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Best LED Bedside Lamps To Add Ambiance & Brightness in 2022

In these times, saving energy is a topic discussed by most people, in your bedroom, you want a high standard lamp that saves on power. In addition to energy-saving, you still need an excellent light for your bedside, and an LED lamp is the one for you.

LED bedside lamps come in different varieties and levels of adjustments. Their flexible technology makes them very easy to take any shape. Considering there are lots of models to choose from, this review will help you make a great informed decision on the best led bedside lamps for you.

Benefits of buying a led bedside lamp

Let’s talk about the benefits of getting yourself one. That will help you make an easier decision. Below are the benefits of buying a LED bedside lamp:

best led bedside lamps reviews

#1. More life span

One of the most significant advantages of buying an LED bedside lamp is that you get a longer life span. LED lights last longer than other traditional lamps and have an excellent service life.

One LED bedside lamp is generally made to last up to 50000 hrs. This means that they can last 50 times longer than ordinary lights. Being that the lamp does not contain filaments, it means they can work longer without any alterations.

#2. Cheap and energy efficient

The second reason to buy LED bedside light is the fact that it is cost-effective and energy saving. LED lights are designed to save on light and your electric bill.

Generally, this is mainly because it emits light in one direction and generates less heat.

#3. Awesome and exceptional design

Because they are small in size with light directional output, they can be designed in any way or be put in any part of the room. This is great because any user can find what they need.

#4. Dimmable

It is beneficial to buy LED bedside lights because the level of dimness can be changed.

This means that the user can adjust the brightness level according to their mood, whether writing, reading, or any other activities you want to do in your bedroom.

Reviews of the 6 bed led powered lamps for bedside

#1. Best sale – Aukey dimmable led bedside lamp with touchable base

best sale Aukey led dimmable bedside table lamp


  • Colorful display
  • Versatile lighting
  • 360° Touch Base
  • Smooth touch control


  • Cannot be used with smart home systems

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If you are looking for a great lamp, then this is the one for you. Not only is it cost-effective but also very easy to use.

  • 360 degrees touch-sensitive base

The reading lamp is made to be 360 degrees bendable with a silver ring on its base that you can touch anywhere and adjust the light and color settings.

Having an off and on switch makes it very easy to use as it is just at the bottom of the lamp.

The silver base ring makes the light durable, so if you happen to knock it off, you are safe as it is very robust.

  • Modern design

It is a great modern design that has been enhanced to give you a smooth touch control. This lamp is so relaxing with the color variations.

That is why it mostly designed for the bedroom, having an excellent light for reading and other purposes.

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#2. Runner up – Mixigoo bedside table lamp with remote control

Mixigoo led bedside lights with remote


  • 360° eye-friendly light
  • 256 color combination
  • Four brightness levels
  • 13 color auto-cycle display
  • Remote and touch control use


  • Does’t have lamp arms

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The Mixigoo bedside lamp is an excellent lamp with LED lights that change color, making it great for your bedroom.

It is designed to be high sensitivity touch, which makes it easy to use as you can quickly turn it on and off or even change the colors by just a touch.

  • Portable

Its size makes it portable enough for you to carry it with you wherever you go if you like traveling.

The lamp also has a DC interface where you can charge your mobile phone making it pretty great.

  • Different adjustment levels

With this lamp, you get four different levels of brightness adjustments that are great for various occasions like rest, sleep, and relaxation.

On the other hand, when it comes to colors, you can choose the automatic RGB color or the fixed one meant to suit your mood, the choice is purely yours.

  • Remote control use

The lamp comes with remote control for easy use so if you decide to put it a little further away from the bed, you don’t have to get out to either switch it off or change the settings, you can just use the remote control, and you are good to go.

What’s even better about this lamp is that it has a lighting memory function that remembers your settings from the last time you used it.

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#3. Best cheap – Alldio minimalist wall mount led bedside reading lamp

Alldio wall mounted led bedside reading light


  • Good for kids
  • Vision protected
  • The 360-degree angle of rotation
  • Color and brightness adjustments


  • Requires some installation

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The Alldio minimalist wall mount lamp for your bedside is an excellent 360-degree illumination angle to give you a focused beam with no flashing or glaring.

The light is very handy and non-obstructive; this is the type of lamp you want when your partner is sleeping next to you because they will not be disturbed if you read while they sleep.

The narrow beam gives you enough light for your books while the warm light ensures you are comfortable and relaxed while reading.

  • The 360-degree angle of rotation

With the 360 degrees angle of rotation, you can quickly move it to your desired position and want the light to illuminate.

That is great because it won’t wake up your partner that is asleep beside you. It also ensures that you don’t get any shadows on your pages or any glare.

