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What Is the Best Light for a Computer at Night?

  • Are you experiencing light glare?
  • Or do you develop eye problems when working with your computer at night?

Well, this is possible if you are using the wrong computer light at night. Yes, computer lights exist, and using the right light will help you have the best time working at night.

The computer has a light illumination, although it is not enough to light up the entire working desk, hence the need to have a computer light. The computer light should not cause any glares, shadowing, or limit your comfort when working.

So, what is the best light for a computer at night?

what is the best light for computer at night

Tweak Overhead Fixture Light

If you have a limited working desk or a large home office, the best computer light to get is the overhead light, illuminating in a downward form.

The Tweak overhead fixture lights are classic computer lights that have minimal glare and are perfect for lighting up the entire room. These kinds of lights come in varying styles where some have a single bulb, and others have multiple bulbs. These models of lights are perfect for all areas since the light is evenly distributed in the room.

One of the reasons I would recommend these types of lights for a computer is to control their functionality. Meaningly, if you have a large working space or office, a lamp with multiple bulbs may be an excellent choice to provide excellent lighting to the entire room.

But, if you find the light from the overhead light is too bright, you can always remove some bulbs from the lamp. If the lamp you choose has too bright bulbs, you can always change the bulbs and fit your preferred models.

Best Value – Taloya Overhead Smart Light with Dimmable Light


Task Lamps

The other recommendable lights to use when working with a computer at night are the task lights. As the name states, these lights are designed for working at night, and thus, the user’s convenience and safety are put into consideration.

The task lights are suitable for students who love to study and night, and may also work for people using a computer at night. Unlike the overhead tweak lights, the task lights are portable.

The majority of brands of these lights are crafted as tabletop lights so you can position them to the preferred areas when working. These lamps are made with a long neck so you can adjust to suit your visibility needs.

Considering these lights are meant to be placed on the working table, they also have different settings so you can adjust the brightness level, depending on the illumination you need. Therefore, you can dim the light if you find it too bright.

The task lights are quite flexible because you can set up the lamp to best suit your needs. For example, you can place the light next to your computer to balance the brightness and ensure there is no glare on the computer screen.

Best Rated – TaoTronics LED Portable Tabletop Lamp with Touch Control and Timer


Swing Desk Lamps

Swing desk lamps are other categories of flexible lights recommendable for people who work with computers at night. These lights adapt to your lighting needs since you can adjust the direction and level of illumination.

The swing lights are crafted with a flexible handle that you can tilt to different directions when using. Therefore, if you find the light from the lamp distracting you when working, you can rotate the lamp to point in opposite directions.

Is the light level too high or too low? The majority of these lights are made with adjustable brightness levels to get the right light level.

Note that the swing lights come in either free-standing or tabletop style. They are also commonly used around the living room for reading, or if you don’t want direct illumination in the room.

Best with Swing Arm – Phive Clip-on Adjustable Desk Lamp for Home and Office


LED Lights

Although some people refute the use of LED lights when working with computers or studying, rest assured that good LED light will work for you when working with a computer. The LED lights are known to provide excellent and high brightness, which sometimes may not work for people who need a closeby illumination.

However, some quality LED lights are crafted with dimmable settings, significantly reducing the level of brightness on the lamp for excellent and comfortable visibility at night.

When choosing the LED lights for use with a computer at night, go for the models that produce natural lighting to ensure the safety of your eyes when using it.


Banker Lamps

The banker lamps are tabletop lamps that date way back about 100 years ago. So, other than providing you with adequate illumination, these lights add a vintage touch look to your home office.

These lamps are unique and easy to identify since they are crafted with green glass lamp shade fitted on a brass base. These lights may work for a computer desk at night because the green shade secures the light glare’s eyes.

What makes these lamps unique is the lampshade design, which features a sloppy style to ensure no light glare coming from the sides for comfort when working or reading. The banker lamps are designed in tabletop style so you can achieve a close by illumination when working with it.

Best Style – V-Light Antique Brass Banker Lamp with Replaceable Bulb



Your comfort and safety should be the first things to consider when buying a light for the computer at night. Although computers do have brightness, you need extra lighting in the room for easy access to the paperwork and other working materials.

These are our top best lights that are recommendable to use when working with a computer at night. The choice among these lights is determined by your needs, the working table size, and even the room’s size.

If your working room at home is large, an overhead tweak light may work for you since it provides broad illumination in the room. Those with a minimal working table, consider the swing arm lights as they come in varying styles, including stand-alone mode.

However, if you need close by illumination, a tabletop lamp is the right choice, but make sure the light is adjustable for safety and convenience.