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Best Battery Powered Night Lights for Kids and Adults – Reviews & Guide

Sleeping in total darkness is healthy, but there is no harm in having a little overnight light in your bedroom. A night light can help you get into bed without waking your partner or stubbing your toes as you try to find your way to the bathroom.

However, various types of night lights are available in the market, but the most efficient and reliable are battery-powered.

With the best battery powered night lights, you do not have to worry about high electricity bills. In this article, we have picked some of the best battery powered night lights that help solve your needs.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Battery Operated Night Light?

best battery powered night light reviews

The best battery powered night light comes with various benefits, including:

  • Saves your electricity bill

If you install battery powered night lights in hallways, bedrooms, and stairs, you do not have to switch on the main lights at night.

The night lights will automatically turn on and light the way for you. They will save you money and make it convenient for you to walk around the house.

  • Can serve as a flashlight

Battery-powered night lights can be a lifesaver when the main lights stop working due to a power cut. Some of these night lights have the On/Off switch that allows you to use it as a flashlight by switching it on constantly.

If you do not have a generator or cannot afford to run yours regularly, battery-powered night lights can provide you and your family light to function.

  • Convenient batteries

The best battery powered night light can come in handy when going camping. The lightweight, compact batteries provide sufficient light for an extended period.

  • If you prefer reading in an area with poor lighting, you can light up the place with the night light.
  • If you are traveling, you can carry the night light and use it in a hotel.
  • Can be used to decorate events

Battery-powered night lights are also potential decorating tools for large events like weddings. If you have limited outlets to house lots of lights and require the glow of subdued lighting, consider battery powered night lights.

You do not have to run extension cords to various parts of the room with the nigh lights. You can use as many night lights as you require.

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  • Safety

The battery-powered night lights create a safer environment where one can see the surroundings and minimize the chances of accidents.

The glow helps one not to stub their toe on any crib railings as they find their way to the bathroom.

  • Comfort

If you or your child is afraid of the dark, the best battery powered night light can offer comfort and help you or your child fall asleep easily.


Reviews of the 6 Best Battery-Operated Nightlights

#1. Best with Motion Sensor – Auvon Compact Rechargeable Stick on Night Light

stick on battery powered night light for hallways and bedroom


  • The night light is available with adhesive pads and a magnetic strip for the user to place it anywhere they require lighting.
  • The different modes that the night light provides make it easy to customize the lighting according to your needs.
  • Depending on your preferred mode, a two-hour charge is enough to last you for 180 days.


  • Be sure where you want to direct the light since the adhesive materials of the light are effective.

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The night light has an infrared motion sensor that detects motion at a radius of 20 feet radius for an automatic switch. It turns off 20 seconds later after detecting there is no more movement. You can use the night lights as a visual aid for stairs, among other obstacles.

It only takes 2 hours to charge the night light fully. On Auto Medium mode, the charge can last for 180 days.

The night light comes with 5 different useful modes, including 3 Lighting Modes and 2 Brightness modes. One can press a button at the top to select the desired brightness and choose On/ Off or Auto modes for different occasions.

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#2. Best for Kids – Cloud Twilight Turtle Toy Star Projector Light

battery operated night light toy with star projection


  • Has an automatic timer that turns off the device after 45 minutes
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Available in three different colors
  • Comes with 3 AAA batteries


  • Not suitable for cuddling

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If your kids are not comfortable sleeping in the dark, this nigh light plush toy can create a suitable lighting environment. The night light projects stars and is available at an amicable price.

Out of the wide range of night lights available in the market, the Twilight Turtle tops the best baby star projectors list. The highly-rated device comes with 3 AAA batteries that power it. It comes with a straightforward star guide and a fun Twilight Turtle Storybook.

The night light comes in three colors, including green, blue, and amber. To navigate the colors, you have to press their corresponding colors available on the turtle’s shell.

You have to place the night light between 5 and 6 feet away from the ceiling for the best quality projection.

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#3. Best Tabletop – Hatch Baby Multifunctional Night Lamp and Sound Machine with Smart Control

Hatch Baby battery operated tabletop night lamp for bedside


  • It includes a cock feature that help kids with telling time
  • It is rechargeable making it suitable for camping
  • Has a two-way audio monitor
  • Has a library of sounds and lullabies


  • Pricey

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The night light has more features compared to the original Hatch. The Hatch Rest connects to a smartphone and has an in-built rechargeable battery. That makes it easy to carry the device from one point to another.

It also comes with a library of sounds and lullabies, making it easy to customize the night light color.