  • Easy to install

You don’t have to worry about installation because as long as you have a drill, you just have to drill two holes on the wall and then secure it firmly.

There is a button on the control panel, apart from that there are no extra cables. As you can see, it is effortless to install, and anyone can easily do it without any difficulty.

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#4. Best with night light – Hugoai led bedside table lamp with warm and cool white light

Hugoai led bedside table lamps review


  • Vibrant colors
  • Night light mode
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Lifetime tech support and warranty


  • Can’t adjust its height

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The Hugoai LED bedside lamp is your great friend that fits all your lighting needs.

Brighten your room with this lamp as it delivers different shades of white from the warm white to the natural white with up to 16 million color options.

The brightness can be adjusted to the amount you want, depending on the activity you want to do, whether sleeping, relaxing, or reading.

Its sleek and modern design is excellent as it will pair perfectly with your room’s design.

If you are working, then the 4000k neutral light is the best for you.

  • Color varieties

The lamp features different varieties of warm to cool white light. That ensures that it meets all your lighting needs.

Just press the RBG button and quickly transform your home’s atmosphere. If you want it at default, then you get four auto cycling modes.

  • Rotary panel

What makes this lamp different from other touch lamps is that it has a rotary panel used for color control and brightness dimming.

With a single finger slide, you can adjust the brightness and put on the exact color that you want. There are no repeated operations.

  • Convenient USB Port

This type of lamp comes with a type-c reversible adapter that can be inserted both ways, making it comfortable and easy to use.

If you decide to use a multi-charging cable to power the lamp, ensure you don’t connect to other devices.

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#5. The best set of 2 – Maxvolador touch control LED bedside lamp with grey fabric shade and USB port

set of 2 led bedside lamps with AC and usb charging port


  • Touch control
  • Three dimmable level
  • USB charging and AC outlet
  • Comes with elegant fabric shade


  • Only grey shade

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A right lamp can make your life better. The Maxvolador is a touch control lamp that keeps all troubles caused by traditional lights away.

Getting up to turn off the lamp is a thing of the past; with this, you won’t have to.

With touch control, everything will be more comfortable. Just press for a second, and you are good to go.

  • AC and USB outlet

The lamp has two outlets, each of the USB and AC outlets. That saves you a lot of time as you have more than enough space to charge your electronics. T

his decorative lamp has a 5v USB charging ports where you can charge your phone, humidifier, echo dot, iPad and other electronics at the same time and it does not matter whether the lamp is on or off.

  • Color and brightness levels

The lamp has three different levels of adjustment and various dimming adjustments, including high medium and low.

You just have to tap anywhere on the metal base and adjust the lighting and color setting to what you prefer.

The low mode is great for movie nights, meditation, and even for the nursery.

The medium one is used romantic meals while the high bright light is perfect for reading and when using electronics.

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#6. Best with tables – Brightech bedside table with led light and adjustable swing arm

Brightech led swing arm bedside floor lamp


  • USB and AC outlets
  • Smart home tech compatible
  • Pairs well with your bedrooms décor
  • Highly designed table base and the swing arm lamp


  • May take up much space

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Brightech is a great led bedside lamp that is compatible with Alexa. The light is built into your side table so you cannot knock it off. That is great as you won’t experience any type of loss.

The lamp has two USB ports that allow you to charge your electronic devices.

The midcentury looks will pair significantly with the design of your bedroom, creating a unique interior décor.

  • Shelf and stand

The lamp comes with a nightstand and shelf with great looks. This storage is great for storing your books and even for art and vase display. You can also store DVDs and other small objects.

Its drum shade gives you a choice of three different colors. There is rustic Havana brown, the white and black pattern, and the white one; both are 12 inches in diameter.

Choose one that best suits you. The shade can also be changed as long as you find one that perfectly fits.

  • Pairs well with smart home tech

The lamp is a smart home tech compatible; this means it can pair well with Alexa, apple home kit, and Google home assistant.

This lamp is great as it can fit in tight spaces with no difficulty. The fact that it is compatible with most smart home tech means that it is easy to use because you can operate it anywhere in the house.

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How to choose the best led lamps for your bedside?

When it comes to choosing the best led lamp for your bedside, there are many things to consider.

The first general thing that most buyers think is space. You have to put into thought the amount of space or how big is your bedroom.

That is to help you not buy a lamp that will consume a lot of space if your room is small or a small lamp for a big room that will make it look out of place. Also, considering it matches your room’s décor is excellent, so that the lamp looks like it belongs.

Below are tips on choosing the led best bedside lamp so that you don’t go wrong with your decision and make a worthwhile investment:

#1. Weight

When buying your led bedside lamp, make sure that you don’t buy one that is too light.

