your couple is suggested.
  • If you prefer to do readings lying on the recliners, look for a lamp which open size of suits for your chairs.

Overall, consider both dimmable brightness levels and multiple light colors.

4. Power Source

Modern technology supports the clamp reading light with 3 power supplies. They are rechargeable lights, cord operated fixtures as well as battery-powered lamps. “Which type is the best” is determined by your specific needs.

Rechargeable clip on reading light is able to satisfy 2 kinds of needs at the same time in that it is always equipped with a rechargeable battery and an electric adaptor. That is to say, you can take it outside if it is portable and just use it indoors since it is cordless.

Cord operated clamp lamp for reading suits nothing but the place where there provide electric power and a socket. It is an indoor dedicated lamp.

When speaking to the battery-powered light, it is a not good choice for people who read regularly. You need to change batteries frequently with long time use, which is not a small expense.

On the whole, the cordless lamps are even better.

5. Clip Size

Clip size keeps an indispensable element when choosing a best clip on reading light. It limits a lot of places if it opens so small that nothing can be clamped in your houses. And you never need a clamp light not fitting for your attachments.

Prior to buying a clip on lamp, measure the thickness that you are ready to grasp the lamp on. If you prepare to use it in various places, it makes sense that you choose a wider clip. Nevertheless, if you just apply it on reading books, do not choose the wide clamp on account of its unstable on the book pages. A best book reading light catches perfect light on the pages and is much safer than common models.

6. Extra function

A clip light for professional readers also has several additional functions.

  • It is portable enough to easily adapt to both bedtime reading and traveling light.
  • It is so flexible and adjustable that can shine lights for no matter where you need it and be easy to fold and store.
  • The USB port is able to connect the lamp with the computers or phones.
  • The wireless charger allows charging your smart devices like Kindles, iPhones and iPads without an adaptor.
  • Sometimes, a clip on light also stands well and straightly on your tables.
  • Lighting experts also design a lamp with 2 heads so as to realize a wider lighting zone.


What Light Is Eye-friendly for Long-time Reading?

Almost all of the lamp buyers take concerns on the bulb types. Which light is easiest on the eyes when reading?

The answer comes absolutely first LED lights because of its no mercury containment, dimmable lights and eye strain alleviation. The second reaches incandescent bulbs for the reason that it does no harm to your eye health.

A fluorescent lamp is also within consideration but it may emit a handful of UV rays.


What Color Light Is Best for Your Eyes?

It is certified by an ophthalmologist that the red light is a long wavelength which leads to its insensitive by rhodopsin in our visual system. In this way, the reddish color is the best for our eyes.

It is a best choice not only for reading but also for sleeping. In other words, it also acts as a sleeping helper. Since our cells are less insensitive to red color light, we can turn the light all night in case of getting up at midnight and don’t be disturbed.


Reviews of 5 Top Rated Clip on Reading Lamps for Different Positions

#1. Durable Metal Construction – Lepower LED Clip on Reading Light for Bunk Bed

clip on reading lamps for bed
Clip on Reading Lights for Bedroom
  • 2 light colors
  • Affordable price
  • Dimming switch design
  • 4 ways to charge the lamp
  • Long flexible neck ideal for omnidirectional light needs
  • 2.36” wide open clamp perfect for any installation space
  • Long electric cord support long distance socket power supply (59.05 inches)
  • LED light bulbs help protect you from ghosts, flicker, migraines and eye problems
  • LED bulbs can not be replaced
  • Power button on the cord may fail some of the customers

Do you like to read books lying on the bed? Do you find that your single primary light sheds backlight on your book surface and the pages are too ambiguous to read? A clip on reading light is easy to get you rid of the trouble.

This item is able to open in 2.36 inches so that it is applicable for all of the headboard size. After clipping it on your bunk bed, tap the switch on the power cable to choose either warm light or white light. And, there are 2 brightness levels to satisfy your picky light needs. In the back of it, can you start to be absorbed in your reading world? Of course, that is not its time now! Adjust its flexible neck to look for the optimal light direction and bend it to make the reading light slide across your shoulder. When finishing all of the steps above, you can do worry-free readings.

