The 10 Best Table Lamps for Studying in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

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It has been all over that dimmest lights are not entirely safe for our eyes; hence, the overhead lights are the ones to be trusted for reading purposes. However, this is just a myth since it can be researched and confirmed that the low light is not meant to damage the health of the eyes despite it making one strain a little bit when reading.

Most people commonly use the study desk lamps for learning purposes as well as giving them more needed light the moment they use a computer. When you use the study desk lamp, it is encouraging since the sun is very direct to the book; hence, you will not be in problems with seeing correctly. Provided you understand prescribed ways of using your desk lamp when studying, you will notice they are never harmful; hence, they are the best ones one can consider for any studying purposes.

It is right to study desk lamps are the best when opting for reading. Here are five best study desk lamps each for its use.


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#1. Best Overall – LED Table Lamp for Study

This gadget is straightforward and meant for overall studying around your home. It is, however, not expected with aestheticism in mind; hence, you should not count on it for fancy in house, but be sure that it is very functional and well built for overall studying.

Best Studying Taotronics TT-DL13 Deak Lamp

Eye Protection

Taotronics TT-DL16 lamp is known to offer crisp, flicker-free light, and also a stable and is also made with brightness in seven levels so you can adjust it. The color temperatures are five as well hence an easy one on the eyes since you will always adapt its light to fit the condition you need in all those settings it has until when your eyes are entirely comfortable. You can do these settings using the available touch controls located at its base.

Light Modes

This lamp is always versatile since it even offers a full mode of intensity on its white colors, so it provides you with a total light concentration in day study or for background lighting places.

Flexible Lamp Body

The lamp still is comfy when alone at nighttime since you will adjust to low brightness and warm temperature. They have a flexible body, which helps to confirm it has a right angle; hence, it will prevent glare. It can be twisted at its joint of the arm and the base, neck, and head to adjust the distances and angles of the light.

  • Cost-friendly
  • Offers crisp and bright light
  • Its touch control responses well
  • The lamp body can be adjusted
  • The LEDs are energy-efficient and durable
  • Has several color temperatures and brightness
  • It can’t remember the last settings
  • Long-time has taken to charge using its USB port

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#2. Best Philips Hue Dimmable Table LED Desk Lamp for Study

The Philips hue dimmable led light is well known for studying purposes. Its system has a wireless setting so you are free to control it using the gadget you have or other compatible controlling measures hence creating expecting ambiance anytime.

best dimmable desk lamp for study


It has a stylish look, which makes it attractive to the setting of the scenes mood lighting. Its warm task lighting is incredible for study use.

Amazon Alexa Compatible

It enables one to connect the home wireless network through its hue bridge so there can be complete and immediate control of the home area using the smart devices.

The system can create a pleasant ambiance for you anytime you need as well as decorating your home well using its cold white light hence offering several styles around one year.

You can control it by your voice when you need to turn on or even off your home lights. Controlling it well either you are at home or even when you have traveled or when working at late hours. Just confirm if your home’s lights are on and use the device to turn them down.

They are convenient and very reliable to count on once you buy them. Buy it to create several endless white light and color mixes with the touch colors and other vibrant scenes hence combining several colors that fit the mood at the moments.

  • Attractive and stylish
  • Has lighting duo features
  • Creates a perfect ambiance
  • It can be controlled with voice and while away from home
  • High end

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#3. Best Portable Study Desk Lamp with 3 Lighting Choices

The lamp is pleasing with its aesthetical look and its cordless technique so it’s the best you can put around your home area or even in the offices. It makes a big difference wherever it is placed, and it has other surprising features due to its nature of being cordless and upgrade of the led lighting.

Cordless Portable Desk Lamp for studying and reading

Minimalist Look & Compact

The system is meant to fit the decor of any home, so no need for plugging wall. This can be folded to a smaller size and carried away without any difficulties and can also easily change the direction of light illumination. It is known to get bent; hence, taking it anywhere around the property is also smooth and fast.

Rechargeable Battery & Long Life Expectancy

It has a durable battery, which can last for a very long time the moment it is fully charged since bulbs are known to continue to even 50,000 hours.

Dimmable Light

The color temperature on this dimmable lamp is three with another three-level dimming, which is soft white, yellow, and cold white and can be controlled using smart touch.