The device also has a time-to-rise alarm that one can set to teach their kids when it is time to get up. It is also Alexa enabled and has a two-way audio monitor that helps parents talk to their kids.

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#4. Best with Music – Sunnest Romantic Starry Nighgt Light Projector for Walls and Ceilings

battery powered night light with music review


  • Bright and easy to view projection
  • Lots of modes
  • Portable
  • Powered by both AAA batteries and USB cable


  • Some customers were unpleasant on the plastic construction

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The moon star projector has soothing color lights perfect for walls and ceilings. You can transform your kid’s room by creating a magical starry night sky.

The nigh light has a durable construction and calming effect that can easily help your kids sleep. The moon star projector has an attractive design and easy operation.

The night light is a perfect gift for kids who have a fear of darkness. The device can help make your kids enthusiastic about astronomy.

It has a timer option, which will automatically turn it off, making it convenient for a parent. USB cable or AAA batteries power the device.

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#5. Best with Multi Colors – WoneNice Portable Rechargeable Touch-Activated Kitty Silicone Night Light

portable battery operated night light with changing colors for nursery


  • Offers different colors
  • Long battery life
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Available at a friendly price


  • Takes 3 to 4 hours to make it fully charged

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Manufacturers made this night light entirely out of silicone and designed like a kitty. The night light has a color-changing mode where one has to pop it choose the color they want. It can also change colors automatically.

It has a good battery life, lasting between 2 and 3 days on a single charge. Its light is a bit lighter compared to normal night light.

Manufacturers made portable kitty silicone night light using durable and light materials. That makes it easy for one to take it with them when traveling or going camping. One can clean the super cute night light easily. The silicone material ensures user safety since it offers a soft touch and covers any sharp edges.

The nigh light is a perfect gift for kids of all ages on any occasion. In addition, it can also come in handy for adults who have trouble sleeping in a dark room.

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#6. Best 3D Lamp – Unicorn Battery Powered Night Lihgt with Timer and Remote

3d illusion night light with smart control


  • The night light changes the color of the light when tapped at the base. One can cycle through the seven different colors or pick one.
  • The night light’s wide base allows one to place it on any surface.


  • No in-built soothing sounds.

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The elaborate and fascinating design of this night light makes it ideal for both kids and pre-teens. The unicorn night light comes with a 6 timer setting option dimmer that allows one to set the preferred light brightness.

The night light also offers 7 different colors, including green, red, yellow, white, blue, purple, and cyan. You can change to your kid’s preferred color using a remote control that comes with the device.

The 3D visual creative lamp projects unique and a quality lighting effect that makes the room looks interesting. The night light can be powered using a USB cable, in which one can connect the lamp with power using a laptop charger, computer, or phone. 3 AAA batteries can also power the unicorn night light.

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How to Choose the Best Battery Powered Night Light?

battery operated nightlighs

Most people find it challenging to pick the best battery powered night light in the market. However, the following tips will guide you in getting the right night lights and the best for your money.

  • Rechargeable batteries vs. AAA batteries-powered

The two batteries have their fair share of pros and cons.

A rechargeable night light is not only convenient but also easy to charge using a USB cable. With this kind of night light, one does not have to worry about other additional battery costs.

Night lights that use AAA batteries are convenient in the absence of AC power when camping. However, one has to change the batteries now and then when they run out of power.

  • Consider if you want an automatic or manual night light

Night lights with motion sensors turn on automatically during the night when they detect human movement and switch off immediately the motion stops. It is the best in energy-saving since it lights only whey required.

However, if you want some areas to have lights on throughout the night, you need to shop for night lights with On/Off switch. That can help you control the light time yourself.

There are also night lights with both On-Off-Auto functions. Therefore, make sure you select the one that effectively solves your needs.

  • The night light brightness

The idea of having a night light in your bedroom or other areas with low traffic is to light up the area with soft and ambient light, not bright light. When determining the best battery powered night light, always factor in the device’s brightness.

A bright night light can cause restless and broken sleep making it difficult to sleep well. You can determine the brightness of a night light by switching it on during the night and place your head towards the source of the light.

If you can vividly see the night light through your eyelids, the device is very bright and may interfere with your sleep.

  • Consider the type of night light globe

Considering the type of bulb that your night light has is essential. There are night lights with replaceable light bulbs, while others have fused bulbs. When the fused bulb dies, you have to replace the whole night light.

In addition, the type of night light globe may determine how hot the device surface can get. Halogen and incandescent lamps get very hot, while LED bulbs provide very little heat.