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#2. Cute for Kids – Gifts for Readers & Writers Clip on Reading Light with Flexible Body

book light for night reading best
Best Book Light for Night Reading
  • 4 attractive designs available
  • Ultra bright light for night reading
  • Portable construction (0.44 ounces)
  • A lovely book light and a practical bookmark
  • LED bulbs energize both readers and listeners
  • Battery-powered allows to use it in outdoors
  • It is proved that no glare happens and it is safe for kids’ eyes
  • LED bulbs can not be changed
  • You need to change batteries regularly
  • The narrow clamp doesn’t fit for E-books

Does your kid love his reading light now? Does the light resist your children from reading? Is it the plain but large-sized nightstand lamp that can not last your kids’ reading time? Don’t worry. Try this one!

First of all, the design of a cute dog or beautiful flowers enhances its appealing. I believe no child is able to escape from such special appearances. With the assistance of the good look lights, it is more likely for them to read.

I would say this lamp is perfect for reading in the bed. Its flat body is solid enough to seize the pages regardless of your sitting or lying. And it is also bendable enough so as to meet your light requirements in any cases.

Plus, it is more than a book light. It can be used as a marker which is convenient to remember the last pages you read. More than that, it is easy to operate for children. Do you want to buy one for your reading children?

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#3. Shadow-Free – Glorious-Lite Battery Operated Clip on Reading Light for Bed Headboard

clamp on reading light for beds
Best Versatile Clip on Reading Lamp
  • 14 LED lamp beads
  • 8.27” wide lamp head
  • 2 levels of light intensity
  • 1.97 inches maximum clip
  • Stand solidly on the desktop
  • A non-slip mat helps clip things tightly
  • USB and battery-powered reading light
  • You can adjust the light with free angle
  • You can choose either rechargeable items or USB/battery ones
  • Easy to clip on desks, music stands, bed headboards and easels
  • The batteries are sold separately
  • LED beads are not able to be changed

Here comes the most functional lamp. It is versatile that can be used in many occasions. And wide lighting zone must please parties of people who need a large amount of light.

It is now gotten to the point that it weighs only 10.4 ounces. Sturdy as it is, the lamp can safely stand on the desks, nightstands and other flat surfaces. Also, it has a maximum clip of 1.97 inches wide which together with non-slip mat support the light easily and tightly grasp at the books, desks, music stands, headboards, easels, the back of chairs and other boards.

This lamp will supply lights either mounting 3 AA batteries or connecting it with adaptors. Battery power allows you to use the extra light when camping or travelling outside. Certainly, you can adjust the lamp with free angles so that lights up the area where you need it.

Except for the battery-powered item, the manufacturer also has the same rechargeable clip on reading light for sale.

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#4. Silicone Made – Briignite Compact Clip on Reading Light for Kindle

mini reading lights clip
Clip on Reading Light for Smart Devices
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Touch control switch
  • Adjustable clip (0.4” to 0.7”)
  • 2 selective brightness settings
  • No lighting spots on the screen
  • Easy to carry and take up little space
  • Battery operated reading light for smart devices or books
  • Protective silicone mat to prevent your smart equipment from scratching
  • It is forbidden to clip it onto tables and boards
  • Some of the customers reviewed that the light is still bright even at its lowest level

It does what it is supposed to do. Clip on surfaces, illuminate the screens and pages, no damage on the attachments. Also, under $13 and you can not beat it for the money if you are an avid e-book reader.

Specifically speaking, it can work well with a thickness of 0.4” to 0.7”, making it perfect attachment to E-books, laptops, notebook, textbooks and so on. It is exercisable to set brightness levels and adjust its neck to any direction to catch the best reading light. LED bulbs allow diffusing the light without spots result in unrestricted reading. Plus, you do not have to avoid backlit environment since the light is easy to the eyes.

