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Best Light for Nighttime Diaper Changes – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Changing the baby’s diapers during the night can be frustrating as the regular lights are too bright for you and the baby hence taking longer to get back to sleep.

That is why you need a night light with adjustable brightness that helps you change the diapers and easily enable your baby to fall back to sleep. This is because their dim soft glow and favorable lights soothe them back to sleep.

Below we discuss how to choose, the benefits of acquiring a best light for nighttime diaper changes, and reviews of the best night light for the task.

Is It Worth Buying a Night Light for Diaper Changes?

best light for nighttime diaper changes review

Acquiring a night light for a diaper change can accrue so many benefits and you have every reason to grab yourself and night light. These benefits may include:

1. The baby falls back asleep immediately

Whenever you use usual light, they can be so bright even to your eyes, imagine the intensity to the baby’s eyes. The brightness would affect the baby making him/her take too long to sleep again.

But with a night light that has a dim soft glow light will adjust to the baby’s eyes and after the change, the baby will be comfortable thus falling back asleep faster.

2. It is convenient

Most of the night light is battery-powered and lightweight thus they can be placed anywhere. Placing your night light near the bed enables you to reach it so conveniently with no hassle and be able to check on your baby without flickering the light.

Therefore, even when changing you can place them in a place where the lights will reach you for easier completion of your task.

3. Sense of security

When the baby has been transferred to sleeping in a cot, the fear that an imaginary monster may be in the room makes them insecure.

But with the presence of light, they can look around and feel safe while the light is dim, encouraging them to fall back asleep. Thus, when getting in to change the diaper you won’t find a screaming and sleepless child rather a relaxed one.

4. Ease of diaper changing

As we have already established that regular light is too bright, thus, you and the child won’t drift back to sleep faster, using the night light is a lifesaver.

Most of them have lighting which can be adjusted according to your needs. When you require a little more brightness just change the setting and afterward you can reset it to dim lighting.


Reviews of the 6 Best Night Lights for Nighttime Diaper Changes

1. Best Overall – Hatch Baby Multi Purpose Nightlight and Sound Machine with Smart Control

hatch baby night light and sound machine for diaper changes


  • It is a stylish, modern yet neutral look.
  • Sports a time-to-rise alarm.
  • You can control it via your phones.
  • It also works as a sound machine to soothe your baby.


  • Lacks a monitor.

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When you are looking for a night light that creates an ideal environment for your baby to sleep, you should look for the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine.

The product is a night light and a sound machine that promotes health circadian rhythm and melatonin production to enhance the soothing sound that enables the baby to wake for a diaper change and soft glow light for making baby sleep smooth.

This device is easy to use as you can control the setting with your phone and it also has a remote control therefore not disrupting a baby sleeping.

The multifunctional features in the night lights include rest, sound machine, adjusting the color and brightness, sound and volume level, all these to fit the needs of your sleeping toddler.

You can set when the program turns on and off automatically through the timer according to your family’s sleep schedule.

The night light has preset sound and color combinations that are recommended by the sleep expert therefore you are guaranteed excellent service from the device.

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2. Best Cheap – CHWARES LED Portable Night Light with Safe Silicone Build for Kids

portable light for nighttime diaper changes


  • It can be used as a toy for your toddlers.
  • The soft glow emitted soothes your baby to sleep.
  • It is durable and washable.
  • Cute design.


  • It takes you 3 to 4 hours to get it fully charged.

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The CHWARES Night light is a cute lamp made from silicone materials that are safe for your child. The night light has 3 warm white modes that are suitable for your toddler to sleep due to the soft glow and 7 different colors you can change according to your needs.

Also, color-changing enables you to select among seven colors for a visual feeling the cat lamp brings you. The night lap can be used as a toy and decoration while it’s portable in traveling for lighting purposes.

The power supply from the lamp is through lithium-ion batteries that are built-in and takes 3 to 4 hours to charge through a USB cable. The light can be used for 12-15 hours after fully charging it.

The bulb is made of LED which protects both you and your child from the dangerous rays. Once you turn on the lamp it is a sensitive tap control lamp that changes its made by tapping the silicone.

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3. Best Easy to Use – VAVA Home Tabletop Warm Night Light for Your Eyes


top rated vava table light for nighttime diaper changes


  • The Eye-caring light is gentle on your baby eyes.
  • It’s a touch control thus easy to adjust your lights.
  • Features a charging pad.
  • It is an energy saver from the one-hour timer setting.
  • The material made of it cannot harm your toddler, and it is waterproof for outdoor use.


  • None.

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When you search for the perfect night light for nighttime breastfeeding and diapers changes, then you are in the right place.

The VAVA Home VA-CL006 brightness setting is adjustable as you can dim the light for your toddler to sleep calmly while the high brightness is enough to light up the room while changing the diapers and breastfeeding your child conveniently.

It comes with easy and fun touch controls whereby touching it for a second longer turns to night light mode for breastfeeding while tapping the logo twice sets a timer for an hour to enable your baby to sleep comfortably.

It has a stable base that prevents it from toppling over and the charging only requires connecting it with a micro-USB cable for power. The battery lasts for 200 or 6 hours for dim or brightest light respectively.

The material made up of this night light is ABS and PC plastic which is safe for you to play with like a toy and the anti-blue-led lights won’t hurt the eyes of your child.