  • Extra features

The primary role of night lights is to light up your bedroom with a soft glow. However, there are night lights with other extra features, including:

  • Handles to carry the night light around easily
  • Light bulbs that offer different colors
  • Music boxes and white noise devices to soothe you or your child to sleep
  • Sensors that switch on the lights when they detect motion

The above features come in hand. However, you may come across a night light with other features that are unnecessary or may find it difficult to use. Remember that each added feature comes with an added price.


What Are the Different Types Battery Powered Night Light?

1. Stick on Nightlight 

If you are looking for a portable night light that you do not have to plug into an outlet, the stick-on night light is the solution. One can place it anywhere they need illumination, including outdoors. It can operate free with no outlets.

Stick on night light can come in handy for those who love outdoor activities such as camping or dining on the deck. It is also suitable for pet owners with skittish and old animals. A stick-on night light can help the pets find their potty area at night.


  • Saves monthly electricity bill
  • Can serve as a flashlight
  • long battery life
  • Several installation methods
  • Amicable price
  • Most of them comes with motion sensor


  • Manual dimmer switch

Best with Motion Senser – Auvon Stick on Night Light for Indoor and Outdoor


2. Star Projector

A star night light projector uses a low voltage-electrical bulb to provide comfort and a sense of safety to kids.

The night light projects star consolations and produces a soothing white noise. The small device offers various lighting modes that one can choose. It comes with in-built sound systems or speakers that provide a soothing environment.

Star projectors are battery operated and lightweight. You can use the device in both indoor and outdoor environments. The auto-shutoff system enables the star night light to switch off automatically after some period.


  • Provides a sense of security and an ideal sleeping environment for kids
  • The colorful nature of this device makes it a thoughtful gift for a kid
  • The device can create a romantic environment for adults
  • A parent can use it as an educational tool
  • The in-built speakers make it a musical playback device
  • Timer setting helps cut your electric bill


  • Should be placed on flat surface

Best Cheap – Sunnest Star Projector with Timer and Music


3. Tabletop Lamp

Tabletop lamps take full advantage of the LED lighting technology. The tabletop lamps come in various styles to match with the user’s office décor.

They are energy efficient since one does not have to switch on the main light in their office or study room. The high-quality light from the LED makes the lamp enjoyable to use when one requires extra light.

A tabletop lamp is best for schooling kids and young adults who prefer doing their homework in the evening. Also, adults who prefer reading a book or a magazine before going to bed can use the tabletop lamp as a nightstand near the bed.


  • Can be used by schooling kids
  • Can act as a nightstand light
  • Some of the cordless design makes these lamps flexible and portable
  • Cozy for bedside reading


  • Does not provide sufficient lighting for some detailed tasks

Best for Tasks – Hatch Baby Desktop Night Light and White Noise Soother


4. Toy Nightlight

A toy night light is the best trick to help parents and their kids have enough rest. The night light can help kids who fear sleeping in the dark and provide reassurance.

The toy night light can also help prevent parents from tripping when walking into their kid’s room in the middle of the night. It does not illuminate bright light that keeps one awake but enough to see the surrounding dimly.

Toy night lights are also the best gifts for kids on any occasion. This is because they are available in different toys such as munchkin, rabbit, or an owl.


  • Establish a stable nighttime routine
  • Kids can use it as a toy
  • Creates reassurance for kids
  • Provides safety for parents who walk into their kid’s room to check on them


  • Static projection


Best for Kids – Cloud Turtle Toy Night Light Projector


5. 3D Night Light

3D night lights are available in with various features and designs. Some come with more than one color that changes gradually. They are available in different shapes that imitate different animals. The night light is best suited for teenagers and adults.

Manufacturers of 3D night lights use acrylic material that does not damage the device even when it falls, making them safe around kids. It can be fascinating to have the night light at your side table.

3D night lights provide extra coziness to make the night look of any room more beautiful.


  • Has several colors that change gradually
  • Made of safe and high-quality material
  • Contributes to your room’s décor


  • Some of them lack remote control



Are Battery Operated Night Lights Safe?

Rechargeable night lights and those powered by AAA batteries are very safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions before and during use.

You can leave the battery-operated night light on through the night without having to worry about any dangers. The device does not heat up, and since they run at a very low voltage, there are zero chances of electric shock.

Also, battery-powered night lights are not a fire hazard since they use very low currents. Your children can place the light next to their bed all night and it will do them no harm.

Since night lights produce dim light, you do not have to worry about restless and broken sleep.



The best battery powered night lights provide safety and comfort. During the night, it prevents tripping over objects and disturbing your partner. If your kids are afraid of sleeping in a dark room, a night light can help soothe them to sleep.

When purchasing a night light, make sure you get one with low brightness and a low wattage bulb to prevent overheating.