Best LED Desk Lamp for Studying – Top Rated Lights for Study Tables

Desktop LED lights are great additions to your home office or bedroom and come in a variety of styles and colors. They provide additional task or ambient lighting in your space and can make all the difference in limiting eye strain.

They differ from regular table lamps in the sense that they produce light in a more concentrated point, as opposed to being widespread. This makes them great choices for reading, working, or providing some extra light. In the following article, we will be going over the top 5 best LED desk lamps on the market, as well as provide additional information on these products.

Top 5 best led study desk lamps list in 2020

Is a LED Lamp Good for Studying?

best led desk lamp for studying reviews

#1. Offers focused light

LED desktop lamps are great tools for studying, reading, and working. They offer a lot of illumination and lumens in a concentrated area; which is ideal for any type of activity while reducing the overall eye strain of other methods.

While you can use traditional bedside lamps for studying, they offer more ambient light and are not as well suited for task lighting. With LED lamps, you can direct the light exactly where it is needed for what you are working on.

#2. Features flexibility

They offer a lot of flexibility in where you place them, while most being compact in design for smaller surface areas. A lot of LED lamps will also feature various light modes and levels of brightness. This is a good feature to have, as it allows you to choose the perfect amount of light for your specific needs.

Because of how flexible they are, you can also decide how much surface area you want them to cover. Depending on how high they are, they will provide more illumination in a smaller radius or less in a more widespread area.

#3. Mimics natural light

LED lights are the closest that you can get to natural light (often referred to as full-spectrum lighting). The bulbs themselves will last a long time, and will not use a lot of electricity. As mentioned above, they are versatile in providing different levels of light for various activities.

For instance, if you are reading, you may want a lower light than if you are working on a project with a lot of little parts. Many of the lamps on this list will feature different color temperature options. This is great for the versatility factor, as you will be able to choose between either a warmer or cooler light depending on your needs.

Reviews of the 5 best LED desk lamps for studying

#1. Best selling – TaoTronics LED table lamp with a USB charging port and 20 brightness settings

TaoTronics led table lamp for study


  • Easy to use with intelligent controls
  • Offers a lot of light for your various projects and tasks
  • Can charge your mobile devices without any additional cords


  • Integrated LED bulbs

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This popular LED desk lamp from TaoTronics is a great option for reading, studying, and working on projects. It comes available in either white or black and features multiple lighting modes to fit in with your work and lifestyle.

It has a USB port on the base of the lamp to charge your mobile devices, all while allowing you to keep your phone or tablet within arms reach.

This is a highly versatile project, allowing you to swivel and pivot the light to get the perfect angle for your work. It is easy to operate thanks to the touch control panel at the base and will save the latest settings when you turn it on.

This offers 530 lumens, which is a good amount for a task light that can easily fit on your desk, no matter the size.

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#2. Runner up – Lampat dimmable led table lamp with timer for study


Lampat adjustable led desk lamp for studying and reading


  • Touch-pad controls allow for more control
  • Lighting modes and dimmable switches offer versatility
  • Offers more “natural” light as opposed to other brands


  • Has a single USB port

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If you are looking for a great product that is budget-friendly, this option from Lampat is a great option. It is available in black, and features a slim streamlined design that offers a lot of lumens, and is dimmable.

It has a variety of light intensity. Four different lighting modes are available with this product, and 5 brightness settings to choose from. The four lighting modes are perfect for reading, studying, relaxing, or as a gentle nightlight as you sleep.

This product also comes with a charging USB port for your mobile devices and is conveniently located right at the base of the lamp.

For safety and ease of use, there is a programmable timer for this light that is programmable in 30-minute increments.

It is compact enough to fit on desks that are lacking a lot of extra space and features a concentrated light that is perfect for various tasks and activities.

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#3. Best rated – Jukstg foldable led study desk lamp with touch control and 28 light intensity options

led light with swing arm for study table


  • Provides good task or ambient lighting without wasting electricity
  • Multiple lighting modes to choose from to fit in with your specific needs


  • It doesn’t feature a gooseneck

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For a high-quality desktop LED light that is well-liked by consumers, this lamp from JUKSTG features 4 lighting modes and 7 brightness levels to choose from. This makes it a great option for reading, relaxing, working, or as an ambient nightlight for sleep.

All of these modes are easy to switch between with the easy-to-use controls, and there is a USB charging port for your mobile devices.

This versatile lamp is easy to adjust to fit in with your specific needs, both the lamp arm and the base for ease of use and functionality.

