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5 Best Floor Lamps for Bedroom – Top Rated Bedside Standing Lights in 2022

Best floor lamps for bedroom are lights designed to stand alone on the floor without fitting it on other objects. These lamps come in different styles and designs to fit different illumination needs. The floor lights are quite easy to install in the room as all you need to do is find the right place with a power outlet.

This article features the top five floor lights that you can set up in a bedroom. They provide excellent illumination where some are dimmable to reduce the amount of lighting produced. Other models come with a remote for comfortable and easy controlling when switching on or off the light.


In a hurry? There are the best we picked for you:

With Adjustable Arm and Convenient Touch and Remote Control – Dodocool Floor Standing Bedside Lamps

Slim Body with Multifunctional Shelves for Narrow Bedroom – Brightech Floor Lamps with Accent Light

With Adjustable Stand, Compatible with Smart Homes – Brightech Industrial LED Bedroom Lamp with Hanging Light


How Do I Choose a Floor Lamp for My Bedroom?

Looking for a nice floor lamp for your bedroom? We are pleased to let you know that you have got to just the right place. We have prepared this guide with the aim of acquainting you with the necessary tips for a nice selection. Follow these tips to be able to arrive at the most suitable option.

  • Determine a Style

These lamps come in various styles. Thanks to these styles, they are able to handle issues and roles that are unique to themselves. It is important to note the style that your room requires to be able to arrive at the most suitable purchase on the basis of this.

  • The Intended Location of Installation

Acquiring lamps is one thing. Installing them is yet another thing altogether. You should also figure out where exactly the lamps will be placed. That will give you a clue on just the right lamp for your cause. Be sure to narrow to that lamp that can fit that mounting slot.

  • Intended Use of the Lamps

Figure out also how the lamps will be used. Do you plan to use the lamps as the main source of light in your room? On the flip side, do you intend to merely employ them to complement your main or existing lighting? For how long in total do you plan to make use of them?

Brightech Maxwell is a good floor lamp with a fascinating look and practical functions.

  • Scale of Contents

Also worth considering is the scale of the contents of the room. The lamp you choose has to blend well with every other object in the house. Do not settle for one that is more likely to impede your free movement or congest your spaces. If you can find an adjustable one, the better for you.

  • The layer of Floor Light

Floor lights come in three different layers. These are the accent, task, and ambient respectively. The accent lighting is placed at the corner and plays the role of dispersing the light output from a corner. As for the task light, they spray a ray of light directly to a reading area. The ambient can impact entire rooms.

  • Height

Height is yet another factor to put into consideration. With regard to this parameter, it all depends on the extent of the area in which you want to light up. Taller lamps are more likely to impact a wider radius than their shorter counterparts, as a general rule.

  • Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of the lamps also matter. You should choose a lamp that is just the right size. This happens if you mark out the dimensions of the space or area you want to fix the lamp in. Then, go ahead to translate those same dimensions on the lamps you have in mind.

  • Test them out

Lastly, it is always good to test them out before finally deciding to acquire them or not. Check for brightness, scope, and the physical strength thereof. These parameters will determine the kind of comfort or utility you are more likely to obtain by using them.

  • Cost Implications

It is also mindful of you to consider the cost implications of acquiring and operating the lamp. Draft a budget space and then proceed to look for that lamp that falls well within the stated space. You do not want to spend too much of your money just to lay your hands on a suitable lamp.

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Reviews of the 5 Best Floor Lights for Bedroom

#1. Best Overall – Dodocool Floor Standing Bedside Lamps for Reading in Bed with Remote and Touch Control

Dimmable floor lamp with remote control for bedroom
Bedside Reading Floor Lamp

This is a must-have bedroom lamp if you enjoy reading before bedtime as it has excellent features to ensure proper lighting. The light adjusts from as low as 10 percent to 100 percent. Hence, you can control the amount of illumination provided by the lamp.

The lamp comes with remote control for comfort when changing the light. No need to get up or leave the bed in case you want to switch it on or off.

There are a total of 4 different light colors, including dim for those with sensitive eyes. The lamp has six lighting modes, including for breastfeeding mode, which is also adjustable to different directions or angles.

There is no flicker or glare caused by this lamp, making it an excellent selection for the study room or for installing in babies’ rooms.

Note that the light comes unassembled, although one is provided with a user manual for assembling purposes.

  • The lamp has an inbuilt eye protector
  • It features different lighting modes to suit your comfort
  • Controlling it is quite comfortable with the provided remote or a simple touch
  • You can rotate the lamp to different directions for efficient illumination. The light fits all rooms in the house, including living rooms and study rooms
  • This lamp does not provide illumination to a large area in the room so the light won’t disturb your partner

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#2. Brightech Bedside Floor Lamps for Bedroom with Standing Accent Light

Brightech bedside floor lamp
Bedside Floor Light with Display Storage

This is a versatile lamp that you can use for lighting in different places and comes with shelves where you can store your books and other decors. The light features a tall slim design such that it does not require ample space to set it.

It is recommended for both living rooms or even bedrooms, including for people with small apartments. This lamp is compatible with the Alexia Google app or Apple home kit such that you can comfortably control its function with these apps.

One is provided with two energy-saving bulbs such that you don’t have to worry about the electric bills going high when using this lamp.

Also, the bulbs burn for up to 20,0000 hours.

One thing to note though is that this lamp is not dimmable. Therefore you should check the level of lighting to see if it suits your eyesight or not.

