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Best Desk Lamp for Home Office – Reviews & Guide in 2022

When considering having a home office, one of the items on your list of purchases will be a desk lamp suitable for your office. Unfortunately for many of us, settling on the best desk lamp for home office that is most suited for our needs can be both strenuous and time-consuming as several factors have to be considered.

The secret, however, is to understand the nature of work that will be done in the office. This knowledge will advise whether there will be a need for spotlighting or not. Other factors of consideration are the energy-saving levels achievable and the flexibility your lamp of choice offers.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Hot Sale Touch Control Lamp – TaoTronics Dimmable Table Lamp

Tiffany Style with Hand-made Stained Shade – Amora Desk Lamp for Vintage Home Office

With Clamp and Full Spectrum Light for Different Purposes – CeSunlight LED Desk Lamp

With Clock and Wireless Charging Station – CF Grow Multifunctional Mini Desktop Lamp

Most Solid with Metal Body and Swing Arm JUKSTG Architect Desk Lamp with Dimmable Light


How Do You Choose a Desk Lamp for Home Office?

When creating a home office, most people put considerable effort into selecting the perfect office furniture, forgetting that lighting is a crucial part of the process. You may find yourself unable to work effectively due to poor lighting, no matter the standard of furniture in place due to lack of inspiration.

Proper light not only illuminates a room, but it also adds to its energy and thus stimulates the flow of creativity to those within. This, therefore, raises the question,’ how do you choose a desk lamp for your home office?’ Well, this part of the article seeks to address such concerns as it discusses tips and processes to enable you to select the light that best suits your needs.

#1. Purpose of the Desk Lamp

Before you embark on purchasing a desktop lamp, you should ask yourself what problem you need the light to address. Putting up a desk lamp is more than decoration, regardless of how stylish it may be.

You should be able to tag it to a task it is aiding you complete, whether it is working, studying, or drawing. Whichever the need is, your vision ought to be comfortable and bright.

Modern desk lamps also act as ‘layered’ lighting as they complement the already existing light of a room. They also are multifunctional with some mounted with USB charging ports; thus, you need to fully beware of what purpose the desk lamp will be serving.

#2. Style Your Space

Selecting the perfect lamp for your home office boils down to personal style and preference. Fortunately, modern lamps have incorporated these in their designs; thus, there is something for everyone.

#3. Task Lighting

Checking the task lighting of your desk lamp is crucial as it gives you more control over the amount of light dispersed. Following this, you can identify the direction of the lighting and whether or not it is suitable for reading or working from your laptop. Should it be serving as your primary source of task lighting, other factors for consideration are:

a. Lamp size

The lamp’s size should be proportionate to the size of your desk and the type of work done. The bigger the office, the more extensive the area of illumination, thus, the longer the neck of the desk lamp should be.

b. Amount of Light

As we seek to shine the light fully at our working space, we should not forget that our eyesight is crucial; thus, care should be taken to prevent eye strain. This discomfort can be avoided by putting up LED lighting, which are not only great energy savers but also at task lighting as they have a direct beam.

c. Light Position

The positioning of your desk lamp could be dangerous if one is not attentive in its placement. Centre the lamp above your head such that its beam is directed away from your eyes. Flexibility is thus paramount as this will enable you to manipulate and adjust the angles as deemed necessary. This placement further adding to your comfort as you get down to your work.


Reviews of the 5 Best Home Office Lightings

#1. Top Seller – TaoTronics Dimmable Table Lamp with Touch Control

best sale TaoTroncics led desk lamp review
LED Table Lamp for Eyes

The TaoTronics is amongst the best seller desk lamps due to its great attributable features. If you are seeking desk lighting that is gentle to the eye, this lamp is an excellent option because you can dim its brightness. It tends to flash a mild light illuminating your room for reading, studying, or working at just the right intensity. This adjustability is making it possible to attend to your responsibilities without causing harm to your eyes.