  • Has no UV emissions
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easily portable and folded
  • Lasts long after full charge
  • It is efficient in energy-wise
  • Budget-friendly and durable
  • Can be folded to 180 degrees
  • The color temperatures in it are three
  • Have an aesthetic feel and cordless lamp
  • Small size so the wide illumination is unavailable

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#4. Best Lightweight Rechargeable Table Lamp for Study

This lamp is known to be the best rechargeable lightweight table lamp you can count on for studying purposes since its unique wireless feature already makes it portable, ready, and rechargeable if you need to use it anywhere. It can be used even in outdoor areas, at the office and returned home, and the indoor regions too.

Lightweight Edison Deak Lamp for Studying

High Efficiency & Short time Charging

It offers very efficient lighting around your home; hence, you are free and able to carry it and use it to another place, even in the garden. Reliable and effective chargers and batteries are in it and it contains a red flashing light at its bottom, which shows when it charges. It only takes three hours to its full charge; hence can’t affect your time for doing the study.

3 Lighting Choices

It is a dimmable desk lamp with three led light settings and can glow even for about eight hours with its highest power. It is also a mobile nightlight hence a great balcony addition in case you need some romantic feeling or even handy lighting in the desk. It is known to light up its lamp using different settings that are high, medium, and low for even eight hours before recharging it.


It is very sturdy and long-lasting since the robust polyethylene is used to make its outer side; hence, it is resistant to splash and can stabilize the UV light. Cleaning this lamp is so easy since it only needs neutral soap and lukewarm water types.

  • It is so mobile
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Has efficient lighting
  • Portable and cordless
  • It takes 3 hours to end its full charge, but you can use it while charging

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#5. Best Tube Desk Light for Study Table with Wireless Charger

On the one hand, The lamp is made to comfy in our eyes since it has a classic look and has no flicker hence offering a perfect environment of light. On the other hand, its shell is made with aeronautical aluminum making it has perfect artistry with durability features and can well fit in the new aspect of living.

Best tube desk lamp for study table wireless charge

Wireless Charger

It is the best desk lamp with a wireless charger that can rely on for studying purposes. The wireless charger allows you to charge your phone only requires putting it onto the pier throughout the night. The marina has a supported QI enabled phones to feature for the latest smartphones.

3 Levels of Color Temperature

It has three color temperatures, too, which are for reading, normal mode, and sleeping mode with five levels of brightness hence creating the needed environment in any room.

Foldable & Adjustable

It can be folded on its shell arms, consequently, get adjusted to the required angles. Its foldable design due to aluminum makes it the best alternative since it becomes portable and elegantly durable. The led light is intelligently only. It can be changed since it adopts the source design of surface light that can eliminate glare, improve visual effects, and even visual fatigue.

USB Port & Touch Control

It also has an extra port for charging the tablet or phone and a high sensitive touchpad, which enables you to control the lamp mode, adjust its brightness level, and switch the pattern of color temperature using its touchpads. It can also remember its level of brightness. The lamp will be on expected standard automatically.

  • Eye Comfort design
  • Contains good memory function
  • Holds wireless QI charging dock
  • Has a foldable aluminum design
  • Has a touchpad which is highly sensitive
  • It requires a plug-in cord

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What Should I Look for in a Study Desk Lamp?

Are you a scholar or a bibliophile who wants to make the most of your reading? Well, you have to make do with the best study lamp. As their names imply, these lamps are used at night or during moments of low illumination. They provide the light energy needed to read at such times.

#1. Is It Good to Study Under Table Lamp?

By all means, YES! These lamps bring along many advantages indeed. For one, they furnish the light energy that is needed to behold the writings on books and other publications in moments of extremely low illumination. Thus, they let you see at times you would not really be able to.

These lamps also generate plenty of heat energy. They hence come in handy during the harsh winter months. The heat they produce is capable of dissipating all the cold to keep you sufficiently warm. This means you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by opting for them.

Given that they give off the required levels of light and illumination, these lamps also reduce the strains that your eyes will ordinarily have to confront in the course of reading. This makes you more comfortable and healthier on the whole. It also spares you from the issues of eye problems that also come along.

#2. How Many Watts Should A Desk Lamp Be?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. That is because the amount of watts depends on many parameters and is also determined largely by the prevailing circumstances. We are going to look into the factors that determine the wattage here below. Then, we shall conclude with some recommendations.

