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Best Table Lamps for Bedroom – Top 6 Lights for Bedroom Use in 2022

Your quality of sleep is determined by factors such as the types of bed you sleep on and the quality of lighting in your bedroom. You can achieve the perfect lighting in your bedroom by installing the right type king of lighting or purchasing the best table lamps for bedroom, that provides you with a comforting light to sooth you to sleep.

Bedroom lighting helps you set the right mood for performing your nighttime routine before you sleep. While bright light in the bedroom might distract you from sleeping, very low lighting might cause you to stumble on your bed or other furniture.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

Small, Lightweight and Easy to Move Around – Bancoo Touch Control Bedside Lamp

With Multi Charging Ports and Outleets to Help You Charge Smart Devices without Moving – COZOO Modern Table Lamps

With Soft Light and Wooden Base for Traditional Room – Ashley Classic Table Lamps

Dimmable Lamp with Warm Light for Bedside Reading – Seaside Village 2700K LED Table Lamp


How Do I Choose a Lamp for My Bedroom?

– Weight: When purchasing your bedroom lamps, ensure that they are not too lightweight to promote their stability and ensure that you do not easily knock them off the bedside table while reaching out for your phone or when trying to turn on the light at night.

– Design: You should select a lamp that matches the design in your bedroom. When considering the lamp’s design, think of the furniture in your bedroom, the lamp’s surrounding, the height of your bedside table, and the texture of materials that you love.

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– Size of your room: If you have a small room and you are a minimalistic person, you would probably be more interested in a simple and small lamp as opposed to a big lamp. A large room will require large bedroom lamps to ensure that the light produced by the lamp will illuminate the room well.

– Functionality: You should select the lamp for your bedroom based on your intended purpose. If you are planning to use the lamp for bedroom reading or for journal writing, you should consider a bedside lamp that can double up as a reading light and bedroom lamp.

In such cases, you can opt for a desk light that offers you dimmable features. If you will only be using the lamp to light your room when you are about to sleep or immediately when you wake up, you will need a simple bedside lamp that offers you warm lighting.

– Color: Identify the existing colors in your bedroom or if you are planning a renovation, consider the new colors that you plan to pain. Try to ensure that you stick to two or three colors in your bedroom to ensure that the room does not look crowded or overdone.

Select a lamp that aligns with your colors. If your room has white walls and most of the furniture and bed coverings in your room are white, you can opt for a bold lamp color like mustard yellow, red, or jungle green to create a lovely contrast.

– Lampshade style and shape: The style and shape of your lampshade will depend on whether you like a traditional or modern look. Generally, bell and conical shaped shades align with a traditional style while cylindrical, drum shaped, and square lamps are often associated with a modern look.


6 Best Table Lamps for Bedroom Reviews

#1. For End Table – Bancoo Small Touch Control Bedside Lamp for Ambiance

small touch table lamp for bedroom
Touchable Desk Lamp in Small Size

This minimalistic touch lamp is a good option if you are looking for a lamp that you can place at your end table. It is made with metal and glass and weighs approximately 0.88 pounds.

It has an adorable design and comes in a dimension of 4.33 inches width by 8.07 inches height. It is a mini touch lamp that is small enough to ensure that you will have adequate space to place other thing that you might need on your bedside table.

Four settings (low, medium, high, off) ensure that you can adjust it effectively when using it for reading or preparing for bedtime. It diffuses the light it realizes uniformly to ensure that you do not strain your eyes. That is because your purchase includes an LED bulb, which prevents you from experiencing blinding effects when you switch it on.

  • Energy saving
  • Comes with a 4W bulb
  • Uniform diffusion of light
  • It comes with four light settings
  • It has a touch feature to make it easy to turn it on and off
  • Even on low light, some users might find the light to be a little too bright

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#2. For Bedside Table – COZOO Modern Table Lamps for Bedroom with 3 USB Ports & 2 AC Outlets

Square table lamp for bedroom
Table Lamp for Bedside

This is the best lamp for your bedside table. It comes with three USB ports and 2 AC outlets to ensure that you can charge your phone, tablets, or laptop while in bed. The USB ports function whether or not the lamp has been switched on or off.

This lamp has a minimalistic design and weighs 1.46 pounds. Its dimensions are 13.7 × 4.7 × 4.7 inches. It has a fire-resistant base and its outer shell has been made by hardened plastic for durability and to reduce the risks of flames.

Its warm light creates a comforting atmosphere. The shade on the lamp softens the light to protect your eyes from blinding when you turn the lamp on at night. A built-in premium circuit and microchip promote its safety from short-circuits and over-charging. It works well at voltages ranging between AC85-265V.

  • Comes with 2 AC ports
  • It has a fire-resistant base
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • 3 USB ports that you can use to charge different devices
  • The lamp may not support charging three items at the same time as the light will be weaken

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#3. With Ceramic Lamp – Stone & Beam Blue Desk Lamp with Light Bulb and White Shade

bedroom table lamp made of ceramic
Ceramic Lamp for Bedroom Night Table

This lamp combines a modern and classic look to ensure that it will easily blend in with your house and the rest of your furniture despite your theme or design. It is made with ceramic, a linen fabric and metallic material.

