Best Computer Desk Lamp – Hot Sale TaoTronics vs. Brightech Lights

As the boom of modern technology, more and more people in companies work with a computer, which makes the computer table lights popular on the market of 2020. Taotronics TT-DL13 and Brightech circle desk lamp are the top choices on lighting for offices’ desks with computers. Which one is better? In today’s article, we will give a comparison to the 2 best computer desk lamps, including similarities and differences. Hope the following information helps you make wise decisions.


Top 2 Best Desk Lamps for Computer Lighting

Taotronics TT-DL13 Desk Lamp – Best LED Lights for Computer Desk

TaoTronics LED desk lamp with daylight
Best Office Lighting for Computer Work
  • 1 year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • 4 available colors
  • Adjustable lighting angles
  • 5 adjustable lighting modes
  • 7 accessible brightness levels
  • Flexible angles of working lights
  • The round base with touch control panel
  • Touch control switch allows easy operation
  • Eye Caring Light without glare, shadows or spots
  • USB charger provides convenient and fast charging for phones and other smart devices
  • The bulb is included but can’t be changed
  • Apply to indoor computer tables

Taotronics is an excellent company on manufacturing desk lamps. Most of the lights they produce are widely used in task illumination, such as reading, knitting, weaving, crafting, studying and painting. They feature a common point that all of the task lightings are touch-sensitive and need not configuring. Taotronics TT-DL13 is such a representation and is one of the hot picks due to its affordable price, adjustable brightness and simple design. Under $30 and you can take it home. Can you beat that?

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Brightech Circle Lights – Best Desk Lamp for Computer Work

best desk lamp for computer with led bulbs
Best Desk Lamps for Computer Use
  • 3 year warranty
  • 3 dimmable settings
  • Touching switch on the base
  • It is safe and no heat generation
  • Minimalist design to soften the office look
  • LED lights serve as a way to reduce eyestrain
  • USB charging port for phones, computers, etc.
  • Slim body and solid base take up almost no space and allow it not to be toppled
  • You can’t upgrade the built-in led lights
  • 3000K light may dispel from some of the customers
  • You can’t twist the light but can move the lamp base to choose desired lighting directions

Brightech is professional in manufacturing lighting fixtures. Except for table lights, they also cover floor lamps, magnifying lamps and string lights. Their desk lights vary from ambient mood creation to task lighting up. This circle light stands out from all their table lights on account of its easiest on people’s eyes, omnidirectional light, elegant look for offices and no spotlight on monitors.

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The Brilliant Points Both the Desk Lamps Share

Brightech desk light for computer and Taotronics computer table light mentioned above do a great job on brightening

Space Saving

They are all designed to tables so that either of them doesn’t occupy much space and a small corner of your office desks, studying tables or other workbenches. That is to say, whether you want to light up your computers on small or large tables in offices, apartments, dorms, the 2 computer lamps are able to serve for your needs.

Solid Design

The 2 lights in architect style are well-designed not only on nice appearance but also on robust material. They both feature a heavy base in order to prevent it from tipping over. Worry about the TaoTronics desk light because of its long and thin lamp head? Its designer has already taken that into account. They calculated the proportion accurately and found the horizontal lamp arm serves steadily at 12.5” in length no matter where you pivot it. In addition to the construction, people who have bought them speak highly on the reliable materials which are not cheaply made.

No Installment Requirement & Easy Operation

Everything is ready to go. Take them from the packaging box first. Then, insert one end of the power cord into the lamp base and the other into the wall plugs. You can enjoy their light on your computer tables once you slightly touch on the power button.

LED Technology Application

Both of the TaoTronics TT-DL13 and Brightech Circle desk light use LED bulbs. The LED technology makes high efficiency, low profit, prolong longevity into reality to some extent. In addition to that, the most cheerful things benefit computer workers are no spotlight generation as well as eye stress relief.

As for fans who prefer to play computers before sleeping, it is important for you to struggle with blue rays and dry eyes. Exposure to single monitorings before going bed will decrease your sleep quality. But working under the eye-protective light is a proven measure. The LED bulbs allow the light to diffuse evenly and easiest and softest on your eyes.

Touch Switch

Touch lamps go for convenient usage, making people at any age obtain a facile operation light. Taotronics lamp equips with a touch control penal. After click on the on/off button, slide your fingers around the arched brightness strip to adjust lights suitable for your work needs. Brightech Light has a sole button at the top-center of the lamp base. Tap it for once to switch the lamp on. And then touch continuously to choose specific dimming brightness.

Light Customization

You can customize your own lighting plan when using either of the 2 computer desk lamps. Dimmable lights are beneficial to computer workers in that you can adapt the light in accordance with your surroundings. For instance, the lowest yellowish light fits for dim and dark rooms while the highest white pure light for bright and daylight offices.

Comprehensive comparison data are as follows:

Distinctions Between 2 Best Office Lighting for Computer Work

Despite that Brightech lamp and TaoTronics light are adjustable for computer use, there still have differences.

Adjustable Brightness

Taotronics Lamp has a more functional light than Brightech light. The former shares 35 lighting options! You can adjust the TaoTronics light with 5 lighting modes and 7 levels of different light intensity. Plus, its color temperature ranges from warm yellow to bright white. Nevertheless, Brightech circle light possesses a single 3000K light that can be dimmed only in 3 levels.

Flexible Arms

TaoTronics has a flexible arm and neck while the Brightech doesn’t. The adjustable arm and neck allow you to pivot freely, enabling the light very flexible to twist into any needed positions. It is tiltable by 45 degrees on the rotary necks and 135 degrees on the lamp head. While speaking to Brightech circle computer light, what makes it a pity is that you can just move the lamp to cater to your location. But with a 14″ wide lamp ring, it has the ability to shine all-round lights for computer use.

Defective Things You Need to Watch for

  • Since both of them are corded-electric, they just can be used indoors and places where there provide electricity.
  • Both of them contain built-in LED beads, so you are unable to take them apart to change blubs.
  • TaoTronics doesn’t subject to providing upward light. You should adjust the light angle within its bounds.
  • Either of them can’t work with smart home devices. If you want to buy one compatible with wall outlets, check another computer desk light from the Brightech shop or Taotronics store.

Final Words

Both of the two computer desk lights share versatile functions. Brightech circle light for computer use is a little bit expensive than the other Taotronics table lamp. However, it is still within a reasonable price and what makes your purchase on Brightech worthwhile is that they provide a longer warranty period than Taotronics. Anyway, I believe everyone will be happy with your buying.

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