  • Intensity of Darkness

Darkness comes in varying intensities. At the extreme end of the spectrum is the pitch darkness. This one is too dark that you just cannot see with your naked eyes. You need higher wattage to confront it. At the other end of the spectrum is the twilight. Such darkness is milder and less likely to demand that much wattage.

  • Eyesight Issues

Do you have eyesight issues? You will need higher wattage to be able to illuminate the books and the readings on the whole. The opposite, of course, apply if yours are perfect eyesight, all other factors held constant. It is important to assess your eyesight health honestly for the best choice thereafter.

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  • Desired Temperature Outputs

We have already explained that the lamps serve the secondary role of heating your ambiance. If you intend to use the lamps to keep you warm also, we recommend that you choose a higher wattage than if you intend to make it emit the light output only.

  • Costs Implications

There is a direct correlation between the wattage and the utility bills. Bulbs of higher wattage cost more to operationalize than those of lower wattage. As you search for the right wattage, be mindful also of your financial resource endowment. Settle on that one which you can easily manage to afford.

All factors considered:

  • 60 watts is the standard recommended wattage for the ordinary room.
  • A high of 75 watts may be necessary for larger rooms or at times when the temperatures dip below the standard room temperature levels.

#3. Which Lamp Type Is Much Better, Clip-on Study Lamp or Tabletop Light?

For the above bulbs to give off the needs and outcomes they are designed to, they have to be mounted on some surfaces. There are two main kinds of surfaces available. These are listed and explained hereunder:

  • Clip-on Study Lamp

As the name implies, these surface basically entails attaching the lamp via a clip. The clamp holds the surface firmly in such a way as to give it the support and the strength necessary to maintain it in an elevated and strategic location. It has the distinctive advantage of being more stable and less predisposed to the risks of fidgeting or fall-offs.

Best Clip on Table Lamps for Studying
  • Tabletop Light

Desktop lamp requires no special attachments. Under this circumstance, you only place the lamp atop the surface and that is it! It is a cheaper approach as you do not have to purchase any attachments or accessories to actualize it. Nonetheless, it is a risky approach because the lamp is prone to fidgeting and the possibility of falling off.

Best Tabletop Lamps for Studying and Reading

Two issues stand out here. The clip-on study lamp is more expensive to make do with. Nonetheless, it is more reliable as it holds the lamp firmly in place. The tabletop is the cheaper of the two. You do not have to acquire any special mounting tools for the job.

As regards which of the two to pick and use, your own financial resource endowment comes in. Pick the tabletop if you are short on cash. If you are loaded, we recommend that you invest in the ‘clip-on study lamp.’ It is more likely to take you further for longer.

Kindly note that the two mounting types we have looked into above are not all. There are others also which you may consider attempting if you find these two inconclusive.

#4. Is White or Yellow Light Better for Reading and Studying?

For studying, you have some two main kinds of light for your consideration. These are the yellow and the white light respectively. But which of these two kinds of lighting is better?

What we say white light and a yellow light indicates two levels of light color temperature. That is, the 3000 Kelvin light tends to perform a yellowish tone while 4000 Kelvin light could be a cool white beam. White light also tends to comprise all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum while the yellow light is devoid of some bands.

White light, also called the natural light lamp is generally cooler than the yellow light. As such, the former is a good one to use when it is too hot. The latter, yellow light, makes for good use when the temperatures are cooler than average. It adds some warmth and comfort to you as you read your books.

Other than illuminating your books, yellow light has also been noted to be more relaxing to the eyes. It gives you a sense of being in a comfortable place. Thus, it adds some comfort to you, a fact that makes you absorb the contents much better than you would ordinarily.

The white light, on the other hand, is generally considered a cooler alternative. Due to its intense rays, it helps with making you better focused and more concentrated. This means your mind does not sway off unnecessarily as is the case with the yellow light.

All factors considered:

  • The yellow light is recommended for private study offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.
  • The white light is nonetheless great for the kitchen, commercial business premises, workplaces, security, and bathrooms.

Back to our question again, “Is White or Yellow Light Better for Reading and Studying?’ It all depends on where you study and the time of the day you do so. If it is in a public place or when the temperatures are hotter, the white light would do. Switch to the yellow light while studying in a confined place or when it is too cold.

#5. Which Light Bulb Is Good For Studying, LED, Incandescent or Fluorescent?

Before we can give an affirmative answer to this question, we have to know what each of these bulbs is.