You need to choose a steady lamp so that it will not be easily knocked off when you try to reach for something on the table or when you are turning it on or off. Depending on the type and materials used to make the lamp, knocking it over can give you a loss, especially if it breaks beyond repair.

Therefore, when choosing a led bedside lamp. Ensure you keep that in mind. Additionally, don’t buy a large lamp because, if you are a person that likes traveling around, then you want a lamp that is highly portable and light enough to carry around.

Best for travel – iGoober portable clip on led light

#2. Design

Who does not like it when their room looks good? That means that when choosing a led bedside lamp, put in mind the design of your bedroom and buy a lamp that will perfectly match that.

Ensure you think of your bedroom’s furniture and the surroundings where you want to put your new lamp.

You can also consider the texture of the materials that you adore so you get the lamp in that kind of feel.

Make a list of what you like, be it the color, texture, or even the type of mood you want to achieve and try to buy a lamp that attains that.

Buy MaxVolador led bedside lights for your modern bedroom

set of 2 led bedside lamps with AC and usb charging port

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#3. Size of your room

Many people are interested in a small and straightforward lamp rather than buying a big lamp, but this is not mandatory because if you have a big room, you need a big lamp.

So that the light produced will illuminate the whole place perfectly while at the same time ensuring that the lamp looks like it belongs.

Buying a big lamp for a tiny bedroom will make it look out of character. Consider your room’s size first before purchasing a led lamp for your bedside.

#4. Color

Identify the existing colors of your bedroom before choosing a led bedside lamp. If you are planning to change the colors shortly, then put that in mind too.

To ensure that your bedroom is not overcrowded with colors or overdone, stick to two or three colors at most.

You can now consider buying a neutral color that will blend with all the colors for your led bedside lamp. Bold colors can also help brighten your room.

#5. Lampshade shape and style

When choosing a led bedside lamp, consider the type of lampshade you want.

If you want a modern or even traditional feel, buy a lamp that can help you achieve that. Conical and bell-shaped mostly give you a classic feel while the cylindrical and the drum-shaped and square-shaped are often linked to a modern look.

As discussed, there are different things that you need to consider when choosing a bedside lamp. If you consider all the above, then surely will not go wrong with your choice, and you will make a tremendous informed investment that you will use for a long time.

#6. Functionality

You should choose your led bedroom lamp based on the function you want to perform. If the plan is to use it for reading or writing, consider buying a light that works as both a bedroom and a reading lamp. If you just want a lamp that can help you relax, consider buying one with a warm color.

Different LED lamps come with a variety of color temperatures, finding one that suits you best with the help you get its full functionality.

You can also consider buying a lamp with all these features in one lamp; then, you will save a lot.

Buy Aukey led bedside lamp with millions of colors to help you reading and relaxing

best sale Aukey led dimmable bedside table lamp

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#1. Is LED light good for bedside use?

YES, LED lights are great for bedside use. Avoiding blue lights in your bedroom will ensure that the circadian rhythm is not confused with the outside natural light.

This, in turn, helps your brain produce the required melatonin that you need for a good night’s sleep. If you are a nighttime reader, get an LED bedside lamp with soft blue and neutral tones.

These tones are great for reading specific fixtures, the crisp white colors are great, but they may create a high contrast with the pages of your book. Therefore, LED lamps are the best lights for bedside use. Just get yourself one, and you will not go wrong with the decision.

#2. How many lumens do I need for a led bedside reading lamp?

Every particular task may require different amounts of lumens. For example, if you want a lamp purely for reading, you want your lamp to have at least 450 lumens.

Well, for your bedroom, you will need about 20 lumens per square foot. Ensure that the type of lamp you buy has enough lumens to illuminate your book when reading in bed.

That is because, when reading in bed, you need a light that is vibrant and comfortable for your eyes so that you won’t feel sleepy while reading.

Having a led bedside lamp with the required lumens will be eye caring to your eyes and very soothing to you when reading.

Buy Alldio wall mount led bedside lamp with gooseneck for reading

Alldio wall mounted led bedside reading light

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#3. Is it safe to leave a led bedside lamp on all night?

That is a question asked by many. There are many reasons people may decide to keep the lamp on all night, and yes, it is safe to do so.

LED lights are ideal for leaving on all night for extended periods because they use a meager amount of power and output deficient heat.

So if you are a new mum, wondering if you can stay on the whole night with your LED lamp because your newborn is fussy and can’t sleep, then you can go right ahead as it is safe and very cost-effective.

It does not matter how long you leave your lamp because LED lamps are designed to consume very little energy.


We hope that this article is going to help you make a great decision on a LED bedside lamp that will be a perfect fit for you.

How to choose it will help you know what to consider, and the benefits will ensure you understand why it is an excellent decision to buy an LED lamp for your bedside.