  • A 3-year warranty
  • The lamp comes with shelves for storage purposes
  • It has a durable and energy saver bulb for extended use
  • You can connect it with Google Alexia or Apple kit for easy control
  • The light in this lamp is not dimmable

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#3. Verilux Dimmable Lamp with Cool Light & Adjustable Gooseneck

Contemporary floor lamp for bedroom
Bedroom Floor Lamp with Full Spectrum

If you are looking for a bedside lamp that does not consume a lot of electric power in the house, get this magnificent lamp. It features different lighting colors to choose from, depending on the light mood you want to create in the room. This makes it a great light for studying, painting, breastfeeding, watching tv, among others. The lamp does not produce flickering vision; thus, it is super safe to the eyes.

Another great feature of this lamp is the long-lasting bulb design. The LED light eliminates the need to change the bulb even after prolonged use. The long gooseneck equipped on the lamp adjusts to different heights to prevent eye straining or too much close brightness when in use. There is a dimming option for people who may need to reduce the amount of light provided by the bulb.

  • It is dimmable
  • It comes with a long-lasting LED bulb
  • Can be adjusted in height for excellent illumination
  • The lamp does not cause glare or flicker when in use
  • The floor lamp gets 500 to 800 lux of light

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#4. Brightech Industrial LED Bedroom Lamp with Hanging Light

Brightech bed floor lamp
Vintage Floor Lamp for Bedroom

This lamp’s design and color enlighten the room while adding a touch of decor in the room. It suits different places, including a study room and even the sitting room areas. Controlling the lamp when either switching on or off is easy since you can connect it to Google Alexi. It is light in weight for easy carrying in case you want to shift the lamp to other areas in the house.

The small compact design of this lamp does not take up a lot of space in the room. This lamp has a long stand measuring around 15 ft in height to ensure a good disperse of light in a large section of the room. The position can adjust to a much smaller size in case you want to set it on the top of the study table.

  • Compatible with smart outlets
  • Gives a warm cozy illumination
  • The lamp comes with a durable LED bulb
  • The stand is adjustable for efficient lighting
  • It is easy to carry due to the lightweight design
  • It is not dimmable

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#5. Brightech Torchiere Super Bright Light for Ambience

Bedroom Torchiere Floor Lamp for Ambience
Standing Torchiere Floor Lamp

The lamp provides high lumen levels such that you can still utilize it in areas that require a high level of lighting in the house. It has a dimmable option for those who may need to control or reduce the levels of brightness in the room. The bulb on this lamp is energy efficient and does not consume high power in the house. The lamp has an upright form pole that provides excellent disperse of light in the house while giving pleasant warmth in the room.

The whole structure of the lamp is slim; hence, it does not require ample storage space in the house. This lamp fits in significant areas of the home, such as the bedroom, living room, study room, among others. The light of the bulb is integrated such that you will not think of changing the bulb in the future.

  • The light can dim to reduce the brightness
  • Comes with a warranty for quality assurance
  • It has a high lumen level to give excellent lighting
  • This lamp does not take up much space in the room
  • The lamp has to be plugged in a socket directly to function. So, you have to set it close to a power outlet.

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Brighten your bedroom by buying these magnificent floor lights. Some lights come with remote control such that you don’t have to get up from bed when either switching on/off the light. Some are also compatible with Google Alexia for the same purposes. If you need a lamp that you can control the level of illumination, make sure to choose the light with multiple lighting modes.

How Many Lumens for a Dark Bedroom?

There is no fixed number of lumens that may be needed. Instead, two main factors play out insofar as the number of lumens may be needful for lighting up a dark room. These are:

  • Square Footage

‘Square footage’ refers to the overall size of the room in question. It is arrived at by multiplying the length and the width of the room. Obviously, larger footage requires more lumens to impact than a smaller one.

  • Foot Candles

‘Foot candles’ are the degrees of brightness that a light source is at a distance of one foot away from the source. The bedroom requires fewer foot-candles as they are private and largely used for sleeping rather than rest or relaxation.


How to Protect Eye Strain When Reading at the Bedroom with a Floor Lamp?

Several options exist for your own consideration for reading in bed. Of these, two particularly stand out. They are:

  • Minimize Glares

The first line of defense is to minimize glares. This is a feat you achieve by using dimmer lights or those that are bright but nonetheless emit lower levels of lumens. Alternatively, you may also install anti-glare screens as a barrier between you and the light source.

  • Use Proper Lighting

Many spates of eye strains are caused by the use of poor or improper lighting mechanisms. You should hence make it a point to use only proper lighting as a countermeasure.

By ‘proper’ we mean the floor lamps that are specially designed for the rooms and also release the required levels of brightness.



1. Is It Bad for Eyes When Crafting in the Bedroom at Night?

It is somewhat bad. That is because it does strain your eyes. If the issue persists for too long, your eyes will naturally become too tired, develop redness and suffer extreme pains and unnecessary discomforts. You should hence exercise some moderate use and minimal exposure to the lights. Meanwhile, try to use the best craft lights if needed.

2. What Is the Best Height for a Bedroom Floor Lamp?

68 inches is the ideal floor-lamp height. That is because it tends to conceal the bulb whether you are in the seated or in the standing position. That way it minimizes glares and the attendant eye strains that arise thereafter. In light of this arrangement, you will enjoy better services without suffering from adverse health effects.



We now believe that you have received the right insight towards finding the most suitable floor lamp for your bedroom. With this knowledge at your fingertips, we now believe you can do a truly satisfactory job. What more could we possibly help with? Kindly let us know…

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