  • LED

For one, the term ‘LED’ stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode.’ It is a lighting mechanism that generates rays of light when an electrical current is passed through a filament. This arrangement generates brighter-than-average light outputs. At the same time, it also expends less electrical energy and is thus effective.

  • Incandescent Bulbs

Next comes the incandescent bulbs. These ones exude more energy in the form of heat rather than light. This is because it employs the Tungsten filament to generate light output. For this reason, it is mainly used to heat up a room rather than provide the light needed to study and behold objects.

  • Fluorescent  Lamp

On the last spot is the fluorescent light bulb. This one is much more effective than the two we have seen. That is because it yields the least amount of heat output. A typical fluorescent bulb is capable of generating 50-100 lumens per watt of output. For this reason, it is 4-6 times more effective than the incandescent bulbs.

By way of conclusion:

  • Fluorescent light bulbs are the best for reading. They emit the least amount of heat output and are also brighter. However, they cannot be used in the cold winters or when temperature dip below the room temperatures.
  • LED lamps are generally awesome for day-to-day applications as they have no specialty.
  • If you, however, want to keep warm, the incandescent is your best bet. As explained above, it generates plenty of heat output and is thus well able to keep you in a state of absolute warmth.

At no time is this recommended than the winter months as they are the ones that experience too low temperatures. Plan your acquisition and use accordingly hence.

#6. Architect Table Lamp vs. Gooseneck Study Desk Lamp

There are two main kinds of mounting mechanisms in use at the moment. These are the architect lamp and the gooseneck lamp (or adjustable lamps) respectively. The former is a straight and stable stand while the latter is one that bends and curves much like a goose would. Let us examine their differences here below:

  • Aesthetics

The gooseneck does imbue some aesthetics in your room owing to the good-looking curves. Thus they tend to give you so much more than you actually pay for. Their architect counterparts, on the other hand, have no added usage or benefit besides merely supporting your lamps.

  • Stability

Owing to the wider baser and the straight column support, the architect lamps are more stable than the gooseneck counterparts. They are subsequently less likely to trip and fall off even when bearing much weight. The same might not be said of the gooseneck above. They are fidgety and easily lose balance.

  • Inclinations

It is easier to incline a gooseneck lamp to a unique spot or intended place of use than you would to an architect table lamp. This means that with it, you will be assured of the light output wherever and whenever you might want any given time.

  • Weight-bearing Capacity

They also differ with regards to how much weight they are likely to bear. The gooseneck lamps, all factors considered, are able to bear much more weight. Choose them if the bulbs you have are larger and weightier. The architect will, however, do if the bulbs are smaller and more compact in stature.

From the foregoing explanations, the gooseneck is by far the better of the two options. It is the one that is more likely to yield you the support and performance you need. If I were you, I would yet again prioritize it in my studies and sights.
Best Study Desk Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck
Best Architect Table Lamps for Study

#7. What about the Study Lamp Adjustability?

Like any other piece of electronics, the study lamps too, are adjustable. By adjustable, we mean the ability to be altered to suit the diverse circumstances of use. Owing to this trait of adjustability, you have the leeway to determine several parameters of the lighting and position of use. Below are some of the parameters or the lamps that may be adjusted:

  • Physical Parameters

This refers to such issues as the length and height of the lamps. The stands and the structures that hold the lights firmly in place are generally adjustable. By altering them appropriately, you will be able to furnish the light output wherever and whenever the situation may so determine.

  • Heat Output

It is also possible for you to alter the heat output of the lamps altogether. In doing so, you will be able to determine how much warmth to anticipate from the bulbs at any given time. This spares you from the risks of overheating or sweating excessively as may be the case. It also sees to it that enjoy as much comfort as can possibly be.

  • Brightness Intensity

Just as the heat output, the lamps also give you the rare privilege of altering the intensity of the brightness. This is particularly true if it is the smart bulb variety. In such a way, it is possible for you to utilize the bulbs throughout the day and night comfortably.

  • Inclination

As a last capability, the lamps allow you to determine the inclinations of the bulbs altogether. This refers to the manner in which the bulb inclines or is pointed towards a target area of use. It is a great consideration in the sense that it determines how much comfort or lack of it you are more likely to accrue in the process.


We are now confident that you have the know-how you need to be able to make the most of the lamps for study. All we recommend is that you put the information we have furnished to proper use. This can mean nothing else apart from searching for one and making use of the same.