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4. Best Small – ROYFACC Rechargeable Touch Control Table Lamp with Vibrant Light Colors

cheap night light with mini size for nighttime daiper changes


  • Rechargeable powered.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • It has a variety of colors where they can cycle or remain fixed according to your needs.
  • The touch sensor can turn on and off the lights and change colors.


  • It could be better if the manufacturer designs a 360-degree touchable base.

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Wondering where to get a 360 degrees night light source for delicate and harmless light for a comfortable and relaxed environment, ROYFACC is the best option for you.

This lamp is appropriate for your baby’s room that has 4 levels of brightness of warm white light. The adjustment of brightness is simply by touching the control panel and enjoying soft, low, moderate, or bright lighting in the room.

The lamp can be used at midnight by moms who want to change diapers as it’s touch-activated and stays cool throughout the night for safety.

It has a wide range of colors from red, green, blue which you can pick and pause on your favorite color to suit your mood and atmosphere.

ROYFACC is rechargeable as it has a built-in lithium battery charged with a USB cord at any time and you save the cost of buying batteries. A fully charged battery works for 8 hrs. dim light and 4 hours max brightness.

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5. Best Sale – AUKEY Table Lamp Dimmable Lamp for Nighttime Diaper Change and Breastfeeding


best selling table lamp with dimmable light for nighttime diaper changes


  • It is attractive with multi-colored LED lights.
  • Comes with a 360 touch control light base.
  • Has dimmable light.
  • Cheap.
  • Minimalist design.


  • It weighs 24 oz.

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The AUKEY table lamp from AUKEY manufactures is a compact and versatile night light made with modern style and design. To the baby breastfeeding and diaper changing moms would require the nighttime light, the AUKEY is perfect for the occasion.

It has touch control features that are convenient for turning the power on and off, switching the light mode when holding your baby, the brightness, and colors.

The versatile lighting which is 360-degree touch-activated provides great relaxing illuminations and reading. It can be used anywhere where you can choose between the white warm light to the rich blend of vibrant colors to suit your moods and temperatures.

The night light is made with ABS material which is eco-friendly and its usage is meant for indoor use as it uses an AC adapter for power supply.

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6. Top Rated – Teckin LED Table Lamp with 3 Brightness Levels for Your Bedroom

breastfeeding and diaper changing night light


  • Ability to touch to turn on and off.
  • High-quality lamp with exquisite design.
  • 3 brightness settings.
  • Comes with RGB colors.


  • It’s not rechargeable since it should be plugged in all the time.

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LED table lamps are a stable light source that has an adjustable color temperature with 3 levels of luminance. The lamp is made from the TECKIN brand that uses tap and touch switch style.

The varied level of brightness in this lamp enables the diaper changing and breastfeeding mother to switch it to their needs.

The RGB lights and warm white light are soft and can be dimmed to provide comfortable brightness. The lamp has a touch sensor on the top of the lamp.

By touching it you can automatically cycle the colors of the lamp and pressing it again you may find the color you like. The LED table lamp is durable and safe for kids to play with like a toy while changing their diapers.

The candle-like lighting enables you to navigate in your toddler’s room in the dark without waking them up while the lighting also decorates the room.

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How to Choose the Best Light for Nighttime Diaper Changes?

best price night light for daiper changing

When you are thinking of buying a night light compatible with changing the diapers in the nighttime, there are key features you need to consider for satisfactory functionality. Below is the basic feature you need to consider when choosing the best night light.

1. The brightness of the lamp

Using a regular lamp will provide too much light that will distract your baby to think it’s time for waking up. Therefore, there is a need to acquire a night light that will have dimmable lights for suitable brightness.

For example, when changing a diaper you need a light with medium brightness which is later dimmed to enable the baby to sleep.

2. Power source

A nightlight lamp is either electric-powered or battery-powered. During nighttime when changing your baby’s diaper the toddler may be reaching for the light which can be inconvenient for corded electric lamps.

Choose a battery-powered one that the kid can hold as you are changing them. However, the plugged-in night light has its pros.

3. Color

After changing diapers, you need to lay your baby down back to sleep. The night light should be able to emit red or yellow color which is suitable for soothing the baby back to sleep or a green one to wake them up for changing.

Go for night light with multiple colors that are favorable to make your baby sleep.

4. Timer

When the dim lights and favorable color is on, the baby tends to sleep faster. However, different babies take different times to drift to sleep. The night light should have a timer to automatically turn off after the set time when the baby has already slept.

5. Materials

When buying a night light it is key to note that toddlers tend to reach for things near to them for playing and also nibbling on. Some night light materials can be dangerous for the baby.

Therefore, when buying your night light look for a suitable material like silicon, ABS, and plastic that is washable and safe for the toddler to play with.

6. Type of light

The bulbs used to emit light could vary as some may harm our eyes through the rays, making eyes flicker while consuming a lot of energy.

When buying your night light, ensure that it’s made of LED technology which will protect your eyes adequately while producing a soft glow and energy-efficient, thus saving your electricity cost.

7. Design and Safety

While buying go for a night light that matches your baby’s room that looks cute.

Make sure you buy a night light that has no part with open wires that can endanger your baby. The lamp should always be compact and it should not use high wattage for the baby’s safety.



When you are changing a baby or putting on new diapers, you would not want to wake the baby with bright lights, thus you need to look for a light bright enough to complete your task.

Hope you can get the best light for nighttime diaper changes and breastfeeding!