Its dimensions are 20 inches height x 11 inches width x 11 inches length. It is easy to assemble and should take you approximately fifteen minutes to assemble it. The use of a 9 watts bulb promotes its energy-saving function. It comes with a bulb, which eliminates the need for buying a new bulb.

This lampshade is available in different colors, which include cyan blue, burnt orange, and slate blue. It offers warm lighting that to promote eye sensitivity.

  • Energy saving
  • It comes with a bulb
  • It does not require batteries as it comes with an AC port
  • Its shape and weight will ensure that it remains stable on your bedside table
  • It is produced in limited number of colors, which might put off customers who like specific unavailable colors

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#4. Recommended Sets – Ashley Traditional Table Lamps with Soft Lighting

bedroom table lamp set
Vintage Bedroom Table Lamp Set

These two sets of traditional lamps will give your home a sense of a classic design. The linen fabric of the lamps have a vine-like motif design, which makes them stand out. The vine motif, beige color, and hourglass shaped base creates an outdoor feel through its representation of a tree.

It has a ribbed texture for visual stimulation and design. It offers you soft lighting, which is particularly important if you are placing the lamp in a small bedroom or living area. Plus, these lamps also come with a 3-way switch and is ideal for your bedside nightstand or office desk.

  • It produces soft lighting, which is a necessity for the bedroom
  • It has a unique design that can be used in homes with either a modern or a classic design
  • It comes in sets of two, which ensures that you can place each lamp on either sides of your bed
  • It requires a 60-watt bulb but doesn’t come with the lamp
  • It can only be purchased in sets

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#5. Tall Table Lamp Sets – Safavieh Cheap Clear Glass Bedroom Night Table Lamps

clear glass bedroom table lamp
Bedroom Desk Lamp Set Made of Clear Glass

These lamps are sold in sets of two ensuring that you will not need to worry about looking for another lamp that will match one that you have already found at a store. They have a simple design that creates a minimalistic look and makes your space appear clean and orderly.

Your purchase comes with two CFL bulbs that eliminates the additional cost of purchasing new bulbs for your lamp. It will illuminate your room well and provide you with warm lighting to make your bedroom a comfortable and serene room. Its dimensions in inches are 15.5 wide × 15.5 deep × 29 high.

  • It comes with two CFL bulbs included
  • The shades are made with 100% cotton fabric
  • They have a lovely design that blends in well with the rest of your furniture
  • The glass on the lower part of the lamps creates a clean and minimalistic look
  • The glass is too thin and light and faces the risks of being knocked down especially if you have children around

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#6. For Reading – Seaside Village 2700K Dimmable LED Table Lamp for Bedside Reading

industrial table lamp for bedroom nightstand
LED Table Lamp for Bedroom Reading

This lamp is the best for reading. It comes with a 6W dimmable LED bulb that has a vintage design. A rotatory switch at the base of the lamp makes it easy to switch the lamp on and off.

The dimensions of this lamp in inches are 20.3 height × 7.1 diameters. Weighing 3.73 pounds, it is stable enough to prevent wobbling when placed on a flat surface. Although it does not come with a shade, the lamp has a dimmable feature that allows you to adjust the light based on your needs.

It comes with dual USB ports, which function regardless of whether the lamp has been switched on or off.

  • It comes with dual USB ports
  • 6W dimmable LED bulb available
  • It has a simple and classic design that can easily attract your guests’ attention
  • Its versatility makes its capable of being used in the bedroom, living room, bar area, and in a coffee house
  • Although it comes with dimmable features, it does not have shade to filter the light

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#1. What Color of Light is Best to Sleep with?

The best color for sleeping is red or a warm color that nearly resemble red. At night, the red color will ensure that you do not strain your eyes if you wake up when compared with white-colored lamps, which are best for reading. Red has also been associated reduced depressive symptoms and increased relaxation.

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#2. Do Bedroom Lamps Need to Match?

Unless you are keen on style and the design of the furniture in your room, bedside lamps do not need to match. This is also applicable if you are interested in purchasing more than two bedroom lamps and place them in different places in the room.

However, you will notice that buying matching bedside lamps will improve the overall look of your bedroom.

#3. How Can I Read in Bed without Disturbing my Partner?

The best reading light that will ensure you can read in bed without disturbing your partner is a desk light that can be adjusted to face the bed. You can place this light on your side of the bed.

Ensure that the lamp has light adjustable features to filter excess light when buying one.

#4. What Is the Best Reading Light for Bed?

The best reading light for bed should be a cool white light that will promote your alertness and concentration. This light can be used for detailed reading tasks such as preparing the plans for a meeting. You can buy a lamp with adjustable light to ensure that you will adjust the light after reading.

#5. How Many Table Lamps Should be in a Bedroom?

The number of lamps in your room should depend on your preferences. If you sleep alone, you can use a single lamp and place it next to the side where you sleep.

On the other hand, if you sleep with a partner, you might need two lamps to ensure that each person can use their lamps at different times of the night without disturbing the other person.



Your bedroom should be a relaxing place that you look forward to going to at the end of the day. Ensure that the colors, pieces of furniture, and beddings that you select represent your style. When selecting a bedside lamp, ensure that you take your time to think about what you would like for your bedroom.