To save on electricity and for an additional safety feature, this light also has an automatic shut off control.

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#4. Best for eyes – BenQ ergonomic led desk lamp with wide illumination for studying

best led desktop lamp with ergonomic lamp head for studying


  • Compact space-saving design
  • Perfect for reading, studying, or relaxing
  • Automatic dimmer provides the right amount of light for the situation


  • Pricey

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A good option for a LED desk lamp that is good for reducing eye strain, this product from BenQ is available in multiple colors and styles and is highly liked among consumers.

The ergonomic design of this lamp allows for a wider angle of the lighting and provides a lot of lumens for your work or projects.

This versatile desktop LED lamp features adjustable color temperature and brightness levels, with an auto-dimming mode. This mode will automatically detect the surrounding levels of light and adjust to the right level for work or relaxation.

There is no amount of glare or flickering with this product, which is ideal for your eyes and it provides the right amount of illumination to reduce eye strain.

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#5. Best with adjustable metal neck – LightAccents cordless led desk lamp with bright light for studying

battery operated led desk lamp for studying


  • Can be operated either cordless or with the adapter (included)
  • Space-saving and compact design can fit on any desk or working space


  • Push button

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For a versatile desktop lamp that is both adjustable and budget-friendly, this is a great option from LightAccents.

This rechargeable desk lamp is battery powered, meaning that the LED’s will never need replacing during the lifespan of the lamp. In addition to providing a lot of task lighting for reading or working, this is also highly adjustable to fit in with your needs.

The gooseneck arm of the lamp is capable of bending and rotating fully, and without any cords to worry about. It is easy to operate and can be used with little assembly right out of the box. In addition to coming with a battery, you can also use this product with the AC adaptor that is included in the purchase of this product.

The light bulb on this lamp is up high enough to provide both concentrated and a wide-spread illumination.

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What to Look for When Buying a LED Study Desk Lamp

LED desk lamps are great for studying, working, or just as a source of ambient light. There are some things that you will want to consider and look out for when you are looking into purchasing one for your desk or working space.

In the following section, we will be going over these for your reference and convenience. Keep in mind that all of these aspects may not be as important, but it is a good idea to consider them before going through with the final purchase.

#1. Price

With any product that you are considering purchasing, you will want to have a budget in place and adhere to that. It is recommended to make a checklist of all the features and everything that you are looking for in a LED desk light for studying.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have a low-end and high-end budget so that you have some flexibility when it comes to picking out the perfect product for your needs that won’t break the bank.

Buy cheap LED desk lamp for studying table with swing arm

led light with swing arm for study table

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Buy high end ergonomic led table lamp for studying with wider illumination

best led desktop lamp with ergonomic lamp head for studying

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#2. Lumens

Lumens, or the measure of how bright a light is, should also be the main factor in purchasing a LED table light when it comes to study. Because you are primarily going to be using this for reading and studying, you will want it to be a higher amount of lumens.

This is good for task lighting, and you will also want it to be adjustable so that you can direct the ray of light where it is needed as you are studying. Additionally, knowing how wide the lamp will be projecting light will be useful. For reading, you will want it to be brighter and in a more concentrated area.

Buy TaoTronics LED table lamp with eye-care light for reading and studying

TaoTronics led table lamp for study

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#3. Flexibility

The capability to be flexible is a good trait for a LED desk lamp to have. This will allow you to change which direction the lamp is facing, as well as how high up or close to the subject matter it is. This will also allow you to have greater freedom when you are deciding where to place the lamp, as even if it isn’t as close as you would like, you will be able to direct the light where you need it to be.

Going along the same lines, various lamps will have a different setting that you can change. For instance, a lot of lamps will allow you to switch between the color temperature and level of light. This will make the lamp more versatile, and you will be able to get more use out of it.

Buy Lampat dimmable led table lamp with 20 brightness settings

Lampat adjustable led desk lamp for studying and reading

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#4. Function

While every LED desk lamp for studying will have the main functionality of a task light, there are some other functions that you may be interested in as well. For instance, there are a lot of models out there now that feature a USB port for charging your mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

This allows you to work within arms reach of your devices while ensuring they are always at a 100% charge. Additionally, there are other features that we touched on above such as dimmable lights and lighting modes; as well as color temperature.


We hope this article was helpful, and that you will be able to take away the above information to make an informed buying decision and get the most out of your new LED desk lamp for studying. All of the products above are made from high-quality materials, and they will last you a long time.

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