This light enables you to generate lighting to complement your mood. This liberty is made possible by the touch controls at the base – the 5 lighting modes and 7 brightness levels. Besides shining its light for you to complete tasks, it also doubles up as a charging booth for your smartphone.

The in-built USB charging ports ensuring you remain connected to the world around you. This dual functionality of the TaoTronic desk lamps might be the reason why they are amongst the best modern lights for your home.

Its adjustable design grants you the freedom to cast your desired spotlight on objects of interest for greater clarity. This preference is achievable by tilting its head up to 135 degrees with a 90 degrees swivel, or you can choose to tilt the base to 150 degrees and swivel 45 degrees.

For higher energy saving, TaoTronic operates under the Philips EnabLED Licensing Program, which helps reduces the electricity bill by 75%.

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#2. Tiffany Style – Amora Desk Lamp for Vintage Home Office

Tiffany style desk lamp for home office review
Desk Lamp with Stained Glass

Your home office, like any other room in your house, should be a reflection of your personality from the pieces you choose. The Tiffany Style Amora desk lamp hence is an excellent pick for your vintage home office. Standing at an approximate height of 14″, the lamp serves as a piece of antique home décor as it illuminates your reading or writing efforts.

Its compatibility with LED bulbs is of an immeasurable advantage as it aids in your efforts to be energy efficient. As such, you are assured of a significant reduction in your electricity bill in the long run. Given that different bulbs help create different effects to match your needs, you are at liberty to select one that perfectly aligns with what you seek at the moment.

This Amora desk lamp features a pull chain aimed to ease the putting on and off process. Its handmade nature has added to the myriad of options you can choose from following the color, size, and design variations. This uniqueness means you will always be in a position to get one that matches a particular need, as no two similar items are the same. Additionally, mineral oil has been applied to the stained glass for protection purposes, thus increasing its durability.

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#3. With Clamp – CeSunlight Full Spectrum LED Desk Lamp

Clip on desk lamp for home office workbench
Desk Lamp with Strong Clamp for Home Office

The CeSunlight clamp lamp is one of the most comfortable lighting sources following its 3 color temperatures- warm, warm-white, and white lights. Each color temperature has 2 levels of brightness, creating 6 illumination modes to meet all your specifications at any given time.

Designed to use LED light which flickers at non-full mode considerably offering the best quality of lighting and resultantly, overall eye care for users. The CeSunlight desk lamp has a gooseneck, which ensures it is well controlled, thus affording you continuous lighting, whatever your needs.

This adjustable table lamp is fitted with a 4.8 feet USB cord, making the light a perfect choice since you do not have to worry about the distance between the socket and your desk position. Additionally, there is an AC adapter that is safer than ordinary adapters.

The CeSunlight clip-on lamp, as the name mentions, can be clipped on headboards, work desks, and other objects for increased flexibility. For this reason, it is fitted with a padded clamp to cushion against scratching the surfaces of the said objects. The padding also improves its stability on your work table; thus, you can work seamlessly without the need for readjustments time and again.

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#4. With Clock – CF Grow Multifunctional Mini Desktop Lamp

eye-frinedly desk lamp for home office
Desk Lamp with Alarm for Home Office

The multifunctional desk lamp differs from the traditional desk lamp since it uses 42pieces of flicker-free LED bulbs. Despite the numerous bulbs in use at any given time, the lighting rather than glaring as you would expect. This ensures you will not cry from eye sensitivity even after prolonged usage.

The lamp offers a big LCD Display that shows the date, temperature, and time both in 24-hours and 12-hours AM/PM formats. Time settings can be adjusted using the UP button found under the desk lamp. To change the temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celcius degrees, use the DOWN button also found at the bottom. The LCD Display may be turned off altogether by long-pressing the ON/OFF, which when sleeping.