More importantly, it is effortless that you do store and carry this lamp. Fold the neck and package it in the bags. Be sure the battery is charged and you can get additional reading light even in the fields.

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#5. Inexpensive – Energizer Book Lights for Private Reading

clip on led reading light
Best Battery Operated Clip on Reading Light
  • Reliable energizer brand
  • Handy battery operated clip on reading light
  • The cheapest item in today’s recommendations
  • Flexible neck makes omnidirectional light feasible
  • It is so flexible and lightweight that can be folded up for outdoor use
  • Personal light doesn’t disturb at your partners when doing bedtime reading

It is a painful thing to replace the batteries at regular time

Are you looking for a handy and compact light for your cars or for your tents? This lamp has the ability to give you what you want.

It is a cordless clamp light that goes greatest on Kindles, textbook, laptops and sunscreen shade because it opens only 0.5 inches in maximum. It works as a luminaire on the one hand and also an eye protector at nights on the other. Alter the desired light intensity and then customize the light direction.

This is the cheapest piece in today’s list of best clip on reading light. Around $8 and you can take it home as your reading light. If you are not willing to disturb your partners’ sleepy hours, you won’t miss it this time.

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FAQs for Clamp Reading Light

Here also offers several answers to help you learn further information on picking up a clip on reading light of good quality.

1. Which Light Is Good for Reading Yellow or White?

It is a question totally decided by your reading tastes. The light range between 3000K and 4000K does a great job of providing awesome reading light. People who like yellowish and cozy reading atmosphere, choose the warm yellow light. And others who prefer to create a serious reading space select the opposite.

Generally speaking, the elderly go for a yellow light result from the habits that they are used to reading beneath a kerosene lamp. On the contrary, the young elevate their reading area brimming with sun light.

2. What Light Types Most Suitable for Artists?

There are primarily 6 sorts of lighting sources for artists: floor lamp, art desk lamp, ceiling light, cilp on light, wall lamp and headlight.

For musicians and drawers, it is a portable clip on lamp that is more suitable for their needs. This kind allows clipping the light on music stands and easels without arduous attempts. Meanwhile, it helps you read the music score and drawing paper clearly.

On the sight of the painters, the headlight is more than a best option. It is hand free so that the light follows together with your movement.

To get on the light for craftsmen and hobbyists, it rests with your specific tasks.

3. What Light Temperature Is Best for Reading?

In general, the light around 3500K is an ideal one for reading. The specific value relies upon where you intend to use the lamp. Different location requires a variety of light conditions. Accordingly, reading at a different time also needs to cater to corresponding light colors.

For example, at the daytime, there needs a large amount of light reading at living rooms. While, at night, warm and muted light should be created for your reading E-books and printing texts.

4. What Is the Better Type for Reading Swing Arm or Gooseneck?

Clip on lamp comprises 2 types from appearance. One is swing arm and the other is gooseneck light.

Swing arm lamps are frequently designed with architect style. They perform well as a decoration and a luminaire. In the market today, Swing arm lamp has a metal arm and is bound to last for years. They provide light downwards and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.

Gooseneck lamps are unitized pieces. Apart from the 360 degrees rotary neck, their lamp heads also can be pivoted to any angles. That is to say, it provides light both upwards and downwards.

5. Does Reading Light Worsen Eyesight?

Even wearing a pair of shortsighted glass can’t impede the worse in vision. So, it is impossible to have an improvement in eyesight with the help of reading light.

You will suffer from eye stress in a long time of reading, but it doesn’t mean reading under a light would damage your eyes. Conversely, it helps release the eye fatigue and extend your reading process.


Final Words

How to decide which light is the best for reading may haunt you at any time. The best clip-on light stands out space-saving, flexible installing location and awesome reading light. To release eye strain and apply it to serve other purposes, give it a try.

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