The desk lamp is fitted with a silica gooseneck arm that allows for adjustment of the lamp to desired angles at 150 degrees. A fitted alarm clock is an excellent additional feature as it helps you work within time limits, thus improved productivity. Similar to most alarm clocks, you can turn it off once it rings by pressing any button.

The touch switch is used to control the LED lighting to suit the time of day and the different tasks at hand.

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#5. Solid Build – JUKSTG Architect Metal Desk Lamp with Dimmable Light and Swing Arm

Swing arm desk lamp for home office
Robust Table Lamp for Home Office

The JUKSTG architect lamp is a foldable LED desk lamp offering excellent energy saving for its users. This specification and the one-hour auto timer, an automatic switch-off when light is not in use, is a unique combination. Both features are designed towards energy efficiency as a preventive measure to strained eyesight as well as a contribution to affordable living.

The lamp is installed with a touch-sensitive control panel that is operated by shifting it to the left or the right for desired light levels. The 4 lighting modes and the 7 brightness levels on the control panel allow for the adjustment of light and brightness levels to best suit your working, relaxing, and studying needs.

The desk lamp comes with a multi-angle adjustment for light optimization. These features offer you the privilege to manipulate the lamp by rotating it to the arm up to 180 degrees or swivel the base by 90 degrees to take advantage of the best lighting. The USB charging ports on the lamps enable you to recharge your devices as you continue to complete the tasks at hand without interruption.

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Ideas for Decorating Home Office

Whatever your reason for seeking a home office, it is worth noting that the place ought to be a space that inspires creativity, thus tempting you to work all day. Unfortunately, home offices are the most neglected spaces in our homes, befitting the description of messy and unfriendly. However, to help in the creation and revamping of your inspiration room, we have discussed several ideas that will enable you to create a place that will nudge you to work

modern home office ideas1. Go Green

Pulling in plants into your living and working spaces not only helps bring life to an area but also doubles as a decorative tip. Lovely flowers, for example, are said to have a soothing effect; thus, it is keeping you calm during your work or study session. There is also low maintenance, and additionally, there can help in personal development as you nurture the plants.

2. Be Artsy

Home decoration offers you the opportunity to communicate your personality. Creating a gallery wall from your collection of personal photographs and art can be a great way to put this across. You can pump in energy into your room through the use of vibrant art, which comes in handy in moments of fatigue and boredom.

Fortunately, you do not have to stretch your budget to attain masterpieces; you can always make your artwork and have it framed, making it more presentable. A Himalayan salt lamp will cost you less money on the decor cost.

3. Put a Rug

Another helpful decorating idea for your space is by rolling out a colorful rug. The rug is meant to serve as a sound absorber as well as foster visual interest. The secret is to play around with different shapes, sizes, and cuts for a more personalized feel.

You could also choose to be more conservative and settle on a structured piece whose color shading is in harmony with that of another home décor such as the couch or throw pillows.


Tips for Using Home Office Lighting

When choosing your preferred office space, comfort, functionality, and absence of interruption are very crucial factors of consideration. However, we tend to put as much effort towards the quality of office lighting to ensure the energy and mood of the room is right. These tips seek to help you achieve structured illumination both individually and collectively for a more cohesive result.home office lighting

1. Natural Lighting

The first step is to consider the natural lighting getting into the room. Identifying this will guide decisions such as where the desk will be situated and your sitting position.

Where you have a sunny window, for example, it is more sensible to park your desk near such lighting if there will be no distraction.

Gazing out a window when your brain is working overtime tends to have an unexplainable effect on your productivity.

2. Built-in Lights

Usually, our homes have built-in lights in every room for the general purpose of lighting at night.

Ensure such bulbs offer adequate lighting and are strategically mounted on the ceilings as they complement desk lamps as they fill in places the lamps do not cover. These will be more effective where you can adjust the light levels as desired.



Good lighting is suitable for your work while also protective of your eyesight. It is, therefore, prudent for you to research what is available in the market to enable you to compare across a broad spectrum of possibilities for a more informed decision. This article offers a good start point.